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Mega Money Emails

RE: List-building, email marketing, relationship building
and all that hype that everyones talk about.

If you have been in this business for a while now and are not making the money you deserve or enough money to quit that job that you hate, I’m here to tell you what you need to do to make it in internet marketing and live the life that you deserve!

What Im about to tell you will give you the key elements to making it online, and it all starts with something you may have been hearing about for age’s now - building a list!
Why you must build a list!

If I was to tell you one thing and one thing only about internet marketing, I would tell you the following: Build a list! And the reason is simple. It’s a lot harder to get a new customer then it is to sell to an existing one: Fact!

It’s all about control. When you have a list built you can drive traffic at will to any site you choose that is in line with what your subscribers want, and that means that you can effectively write your own pay check. Any time you want traffic, you have it there on tap without having to pay for it or write boring articles and make endless forum posts.

When you build your list you are creating an asset that is worth money. You are investing in your future. It’s time to stop thinking short term and let internet marketing look after you long term.
Why you need to keep in contact
with your list!

When you have an auto-responder loaded with messages that are going to go out to your subscribers over the next weeks, months or year you can sit back knowing that you keeping in contact with your customers while you find new people for your list. The auto-responder is the most important bit of kit that you have in this business because it enables you to GROW and EARN MORE while you nurture and develop your best asset online i.e. your list!
Why you must have a sign-up page

Sign up pages (also known as squeeze pages) are an absolute MUST when it comes to list building. If you are sending people directly to product sales page you are missing out on a big opportunity. This is the opportunity to make real money online and develop your internet marketing business into something that will look after you in the future.

When you use a sign-up page instead of sending your customers directly to an affiliate site immediately, you can capture their information, build a relationship with them and market to them later on, regardless of whether they buy now or not.

If you are currently NOT using a sign up page you are simply leaving money on the table and putting the fruits of your hard work into the pockets the product owner.
Why FREE Is Good And Why you absolutely MUST have a fREE gift to give away!

When subscribers come to your page they are going to need an incentive from you to hand over their email address. Life is all about give and take and you will have a hard time getting their email address from them without something to give them in return. Not many of us can resist something for free in this life so if you have attractive offer you are one step away from getting that customer on board and building a profitable relationship with them long term.

So it stands to reason that you need a) a way of building your list, and b) well thought out and prepared emails that will strengthen the bond between you and your subscribers and make you money!

This is what I have prepared for you to not only save time, but embarrasment as well from sending out noobish looking emails!

“Mega Money Emails!”
Your Complete Auto-Responder System
In A Box! - 100% Newbie Friendly!

Mega Money Emails will allow you to keep in contact with your subscribers while building that profitable list at the same time, with a custom made squeeze page and a set of powerful relationship-building high-converting auto-responder messages that promote high quality internet marketing products!
Mega Money Emails is your complete auto-responder and squeeze page in a box!

Theres NO need to come up with creative emails
Theres NO need to decide what type of emails to send out
Theres NO need to take a guess at what product sells
Theres NO need to guess how often you have to send emails out
Theres NO need to come up with creative and click-getting titles
Theres NO need to come up with soft pre-selling content
and Theres NO need to update any links!

Its all done for you! You just copy our campaign code, load it into your system and youre good to go!

Once they are loaded into your auto-responder system, and connected to our tailor-made squeeze page, youre good to go! Honestly it couldnt be easier!

This one secret code on page 7 of our installation guide will save you literally days of work!

...plus many many more emails! Too many to show all!

Youll Receive A Minimum Of 35 Seductive, Relationship-Building, List-Bonding, Pre-Selling And Money Spewing Emails Just Like These...
...And You Wont Have To Write OR Edit A Single One!

Why do all the hard work yourself? Why practice writing emails? Why go around looking for products to promote. Its time-consuming, its boring, and it doesnt guarantee that itll work!

Why not cheat a little and let us do it for you! Save your fingers from typing, save your eyes from getting soar at the computer screen, save yourself PRECIOUS time and use our Mega Money Emails!

UNBEATABLE BONUS! Well Even Be Adding More To Your Campaign So Youll Be Completely Future-Proof!

And to top it off, well be adding more emails to your auto-responder campaign. As we grow and develop with new products, more emails and quality services, so will you! Well keep you up to date with the latest revision of our campaign, you simply reload your campaign code and youre all set!

Youre piggy-backing off our hard work! Youre completely bullet proof! Now it that cool or what?
“Do I have to use the emails you provide?... Why can’t I just write my own?”

One of the biggest problems that online marketers face is picking the right products to promote. Get this part wrong and you will be scratching in the dirt for dollars while all your hard work goes down the drain.

Once you have that subscriber on your list, what you say to them is vitally important in order for them to take the action you need them to take.

You can of course go it alone and go with the trial and error method, but why not take advantage of my years of experience in marketing and developing relationships with people online? Why bother reinventing the wheel?

If you want to start making money quickly you need to follow a proven system that works and go with the words that will crank out the cash for you! Those words are contained within the pre-loaded auto-responder messages in Mega Money Emails.
3 great reasons why Mega Money Emails
will increase your income...

1) With Mega Money Emails you will get your very own email campaign all set up for you and ready to go. These mails are there to build your relationship with your customers and get them buying from you. The mails are crafted in such a way as to develop the rapport you will need to close the sale. The good news in though that you don’t have to put in the time and effort and research to get these mails right. You don’t need to split test different campaigns and messages. This is already done for you. All you need to do is cut and paste.

2) With Mega Money Emails you will receive 35 content-rich drip-fed emails that will be communicating with your subscribers on autopilot while you sleep. While you get on with the job of driving new subscribers into your sales funnel your Mega Money Emails will be busy building that all important relationship with your new subscribers and will be generating cash for you. Youll also receive new campaign codes, added auto-responders and updates for life! As we develop, so do you.

3) With Mega Money Emails you will be saving yourself one of the most valuable commodities that you have online - your TIME and your EFFORT. You can then forget about the guess work and hours spent crafting profitable auto-responder messages while you get on with doing something that you really enjoy like spending time with your family and friends or thinking of new ways to expand your business. If you can follow some simple instructions and if you have 10 minutes to spare you are going to be able to work this system.

“Looks Good, But How do I get subscribers?”

Great question! You may be wondering at this stage how you are going to get people to sign up to your mailing list once in the first place and the answer is simple.

With Mega Money Emails you will get a ready-made squeeze page to help get those customers signing up you your list and joining the powerful sales funnel that I have created for you.

Again you DO NOT need to spend time split-testing or experimenting with different squeeze pages. We have done all this for you already. All you need to do is to drive the traffic to the ready-made sites!

Your squeeze pages have been design to tag your customers with your ClickBank ID. Once your subscriber is tagged, every email that gets sent out to them will be branded with your affiliate link!

And with each product youll be able to earn anywhere from 50%-75% commission on products that range from $10 to $97 include special upgrade offers, down-sells and up-sells!

With some products youll also be able to earn a recurring commission! With our emails youll be catering to a wide range of subscribers from big spenders to budget savers. Its all been thought out for you so you wont have to.

And with your auto-responder working round the clock for you, youll barely need to lift a finger as you will have commission coming in on autopilot from ClickBank!
Everything Done In Just

Step #1: Set Your Auto-Responder Account

Well show you how to create your new auto-responder list, use our secret code and populate your it with our powerful emails. This takes less than 5 minutes!

Step #2: Set Up Your Squeeze Page

Well show you how to use our ready-built squeeze page to suck in new leads! Youll only need to edit one file with a text editor with your basic details such as name, email, PayPal email and ClickBank ID. We even show you where! This ensures that YOU get paid! Less than 5 minutes required.

Step #3: Send Traffic!

Well even provide you with 7 techniques for generating traffic. Other marketers assume you already know how to get traffic but thats their biggest mistake - laziness to explain, and assumptions that you already know. We want you to be successful, because your success is our success so youll 7 techniques that get results fast!

After that, go and grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax, and monitor your sign-ups and ClickBank account. Youre going to wish to had this system when you first came online!

Not Computer Techie?.. Dont Worry, Youll Even Get Newbie-Proof Illustrated Instructions That You Can Print Off And Follow Step-By-Step!

Just print off, read the instructions, follow the arrows and youll be all set!
Its The Start Of Something BIGGER!...

With all this list-building going on, not only are you promoting slowly and auto-matically, youre also storing an ever growing database of attentive subscribers.

What does that do for you?... Well quite simply, if you wanted to promote a new affiliate product that was just released, or your wanted to create your own product and launch it WITHOUT any help from JV partners, now you can!

Youre killing two birds with one stone!

If you want a proven formula to capture leads and develop a profitable relationship with them while building your business on auto-pilot than this simple system IS for YOU.
“Dont Just Take My Word For It, See What Others Have To Say...”

“A True Genius!”

I cant tell you how much I enjoy buying products off you! The attention to detail and quality surpasses other products Ive bought in the past. You even put other marketers to shame. Youre a true genius!

Ive just tested your system out and can already see how this will affect my business! Youre absolutely right too, I dont have to do any research or even know much about the products Im promoting. Youve gone through the effort of explaining everything in the emails I send out that all I have to do is keep building my list.

Thanks again for creating this wonderful system as Im sure this will help loads of marketers.

Edward, Los Angeles

“I Thought I Was Out Of My Depth”

When I first saw Mega Money Emails I thought it was too good to be true. It was probably because I never really understood what list building was all about. I only thought of it as a term people used to sound like they know what theyre on about.

Honestly I thought I was out of my depth on this one, but youve really made it easy even for someone like me. Im beginning to understand how this system works and how I can use the technique in my golf niche to... one step at a time though!


“Who Knew Emails Made Money?”

Im no stranger to email marketing, I get them in my inbox every day :)... When I checked out your Mega Money Emails I was surprised at how well written they were. I can clearly see that youre not shoving products down peoples throat but rather educating and providing a resource for them. Im more than happy to have these emails in my autoresponder!

Thanks again for letting me test your system!

Ryan E.

“Are There Any Requirements?”

As with most online ventures, you will need your own hosting account and Aweber auto-responder service. The fees for this are minimal if you follow our instructions you WILL make your money back several times over.

Also if you dont have an Aweber account but still want to use our Emails and add them into your system, well go the extra mile and provide you with the emails in Word .doc format all numbered and laid out in order so youre promoting in a logical sequence.

“Okay, Sounds Good But How Much is Mega Money Emails Going To Cost Me?”

Youre probably worried that Mega Money Emails will come with a heavy price tag but you have absolutely nothing to worry about. As you know, I always strive to provide extreme value in every offer that I put together and this time is no different.

While this system could easily be sold as a $97/month membership package, Im not going to go that route. I truely believe in making sure that everyone who gets involved in online marketing is brought to a certain skill level - that way we can all benefit from each other.

Even if slapped on a $77 price tag, there will be a good handful of seasoned marketers who will grab it without fuss because they can already see the real value in what Im providing and know that they can make their just with the auto-responder sequence themselves.

However I need to make sure that EVERYONE is able to afford this, WITHOUT attracting freebie seekers who will abuse this system. So to keep things in a happy-medium youll be able to pick up Mega Money Emails for the incredibly cheap price of just $47 $17. Yes thats it!
Final Price Only $47 $17!

• Thats $17 to have high quality emails written for you.

• $17 to have emails automatically building a bond for you

• $17 to have an email sequence that is logical and works

• $17 to have a products promoted that actually sell

• $17 to have the luxury a one-click upload campaign code so you dont have to input each email into your auto-responder one-by-one

• $17 to have a beautifully designed squeeze page (with a choice of templates) thats been tested and proven to suck in leads!

• $17 to save yourself from experimenting and not getting any real results to show for it!

• $17 to have absolute piece of mind that you dont have to go through the technical aspects all by yourself with no one to help you except the one or two who have time on the forums

• $17 to enable you to earn commission as high as $75 per sale for a single product, as well as recurring payments!

• $17 to be completely future proof and a CONTINUOUSLY updated campaign, and to have emails written for you for life!
Doesnt $47 $17 just seem silly compared to the hassle youd have to go through?

* You wont have to design a squeeze page
* You wont have to put together a free gift
* You wont have to spend hours writing emails
* You wont have to spend days/weeks even months testing your email campaign
* You wont have to hire a copy-writer to craft the emails for you
* You wont have to hire a graphic designers to create your high-impact squeeze page
* You wont have to put in so much effort for such a little return
* And youll definitely save yourself a LOT of fustration in the long run.

Now doesnt that sound fair?
Your Satisfaction Is Absolutely GUARANTEED! Let Me Protect Your Investment...

I have no doubt that if you just grab your copy of Mega Money Emails and put it to use, you will see a huge upward shift in your online profits. But I also want you to know that you AND your investment are safe.

So heres what Im going to do for you...

After you download your copy of Mega Money Emails, open it up and use it. You dont have to quit your job or lose your social life with effort either. If it doesnt work for you after 60 days, let me know because I want to put your money back in your bank account.

I believe in giving people what they paid for so if you dont honestly feel that you could write me an honestly glowing testimonial after 60 days, I want to give back your money. And frankly, Im a stand up person, if you just didnt have time to put it to use, tell me and Ill gladly issue you a refund.

So what are you waiting for?... Dont miss out on probably the ONLY ready-made system that puts list-building, squeeze pages, email marketing into one wholesome and complete package!
Option #1:
Personal Usage License

YES! I want to grab my copy of Mega Money Emails so I can start building my list, fill my auto-responder with pre-written emails that not only build rapport with my subscribers, but also make me money!

I also understand that Im backed by a full 60 guarantee! If I get absolutely NO results from using this system, or if I cant see it going anywhere, even after receiving one-on-one personal support I simply ask for a refund and we part as friends!

I also realize that due to the price, that this is a time-sensitive offer that can be abused if left exposed for too long. For only $97 $17 for this entire system I know that really securing myself a good deal and finally making a purchase that will put things in order for me!

On that basis, and secure my order...
Click Here To Buy Now
Buy Now For Only $12.70!

Please note: You will be automatically redirected to the download page after checkout. Simply click on Return To Merchant or Complete My Order or allow the system to redirect you to continue and get instant access to your product.

Option #2:
Master Resell Rights License

YES! I want to grab my copy of Mega Money Emails so I can start building my list, fill my auto-responder with pre-written emails that not only build rapport with my subscribers, but also make me money!

I also want a Master Resellers license to this great package so I can make my money back several time over and help other marketers learn the basics! I understand that Ill receive a duplicate of this sales page, my own download page, all the mega money emails and squeeze page system and a 7-part auto-responder series!

I also understand that Im backed by a full 60 guarantee! If I get absolutely NO results from using this system, or if I cant see it going anywhere, even after receiving one-on-one personal support I simply ask for a refund and we part as friends!

I also realize that due to the price, that this is a time-sensitive offer that can be abused if left exposed for too long. For only $197 $37 for this entire system AND master resell rights I know that really securing myself a good deal and finally making a purchase that will put things in order for me!

On that basis, and secure my order...

Buy Now

Please note: You will be automatically redirected to the download page after checkout. Simply click on Return To Merchant or Complete My Order or allow the system to redirect you to continue and get instant access to your product.

Master Resell Rights License

To Your Success!

P.S. List building and email marketing neednt be a soar subject anymore. Now youll be able to join the ranks of the gurus and have your own hyper-active asset that will continue to secure your online income for many many years!

P.P.S. Its not every day that an opportunity like this comes around but when it does, you need to be decisive and take action. Once you start using Mega Money Emails you are going to feel a whole new level of achievement that will fuel you to succeed even more!

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