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CRUSH YOUR ADDICTIONS- smoking and others

addiction to a dangerous relationship grows too strong to
The subtle control over time and behaviors eventually
morphs into something more destructive Ė abuse and
violence. The women hears threats that if she leaves him,
heíll kill her.
And itís not all women who are addicted to bad
relationships, either! There are plenty of men who
succumb to their abusive environment from a jealous, mean
wife or girlfriend who controls their every move.
Relationship addiction has nothing to do with physical
control Ė itís all about how they control you mentally.
After a fight, theyíll cry, promise to change, or even
manipulate you into thinking you were the cause of the
disagreement in the first place.
If you believe you might be addicted to your relationship,
test yourself to see if itís a positive or negative influence in
your life. Move into your own residence and separate your
Discovering The Power To Crush Your Addictions
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Banishing Your Smoking Addiction for Good!
Whether you start smoking because you thought it looked
cool or to fit in with the crowd, eventually smoking
becomes an addiction. Itís an expensive habit thatís not
popular in many public places or offices in modern society,
even though it was once touted as a healthy habit.
Perhaps the biggest cost of smoking is paid years later in
the form of breathing disorders and lung cancer that leads
to a painful death. Smokers know all about the risks of
smoking - they just canít stop once the addition takes hold.
Smoking is both physically and mentally addictive. The
nicotine in tobacco products is a powerful drug that surges
through the bloodstream as smoke is inhaled into the lungs.
This isnít just a cigarette issue, though. Chewing tobacco
has the same harmful impact. Nicotine is a stimulant drug
thatís psychoactive, which means it works directly on brain
Smokers say that their habit calms their nerves and reduced
stress. This temporary pleasure center stimulation easily
reaches tolerance level so that more and more nicotine is
needed to get the same affect.
With the body conditioned for nicotine dependence, it
really is difficult and uncomfortable to quit. Nicotine is as
Discovering The Power To Crush Your Addictions
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addictive as illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin, if not
more addictive.
By the time smokers are hooked on nicotine, many realize
that they really canít quit anytime they feel like it. Itís not
that simple to release the body from years of nicotine
Most smokers will stop smoking at least three times before
successfully kicking the habit. Theyíre constantly looking
for the newest drug or patch that will help them stop
smoking without distress.
Since more than 80% of adult smokers began the habit as
teenagers, the longer they smoke, the greater the physical
damage. As hard as it is to quit, there are almost immediate
positive results.
Smokers who want to quit need to know that after
successfully quitting, they actually lower their risk of heart
disease after 15 years of being smoke-free. They also
benefit people they love when you consider that 3,000 nonsmokers
die from lung cancer annually because of their
exposure to second-hand smoke.
Smokers have several cessation options. Nicotine patches
are popular alternatives that can be worn on the arm and
used in progressive doses until the nicotine dependence is
Discovering The Power To Crush Your Addictions
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Another method for nicotine elimination is the inhaler.
Nicotine gum or lozenges are easy to carry around and less
noticeable than using an inhaler. Alternative therapies such
as acupuncture, acupressure or hypnosis are other options
that many smokers consider more calming approaches to
stop smoking.
Relaxation training and psychotherapy can help smokers
change their beliefs about the power that smoking holds
over them so that they can fight off the physical withdrawal
symptoms from breaking free of their nicotine addiction. A
new cold laser therapy is a promising approach for rapid
smoke cessation, too.
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