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Podcasting: For Fun & Profit with FREE CHAPTERS


TITLE: Podcasting: For Fun & Profit!


How Would You Like To Quit Your Slave Wage Day Job- And Start Making A Residual Income That Can Make All Of Your Dreams Come True...
The income, job security, and added perks that used to come with working for a great company have been steadily declining World Wide!

Take your income into your own hands! Start working from home right now as as an Internet Marketing Podcaster!

I want to tell you about a new technology on the Internet that has allowed people to get information and entertainment, plus make some easy money, all when and where they want.

What is it?

Its Called Podcasting...

Youve probably heard about broadcasting, such as a news anchor does on TV.

Podcasting is like broadcasting in that someone creates a show for an audience.

The difference is that broadcasting is done for a general audience to tune in (through television, radio, or Internet radio) while podcasting is much different, you can target a specific niche which makes the power of podcasting much more exciting.

Podcasting uses old technology that has been refined and put together in a new way to allow people with the right equipment (like an MP3 player, or an Internet connection and computer) to automatically receive recorded audio shows.

Rather than tuning in to the show at a certain time, like you may have to do with your favorite television show, a podcast lets you play that downloaded audio show at your convenience.

Out for a jog? Listen to it then on your MP3 Player!

Stuck in traffic? Thats a perfect time to turn off the mindless blather on the radio and tune in to a better program.

Enjoying a quiet night at home? Why not listen there, too!

Podcasting is about listening to an audio program when and where you want.

I know what your next question is. It was mine, too. So what? Who cares? I dont listen to the radio all that much so why would I listen to this radio program.

Its not a radio program. Thats what makes it great. Let me explain it this way:

If you have cable or satellite television, like most people do, you probably enjoy a number of specialty channels that are focused around one theme. Perhaps its a certain type of music channel. Or a channel about history. Or a channel about books.

If its a channel of your interests, are you more likely to enjoy it?

Sure you are, because its something youre interested in.

It offers more focused and in depth coverage of the kinds of things you have a passion for.

Even if you pay for it, you will still enjoy it more than the free television you got from your antenna, right?

Absolutely. Because its focused on topics of interest to you.

And that is the next exciting thing about podcasting. Podcasting is not just a bunch of radio programs that are like every other radio program out there.

Podcasts are focused programs that are geared to very specific niche markets.

Got an interest in historical figures? Theres a podcast audio program about that.

Got an interest in the air force? Theres a podcast audio program about that.

Drink too much coffee and love it? Theres a podcast audio program for that.

There are thousands of podcasts out there and theres bound to be something of interest to you. Whether you like to laugh at comedians or learn from experts, theres something of interest to everyone.

And they take different formats, too. Some are trivia shows. Some are interviews. Some are lectures or single-person rants. Some are full-fledged production-quality shows with effects and special guests, like a late night talk show.

Okay, I know your next question, too, because I asked it as well: Satellite television can be pretty pricey, how much does podcasting cost? Nothing.

Thats Right, Zero, Zip, Nada - Poscasts are totally FREE!

This is where I grew very skeptical because there are very few things in life that are free. But it is free and heres why.

Podcasting is done by people with an interest in the area that they are podcasting on.

Anyone can podcast, and even though its picked up by your computer and transmitted to your MP3 player, you dont actually need to have a computer to be a podcaster; you can just do it over the phone.

As well, podcasting is so new (the word podcasting was coined in 2004) and there is no regulatory body overseeing the industry so people are trying all kinds of things to figure out what works and what doesnt in the world of podcasting.

The accessibility and newness and lack of rules has meant that it has become a primary form of self-expression. The result is that there are thousands of podcasts out there. And theyre free.

But in spite of the variety and the low cost of zero dollars, thats not why I like podcasting.

I like podcasting because its an automated system. Like when you subscribe to a magazine, you dont give it a second thought until it reaches your mailbox. Then you remember that youve subscribed and you read it.

Podcasting technology allows you to subscribe to a podcast that you like (for free), have it downloaded to your computer (for free) as often as it is updated (for free), and from there you can listen to it on your computer or on your MP3 player (for free).

If the podcast you want is updated daily, like a podcast covering the news headlines of the day, your computer will pick it up every day. If the podcast you subscribe to is about major league baseball and it is updated once a week, your computer will automatically get it once a week.

Whenever a podcast is updated, your computer gets it automatically. So its convenient.

I put it the latest podcast on my MP3 player to listen to when I take my dog for a walk. Thats convenient as well. Thats why I like podcasting: continual updates on my favorite shows so that I can listen whenever and wherever I want.

And it sure doesnt hurt that its free!

So why am I telling you all this? I want to share with you three exciting things.

First, that podcasts are an exciting new medium that give you convenient, free programming that you will enjoy.

Second, if youre looking for a way to share your interest and hobbies with others, this is a great way to do it. Did I mention that was free as well?

Thats right, it doesnt cost anything to podcast, which is probably another reason why so many people are podcasting. Everyone has something to say and in many cases what they have to say is interesting to someone else.

For example, if you have a passionate interest in the stock market, theres plenty of other people out there with the same interest who might be interested to hear how youve done so well in it. (In fact, theres several of those podcasts already).

So podcasting is a way for you to share your interests and hobbies with other people. That makes it a lot of fun!

And I said there were three exciting things I wanted to tell you about. Ive only mentioned two so far.

The third thing I wanted to share with you was that podcasting is also a chance for a person who runs a business, or a person who is thinking of starting a business to make some money.

Now for skeptical people like ourselves, youre probably wondering how freely made and freely distributed podcasts can make money. Im glad you asked.

There are many ways you can make money from podcasting. For example, not all podcasts are free, although most of them are. I believe paid podcasts are going to be the next wave of podcasts that well see, just like cable television and satellite television were the pay-per-view wave that followed free television.

And there are other ways that an entrepreneur could make money on this fledgling industry. Id like to show you how you can make money from podcasting.

When you order this book, Podcasting: For Fun & Profit you will learn everything you need to know about podcasting.

It is a detailed book written in clear, simple English so that even technophobes can learn from it.

In the Podcasting For Fun & Profit you will learn more about what podcasting is, how it can operate for free, how you can hear podcasts at your convenience and how you can begin to create your own podcasts.

Youll find examples and exercises that take you through it every step of the way. And once you know more about what podcasting is and how to podcast, it takes it to the next level by showing you how to create great podcasts that sell. And it finishes off by showing you ten specific ways to make money from podcasting.

Youll be surprised at how easy it is to get started and how much potential there is in this new industry. And once youre done reading Podcasting For Fun & Profit I believe youll want to do the same thing Im doing now and write to everyone you can about how exciting podcasting is and what a great opportunity it can be.

Thats why you get this incredible new E-book and the chance at a great new income and lifestyle for only $0,99.


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Introduction 5
What is podcasting? 6
Getting started by downloading and listening 15
Podcasting software and equipment 32
Podcast Host Sites 41
Content and Niche Markets 51
10 Ways to Make Money Podcasting 64
Conclusion 77
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