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MP3 John Paul Sharp - Higher Learning Series: Volume Two - On Second Thought

A blend of pop, classical, blues, reggae and more in an electronic atmosphere.

13 MP3 Songs
POP: with Electronic Production, EASY LISTENING: Cabaret

This is the second volume of the music that I have written and recorded while being in college. This is some of my best work to date and I am excited to present it to you.

There are so many styles in this album. You get all kinds of things: Blues, Reggea, Fantasy, Piano, Beatz & more.

Here''s the lyrics:

Breakfast Blues (for Beth and Me Too):
Music & Lyrics by John Paul Sharp

White trash girl
Was gettin'' plenty rude
When she said, "Not mine
But Hers tastes real good."
She was with her vocabulary
Tell me now
What''s a lady gotta'' do
Let us count
All the money that we''re makin''
Before we go ahead and lose our jobs again

Let it go, get it gone and give it up up up and lah-dee-da-dee-daow yeah

Been so hard
Servin'' all that breakfast
Throw in the towel
And have a drink or two
The classless crowd
Is trying to forget us
Just tell us now
What''s a lady gotta'' to do

Sit back, relax
All the set ups are provided
We had our chance
And now the day is through

Gettin'' drunk and tellin'' tales and singing songs about the breakfast blues
For Beth and me too

Happy Hour Happy-Hap-Hap-Hour
Happy hashing of all that once was ours
And all the time they stole
And all the great control they had all over us

Should have known those drinks were strong
Should have known not to bring them all along
Should have seen the double trouble brewing in that buh-buh-bubbly bong
And now we''re just engaging
the throng of toilet water
And gettin'' rid of all that pain

Let it go, get it gone and give it up up up and lah-dee-da-dee-daow yeah

And all the plumbing is gone gone gone
Where the hell did it go?!
And why did it wait for us to get sick like this?!
Happy flushing I hope she cleaned her sheets before she went to bed that night
Hope she cleaned her sheets
Hope she cleaned her sheets, I think

Nothin'' better
Than that Sunday morning drone
Do you think that
Beth and I can go on home
We did our best to clean up our messes
We did our best not to lose our jobs
Come on, Sommer!
Let us go home!
We deserve it!

Come Clean
Music & Lyrics by John Paul Sharp

Verse One:
You''ve got me putting on some Tori Amos tunes
And you haven''t said a word
Just the slippery sound of silence
And the confession of the violence
Well, I put it all together
Except your point of view
But I possibly don''t need it
Because I might be through with you

Come clean, come clean
Turn on the light
Let''s see, let''s see
What you''re really like
What you''ve always really wanted but you couldn’t ever say it could you?
You can''t break me
From where you/I stand
Unless, perhaps,
You''re not a friend
(2nd time: And you keep going on with no end in sight and you’re just like whispers in the night)

Verse Two:
You must be someone real important
To be keeping this charade
But I was already over it
Before the bed was made.
Now we reach the point of no return
crossroads of truth
Now we figure out if I am gonna see you as
a red or as a green or maybe a blue

Repeat Chorus

And he said to him,
"You have beautiful eyes."

Repeat Chorus

Music & Lyrics by John Paul Sharp

Verse One:
Do you believe
In mystic things?
In times of kings gone by?
Trees that cry?
Winds that sigh on a full moon''s night?

In one past life
I could fly to the highest of highs in the sky
I could swim in the deepest of deep oceans
And in this light
I can only begin to describe what it''s like
To be living the life of a dragoness

Verse Two:
I used to be
So wild and free
I set the streets on fire
To inspire
Knights for hire in search of me and my scaly feet

Repeat Chorus

Lonely days and boring nights
I''d rather take a flight to far off lands
Like I used to in the good ole days when dragons were real
And you could touch and feel them … that was me …

Repeat Chorus

Go Back to Africa
Music & Lyrics by John Paul Sharp

As a white man in a white man’s world,
I’ve enjoyed a life of privilege.
As a gay man in a straight man’s world,
I know all about the sacrilege of

being me and all the things that being me means.
I don’t see just how a brother can stand it!
But we just try to get through our daily lives
And we do the best we can just to withstand it.

One day, I met the most beautiful black man.
His skin was deliciously like the color of
de Nile’s black sand.

Started dating and it went from there,
To a point when I became impelled
To share the news with all of my friends;
Spread the word to all about my brand new man!

Then I told this guy I work with --
I should have known
That his ole bitch ass wasn’t worth it!
And when I told him he got all worked up
The shit began to fall from there on

And he said,
“You go back to Africa.
Once you go black,
We don’t want you back!
And now you’re just like trash,
Like the rest of them -
Those you-know-whats -
Those n-i-g-g-e-r-s‘es!”

And he said,
“You go back to Africa.
Once you go black,
We don’t want you back!
And now you’re just like trash,
Like the rest of them -
Those you-know-whats -
Those n-i-g-g-e-r-s-‘es!”

Hay-o, comma comma come hay-o
Whatcha’ gonna’ do, Whatcha’ gonna’ do

My face fell off - I didn’t know what to say.
I just didn’t understand it.
So I turned my head and I walked de other way
And I didn’t reprimand him

For being who he was and all de things he said.
I walked off and I started getting mad instead.
Homogeneous bastards all around me all de time!
Homogeneous bastards all-around me all de time!

I thought “My man is beautiful and black!
His soul contains all the things I thought I lacked!”

After steaming and thinking it thin,
Couldn’t let my feelings get away from him.
I returned and I waited until
His attention was mine.
I waited it out to speak at just the right time

He asked me what I want.
“Little black-lovin’ punk!
What is it now?” he said.
“Who’s sleeping in your bed this time?”

So I said,
“You go back to where ever it is --
Whatever place that taught you that terrible shit!
But before you go back, I ask that you
Go ahead and kiss my little, black-lovin’ white ass
… fuck you!

‘Cause if they all went back to Africa
We’d have no songs, no soul,
no dancing like we have.
We’ve got more couth and class
Than you’ll ever amass!
So you just watch my back as I pass you by!”

Hay-o, comma comma come hay-o
Whatcha’ gonna’ do, Whatcha’ gonna’ do

Iz U Haught F‘me:
Music & Lyrics by John Paul Sharp
Main Beat by Paul Escalante

Verse 1:
Well it seems to me that you be knocking
What with all the shit you''re talking
You think you got it Mix and Matchin
But I see that itch your scratchin

Iz you haught f''me
Iz you haught
Iz you haught f''me
What you got

Verse 2:
You be so sly, you be so high
You gonna be the one I take with me tonight
We''re gonna dance so I can grab your ass
to the right to the left to the right to the left

Repeat Chorus

Now you''re just acting like a crazy old cat

Verse 3:
You feel the heat in me
the heat that makes you sweat
So I gotta get it goin on so we get undressed tonight.
Do you think that would be alright?

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4:
the dance don''t stop and we won''t stop until the clock say 2
We got more drinks to drink and cheek to cheek a humpety-doo-dah
But don''t drink fast cuzz I want you to last
I want you in my crib and flat on your back

Repeat Chorus

On Second Thought (I Better Not)
Music & Lyrics by John Paul Sharp

Verse One:
If I could see me when
I just begin to make my mind up
Maybe I could stop myself
But then again I always wind up
Making mountains out of making mountains out of mole hills
Making mountains from on high
Way up in my palace in the sky.
Like a God

Verse Two:
Take a seat and watch
Me ruin a perfectly good friendship
Just by shutting off
And harboring a paranoid perspective
Manifestations are practically my best friends
I see no easy resolution
Other than an over the top confrontation

You’d think I had it coming
You’d think it not-so-funny
I think that I forgot
On Second Thought, I better not
On Second Thought, I better trot
On Second Thought, I better not
I like to play the victim
I like to think I’m bitchin’
I think that I forgot
On Second Thought, I better not
On Second Thought, I better not
On Second Thought, I better not

Verse Three:
Can you feel the wrath
I’m getting back for no reason
By tomorrow night
I’ll see the light and feel sick to my stomach
I’ll have screwed it up again
I’ll have lost another friend
And I will do all that I can
to keep moving and try to remember

Repeat Chorus

Straight to Your House:
Music & Lyrics by John Paul Sharp

Verse One:
I sure could use a break
I’ve had about as much as I can take
And I’d give anything
To see you again
Yes, I’d do anything
‘Cause I’m your number one fan
It’s you I want to apprehend
Until the end of the line

If you come back to me
I promise
I won’t just throw it away
I’ll give it all that I got
For just one more shot
I got a ticket to a train that goes straight to your house

Verse Two:
Ten thousand times I’ve gone and died
Since I reached out and you replied
I know you don’t know me
Like I now know you
With all that you’ve shown to be
Now I know what I want to do
Calm, collected and cool,
I’m on the hunt for you

Repeat Chorus

To your house, yeah, yeah, To your house

Repeat Chorus

The Trouble with Me:
Music & Lyrics by John Paul Sharp

Verse 1:
If you could stay awhile with me
I''d appreciate it
''Cause I''ve been feeling kinda'' down

The trouble with me, you see,
Is that all the time I spent alone
I spent it thinking that no one would ever love me

And the trouble with that is clearly
that I nearly can''t relax or get the feeling that I may be loved so true
what to do

Verse 2:
I''m so afraid of all the pain
I don''t think I can bare it
I''m so afraid that you''re just fake

Repeat Chorus

For now, I''ll just close my eyes
Hold your hand in mine
And hope for the best
You can''t ask for much more than that
You can''t ask for much more than that

Verse 3:
When things are getting really good
I just want to forget it
And move on with my lonely life

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4:
This is the last and final time
That I''m gonna'' say it
I think I''m falling for a guy

What God Intended:
Music & Lyrics by John Paul Sharp

I was chillin’ in my little haze,
then this lady went and then she came
and she said, "What ya’ doin'' in that little nook?
Whatcha’ doin'' with that little book?"
and I said “Gettin'' fucked up on philosophy.
I’m gonna'' figure out the mystery,
the magical form
of mind over matter,
where nothing really happens anymore.”

And she said, "You don''t need a book to give you that
and I''m as sure of that as sure as I shat this morning.
Let us break the wind and try to relax!
Don''t give in to all those high class acts and notions!
What you want is how you get your kicks.
Without your kicks your life ain''t worth a shit
and we, as humans, are allowed to heal,
and we were born to touch and feel.”

So then she kissed my face; made it tickle.
I felt so out of place; in a pickle.
"This is what God intended -
gave us wounds so we would tend them."
That''s what she said and then she belched.

(Whew! I mean - Ugh!)

6 a.m. alarm is ringing at last.
Time I spent to dream I spent too fast, my friend.
I realize the time and get my ass in gear and
figure out a way to pass the test.
My old thinking might have gotten the best - yes -
my old Dream King might have gotten the best of
me and Mary,
Mary and I …
… but I''m not like this all the time.

Music & Lyrics by John Paul Sharp

Verse One:
Word out on the street is
Today is
Better than tomorrow
I''ll see ya
Some other time
Perhaps when summer''s gone
I''ll be back with bells

Verse Two:
On, On with the show
You know
We''ve tried to
Climb out of these windows
The sun is setting so low
The Zephyr blows and blows
Calling me to the

Verse Three:
Western horizon
It sounds like
La, la, la dee dah
The light will fade once again
Perhaps when summer''s gone
I''ll be there with bells

On la, la dee dah
La, la, dee, dah

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