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How To Crochet Bumper Pack

How To Crochet Bumper Pack. Lovely Product. 10 eBooks including 100s of Crochet Patterns Avaiable For Instant Download.

These eBooks are packed full of quality content and are available to download at less than $1.5 per eBook!


1. Crocheting Made Easy (65 Page eBook in PDF format)

2. Learn How To Crochet Easily and Quickly (20 page eBook in PDF format)

3. 102 Crochet Patterns - a software program (a .exe file that will run on any computer)

4. Irish Crochet and How to Do It! (115 page eBook in PDF format)

5. 20 Vintage Crochet Patterns (58 page eBook in PDF format)

6. Profitable Crafts Volume 1 (50 page eBook in PDF format)

7. Profitable Crafts Volume 2 - Consignment Sales and Getting Your Projects Published (60 page PDF)

8. Profitable Crafts Volume 3- Designing Your Own Projects Could Never Be Easier (23 page PDF)

9. Profitable Crafts Volume 4 - Catalog Sales and Recruiting Others To Sell For You (34 page PDF)

10. Trash Profits - Turning Their Trash Into Your Profits (10 page PDF)



Dear Friend,

My name is Adam and I have recently quit my full time 9-5 job in an attempt to follow my passion in the acting world.

In the mean time, I am trying to pay the rent by selling high quality digital products!

I am especially passionate about selling creative eBooks like these to help others in their creative endevors.

I have purchased the rights to resell these high quality Crochet eBooks and have set the download to be at an ultra-low price considering the quantity and quality of eBooks in the pack.

I hope you will find this to be an excellent resource and will gain pleasure out of these How To Crochet eBooks.

Whether you want to learn how to crochet for a hobby, or whether you want to earn a living from your craft (as I am trying to do with acting) then I think you will get a lot out of this download.

Many thanks for reading, I really appreciate it.

Best Wishes,


Before selling this How To Crochet eBook pack, I tested it out by selling it on eBay just to make sure that people were happy with the quality. And they were!

Here are some of the positive feedback comments that I received on eBay (real quotes, copied and pasted from my eBay feedback page):

* lovely item - thanks (k.m designs)

* Top ebayer excellent service (mwalshaw1967)

* fast delivery item as described will deal again thank you (westfield39)

* excelant A+++++++++ fast dellivery great item will be back again. A++++++++++++++ (sapphire20050)


Product #1 - Crocheting Made Easy

This 65 page eBook describes the basics of crocheting and the main terms that you will need to know in order to follow some of the patterns given in the other eBooks. It is an eBook full of content and teaches you all you need to learn about the basics.

Here is what is in this eBook:

* Crocheting history.

* The basic stitches to get you going.

* The proper way to use an afghan hook.

* The tools and materials needed.

* The proper way to use the catching the yarn technique.

* The yarns that you should be using to your advantage.

* Learn the main terms used in crocheting.

* Tips on how to use the half double technique.

* How to easily use the persian stitch.

* The best button stitch techniques to use.

* Treble crochet technique.

* Choosing the most appropriate tape measure.

* Using a row counter properly.

* Find out how turning chains can be used to your advantage.

* How to easily use tapestry needles.


Product #2 - How To Crochet Easily and Quickly

This is another impressive looking learn to crochet eBook.

It also includes illustrations to help you learn the main basic techniques.

The manual includes:

* The main crocheting abbreviations to know.

* Overview of crochet.

* Learning the basic crochet stitches.

* More complex and fancy crochet stitches to learn.

* Using and changing colors with crochet.

* Left handed crochet help.

* How to care for your crochet work.

Product #3 - 102 Crochet Patterns

These crochet patterns are copyright free, which means they are in the public domain so it is probably possible to find some of these crochet patterns free on the Internet, but this is a great item because it groups them all together in one place which would likely take hours to manually do yourself!

For each crochet pattern you will get illustrations and step by step instructions.

1.) Baby Bib Pattern
2.) Baby Booties
3.) Baby Boy Layette
4.) Babys Sacque
5.) Bead Chatelaine
6.) Blue Bell Doily
7.) Bouquet Doiley
8.) Buffet Blossoms 1951
9.) Carnation Ruffle Doilies- 1940s
10.) Crochet Baby Hat Pattern
11.) Crochet Purse Pattern
12.) Crocheted Lettuce Bag
13.) Daisy Doily - 1949
14.) Daisy Ring -1951
15.) Daisy Web Doilie -1950
16.) Forget Me Not Doily - 1949
17.) Forsythia - 1940s
18.) Various Vintage Patterns
19.) Open Mesh Slipper S-422
20.) Pineapple Crochet Doily
21.) Pink Aster Doilies- 1951
22.) Rose Circle -1950
23.) Runner
24.) The Rose Doily -1950s
25.) Tufted Pattern
26.) 2 Vintage Girls Dresses
27.) 1895 Crochet Garters
28.) Babies 3 piece set
29.) Childs Necklace with Coin Purse Pendant
30.) Cover for Talcum Box
31.) Knitted Winter Shawl
32.) Knot Stitch Lacy Cover
33.) Rose Bower Bedspread
34.) Versatile Crib Afghan
35.) Childrens Crocheted Mittens
36.) Mens Afghan Stitch Gloves
37.) Purse #2000
38.) Purse #2001
39.) Purse #2002
40.) Purse #2003
41.) Womens Shortie Gloves
42.) Womens Two-Tone Crocheted Gloves
43.) Centerpiece & Place Mats
44.) Doily No. 7272
45.) Doily No. 7274
46.) Doily No. 7318
47.) Doilies No. 7444
48.) Place Mats & Runner No. 7708
49.) Place Mats, Runner & Napkins No. 7709
50.) Runner No. 7710
51.) Doily No. 7714
52.) Covers No. 7716
53.) Runner No. 7717
54.) Place Mats & Runner No. 7718
55.) Alice in Wonderland
56.) Autumn Glow
57.) Baby Bunting
58.) Baby Cozy
59.) Bon Vivant
60.) Bread Tray Doily No. 7131
61.) Breton Beauty
62.) Bride
63.) Bridegroom
64.) Bridesmaid
65.) Campus Queen
66.) Cape Cod
67.) Hi-Fi Companions
68.) Colony
69.) Concerto
70.) Crochet Charmers
71.) Doily No. 7123
72.) Daisy Pillow Case and Sheet
73.) Rose
74.) Buttercup
75.) Aster
76.) Apple Blossom
77.) Narcissus Vanity Set
78.) Cosmos
79.) Collar and Cuff
80.) Pillow Case Posies Pink
81.) Fantasy
82.) Fleur de Lys
83.) Gibson Girl
84.) Gold Coast
85.) Jack & Jill
86.) Bo-Peep
87.) Purse #2004
88.) Purse #2005
89.) Queen Of Hearts
90.) Red Riding Hood
91.) Snuggle Cap
92.) Spring Song
93.) Wilshire
94.) Crochet Work Bag

Vintage Knitting Patterns:

95.) Baby Coat knit
96.) Boys Shorts with Straps
97.) Cable Turtle Neck
98.) Coat & Bonnet
99.) Florella Infant Set
100.) Girls Blouse and Boys Sweater cardigan
101.) Girls Jumper
102.) Knitted Snowsuit cap and mittens

Product #4 - Irish Crochet and How To Do It

In this detailed, 115 page eBook manual you will learn…

* The best materials to use when creating your own Irish Crochet projects.

* The main stitches used in Irish Crochet.

* How to crochet the basic stitches used in most of your patterns.

* Instructions on creating simple motifs that are designed for beginners.

* Learn to create excellent looking backings that can be used to join your motifs to clothings.

* The most attractive ways to join motives.

* Learn to create beads that can decorate your existing projects such as tablecloths and bed-sheets.

* How to crochet really elegant looking medallions that are ultra pleasing on the eye!

* Create a wonderful opera bag purse by combining all the knowledge obtained in this eBook!

Product #5 - 20 Vintage Crochet Patterns

Here is 20 more vintage crochet patterns to keep you busy!

This is an eBook containing pictures and step by step instructions on how to complete each pattern.

Crochet Work Bag - This is a really cool holder for all your crochet materials and tools.

Dahlia Bedspread - 3D motifs to make a lovely bedspread. Also suitable for tablecloths and pillow cases.

Juanita Doll - A lovely, easy to stitch doll, creating an amazing looking doll dress.

Sunlight Hat - A hat that is fit for the wardrobe of any princess!

Shell Motif - This lovely medallion makes wonderful tablecloths, bedspreads, curtains and even place mats for your kitchen decor.

Beaded Doily - Combining beatiful beads and elegant stitches to produce an ultra-classy doily.

Follow Your Fancy Bag - An easy and quick way to create a fancy bag that is built to last.

Wedding Ring Bedspread - How to crochet a wonderful bedspead for future brides for the ultimate wedding gift.

Oval Shell bag - This bag will go amazingly with your Sunday outfit! Fits in little hands, so just right for the girls as well.

Sweet Sue Snood - A snood to match the above purse. This item is better than any much better than the cheap bows available and discount stores!

Rose Ruffled Centerpiece - A classy display suitable for the finest of tables!

Lacy Crochet Baby Set - A summer set perfect for baby girls.

Fringed Tiebacks - Uplift your window area with these elegant tie backs for your curtains.

Flower Holder And Candlesticks - Matching candlestick and flower holders suitable for the best of mantelpieces.

Crocheted Flower Picture - A lovely 3D floral picture suitable as wall designs or book covers.

Work Basket - A sturdy work basket, also suitable for those picnic outings.

Wrought Iron Wall Plaques - A really nice country kitchen style wall display.

Sewing Susan - Easy and quick to
crochet, a great way to organize all your needles.

Vintage Purse - A dainty, elegant and ultra-classy vintage purchase suitable for any occasion. Sturdy and will last years.

Heart Sachet - A nice ruffled sachet that doubles up as a great pincushion and can also make an excellent airfreshner as well!

Product #6 to 9 - The Profitable Craft Series by Maria Vowell

The profitable crafts eBook series is 4 volumes in total and goes through all you need to know about setting up your own arts and crafts business to start making money from your hobby.

Volume 1 includes 10 crochet projects that are known to sell well so I thought I would add this eBook to this crochet package.

The other volumes are about how to make money from arts and crafts in general and I thought I would just throw them into the mix as well to give you even more value for money!

Maria Vowell is the author of Profitable Crafts. Maria has been crocheting since she was 11 years old, and has over 15 years experience at selling at arts and crafts shows.

At craft shows other crafters are always coming up to her stall to ask for advice. They then usually become paying customers themselves.

She has helped hundreds of people turn their crafting hobby into a full time business.

Maria has been designing her own crochet patterns and crafts projects for over 13 years, and has had has had many crochet patterns published in nationwide magazines.


* How to create crafts that will sell like HOT CAKES

* How to price your products for maximum profits

* How to cut costs with the materials and tools that you use

* How to make sure your craft stall stays full of paying customers

* The best way to stock your stall to enhance sales

* How to cater for two types of customers that most crafters fail to cater for

* Provide items in super fast time
Why lowering prices may make your products seem inferior

* How to convert the main types of customers into loyal, life-time paying customers

* How simple and small inexpensive gifts can hugely increase your sales

* Never become a Fake crafter

* The best way to produce your own personalized cloth labels

* Use a secret tactic that will increase your sales by 300%

The manuals also include many crochet patterns that you are able to create and sell for your own profits.

These patterns have a proven record of selling well and makey good money.

Included in these crochet patterns is a wonderful thread-bear design that has been sold for $300 at many craft fairs and online.

It is really easy and cheap to make for huge profits.

And in general, all that you will ever need to know for earning money and producing loyal and happy customers for life!

Product #10 - Trash Profits: Turning Their Trash Into Your Profits

This product will show you how you can still make money from arts and crafts even if you have no intention of making your own crafts!

No creative skills are needed as you can just sell existing items without doing anything yourself.

This Special Report Shares With You:

* How to find super-cheap handcrafter items that you can sell for huge profits

* How just used clothing and simple scissors can result in good profits

* How to get hold of free clothing and crats, that you can sell on

* Why one persons loss, will be your gain

* Quickly assemble crafts kits that can be sold for $10, yet cost next to nothing to create

* How to sell a simple 50 cent item for as much as $20

* How to make $500 from an old bedspread

* A secret on how to make as much as $250 by getting hold of cheap and old furniture and using the materials.

This is a short and concise report that will share with you some simple tips to make money from other peoples unwanted crafts. Their loss will be your gain!


Many thanks for taking the time to take a look at my How To Crochet eBook Pack.

I have put a lot of time and effort into compiling this collection and writing up the information on this page so I really hope that you will enjoy using the pack.

When you purchase this item it will be available for you to download straight away. You will be directed to a link where you can download your eBooks.

This link will also be emailed to you just to make sure.

You will have several days and multiple download attempts to make sure that you are able to get your files.

It is a quick, easy and secure process.

I am a very reliable seller and have taken the time to ensure that these eBooks are of high quality.

In the unlikely even that you are not happy with your download, you can get a refund (no questions asked) with 30 days.

Any questions please do email me at: adam@https://www.tradebit.com

Happy Crocheting!!

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