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Dirty Secrets Of Marketing Success / Master Resell Rights

This Is A Complete Ebook And Website Package With Master Resell Rights Certificate Included.
This ebook comes with a professionally designed website for you to change any way you want.
You can resell this package over and over again.
Your customers can resell this package over and over again.
Instant Download.
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What if you could be a fly on the wall and …

Eavesdrop As Three Top Online Earners Discuss Plans For Earning Millions In 2010**

(** these guys are superstars… these are not representative online earnings!)

On December 31st, 2009, while many ordinary online businesspeople were out getting snockered, trying to forget what a disaster 2005 was, and praying for a better 2010, Willie Crawford and two consulting clients spent many hours planning how they were going to achieve major success in 2006. Their families approved, because they understood that 2006 was The Year!

Both of the consulting clients planned on earning more than $1 million a year for the first time in 2010. Willie carefully explained to them, EXACTLY what that would take. Now you can share in this incredible insight too.

Willie Crawford, one of the most successful, and most sought-after online marketing mentors today, took copious notes during this intimate planning session. These clients had come to Willie because he is a trusted role-model for the 30,000+ member, Internet Marketing Warrior’s ... Moderating their member-only discussion forum.

Willie later sanitized his notes (to protect his clients identities and projects), and turned them into a Master Blueprint that any serious online marketer hungry enough for success to actually get into action can use to make 2010 YOUR Year!

Now, You Can Tap Directly Into the Thought Process Of Proven Top Online Earners and Make Their Thoughts and Habits Yours

Its all layed out in language as plain as the nose on your face. In his special report...

The Master Blueprint To Internet Marketing Success

Willie not only tells you what you needs to do, he teaches by providing lots of concrete examples... Examples from his own marketing, and examples from his many millionaire marketing mentors.

Even the structure of the special report is a teaching tool that is thoroughly explained to you. Just employing the “BB” technique explained on pages 3 and 4 has, and will continue to, automatically build massive businesses for many people. In this special report youll discover the Millionaire Mindset and results-generating habits of those actually Living The Dream!

Immerse yourself in this special report to...

Discover the secret of 2739 and how it can make you rich
Master how to get out of your own way and allow success to happen
Uncover what you really want out of life and your business
Learn where to get the best business advice
Identify the biggest factor stopping you from building a successful online business and why
Fully understand how to overcome that biggest obstacle
Stop doing this thing that will surely rob you of online success... Its killing 98% of online startups
Understand the one “thing” that you can always trust once you acknowledge it
Learn what tools you really need in your online business - and how to tell which ones you DON’T need
Fully understand - with irrefutable proof - why you should NOT do what the online gurus do
Develop a system to MAKE you do the things that you need to be doing when you dont have that BOSS looking over your shoulders
Intuitively master how to get EVERYTHING that you deserve
Finally master how to deal with negative, mean-spirited people that you will encounter online everyday. Dont allow them to drain you of the energy you should be investing in your business
Feel confident handling dishonest, lazy, or deceitful people you encounter online
Avoid the stifling, relentless information overload thats prevalent everywhere
Harness the positive power of idea overload
Understand the biggest reason many online business people feel overloaded and overwhelmed - and break free from this business-killing happiness-thief
FINALLY get those projects DONE
Actually get the attention and help from the leaders in your industry
Know with 100% certainty how to choose the right niche and avoid wasting a lot of time
Understand indepth which niches to avoid like the plague and why
Protect yourself by know what role not to get trapped into and why
Know where NOT to advertise online and why its such a waste of resources
Easily squeeze more productive time out of your workday and GET MORE DONE
Effortlessly and habitually earn the maximum amount on all of your products.
Discover the secret to selling products that you have resale and reprint rights to for many times what most people make from them
Understand how to dominate in an overcrowded marketplace
Know the best technique for crowding your competitors out of your marketplace… or for having them working for you
Learn a little used method to profit wildly from your best competitors
Know when and why the time is right to create your own information products
Discover how to sell information that’s already readily available everywhere for free - and why its so easy
Understand the topic you must master if you’re going to make millions selling
Know the ONE skill you should focus on if you’re going to make millions selling online
Identify INEXPENSIVE books and courses that will completely revolutionize your thinking and your marketing
Finally master the secret of selling big ticket items and why you must sell them
Know when and how to sell inexpensive items for maximum impact
Learn how to make ten times as much off of your customers as most online business people do
Really understand why you should NOT follow the crowd
Learn to test properly and stop wasting your advertising dollars
Understand when you should take action and when you should wait
Discover why and how you should network for incredible results
Learn a secret 99% of Internet marketing guru’s will NEVER tell you because they dont recognize it
Uncover and totally Master the absolute EASIEST way to form joint ventures and partnerships
Decide if you should give away lots of freebies and WHY
Learn how to flow out a project for assured results
Discover THE one thing you absolutely shouldn’t do, yet you see a majority of big online marketers doing it. It destroys them in the end
Know what you should NEVER do publicly and why. I’ve made this BIG mistake myself

Read The Master Blueprint To Internet Marketing Success to discover this and a lot more.

Be warned...

This Is A Concise Report - Not A Lot Of Time-Wasting FLUFF

Rich people don’t have time for that. In-fact, with most documents that they read, they want to read only an “Executive Summary! “ In many ways this special report is an executive summary… 9 years of online experience, plus the teachings of dozens of advisors and direct marketers, condensed down to 23 pages.

Do NOT Buy This Special Report If You Can’t Handle Honesty

The honesty in this special report is... at times... BRUTAL... because I tell you the truth rather than what you’d rather hear or believe. Most people won’t do that for you because they just want your money. I don’t need your money - I need to feel that I’ve contributed in a positive way to helping YOU building a better, more secure life for yourself and your family.

By now, you should realize that you NEED this special report. You realize that if it can honestly turn your business life around, its easily worth thousands of dollars.

One concept that you need to master early-on is that if something can make you $100,000 more per year, then you should gladly be willing to pay $10,000 or even $20,000 for it. Youd still come out $80,000 - $90,000 ahead. Many people dont seem to recognize this, yet all of the ultra-rich do. Thats one thing that separates them from the masses.

However, Im not going to charge you tens of thousands of dollars for this special report. I do KNOW that if you apply what it teaches, you will believe that its worth that much though. In-fact, I would be surprised if, after reading and applying this special report, you walked up to me one day and handed me a check for $10,000 as a thank you gift... but hold off on that for now. For now, I only ask you for a token $29.97.

Here Are A Few FREE Bonuses to Help You Get Even More Out Of This Special Report...

1) Master Resale Rights to The Master Blueprint To Internet Marketing Success ($197 Value)

The master resale rights means that you can resell this special report for any amount that you choose and keep all of the money. You may also resell the rights to resell this report and keep all of the money.

The master resale rights also allow you to include the special report in your membership sites, use it as a bonus, or package it with other products. It cannot be sold on Ebay or auctions sites, and it CANNOT be modified in any way.

2) MP3 Audio and PDF Transcript of The Master Blueprint To Internet Marketing Success Teleseminar ($97 Value)

I explained all of the points covered in this special report in a teleseminar that I also recorded and had transcribed. You are told inside the special report how to access these recordings FREE. You customers will also be allowed to access these recording for free, but they must access them through our site. These recordings cannot be distributed outside of the special report.

3) Access to Exclusive Blog

Knowing that you would want to discuss concepts, principles, and ideas covered in this special report, Ive set up an exclusive blog for further discussion. You will be told how to access this password protected blog from inside the special report.

This is where you would go to clarify points, bounce ideas off of like-minded individuals, and even find joint venture or serious business partners.

4) A Duplicate Copy of This Website, to Edit and Use in Selling Copies of the Special Report.

Youll get all of the files, plus all of the instructions, need to set up a site IDENTICAL to this one. This will allow you to quickly set up a site and begin raking in the money from reselling this special report package. (Note... youll also get a professionally designed header graphic that we didnt use on this site because testing indicated the site worked better without the header).

Our 100% Risk Free No Squabbling Guarantee
If after reading “The Master Blueprint To Internet Marketing Success” you are not 100% delighted with your purchase, just let us know. If you don’t feel that this special report better-equipped you to earn more money online than most people would even DARE to dream of, request a refund. We want you 110% satisfied with your purchase, and if you aren’t, we’ll issue you a 100% no-questions-asked immediate refund… And we’ll still be friends..

Heres what just a few satisfied buyers had to say...

Suddenly all these special reports and Ebooks about wealth and making money have become obsolete.

Your MasterBluePrint tells it all. Right from the heart of someone whos been there and done that, from zero to a million and more. Your advice in this small report is practical and very down to earth, yet contains tons of human wisdom, so easily visualized by the many examples youve put in.

Your conversational tone makes this so darn easy to read, that I couldnt stop.

One word: Superb! Keep those reports coming,
Case Stevens

Hi Willie,
Ive just finished reading your Master Blueprint To Internet Marketing Success and I had to write and let you know how impressed and how helpful it is. Youve successfully combined clarity and succinctness into this report and effectively broken down the essence of online marketing. Anyone who reads this report cant fail to be enriched by it. This was one of those rare books that I read cover to cover TWICE!

Many Thanks For Sharing,
Simon Hodgkinson
Infoclicks - The Resale Rights Review

Thanks Willie,

Got the download link and all is well. The ebook is bang on! What can I say? Youve done it again. At this price, and with the mp3 coming, Im a happy guy! Thanks a bunch,


Thanks for offering the rights. You are going to make a lot of people very happy in the New Year!

Ben Shaffer
BTW, I genuinely thought that your report was brilliant. A great reminder of things that I already knew but didnt know that I knew.

Thanks Willie,
As usual you have produced a great piece full of all kinds of information. You are very generous in many ways.

Thank you for starting 2010 off in a very positive light.

Sam Knoll

Its Decision Time. Are You Ready To Make 2010 Different And Give Yourself And Your Family A Better Life? Click here to download your copy and get started now. The only thing you risk losing is your excuse for not being more successful.

Willie Crawford

You have to decide that 2010 is going to be different. One definition of “insanity” is “doing the same thing over and over, and expecting to get different results each time.” If you don’t do things differently this year, but expect more success, that’s INSANE. Grab this special report to discover the things that you absolutely most do differently.

Most people start each year out with big plans. Now you’ll have a proven system for ensuring that you have viable plans. Set aside an hour or two, download this special report, and Change Your Life!

P.P.S. Dont let this one pass you by. Its only $29.97 right now but I dont know how long Ill keep it at that price. I priced it at a give-away price initially to reward those who could make an important decision. However, I will be raising the price to $47 soon!

Click here for instant download of the Special Report along with the Master Reprint Rights

** Income Disclaimer

We can’t promise that you’ll earn a specific amount of money online, or that you’ll earn even 1 penny. That’s beyond our control and totally up to you. Anyone who guarantees you that by using their product you’ll earn a certain amount (or even ANY money) is someone that you should run away from as a fast as you can… and keep you hand firmly on your wallet as you run! We are sharing with you what has proven to work for us, but you assume all risk and responsibility in using this information.

Copyright © 2010 BlueprintToInternetMarketingSuccess, All Rights Reserved

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