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NEW 2010 Keyword Domination (MRR)

Is Your Life Dominated By Keyword Madness?
It's Time to Take Control of Your Online Business and Use Keywords to Create Profits Instead of Confusion!
Stop Cramming Your Copy With Keywords and Communicate With Your Customers Again!
Learn How Reading My New eBook!
Keyword Domination - One Step at a Time
These strategies for creating keyword rich texts to target buyers that will return to your site again and again can increase your monthly online income by thousands of dollars a month!
Humanize Your Online Business and Get Those Keywords Working for You Instead of the Other Way Around!

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer -

You are most likely HERE reading this web page because you have figured out that the most important thing that you can ever do when building an online business is to create SEO positive keyword optimized content that brings buyers (not window surfers) to your website.

Let me tell you about my first experiences as an internet marketer and the things that I did that were such a mistake when to try to lure targeted visitors to my site.

One of the most naive yet optimistic things I did was go to one of those pay per click sites and spend hundreds of dollars on keywords that did not do a thing to maximize the content on my site. In fact all they did was attract a bunch of curious tourists who never bought anything because all of my keyword phrases were slightly off target!

Then I went to Google Adsense and tried to make that system work for m. What a mess that was! It took me three months to pay off just the few days of financial damage I did just trying to master the learning curve in that kind of thing.

Then of course I also spent a mint on all those eBooks online that were all about the latest SEO and keyword searching techniques. What a waste of money all that was!

Paying thousands but only making hundreds is no way to live when it comes to internet marketing and that resulted in my book.
Keyword Domination 1 Step at a Time

Ask any experienced marketer and they will tell you that the most important thing that you can ever do as a marketer is to learn how to master the business of deploying keywords into your copy.

Bottom line is that my keywords never paid off for me.

That is why I wrote an entire book about this subject. After facing my own miserable setbacks as a marketer I realized that there had to be a better way to put these lists together.

Let's face it - keyword optimization is a treacherous business. If you are not an expert at it several things can happen -

* You can use the wrong keywords and attract thousands and even millions of untargeted visitors to your site (this happened to me and my host actually shut me down due to a lack of traffic!)
* You can attract a horde of slightly off visitors and then actually get a bill from your web host for the extra crowds (the bill I got emailed to me was not pretty!)
* You can use a PPC keyword that is too popular and end up spending up your entire daily budget for buying keywords in a half an hour and be broke the rest of the day!
* You can mystify and astound the visitors to your site with the garbled language and strange titles that you use in order to try to please the search engine bots with our SEO keyword savvy - it just turns the customers off when your copy reads like it was written by a robot or an idiot!
* This is my favorite - how about building an entire business that includes an informational product and keywords only to find out after you put all this work into it that despite what Wordtracker or whatever says about the associated keywords, nobody wants to buy the product!

Well, when it comes to keywords I have been through it all. If you can identify with any of the experiences I have described above then you definitely should read Keyword Domination One Step at a Time.

However if you are new to the online business and thinking of starting your own online business then you can save yourself a lot of trouble by reading Keyword Domination One Step At A Time because I show you everything that you need to know to start a business from scratch while all the while keeping the process very simple and clear.

I believe that most people fail when it comes to keyword optimization simply because they make the whole matter more complex than it has to be! They get all bogged down in theory and put search engine bots before the needs of people.

They never understand the importance of organic keyword searches and how having truly quality magnet content on your site that does not try to "trick" people into finding you online can really work for you both in terms of your Google page rankings and helping your customers find you!
Stop Using Keywords to Cheat You and Your Customers Out of a Sale or Membership Conversion!
Optimize Your Use of Keywords Now!

If you have been confused, frustrated and crazed by the entire topic of using keywords to optimize your business then now is the time to move from complexity to simplicity and stop trying to cheat your way to the top.

This book is very much against the types of tactics that encourage people who may not even want to buy from you to visit your site. I do not teach you how to pull business from places where it does not really exist.
In Keyword Domination 1 Step at a Time I have created a very simple step by step plan that anyone can follow to bring targeted visitors to your site.

This is done by choosing keywords that will attract people who ALREADY have an interest in your site.

And in order to bring targeted visitors to your site, you have to understand the importance of keywords and keyword terms and how they work.

If you have never used keyword optimization before you will very much benefit from the solid advice that I have included in this book about how to go about it in a sensible way including -

How insisting on being addicted to perfection can actually work against you when it comes to keyword optimization

How to utilize the information that you will learn to get started and make immediate practical changes to your business

How to avoid procrastinating because you start feeling overwhelmed by keyword issues

How to know when you are over saturated with keywords and likely to do your business harm instead of good

Why using too many keywords can get you in trouble with Google and maybe even banned

Why using "black hat" SEO is a bad idea at this time in history

How to differentiate between a targeted visitor and an untargeted one

How to get visitors to your site who are presold on your services

Why repeat customers are so important to the ultimate survival of your business

How the way people search for information online can greatly impact your business and the negative or positive role that keywords can play

How to understand the mysteries of Google algorithms which so greatly impact how people search for information about your website

Why it is not a good idea to get too ambitious too quickly when it comes to choosing viral keyword phrases

Why it can take years to achieve top rankings if you do not follow my advice

Why it is a bad idea to go "too big too soon" as soon as you launch your first business

How to determine whether or not a keyword is a "realistic" option for you when it comes to pulling in the big bucks

Why you do not need a massive number of visitors to your site and how you should be able to turn a profit on as little as ten visitors per day

How to define a "low competition" keyword and be able to still use it to bring unique targeted visitors to your site
Do You Want to Be In the Top 3 Listings on Google?

One of the main aims of this simple how-to step-by-step guide to using keywords is to get your web pages listed as high as possible on the Google search engine pages.

You have heard this many times before but I really can help you be number 1 by taking you through the process of "keyword domination." I cover such topics as -

How to dominate a single keyword term so that it always will be yours and nobody else's

How to completely comprehend and then utilize Google Adsense

How to ensure that the keywords on your web pages will please the Google bots and spiders so that you are ranked highly on the search engine pages

Why using too many keywords is not a good idea and why in this day and age "less is more"

How to create keyword phrases that match popular search terms that are used often by your potential customers

A list of the research tools that you must make part of your online marketing armory

How to establish how many other online businesses might be interested in using the same keyword phrases you are

How to come up with ten never-fail keyword phrases that are uniquely yours and that you can use again and again to bring you a windfall of customers

In Keyword Domination 1 Step at a Time I don't just cover the nuts and bolts of search engine optimization (more commonly known as SEO.) I also take an in-depth look at how to base an entire business on just one keyword by creating informational products.

This part of the eBook is full of unique information and advice that is invaluable to you whether or not you are starting your own business based on "keyword brainstorming" for the first time or whether or not it is old hat to you.

Furthermore this eBook is as user friendly as I could write it with everything that you need to do to be an online success outlined to you in plain English and illustrated with screenshots from my own experience as an internet marketer.
Are You Ready to Start a Thriving Internet Business Based on One Keyword?

I cover everything you need to know in Keyword Domination 1 Step at a Time including how to make a killing as an informational product marketer including -

How to find the best keywords to build a business around

How to generate an "initial ideas list"

How to research forums on the net to find out what people are looking for

How to build your own website even if you have little or no knowledge around the popular topic that you have chosen that is actually based on a keyword

How to accomplish a thorough keyword search

How to use different keyword research tools such as NicheBot Classic, Word Tracker and Google Keyword Research tools to your best advantage

How to create your first website

How to quickly and easily understand and deploy HTML

Where the best place is to register a domain name

How to get started on producing your initial web content

How to understand and then master the art of PPC advertising

How to become an affiliate marketer

How create a generous stream of income selling products through Clickbank

How to start a blog

How to install Wordpress on your website

How to attract links to your site

How to drive traffic to your site submitting to your site

And much much more!
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# Release Date - 2010

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