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Make Money On Facebook

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“This Simple Facebook Money Making System Makes Me At Least $16,857 Per Month... and You Can Easily Copy My Success and Start Using My System In Just Minutes From Now”...
"Even if you are just plain lazy and feel you're unmotivated, you will be able to start making money from the very first week, even with only an hour a day!"

From the desk of: David Sigouin
Today's date: Sunday December 5, 2010
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"Here's The Kind Of Income You'll Be Generating Every Day Now On Autopilot:"

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If you are looking for a money making system proven to help you generate at least $150 a day from home, even when you are just starting out... You will definitely find the next 5 minutes will be the most important 5 minutes of your life! Just relax and read on to find out all about it.

Let me fill you in on the details right now, let's not waste any of your precious time.

Here's the inside scoop.

My name is David Sigouin, and let me tell you the facts. My life was not always been an easy street for me either. I worked like a dog, 10 - 12 - even 14 hours a day in a sales job that was more sweat than money... Beating the street selling things people don't want is a hell of a job.

Would you want to be a vacuum salesman? Heck no!

Well, that was all I could get for a job, times are tough and the pay sucked... as well as the depressing fact of having to drag a heavy vacuum cleaner around all day is NO picnic either... And that is not to mention the crap I had to clean up on people's carpets with the "here's your free carpet cleaning demonstration" spiel I had to give, day in and day out.

“Gosh, I hated that job!”

l always wanted to believe in and someday be able to live the "American Dream" but no matter what I tried to do, I failed...From selling cars, to boats, then R.V's and finally I was selling vacuum cleaners. Can you believe it? Here I am a college grad with a 4 year degree in business and selling vacuum cleaners!

I was ashamed. I tried everything I could to make money, and my bank balance was always near zero at the end of the month and my credit card debt kept piling up month after month. I hated my job, I hated the customers, but mostly I hated that *%#$@ vacuum cleaner!

Then I did the worst thing I could have ever done...

I made a customer really mad! They called my boss... yelling and complaining about what a terrible job I had done on the free demo, and all about how I had wrecked their carpet... Then the worst thing in the world happened...

I got fired!

My sales were so low, they were not losing much by firing me, but that was the only chance I had at earning any money. I was just crushed...

I had tried so many jobs and failed. I was a broken man, and felt I had no prospects and no way to make a decent living.

I was drinking my way to oblivion one night when a buddy of mine said "David, you gotta get yourself back together... I have something I want to share with you that is making me some money...now it might not work as good for you, but it is worth a try."

That very night is when my life changed.

My buddy, Mark, said "This is real easy... and I am sure I can show you how to get started and when you watch me do it, you can copy what I do and we'll see how it goes..."

We got together over at his house and he showed me how he got started with Facebook. I was so surprised when he showed me his Click2Sell accounts... I almost fell off my chair!

He was making easy money on Facebook...

If I was not looking over his shoulder I would never have believed it! He was easily making over $367 per day per Facebook account! And he had several Facebook accounts all making him money!

He held nothing back and showed me his Click2Sell account and his daily, weekly and monthly income. I was floored with the amounts of money he was making, and had been cashing in on for months! He even let me in on all the best products he was promoting!how unlock facebook money

He said, "All you need to do is... You just create a Facebook account and add your friends just like I showed you" ... and then he continued in a very laid back way telling me the steps to follow to do what he was doing to make easy money.

Next he told me how I would need to set up a couple Facebook accounts and how to get more and more friends. Then he showed me his trump cards and how to secretly promote affiliate products with links. And how to shorten the link.

It seemed simple to do. He assured me that after the setup was done all I would need to do was add more friends each day until I hit 5,000 friends, (which is the max per Facebook account) and then go and make another account and watch as my money comes rolling in...

Mark told me, "You can be making money as soon as you set it up!"
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making money on facebook

I became a believer!

Once I started making money with Facebook I became a believer. You may have heard you can make money from home, but few people do. The fact is, you can make easy money but you need the inside secrets to how to do it, then all you have to do is just follow the directions, step by step.

facebook money unlockOnce I had felt secure on repeating my success, and I was making decent money, with account after account with Facebook, I tried it out on my friends. I invited my friends to discover how easy it was to make money with facebook and I showed them how. They quickly duplicated my system with their own Facebook accounts. They were thrilled as the money came rolling into their Click2Sell accounts too! Once the word got out I was swamped with emails and requests for special tutoring with my custom Facebook system.

Now I am only 1 guy.

I can't be everywhere, so in order to make sure that people that wanted to make some honest money on Facebook could have access to my simple facebook profit methods, I created a system.

I wanted something that was easy to use and
almost 100% automated!

I took my knowledge about how to make money with Facebook and put together a simple to use step-by-step guide for maximizing profits using Facebook. I called it Face Profit. In order to help those people who learn better by watching videos, I created over 20 step-by-step videos detailing every click and every screen you need in to see in order to completely understand this simple to follow system.
“Introducing .... Face Profit!”

facebook for money

You are about to access the same system I use every day to make thousands of dollars with Facebook. I have taught hundreds of my friends, and many other people who have contacted me via email and from my Facebook accounts on how to use Facebook to make easy money.

Now it's your turn.

This is a legitimate, proven and easy to do work from home opportunity. You can make your financial dreams a reality, just like I did and the people who have used my Face Profits System.

If you still need a little push in the right direction, read some of the fantastic
feedback I've had so far:
money on facebook

"I'm well on my way to living the dream lifestyle..."

This system is fantastic! I never thought I would ever make enough money to live comfortably, let alone become wealthy. Now, though, I'm well on the way to living the dream lifestyle I've always wanted to live.

Thanks to FaceProfit, I've found an easy way to make money that's interesting, fun, and doesn't feel at all like work. The book was so easy to read and understand, anyone can take the information it contains and be successful. It has only been a few weeks, and already I'm making more money each week than I used to make in a month. Wow, what a change I have had in my life!

And it's all thanks to FaceProfit!

Françis Lacombe, Montreal, Canada
make money on facebook

Now I am a quiet, laid-back-kind-a-guy. I don't go in for those Internet Marketers that show their fancy cars and fancy houses, and truck loads of cash. No that's not me. I am just an average guy, working from home a couple hours a day. I make more money in a week now than I did in a year at my old vacuum cleaner salesman job.

I'm glad I got fired!

If you don't want to believe me that is fine. I was skeptical too in the beginning until Mark showed me his accounts for real. Now is the time, please see screenshots of my accounts, my traffic and my income. I promise these are from my own accounts and are not edited in any way.

You deserve to see what I say is actually working and what I am doing to make money from home. And you know what? I am truly glad that I got fired.

If I would not have gotten fired, I never would have been down on my luck and Mark never would have given me the inside track to how he made money with Facebook.

Mark helped me now it is my turn to help you.

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