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MP3 Roger Dale - Live At Solid Grounds (LJD7053)

If ever there was a Christian party tape, this is it! Fun songs, fun times recorded live at Solid Grounds Coffee House in Albuquerque, NM. Top musicians and good, well-crafted songs full of the Spirit.

12 MP3 Songs in this album (33:58) !
Related styles: Spiritual: Christian Rock, Country: Americana, Christian

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If ever there was a party tape for Christians, this is it!
Good songs, good friends and good Spirit. I hope you listen to a few and like it. The lyrics are included here later in the notes.

This album was recorded at Solid Grounds Coffee House in Albuquerque on November 16, 2002. The coffee house is sponsored by St. Stephen''s Methodist Church as a community service. The place exists because there are a lot of people out there who will never step inside a church. We are there just to plant a seed. It is still going strong into its second decade probably 150 people there each Saturday.

We would invite various local musicians to be a special guest and Solid Grounds now has a national reputation as a great place to play. The vibe, the feelings, the crowd and the Spirit is the best.

I played there almost every Saturday night for seven and a half years. The ministers and I would plan out a series of topics and I would get to write a few songs each week on the subjects. It was as good as gets for a songwriter. Some songs were great, most average and a few were on life support. I even remember on more than one occasion I would start playing a song that I only had a vague framework in mind and actually write it as I played. That’s putting the trust in the Spirit. Plus it kept me on my toes.

Most often I would play solo, but on this night, I invited a few of my favorite locals to sit in. They are: Susan Clark on keyboards, vocals, and percussion. She is the past winner of the Kerrville New Folk Contest and is always on key with right notes, always; James McIntyre, guitar. James is a full time professional guitarist who tours nationally; Jay O’Conner, bass. Jay is the happiest guy I know and can play a six-string bass like a piano. He hears a song once and knows it; and Bill Warren, drums and percussion. For you old guys out there, Bill was a member of The 1910 Fruitgum Company in the 60’s. He and I hear the same rhythms and he can play what I can hear in my head but cannot verbally describe.

The songs and the lyrics are as follows
All Songs: words and music by Roger Dale
© 1997-2010 by Roger Dale Coble ASCAP
All Rights Reserved

Sanctified, Holy
(written at work one day. Sanctified means holy and we all can be made that way, no matter how we begin our journey)

Saints are gathered... by the river
Flowing robes of snowy white.
They are singing... and they’re praying.
Three...indeed... to be... baptized.

Chorus: They are sanctified, holy
Sanctified, Saved.
Sanctified, He is risen.
Sanctified, holy
Sanctified, saved.
All sins are forgiven... truly sanctified.

Homeless hero... on the sidewalk.
Too abused to do what’s right.
Downtown mission... feeding supper.
Feel the need to feed tonight.

Repeat Chorus:

Then some salesman... on his rounds, then.
Cruising through the blue midnight.
Gospel music that he’s singing.
Fam-ily man thats planned it right.

Repeat Chorus

Born Two Times
(How can I again enter into my mother’s womb?)
I’ll tell you a story…If you’ll listen to me.
About the man that came down from Galilee.
He could swing a hammer…He could saw a saw.
He knew how to work with wood, but that ain’t all.
He’s building me a house…He’s building me a home.
Making me a place up there with streets of gold.

Chorus: It ain’t so hard to understand,
There’s a new life waiting for me.
I was born two times but one time they’ll bury me.

He laid down his hammer…He picked up the word.
And he began talking like people ain’t never heard.
He was talking about love…And He talked about peace.
And He talked about the water that can set you free.
He healed the sick…He raised the dead.
And He said you better turn the other cheek instead.

Repeat Chorus.

They hung Him on a cross…They buried Him away.
But He rose up again on the third day.
He’s up in heaven…Waiting there for me.
And I know someday up there with Him I’ll be.
So clap your hands…Lean back and sing.
You get born again and He’ll set you free.

Peace Within
(I wrote this one as a practice, never played it and forgot it. Luckily, I found it again. I was trying to make the sounds the same. The first two words of each line rhyme and etc. It works.)

Lightning brightening the evening sky.
Night’s exciting, safe inside.
Tin roof gives proof of raindrop’s song.
Spirit hears it all night long.
(Brings me) Peace within...Peace within.

Liking hiking the mountainside.
Pine trees remind me what cities hide.
Nature makes sure I won’t feel old.
The breeze is pleasing, fills my soul.

Brings me Peace within...Brings me Peace within.

Praying, saying my heart’s desire.
Spirit near us all the while.
Good friend would spend time with me.
Smiles, trials, memories

Brings me Peace within...Brings me Peace within.

The Bush Was Burning
(Moses his own self.)

The bush was burning on holy ground.
The bush was burning on holy ground.
The bush was burning on holy ground.
But that bush would not burn down.

Now Moses he was a holy man.
Stranger in the strangest land.
He had some goats and had some sheep.
Couldn’t believe what he did see.

Chasing his sheep around one day.
He saw a fire and a voice did say.
“Get those shoes off of your feet.
For my people you will lead.

Repeat Chorus:

God said Israel are slaves and such.
I don’t think that I like it too much.
Lead them across the desert sand.
Until they reach the promised land.

Moses said Lord, Here I am.
I don’t think I am your man.
But this I know, this I believe.
I’ll do what you ask of me.

Repeat Chorus:

I Hear
(The story of Zacheaus, the wee little man. And a wee little man was he.)

I hear He’s coming to our town.
I hear He’ll be here to day.
I’m going to try to see Him.
And if I do, what will I say?

I hear He’s done some healing.
I hear He can make you well.
Everybody’s talking about Him.
And you aught to hear the stories they tell.

Chorus: They say He talks about forgiveness.
They say He talks a lot about love.
He tells of a brand new kingdom.
And the power He gets from God above.
Hey Hey... Hey Hey.

I hear He walks with the sinners.
And I hear He eats with them.
They say a saint wouldn’t do that
There must be something wrong with him.

I hear He’s once was a carpenter.
He has no home, no riches has he.
Now He lives wherever you find Him.
He just about as different as a man can be..................... CHORUS:

I hear the crowds starting to gather.
I can hear them but I can’t see.
And I sure don’t want to miss him.
So I’ll climb up in the sycamore tree.

I hear Him stop right below and
I hear Him calling to me.
He says come on down to meet him.
Because today He’s coming home with me................ CHORUS:

I Do
(The intro is spoken on the album. Basically, the parable of the taxman praying in the temple, and the pain he must have been feeling.)

Don’t know why I came here
Probably should have gone on home.
But something inside me
Said don’t be alone

Because if anybody ever needed somebody, well I do
If anybody ever needed somebody, well I do..,I do.

I stood off in the corner
Much to their surprise.
I’m just a taxman in the temple.
I couldn’t raise up my eyes.

Because if anybody ever needed some praying, well I do.
If anybody ever needed some praying, well I do......I do.

I said Lord please have mercy
On a poor sinner like me.
I don’t have much to offer
What you’ll get is what you see.

Because if anybody ever needed some saving, well I do
If anybody ever needed some saving, I do....I do.
I do.... I do.

(the first Christian song I ever wrote)

Do I believe? Do I believe
That a fish ate Jonah in the sea?
I read about it in the Bible all the time

Do I believe?
Do I believe
That there was wine where water used to be?
I read about it in the Bible all the time.


Oh YES I’m saying that I believe
That Jesus Christ died for me.
Of this I’m certain, Of this I know
And I’m going to tell everybody so.

Do I believe? Do I believe
That in all things he strengthens me?
I read about it in the Bible all the time.

Do I believe? Do I believe
That the meek will inherit all we see?
I read about it in the Bible all the time.


Do I believe? Do I believe
That all things come if I believe?
I read about it in the Bible all the time
I read about it in the Bible all the time.

What Will We Do With Jesus?
(Pilot asked this of the crowd before the crucifixion. We are asked it every day.)

They call him Jesus... I’ve known him most my life.
And I’ve pushed him... away so many times.
How do I answer... When he calls out to me?
Do I listen ... Or say just let me be?

Chorus: What will we do with Jesus?
When he knocks, do we let him in?
What will we do with Jesus?
What will we do with him?

He lived here once... He felt pain, was lonely, too.
And I’ve been there... I’ll bet that you have, too.
I’ve grown so tired... so much evil everywhere.
And there must be... something more out there.

Repeat Chorus

His life, he gave once... a sacrifice for sin.
But he promised... he’s coming back again.
He left a spirit... a comfort for our lives.
Our heart of darkness... is filling with his light.

Repeat Chorus.

Me And My House
(Joshua’s famous quote. There are a lot of songs with this title, but most are slow, contemplative ballads. This isn''t. What Steve Earle will sound like after he becomes a Christian)

I’m just an ordinary guy, with an ordinary life.
Three kids, a dog, a job and a wife.
I’ve got to push my truck to get it started sometimes.
But deep inside I know I’m doing everything right.

Chorus: As For me and my house
As for me and my house.
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

I pound nails for a living, got scars on my hands.
For ten bucks, and time and a half when I can.
I get up Sunday mornings, go to church and Bible school.
But I won’t put on a tie, theres some things that I don’t do.

repeat chorus.

The postman brought me some bills today.
Tomorrow there''s probably more headed my way.
I pay what I can, give the governer’s what’s left
Two things for certain, thats taxes and this...

Repeat Chorus.

Make Me Your Voicee
(Just a little prayer checking in to see how I’m doing)

Am I a voice…in all I do?
When they see me, Lord, do they see you?
As my deeds say who I am.
Do they say I am God’s man.
Oh, Lord, Make me your voice (repeat)

Is that your voice…that I hear?
Is that you whispering in my ear?
Is that your Spirit…leading me?
Is this the place where I need to be.
Oh, Lord, Make me your voice (repeat)

Make me your voice…fill my heart.
Be my words…be my thoughts.
Take away…my worldly fears.
Keep my purpose crystal clear.
Oh, Lord, Make me your voice (repeat)

(I wrote this for my older daughter. I was hiking in the Pecos Wilderness and saw an eagle soar. This song came before the hike ended)

I wonder if I’ve taught you all you’ll need to know.
Did you learn what’s right by watching me?
Will you think of others, first in everything?
Will you let Him give you golden wings?

Chorus: And the eagle will fly, still, here am I.
Wondering just where your life leads.
But with your eyes on the cross, I know you’ll never be lost
No matter what tomorrow might bring.

I wonder if I’ve taught you all you’ll need to know.
Did you learn what’s right by watching me?
Will you have sweet memories when you’re all full grown,
full of fun and love and friends and laughter, too?

Repeat chorus

Bridge: We never had a lot of money but we had a lot of love.
We believed in ourselves and in God above.
There’s a big bright world just a waiting for you
so get there show em what you can do.

I wonder if you tell me when things start hurting you.
Do I know enough to set you free?
Will you love the Lord your God and will you let it show,
when I’m nothing more than just a memory?


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