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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Chronic Headaches

How to Deal With Debilitating Chronic Headaches

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Chronic Headaches
By Douglas Hanna

Subject: No More Headaches!

Sound impossible? If you are a chronic headache sufferer it's okay to be skeptical.

It's a pretty audacious statement if you've suffered with headache the majority of your life.

Or maybe you've been told you are crazy and you are just imagining your headache to get out of work or some other obligation.

Not true. Headache, especially chronic headache, is a serious medical condition and should be treated seriously.

Well, we've got the answer for you. FINALLY, a definitive guide on headaches, why you get them, what kind they are and how to end or diminish the pain! With over 100 jam-packed pages, "About Chronic Headaches" has just what you need.

* First off is a discussion on the different types and their symptoms.
* Learn what triggers contribute to your headaches.
* Discover how to get the right diagnosis.
* NSAIDS, Alpha Blockers, MAOIs, what do they mean?
* Can you stop a migraine? How?
* Is it possible to prevent headache?
* What are some alternative methods and do they work?

"About Chronic Headaches" focuses on the most common types of chronic headaches and provides you the necessary detail to determine what type you have. Learn what triggers your headaches and how to involve your doctor.

Not only does "About Chronic Headaches" deal with symptoms and possible cures, it also washes away many misconceptions about headaches. Not all headaches are the same and stress is NOT always the cause.

Some people are led to believe that headaches are "all in their head" or imaginary. Tell that to someone who feels like their head is going to explode! Headaches are a major condition like any other and need to be dealt with properly.

Get the questions and the answers you need. Don't wait another minute and don't risk another headache. We can help!

Table of Contents

What You will Learn from this Book

1 Facts about Headaches
Headache Myths

2 General Information about Headaches
What Causes Headaches?
One New Theory
Headaches and Hormones

3 Types of Headaches and Their Symptoms
Non-chronic types of Headache
Major Types of Headaches and Their Symptoms
Migraine Headaches
Cluster headaches
Chronic Daily Headaches
Tension-type Headache
Rebound Headaches

4 Headache Triggers
Eating and Sleeping Patterns
Environmental Factors
Physical Exertion
Diet and Foods
Monosodium Glutamate
Other Foods
Non-food Headache Triggers

5 Getting the Right Diagnosis
A Headache Diary
The Initial Visit
Questions You Need to Answer
The Physical Examination
Other Diagnostic Tools

6 Coping with Migraines
Choosing a Treatment
Prescription Drugs
Cardiovascular Drugs
Alpha Blockers
Techniques for Treating Specific Types of Migraine
Prolonged Migraine
Migraine Headaches with Tension-type Headaches
Hormonal Headaches
PMS Headaches
Relieving or Stopping a Migraine
The Triptans
Ergotamine Tartrate
DHE (Dihydroergotamine Mysylate)
Isometheptene Mucate
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
Intranasal Lidocaine
Over-the-counter Analgesics
Narcotic Analgesics
Anti-emetics (Anti-nauseants)
Cold Packs

7 Coping with Cluster Headaches
Preventing Cluster Headaches
Stopping the cluster headache after it has started
Other First-line Treatments for Cluster Headaches
Triptan drugs
Cold Showers

8: How to Fight Chronic Daily Headaches
Preventive Medications
Anti-seizure Drugs
Muscle Relaxers
NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents)
Cox-2 Inhibitors

9 Treating Tension-type Headaches
Episodic Tension-type Headaches
Chronic tension-type headaches
Preventing Tension-type Headaches
Regular Exercise
Managing Stress
Preventive Medications
Tricyclic Antidepressants
Treating Tension-type Headaches

10 Alternative Treatments and Self-help Techniques
Alternative Treatments Chart
Alternative Treatments
Oxygen Therapy
Detoxification Therapy
Colon Therapy
Chelation Therapy
Herbal Bowel Cleansers
Environmental Medicine
Ayurvedic Medicine
Herbal Medicine
Energy Medicine
Guided Imagery
Behavior Therapy
Light Therapy
Cold Laser Therapy
Neural Therapy
Psycho/Emotional Therapies
Magnetic Field Therapy
Homeopathic Medicine
Flower Essence Therapy
Self-help Treatments
Relaxation Exercises
Relaxed Breathing
Deep Breathing
Three-part Breath
20-cycle Breath
Wu Breathing Exercise
Pulse Breathing
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Lifestyle Changes
Self Massage
Carotid Artery Massage
Neck and Shoulder Massage
Sinus Massage
Ice and Heat
Nutritional Therapy and Diet
More Tips for Reducing Food-Related Headaches
Compresses and Steams

11 Using Supplements to Treat Your Headaches
What are Natural Supplements?
Who takes Supplements?
Cluster Headaches
Chronic Daily Headache
Tension-type Headaches
Headaches in General

12 Online Resources
Newsgroups and Groups

About The Author

Douglas Hanna

Douglas Hanna is a retired advertising and marketing executive. He lives in a suburb of Denver , Colorado with his wife and two dogs.

Douglas has written more than 225 articles on a variety of subjects. He has done extensive research on chronic headaches as he has been a headache sufferer since his teen years.

Douglas knows from personal experience the profound and disabling effect that chronic headaches can have on your life as he had them since he was a teenager.

Sometimes, these headaches were so severe that he couldn't even function and had to spend hours sitting in a dark room. Or, he would try to sleep, hoping that he would feel better when he woke up.

Today, he rarely experiences headaches that debilitating. Instead, his headaches are usually on the milder side; just serious enough to put a damper on his day, or to make it difficult to sleep.

He saw several different doctors about his headaches but could never get a definitive diagnosis. The closest he came was one doctor who said that his chronic headaches were in the "migraine family."

Given these experiences, he decided to learn everything he could about chronic headaches; what they were and how to best prevent or treat them.

His book is dedicated to all of those of you who live with chronic headaches like Douglas used to.

P.S. Tic Toc, Tic Toc, when will your next headache strike? Don't wait until you are once again suffering through another painful episode. Get the answers now!
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