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KeyWord Link Tracker

Discover with PRECISION what your prospects type into the search engines to find you .. proprietary software UNCOVERS the Exact Keywords that will pay off in Big Profits!

Until now, such data was accessible to few big time marketers only. Read on to learn about the selfish reason why already successful marketers are doing their best to stop me from selling this system.

KeyWord Link Tracker

As you read on, Ill tell you more about how this software will help you but let me tell you some straight from the facts about the rest of the picture.

FACT IS that this software will help you to find the exact keywords that BUYER enters to find your business. Its like the BUYERS telling you which keyword they entered to find you.

And, why this is important? Because, knowing the RIGHT keywords make you money ..PERIOD!

Date: Saturday, January 16, 2010
From: Valeriy L.

Dear Affiliate Marketer,

Its time someone cut through all the clutter and explained the difference between keywords that bring you traffic and keywords that make you real sales.

What is the Number One Secret behind Becoming Rich Online?

Knowing Your Profitable Keywords

Believe it or not. Knowing your profitable keywords, with laser targeted accuracy, is the only secret of internet riches. It doesnt matter how good your product is or how wonderful you set up customer support.

What matters most is your list of profitable keywords.



You have no products in the hands of customers and you have no customers to support unless you make sales.

And how do you make new sales and build new customers? By sending targeted traffic to your business.

And how do you send that targeted traffic to your business?

By knowing your keywords!

Two Humiliating Secrets That The Experts
Jealously Guard And Dont Want
You To Know

It all began with a little question I asked myself, How Do Some People (who dont even know a thing about SEO and their sites dont even rank in the first five hundred pages of google) Make So Much Money On The Internet While Most Others Dont?

The answer was not obvious!

In the beginning, I used to think that they work really hard to research their markets, compile lists of endless keywords and then test the effectiveness of every keyword to keep the gold and trash the junk.

- I was dead wrong -

What they a-c-t-u-a-l-l-y do to earn thousands of dollars every day is hidden (and is intentionally kept as a secret) from you.

Think about it..

We have all struggled, tweaked our keyword campaigns only to come up with break even profits. We might see few sales, but balancing our ad-spend with our profits has always been challenging.

The two real secrets...have always been:

Secret Number 1: Discovering the keywords a buyer enters in the search engines when theyre ready to buy?

Secret Number 2: Discovering which keywords finally converte into a sale?

There had to be a way to find out the keywords that people type in the search engines,

I wondered, Can I afford the guesswork and keep struggling and using the same tools, which give me nothing but just a list of keywords for hit and trial?

I want to level the field so that I could play on the same play field with the big boys.

Surely there has to be a way...there has to be a solution.


I thought to myself, I dont want to use tools that provide such poor results anymore. I need something, I dont know what, but something that will generate keywords that guide real BUYERS to my business. Im more than willing to let my competition have all the other visitors. Just show me the buyers!

I knew that if I could find the keywords that people type in to find out my business and if I could also find out a way to track which keywords finally generated sales, that tens of thousands of peoples lives would be made easier, and of course profitable.

If such as system is there, I can dispose of the losing keywords and keep the good ones with me.


Two Big Problems...

First, in order to know which keywords were searched for you have to create one ad per keyword and then append a special bit of text (called a querystring parameter - the ? mark you see in a web url) in every ad that you want to track.

Like this - https://www.tradebit.com?keyword=KeyLinkTracker

Too much work. Believe me, its just impractical, even for just one campaign . What if youre running dozens of campaigns on many different products?

A second bigger problem is that in order to track which keywords have generated sales, you have to place Googles, Yahoos, MSNs (or any other search engine where you run your ad) conversion code on the merchants thank you page.

Its just impossible to beg and plead the merchants to add this tracking code to their thank you pages.

And this doesnt even include the keywords that were searched and converted by organic search traffic.

So... what could be done?

After reviewing and working with everything I know - my knowledge, my programming skills - I finally created a killer solution that can track the exact keywords which online surfers type in to find your business, with laser targeted accuracy.

My system (and you could be a proud owner of it in a moment) doesnt stop there. It will follow the internet surfer till they buy and then show you which keywords finally resulted into sales. In other words, you get to find out which keywords generate BUYERS.

After that, you trash the losing keywords, and keep what works like a well oiled profit machine.

So, my friend, let me ask you something:

Would you rather go on the way youve been going or would you like to see something that solves all the above problems with elegance, simplicity and most of all, profitability?

If you can just taste the sweet drops of money dripping off the money-tree, then take a look as I proudly introduce to you:

Now, Im about to tell you everything this friendly blood hound can do, but first let me remind you of the context:

1 - What a good marketer is REALLY after isnt just visitors. Its visitors ready to buy and to buy now!

2 - The trick is to match the buyer to the product. And in the PPC world, this is done through the correct application and use of keywords. Wrong keywords, wrong visitors. Right keywords, right visitors and money in the bank.

3 - Finally - from a marketers point of view, it shouldnt matter a bit WHAT youre selling. If its your own product or an affiliate product, youre the one shelling out the advertising dollars. Youre the one who should know what keywords bought you the sale!

So thats just what KeyWord Link Tracker does!

KLT is the ONLY keyword software available at a reasonable price for most marketers that can literally SHOW YOU the exact keywords that BUYERS enter, not just to find your business, but that also result in sales.

Its like the BUYERS telling you which keyword they entered to find you. In fact it actually IS the buyers telling you which keywords they used.

By using KLT, you spend your money on keywords that work and let your competition spend down their campaign money on keywords that dont work. They walk away with confusion and a headache. You walk away with money bulging from your your wallet. It couldnt be any easier.

Here are few of the promising features of KeyWord Link Tracker..
* Find out which keywords finally lead to the sale and dont rely on keywords that bring just maximum clicks. Weed out those tire kickers and leave em for your competition.
* Covers both methods - Direct Linking and Landing Pages.
* Allows dynamic insertion of keyword and tracking id on your landing pages... Automation? Its covered!
* Works with almost every major search engine out there. Never lose a cent again.
* Works with almost every major affiliate network (like Clickbank, CJ, Linkshare) and third party affiliate scripts that support adding a tracking id..
* Never plead with a merchant again to add your tracking code on their thank you page. Perhaps for the first time, youll deal from a position of strength.
* Access professional reporting with a nice user interface. Get to know what is working at a glance.
* Export keyword reports into other systems.. download the real gems (keywords) that work for you, in a spreadsheet format and upload them in your primary keyword list management system (like wordtracker)
* Unlimited Tracking - Track all your keywords, conversion and statistical data. There is no limit on the size of your database. Id be pissed if I had to pay for over usage of the system.

And Everything Runs From Your Server. You Are In Total-Control Of Your Data.

Now, this is really important.

The software runs on your server. You will have a total control over your data. Even if I go out of business and shut down this website tomorrow, your copy of KeyWord Link Tracker will keep running on your server.

Can You Imagine The Power You Can Add To
Your Marketing Efforts... Your Business... Your Wealth?

Your mind will expand. Your profits will explode. Your ability to know the RIGHT keywords at the mere mouse click will be in your hands. I promise you, once you start using KeyWord Link Tracker youll never look at the Internet the same way ever again.

It really is that powerful.

Maybe you think the price for the software is really expensive. Most people guess it sells for $1,000 or even $2,000. I could sell it for that amount, but fortunately Im not.

This is a time-tested and proven engine for tracking keywords.

Any business or an individual can use KeyWord Link Tracker.

Without this vital tool, youre truly missing the boat on making your efforts truly profitable.

If you truly want to pull the maximum out of your online business and take it to the next level - the right way, then you need to get this software. You need this software. NOW.

I was going to originally price this software at $1,100. People have told me they would pay 5 times that much for the software and it would still be a bargain!

The question is, are YOU prepared to pay $1,100 for this software?

You should be.

Im positive it will come back to you many times over.

I have sacrificed not only many years of my life, but also few thousands of dollars in attending workshops, to learn that how important keywords are to your internet business.

The Fortunate Thing Is, Im NOT
Going To Charge You $1,100...

Im prepared to let make KeyWord Link Tracker available for just $9.95 .

Its an absolute bargain when you compare it to the cost of overly priced keyword tracking tools that gives you very basic level of tracking information..

It makes it more affordable for almost anyone to invest in, especially for the people who are currently struggling online and need to learn information management to run & track their business efficiently...

AND - Im making it

100 Risk Free!

You CANT Lose 30-Day Personal 100 Money Back Guarantee!

I really want you to be as confident as I am about this powerful tool... so I will take the complete risk on my wallet!

How many hours would it take you to create almost similar tool yourself? It has taken me more than 300 hours to build it.

And if I would get paid a very low hourly rate of, let me say, $10, you would already have to pay me $3000 for this program!

And if you would hire a professional programmer to develop it, you would atleast pay him $25 per hour which would then add up to $7500!

But Im not charging you anything near to that. As youve already seen, I could easily charge $1000 for the software and would still be very low priced. But I want you to be able to afford it so Im offering it to you for a very special price - its almost a gift...!

Risk is entirely on my wallet, not on yours...

Think of all the time you could save of trial n error by knowing the right set of keywords with laser targeted accuracy along with organizing your business information.

Isnt that worth a measly $9.95 ?

So Just Go Ahead and Do It!

The truth of the matter is that - You can do what everyone else is doing and get the same kind of mediocre results theyre getting with their keywords, or... you can take KeyWord Link Tracker for a test drive and begin to make money at incredible speeds!

No Risk Order Form

YES, I want to track the winning keywords in my search engine campaigns. Im paying for this intelligence, and finally I have a tool that can give it to me. Youve promised that Ill be able to track the keywords not only for my own products but for my affiliate sales, too! Thats sweet.

And youre giving me a 30 day period to test it all for myself!

OK - On that basis, heres my order.

My Investment is only $9.95

Iron-Clad, 100 Money-Back Guarantee. Youre fully protected by our Guarantee policy. You put nothing at risk.

Click here to place your order right now!

(All Orders Are Processed On A 100 Secure Server)


Valeriy L.

P.S. One year from now, your business will surely arrive...the question is, where? If you want to arrive at the success youve always dreamed of, you need to take action NOW!

P.P.S. Frankly, I know nothing that could truly make a significant difference in your online business than the infusion of fresh and targeted keywords into your current marketing activities. Dont overlook it!

P.P.P.S. And remember, if youre not 100 convinced that KeyWord Link Tracker will increase your net profits, then simply tell us and we will issue a prompt and courteous refund -- no questions asked -- and you may still keep the Bonus gifts at no cost to you. Take advantage of this risk-free trial offer immediately, while theres still time.

System requirements:

KeyWord Link Tracker can run on most of the web servers that support PHP & MySQL.
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