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MP3 Ma˝ana Me Chanto - Arriba

Rumbas, cumbias, reggae, ska with flavor of Barcelona and polit punk lyrics played on accoustic instruments-very dancey.

11 MP3 Songs
LATIN: Rock en Espanol, WORLD: Flamenco

Ma├▒ana me Chanto was written on a wall in a squat in Barcelona,is chilenian slang and means tomorrow i quit.
Andres and Carlos, two chilean streetmusicians playing in Barcelona ,decided to call the band ma├▒ana me chanto after seeing the https://www.tradebit.comy travelled with Alex a former band member to germany playing on the streets of Freiburg.
When they arrived in Basel ,switzerland they looked for a place to sleep and were send to the squat "elsie" were marco the trupetplayer opened the door.
In the squat lived also Dex who had a little studio, so we recorded the album arriba https://www.tradebit.comer we travelled throug Germany,France,Spain,Switzerland and we drove two old busses through the Sahara ,playin Morrocco,Western Sahara and https://www.tradebit.com summertime we went back to Switzerland to play many openairs and make money for future https://www.tradebit.comce we were pretty successful in Switzerland we could afford a flight to chile so Andres and Carlos went home after six years playing in https://www.tradebit.comre we were invited by Sully in California to play there so we just went back to Switzerland to record a new album and we went for 20 days to California. There it worked out extreemely good(16 gigs even we only had 3 set up in advance).
Then back to Europe ,where we played every weekend of the summer 2 gigs or more .After we found out that everything seems possible for us we decided to travel down the Panamericana from Seattle to Patagonia .we entered the USA with little money, worked every day, bought a car in portland and had 1000 cd┬┤s of each album printed to sell on the waydown to south https://www.tradebit.com same cd that you can buy now over cd baby(since we dont sign contracts we sold allour cd''s by hand).
I write these words from Chiapas, Mexico ,our car is still running and the people like the https://www.tradebit.com you in guatemala,honduras ,el salvador ,nicaragua,costarica,panama,ecuador,venecuela,peru,chile, argentinia or next summer in europe

hi we are a travelling band from barcelona on our trip from seattle to patagonia and i am using this space to publish the newsletters of our trip... have fun reading it

the incredible adventures of ma├▒ana me chanto

A little late we took the intercity train with a invalid ticket from Basel (Switzerland)to Stuttgard https://www.tradebit.com slept at the check in hall and the next day we flew into Seattle,5 boys and a https://www.tradebit.com got hosted by craig (who didn''t knew us before!) and bought a car that broke down after 8 miles(tranny).
So stuck in Seattle we made new friends, the band marmelade from https://www.tradebit.comy let us sleep at theyr house and play at theyr https://www.tradebit.comn they drove us to portland were they played a https://www.tradebit.com money no car and no nerves I(trp.)and Juan(b)started to fight ,but since none of us wanted to stop the travel at this point the whole thing endet with a swollen lip,a blue eye and a https://www.tradebit.comking forward again we found a stickshift minivan that we bought with borrowed https://www.tradebit.com drove back to Seattle to dump our old car and played 4 nights in a row at murphys pub where we made the money to pay back our friend tim from https://www.tradebit.comourraged we ordered 2000 new ma├▒ana me chanto cd''s in a special 3 americas https://www.tradebit.com drove south to santa cruz where we lived at Susi Love''s (singer songwriter) house who let us play some overdubs for her new https://www.tradebit.com made fleahmarkets, played at housepartys with a lot of weed and played many times on the street,where we got stopped by the police one https://www.tradebit.comced to get a amplified music permit we managed to get one even we wouldn''t had the right https://www.tradebit.com played at a buddhist circle and for the free turkey for homeless'' https://www.tradebit.comr "grandma" Andrea (an elderly transvestite and president of the medical marihuana club)gave us a house in the forest to https://www.tradebit.com played gigs in Oakland and in San Francisco were we slept at a christian Hippie community at height https://www.tradebit.com height we became rich enough to pay our cd bill and on top a cd store boss let us choose music for $100 out of his https://www.tradebit.com bought a videocam on the https://www.tradebit.comz fleamarket and then drove to San Lous Obispo to meet our "dad" Sully who is partly guilty for our adwentures since he was the one who invited us to SLO when he met us playing at a restaurant in Valdivia ,Chile half a year https://www.tradebit.com found the house open and tecate beer in the cooler...
After playing some housepartys in San Lous Obispo and enjoing a concert of robert earl keen, we went to venice beach where we had to play just to see the bodybuilders walking on the boardwalk(the 80ties are still alive).From there we went on to Nogales were our 2000 new CD''s should https://www.tradebit.comce we noticed in Nogales that we need the original title from the car to go on we had to wait another 3 days for the https://www.tradebit.cominetely too long for Juan and Carlos whose girlfriends were waiting already a week in Mazatlan for theyr https://www.tradebit.com they went on by bus while we were hosted by "the teacher" George ,who used our cd''s to teach political https://www.tradebit.com also donated us his Guitar!,a laptop and some time to phone https://www.tradebit.comy people in the world told us that the folks in the USA are afraid and https://www.tradebit.com wasn''t true for us in the whole trip from seattle to nogales(there is still hope).
Green light on the border to Mexico!Means we could pass the boarder with our 2000 CD''s without getting controlled by the customs.
Tom Becker drove all night through to Mazatlan where we looked for Lisa,Ines, Carlos and https://www.tradebit.com found them at stoned Island(isla de la piedra).We made our x-mas vacation there with music,hemp and coco https://www.tradebit.comn we recieved a mail from our friend Eule from Berlin(organiser https://www.tradebit.com)that we should play in https://www.tradebit.comn thoug we hit the road right away we arrived 2 days https://www.tradebit.com catch up we played 7 hours on new years eve and the following 4 nights in the same https://www.tradebit.com last night in Mazunte we pmade a party ourselves invited two bands(son cubano)and sold beer and coco https://www.tradebit.comn into the mountains of san christobal where we took a break from mosquitos, diarroehe and mini https://www.tradebit.com the maket of San Christobal we also played our record set where we sold 60 cd''s(3300pesos) in one https://www.tradebit.comn we joined the mosquitos and tics from the selva of palenke where we lodged in the jungle close to the maya https://www.tradebit.comres went to pic mushrooms (carne de dios)and met some mayas on his https://www.tradebit.comenke is a special mystical https://www.tradebit.com passed some CD''s to a mafia boss of the cd-pirat industry who promised us that in a month all Mexico city is listening to Ma├▒ana me https://www.tradebit.com the meantime we recieved a mail from https://www.tradebit.com that they will put us on the front page(the boss loved our CD).So in less than 3 month we had the USA and Mexico in our pocket much faster than Columbus...

thanks for your nice feedbacks it encouraged me to translate my original german articles into english more fast..

and if you know somebody who would like our music tell them that both of our cd''s are now available on https://www.tradebit.com under ma├▒ana me chanto

greetings from the carribe

soon more stories

Tulum, Caribe the musicians Paradise!
We arrived at sunrise, slept some hours on the beach and went to the village, where we got booked for the same evening to play at the Cocodrillo https://www.tradebit.coms bar has 7 days a week 2 bands per night booked and they pay them https://www.tradebit.com had a chance to learn salsa with a russian beauty, who adopted the latin temperament and we played the following 4 nights in the same place,jamming every night with another georgeous https://www.tradebit.com nights here often end drunk at sunrise in the warm caribean sea...
The computer at the internet cafe with free coffee tells us that we start to sell our first cd┬┤s over https://www.tradebit.com in the USA and that they play ┬ĘHey George┬Ę on the radio https://www.tradebit.com leave this Paradise and drive via Chiapas to Guatemala to go to the lake Attitlan reggae https://www.tradebit.com get booked last minute to play as last band, but the police stopps the party before its our turn.i was happy that i could at least play the trumpet in the last 2 songs with Antidoping.
A little depressed we go to sleep and the next day we got booked to play 2 nights at the Freedom in. When we tryed to leave the street was so steep and our car so much overloaded that we had to push it uphill to leave San https://www.tradebit.comway we made it to Antigua where we could play again and where we met 3 ┬┤boys┬┤from the ┬ĘBuena Vista Social Club┬┤.What a drag that we don┬┤t haver our Basilona Compilation from the ┬ĘBuena Volta Social Club┬┤with us(Volta is a squat in Basel,Switzerland).In Guatemala City we spend a whole day going from Embassy
to Embassy trying to get an affordable (not $350)for Ines (Peru) to get into Costa Rica and trying to get some new pages in my passport(we need empty pages to stamp the car into it at each border),but no success.
We decide to move on and we pass El Salvador with no expenses and spend 5 hours to pass Honduras ($50 paperwork),where te police tryed to get 4 times bakshish for driving with no shirt or shoes or license plate(only 1).We talked us out and payed none of https://www.tradebit.comn in Nicaragua we had to pay the first time a Police officer($12)so he would let us https://www.tradebit.com Managua I got finally new pages (free!)in my https://www.tradebit.com drive out of Managua just to sleep and end up in the bagpackers hostal ┬Ęcentral┬Ę(nice!)where we first bring Diana to the hospital because she was stung by a scorpion,while packing her backpack.
She survived fine even thoug she said that she wanna die...
We played the ┬Ęcentral┬Ęfrom where we got hired to play next day in a upper class Restaurant with policeman at the https://www.tradebit.comr fans (yes, after staying 1 night!)danced out on the street in front of the https://www.tradebit.comxt night we played at ┬ĘCafe Nuit┬Ęwhere they treated us bad and refuesed to give us some beers while playing.(1 glass of water for 6 pers.).We filled the place and encouraged the audience to drink tapwater with https://www.tradebit.com party gets so wild (pogo!)that the owner stopped the concert for security reasons.
We and the fans leave and party on in the https://www.tradebit.com all granada knows us and we get invited to give a interview for ┬ĘLa Prensa┬Ęin Managua at 10 o┬┤clock in the https://www.tradebit.com had to get up so early that only Ines, Carlos and me made it there since we also wanted to get a cheaper visa for Ines over the Peruan Consul and the https://www.tradebit.com tured out to be complicated so Ines decided to fly into Ecuador https://www.tradebit.com drive to Costa Rica where we first play without succes at playa del https://www.tradebit.com move on to San jose where we can stay at some friends house who have a theater https://www.tradebit.come we are supposed to make a lot of money to pay to send the car to south america, and in our pocket are $2 to buy food...

In Costa Rica we got hosted by the people of "los
magos del tiempo" (circus).Here in San Jose we want to
make the money we need to ship our car to south
america(couple thousand $).Right now we just have $1
left to buy something to cook (beans,
potatoes,bananas).We also try to go play but none of
the restaurants want to let us https://www.tradebit.com go play at the
traffic lights where we made $2 so we could cook two
more https://www.tradebit.com next days are better we play
downtown,where we get invited to play at a kultural
festival beside the stages inbetween https://www.tradebit.comce we
attracted more people than they had in front of the
official stages ,3 different TV stations filmed us and
broadcasted the stuff.A forth TV station asked to film
a concert of https://www.tradebit.com we rented a place to make a
concert and made a little trip to puerto viejo where
we played at standfords.
Back in sSan jose we played again on the srteet
,selling much more cd''s because all the people knew us
from https://www.tradebit.coms way we turned our local fame into $1400
we took with us to https://www.tradebit.com the border they first
wouldn''t let us in because they couldn''t do the
paperwork for Aurelio(our dog).It was a hard night
waiting since i had a inflammation in a neve of a
tooth.2 days later i was finally at a dentist in
panama city.
Here we play our first set on the street at get filmed
right away by cascara tv(it will be broadcasted this
sat evening).We try to find a chaep possibility to
ship our car and us to south america but it''s
https://www.tradebit.com we found till now is horribly
expensive(ship car and us $2800).
Even after driving to the weirdest piers in colon
talking to pirates,fishermans and drug dealers we
didn''t found a affordable way south .The winds in the
caribik are bad since 2 weeks and many boats didn''t
arrive https://www.tradebit.com only affordable boat left yesterday and
will be back in 2 month...
Now we think about selling our car and all the stuff
we don''t really https://www.tradebit.com look for gigs, make
interwiws,wash the car,go play the streets etc.
We make everything we could do to move on https://www.tradebit.com
don''t have many CD''s left and our drummer is waiting
without money in equador...
If you want to know how the story continues, check
your mail in a month. In the meantime you can bring
our CD''s and this story to your local
radiostation,tell your friends who might have a
sailboat in panama and are going south that we''re
https://www.tradebit.comtion that our wunderful CD''s are awailable
over https://www.tradebit.com.
and pray etc.
hello from panama city
So were stuck here...
Not enough money to ship the car with a container, nor to send the band to https://www.tradebit.comeless i followed some tourist, so i could sell them some cd''s to make at least a little https://www.tradebit.com miracle ,these torists were swiss and were traveling with a car and wanted to send theyr car also south..
It was not easy to convince them to share a container with us but finally they did and both of us saved about $650 to send the https://www.tradebit.com i flew with sille and pedro(the swiss couple)to guayaquil to get the car at the port and the rest of the band tryed theyr luck to get by bus and little boats to colombia and from there with the bus to quito where we wanted to meet again.
In Guayaquil it turned out to be really difficult to clear the cars at the customs and get them aut of the port. I was lucky to have the swiss couple fighting with me and theyr creditcard to get our cars. It took a week and costed another $400 i didn''t had...
From the band I didn''t had any news,beside the one that the caribean sea whether is bad and that two of three boats(small!)drowned and that nowbody is willing to risk his life for some insolvent hippies..
Still waiting for news i got the car and met our new drummer aimara who drove by bus from buenos aires to equador to finally meet Ma├▒ana me https://www.tradebit.comn he ''s black he got robbed on his way and arrived with $ 6 in guayaquil .So we got with the last gas in the tank to montanita where we played drum and trumpet and made some fleamarkets to get gas money to get to quito ,where we were supposed to meet the others.
But still no news from the boys who even after 2 weeks never arrived in colombia from where they could send mails again...
We tryed to book some gigs and print more cd''s when we got the news that they are in colombia - alive!
when we meet them they looked like people who where for years far from https://www.tradebit.completely sunburned with blond hair,hungry and happy to be close to a https://www.tradebit.com amps and the instruments were broken or https://www.tradebit.comyr story was frightening :They got stuck in el porvenir after taking a little boat to there where only the relaxed face of the indio steering the boat gave them a little hope that they won''t drown...
There they stayed about a week till some americans took them with theyr catamaran to san blas .They walked about 2 hours through the djungle with the broken amps and instruments and took then a speed boat to colombia. The speedboat looked save but turned out to be extreemely painfull for the kidneys since it struck the waves really hard and of course the poor hippies where seated where it hurts most...The boys swared never to enter a boat like that!
Entering Colombia they where searched the first time in the whole trip for drugs!
Then it turned out to be almost impossible to take a bus with a dog in https://www.tradebit.comy stopped to ask the busdrivers and tom becker just hid the dog under his jacket and entered the bus fast...
So we played the first time with aimara in Guapulo(quito) and went then to montanita to make some money there since this place is packed in the "semana santa".We made enough to get to lima where we only arrived because tom becker woke me up while i was driving!(i''ll never drive too tired again).
So we slept in real beds again, ate wunderfull meals prepared from ines'' mother(carlos and ines will marry soon!) .
We played two gigs and made a super nice party with hard core ska band from lima in the house of ines and her https://www.tradebit.com were on the road again! we have a little gas money and a few cd''s left over and are packed with many stories...

arica,25 april

From Lima we drove in one piece to arica where we got searched the first time seriously by the chilean https://www.tradebit.com played there successfully on the street and filled up the car with https://www.tradebit.com following desert is real and the sahara seems to be a forest compared to the chilean desert,no plants https://www.tradebit.com Santiago de chile the moral of the band is relly https://www.tradebit.com argue more and more often about money we don''t have because we''re afraid that we won''t make it to agrentinia in time and that we will miss the flights we bought with borrowed money. We are close to split the band and stop everything .Beside we all get ill because of the combination of smog,cold and alcohol but we continue to play on the streets even were not really able to play and https://www.tradebit.com even drive to valparaiso ,where we play a gig for little https://www.tradebit.comn we drive on to https://www.tradebit.com the way again fights about https://www.tradebit.com get rid of our paranoya to pass the border buying a car insurance the first time since Mexico, which we got asked for at the https://www.tradebit.comrtly before Santa rosa we loose anothe tire because of overloading and driving https://www.tradebit.comce we only got left over a tiny provisional sparetire that heats up in 3 minutes of driving we needed to drive with 10 miles an hour to the next village where we provisionally repair a already for dead declared tire. driving slowly we manage to do the last 50 https://www.tradebit.come they organised a huge party for our arrival with loads of grilled meat,wine and so https://www.tradebit.comy show us many articles about us which where published in the local https://www.tradebit.comy played us for weeks on the radio and shop owners payed 700 pesos to be with us on the posters for the concert,that hang all over the https://www.tradebit.com much fame an a full belly was able to wipe out alol our fights we went throug and the moral goes up fast again since we got stopped several times on the streets to give an interwiev or to kiss some https://www.tradebit.com use a lot the washing mashine and make another coordinated chemical attac to get rid of our lices for https://www.tradebit.comr manager aurelio get a worm and flea treatment and it looks like we finally win the fight against the parasites traveling with us way too https://www.tradebit.com enjoy the Argentinian weed and give another 2 interwievs for some https://www.tradebit.com next day we almost fill the spanish theater where a tv station filmed 6 songs entirely with 2 cameras and where we get interwieved again.A lot of pleased fans , nice food and another invitation to play life on TV the next day. Its our first life TV https://www.tradebit.com following radio interwievs seem to be dayly routine https://www.tradebit.comre that now everybody in Santa Rosa knows about us and our travel since we showed up in all available madias https://www.tradebit.com the ice cream shop we get special treatment and the vendors fight about serving https://www.tradebit.com eat a complete grilled lamb with the family of juan and digest the whole thing with a lot of good https://www.tradebit.comay is sunday and we play our last gig of this trip in a bar that holds 80 persons where 200 came to see the https://www.tradebit.comer the show we take the bus to buenos aires from where we fly back to https://www.tradebit.com car we leave in santa rosa where we can leave it without paying customs for 8 month.
of course we will be back here in oktober with more time to enjoy this wunderful continent.
This is for now the last travel log.
sorry that i send it so late but i got trapped by the system and my hometown imediately and could''t find the time and power to translate these https://www.tradebit.comht now i am in Sete in the south of france travelling again ,and having energy again and writing again...
thanks for all the support we got from all of you the hosting the food the places we slept the money .this trip was possible because of all the wonderful people we met.
maximum respect for all the beeings we met and thanks again.

Marco (trom)Peter Gunn

14 Mai,Santa Rosa,Argentinien,20 june ,sete france

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