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Seven of the Hottest Methods to Get Rich

https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
The Simple Money Secret
That Guarantees You Will
Always Get Paid Online
If You Find Anything Easier, It’s Called Stealing.
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
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the examples illustrated here; in fact, its likely that they wont be the
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Finally, use your head. Nothing in this guide is intended to
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https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
Table Of Contents
Keep An Open Mind And Look For Easy Opportunities.
Evergreen Marketing Strategies You Can Take To The Bank
Learn To Look At The Big Picture When You Want Money.
The Basic Truth About Success
A lot Of People Get This Wrong.
The Easy Way To Find Money
If You Find Anything Easier, It’s Called Stealing.
The Simple Truth That Will Always Make You Money
People Will Gladly Give You Money If You Understand This.
The Best Kept Success Secret
It’s Not Always What You Know But Who You Know.
Closing Remarks
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
You know, it’s funny. I took an entire year off from marketing online
and yet I can still come back and easily make money, even in a
crowed “niche” like Internet marketing.
Am I any smarter than you? I’d like to think so, but probably not. The
only reason why I can take so much time off, miss so many “new”
developments on how to market online and still easily jump right back
into business just like I never left is simple.
I work from a different perspective than most people do. You’ll get a
clear sense of that as you read the rest of this report. Making money
does not have to be complicated.
You just have to work from the right frame of mind.
Really all it takes is a little shift in the way you think and you’ll start to
see opportunities where you never saw them before.
With this report it is my intention to give you a new frame of mind to
work from and hopefully it will give you a renewed sense of purpose
because you’ll know without a doubt that money is just a few hours
worth of work/planning away.
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
Evergreen Marketing Secrets You Can Take To The
Before I get into the heart of this manual I want to make sure you
completely understand the direction I’m taking.
I have nothing against giving you specific techniques and strategies
because they are important but they are never more important than
the thought process that went into creating them.
Evergreen marketing secrets refers to the fact that I’m giving you
proven concepts (that never stop working) based on the nature of the
people you sell to. People can change a lot of things about themselves
but their nature isn’t usually one of them. People can go against their
nature (for short periods of time) but rarely can they change it.
In the future you should make a conscious effort to try and
understand why something is done instead of just copying what you
see someone else successfully doing. There’s always something more
beneath the surface that you can study and learn from.
The concepts I’m going to reveal help you to tap into the minds of the
people you want money from.
People will almost never give you their money for your reasons. What
you have to do is show people that you want their money for the exact
same reasons they want to give their money to somebody/anybody
and believe it or not, that’s a lot easier to do than it sounds.
Once you understand how to see what motivates another person, you
can put yourself in position to show them how what you have to offer
will help them do whatever it is they’re trying to do. That’s really the
only way to get someone’s attention.
Don’t try to convince people they need what you’re selling.
Show them how what you’re selling will help them do something
they’re already trying to do. That makes your product a natural fit for
what they care about.
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
People care about themselves first, what they’re trying to do, anyone
else who seems to care about them and anything that appears to be
able to help them do more of what they already want to do.
What I just said will become much clearer as you read the rest
of this manual. You will completely understand exactly what to
say to people and how to structure your product offers in a way
that’s most attractive to the people you want money from.
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
The Basic Truth About Success
I’m about to address one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way
of you making money right now.
Being successful at anything you choose to do requires hard work
and consistency. I know that in the Internet marketing field, use of
those words is a big no-no, but it’s the undeniable truth.
Without an understanding that you may have to work for your success
you might think there’s some secret formula out there that’s going to
magically put money in your pockets simply because you know it.
Knowing this, I titled this report “The Simple Money Secret”
because it implies that everything else is you’ve been doing is hard
and that I’ve found some simple “secret” you aren’t aware of.
It was the most direct way to get your attention and I’m not the only
marketer who understands that.
All you have to do is look at how many products you’ve bought with
the expectation that if you bought it, you would be able to turn your
business around with the “new secrets” you thought you were going to
learn to see I’m telling the truth.
I know you’ve seen some people who have hit the net full speed with
their first product and had all kinds of crazy success.
Many times it’s a fluke and it’s not something that person can ever
reproduce because since their first product launch did so well, they get
trapped into thinking that what they did was easy, forgetting all they
time and effort they put into everything that got them there.
It’s easy to get trapped into thinking that success is easy if you just
have the right “knowledge” on your side. That’s the big myth pushed
on you by slick marketers who only want to sell you stuff.
But the truth of the matter is success doesnt always come easy even
if you know the best “secrets” out there.
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
Anytime I need money, there are always a few basic concepts I can
rely on that will always produce profits in a short amount of time
without me having to spend any money on advertising.
The only reason I know about these concepts is because I read pretty
much everything I could get my hands on until one day things just
started to make sense, but it wasn’t easy to get to this point.
When I started out I had no money, no business or marketing
background, no support from my family or friends, no computer
knowledge and well, no computer.
That’s not the easiest way to start but I didn’t care. I wanted to be my
own boss and be in control of my own life as much as possible.
Now, making money online isnt a dream for me anymore simply
because I refused to let anything stand in the way of what I wanted. It
did take me two solid years to start making money however.
The most important thing Ive learned about what it takes to be
successful is that you can’t give up. Ever. Success has a way of
waiting until 99.9% of the people who were looking for it give up in
frustration before it decides to show up at your feet.
It’s A Test Designed To See Who’s Worthy
Perseverance is a great element of success. If you knock long enough
and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody
--- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
If you want to have a better business, or you want to make more
money, or you want better things for yourself and for your family,
What Are You Doing About It?
Sitting back and wishing is easy.
Criticizing other people for having the kind of success you want for
yourself is dangerous and so easy to do it’s scary.
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
Sitting back and complaining that no one is around to help you is even
easier. It’s always easy to give yourself an excuse for not doing what
you know needs to be done.
Doing everything you can to make your dreams a reality and humbling
yourself to ask for help when its needed are where most people fall
flat. Everything you need to get your business to where you want it to
be can be found if you’re willing to look hard enough.
When I couldnt get support and understanding from my family
(instead of getting discouraged and giving up) I turned to marketers
who understood this crazy need I have to work for myself and were
willing to help.
When I didnt have a computer I found someone who would let me use
theirs whenever possible.
When I didnt have a clue how to write HTML I took every tutorial that
popped up in the search engines. When I didnt even have $10 to
spare for advertising I learned (out of necessity) how to get thousands
of targeted visitors a month to my sites for free.
You have obstacles in your way, which may seem insurmountable at
times, but they arent.
You may have family or friends who give you a hard time because
they dont understand why you would want to put yourself through all
frustration of trying to be your own boss. But in the end, most of them
admire you for trying to do something they’re afraid to do which is to
potentially risk your financial security in the pursuit of it.
The Myth Of Effortless Success
How many moneymaking, supposedly life-altering packages have you
bought in the last few months or years?
Do you now have the success you bought those packages to achieve?
Maybe you do or maybe you don’t.
Ill let you in on a little secret. Almost anyone can make money using
any of the moneymaking packages youll find on the net.
People do it every single day.
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
The reason is because they understand that nothing magical will
happen just because they bought the latest and greatest do all/be all,
either get it or your life will be ruined product of the century.
These people understand that consistent effort is what will set them
apart from the thousands who get nothing from the very same
products they use to make more in a month than most people make in
a year. You would be surprised to know the kind of money some
people are making with simple products that others say are worthless.
Its your mentality that counts. How you think about the world
around you determines your reality in it. Not everyone walking
around on this planet operates from the same reality you do.
People with failing businesses “know” it’s hard to get to the top and
people at the top “know” it’s easy for anyone to get to the top if
they’re willing to work hard on the right things to get there.
Many of the obstacles holding you back were placed there by you and
what you believe to be true. A lot of times, you may be the one who
is creating the very “rut” you complain about being in.
Now right about now you’re probably saying, “Where does you get off
telling me I’m standing in my own way of success” but really I’m
saying a lot more than that.
It’s not really your fault because you’re probably blind to the truth.
Working hard is only part of the equation.
You can try twisting a screw into a board with your fingers as hard as
you can all day long but I think you’d probably be better of using a
screwdriver. In other words working hard in the wrong way won’t get
anything done even though there’s the appearance of action.
Time To Take Off The Tunnel Vision Glasses
We Internet marketers have a tendency to get tunnel vision and only
see other Internet marketers when we want to learn what to do.
The problem is that the Internet marketer(s) you choose to learn from
likely learned from other Internet marketers who (you guessed it)
learned from other Internet marketers.
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
Dan Kennedy calls this marketing incest and it could be the biggest
reason why your success has been put on hold.
What I mean by marketing incest here is doing what every other
marketer is doing instead of thinking for yourself.
Is There Anything You Can Do About it?
Of course. There’s always something you can do about everything in
any situation. May not always be your first choice but you can always
do something.
One thing I do is spend time looking for products I’m interested in
(anything not related to Internet marketing) just to see how other
businesses in markets not related to mine try and sell me their goods.
That’s how I came up with one of my main concepts.
Think about this.
Let’s say you have a tractor and you use it to work your farm, which is
what produces the income you live off of.
When your tractor wears out a part (and it will) seeing as how it is the
vehicle you consistently use to put food on the table, wouldn’t you go
out and look for a store that sells the part(s) you need?
Yeah, you would.
Ok, now when you walk into the store, do the sales people need to sell
you on the benefits of getting your tractor fixed?
You already knew the benefits before you walked through the door.
You already have money in your hands and are looking to give it to the
first sales person who finds the part you need to help you get back
to doing what you already want to do.
Make sense? If not, everything will get a lot clearer in a minute.
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
The Easy Way To Find Money
Im not much of a fan of working hard. Ill do it, but only if I dont have
a choice. That being said, I find myself working surprisingly hard trying
to find the easiest ways to do things and thats the reason I put this
report together.
To save you some of the time and effort Ive put into working hard to
be lazy and still make money online.
What Ive found is that even though you may know at least as much
as some of your biggest competitors about making money, the reason
you may not bank the kind of sales figures they do has a lot to do with
a massive amount of leverage.
Leverage is when you can put the efforts of 100s or even 1,000s of
other people behind you so they can help push you forward to do
things you couldnt do on your own.
Think about it.
When was the last time you got an email from a guru about his
latest product and didnt get at least ten other messages from that
gurus affiliates telling you about the exact same product?
Am I telling you to create your own product and start an affiliate
That’s too much work.
What I want you to understand is that many of your more successful
competitors understand something that guides most of the actions
they take in business.
Whats that?
Why work hard by yourself when you can get other people to work
hard for you as well?
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
How does that mindset apply to you?
You should never do anything online that doesnt multiply your efforts
on a project even after you stop putting any of your time and energy
into it. Your time is limited to 24 hours in a day but 100’s of people
can put thousands of combined hours into promoting you.
The basic idea:
If someone is running full speed at you, is it easier to stand your
ground and try to stop them when they run into you or get behind
them and push them forward?
Since theyre already moving forward, it only makes sense that youd
have an easier and less painful time pushing them in the direction
theyre already headed in.
Ill give you an example.
Lets say you start getting a lot of emails promoting one new product
in particular and this product seems to have a lot of buzz (negative or
positive it doesn’t matter) and affiliates behind it.
Many of the people I speak to tell me they simply delete emails like
that (because they see those emails as being annoying) and all I can
do is smile to myself because I know what emails like that really are.
Easy money.
Remember what I said about how easy it is to help people move in the
direction theyre already headed in? Well, if people have their minds
completely made up to promote a particular product then why not help
them find more ways to do it?
You could for example create (or hire someone to create) a simple
series of 5-7 articles promoting that product and then sell the reprint
rights to your email series at $10-20 a pop.
Sell just 50 copies of your eCourse and youve made $500-$1,000 for
something that should only take you a day or two in setup time.
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
You dont have to worry about researching a niche, creating a huge
product, managing affiliates, setting up joint ventures or any of that.
And, you can set it all up so that https://www.tradebit.com pays you immediately
whenever you make a sale because instant cash is always great.
The best part is that you dont have to find out if theres a demand for
your information because you can clearly see that there is just from
the sheer number of places you see promoting the product youre
going to create an email series to endorse.
All people really want is an easy way to do more of what theyve
already set their mind on doing.
Sign up for as many newsletters as you want and whenever you get a
flood of emails promoting a particular product, instead of getting mad
and rushing to the delete button, just smile and remember what I
said. Help people go where they’re already trying to go.
Pretty much anyone interested in promoting the product youre getting
all the emails on will snatch up the reprint rights to your email series
without a long sales letter or any heavy convincing.
They’re already headed in a particular direction and will see your
product offering as a “vehicle” to help them get there faster.
Two easy ways to get traffic to your offer...
Þ Send out an email to your list announcing that you have a
new email series for sale promoting a new product theyre
probably already interested in.
Þ Contact publishers and offer them reprint rights to your
email course for free. The reason this is a good idea is
because youll be building a list you can send out your next
offer to so its worth giving your email course away to
people who can reach thousands of other people who will
be interested in your future offers.
Just make sure your emails link back to your site through
your copyright notice at the bottom.
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
The beauty of this idea is that you can do it several times a month and
every time you do, you build a list of people who will look forward to
the next email series you create. You would be able to make money
whenever you wanted with a few simple emails to your list.
If youre interested in putting a little more effort into this you could
create a monthly membership site where you offer promotional tools
for the latest products to hit the market.
Its up to you. You can put as little or as much effort into this strategy
as you want and still make it work for you. Opportunities for profit are
literally everywhere you look if you consistently keep an open mind.
Just remember to keep your mind open to ways you can use the
concept of helping push people in the direction they are already
headed in so you can make more money.
That’s my “hitch-a-ride” concept. It’s much easier to hitch a ride with
someone to somewhere they’re already going instead of trying to get
them to take you where you want to go, which may be in the opposite
direction. You’ll encounter a lot of resistance that way.
A lot of times, that’s what we (as marketers) do. We try to convince
people to do things we want them to do (like buy from us) instead of
showing them how our products can help them get to the destination
they’ve already picked out in their heads.
“Hitching A Ride” To Success Is Nothing New
Back in 1848 the “California Gold Rush” began. People came from
all over the world to claim their share of the wealth. Now you would
think that the people who found the most gold were the wealthiest of
the time but that isn’t exactly true.
The actual fact of the matter is that the people who consistently
became rich were the ones who sold tools to those who were mining
for gold. People who never found one ounce of gold bought shovels,
rugged jeans and other supplies.
Merchants who sold those tools consistently made money no matter
how much gold was found.
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
Selling the tools people need to do something they want to do will
always fill your pockets with cash. This concept always works and it
never gets stale like specific marketing strategies.
Try and wrap your mind around the concept and you’ll be able to come
up with your own techniques to use it with.
Make People Have To Go Through You
To Get Where They Want To Go
When you control the tools people need to do whatever is they want to
do, you control the actions they take and that includes how
they spend their money. If someone has to go through you to get to
their destination faster, you can’t help but make money.
You see examples of people selling tools all the time. You just have to
pay attention. Notice how many things you can’t do unless you pay
someone for his or her tool to help you do it.
I Haven’t Even Scratched The Surface
There are so many ways to use the concepts I teach that it literally
boggles the mind. Spend some time thinking about how you can “hitch
a ride” with people who are looking to spend money to get to their
destination and I’m sure you can come up with more than a few ideas.
When you see people doing something they want to do, think about
ways to get them to pay you to help them do more of it.
By doing that, you won’t need tons of specific ideas from me because
you will be able to come up with your own. I just wanted you to
understand the basic idea of how this works.
Once you understand the basic idea, you’ll never be at the mercy of
“gurus” constantly trying to peddle specific ideas and strategies on you
because you’ll understand the big idea behind how and why they work.
If you look at it, all the gurus do is “hitch a ride” on your desire for a
better life by giving you what you think you need; the latest “secret”
marketing ideas, tips and strategies to give you an edge over the
competition. If you think you need something else, they’ll sell you
whatever it is that you’ve shown an interest in.
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
In other words, your major competitors (the people you learn from)
are constantly trying to figure out what you want to do so they can sell
you ideas, techniques and tools to help you do more of it knowing you
will always pay for anything you think will get you closer to
achieving whatever goals you’ve set for yourself.
When you buy from one person over another, the only reason you do
is because that person has done a better job (presentation wise) of
showing you that what they have to offer will help get you to your
goals faster than the other guy.
This idea works when selling any type of product or service. Find out
what people want to do (many times this is as easy as asking them)
then show them how your product helps them do that.
Always remember that the basis for creating products is to help people
do more of something they already want to do. For example, if people
want to make more money, instead of simply showing them how, give
them an easy way to do it with a minimum amount of effort.
Set everything up for them and allow them to plug into your system
and get paid for sending buyers your way.
Or you could create simple products based on hot trends you see and
sell the reprint rights to that information allowing people to profit from
a trend they’re already interested in.
You should never run out of ideas for products so you should never
feel bad for selling the rights to something you’ve created thinking that
you just gave away a moneymaking product.
Create something else and keep moving forward.
The biggest thing to remember when you create products that you sell
reprint rights to is make sure that those products lead back to your
site in some fashion so you can capture the names and email
addresses of the people who visit.
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
The Simple Truth That Will Always Make You Money
Whenever You Want Or Need It
Every person who runs across your site has a secret desire. They
want the benefits of what you’re offering, but (here’s a shocker) they
really don’t want to do much to get those benefits.
The most persuasive and profitable product offers are the ones
that make people feel as though they don’t have to do much work to
get all the benefits your letter promises.
In other words if you make your product offers sound too complicated
you’ll lose most of the orders you could have had.
I’m saying that you should explain your offer in rather simplistic terms
that don’t scare away potential buyers.
You should always look to make your products and services as
pushbutton as you possibly can.
That’s especially important with software programs.
No one really cares how your product works. They just want to know
that it does work and how they don’t have to do much to get the
benefits your product was promised to deliver.
For the most part people are very insecure about their abilities. Even
when you show them proof that other people have done exactly
what you’re showing them how to do... Most people still hesitate
because they don’t believe they can do it.
In other words... you need to put together “systems” people can just
plug into and get results from.
Most people don’t want to know how to do something. They
want someone who does know how to do something to do it for
them so they can either promote your something as an affiliate
or buy the rights to your something and sell it without having
to put in any real work.
Understand this …
If you have the time and you’re willing to do something
constructive you will always be in a position to make money
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
from people who want the benefits of doing something
without actually having to put in any real work.
That will always be true.
What does that all mean as far as making money?
To continue with my earlier train of thought, I created a special report
that shows you how to take autoresponder courses you create and get
other people to flood those course with subscribers, but as I’ve said,
people don’t want to know how to do that.
What they actually want is for me or you to create a “system” where
they can buy the rights to an autoresponder course that is already set
up so they can use the technique I outline to get other people to flood
that course with subscribers for them so they don’t really have to do
much. They want the benefits of using the technique without taking
any of the time and effort to learn it and set it up for themselves.
Think about that.
For the most part, people complain about FREE detailed instructions on
something that actually produces results with a little effort but they
would gladly pay $100-$200 or more for a system that uses the very
same technique they could have created themselves for free.
Some of that is laziness but mostly it’s due to the fact that many
people work hard at 9-5 jobs, have a family and other obligations that
take up most of the time they would need to put various techniques
and strategies they learn into action for themselves.
Both types of people will gladly pay for something that’s already done
for them so if you’re willing to put in a little work for those people you
can make as much money as you want.
Some people make obscene amounts of money by doing what I just
talked about. They trade a few weeks worth of work for $40,000-
$50,000+ in bankable profits.
Allen Says of “The Internet Marketing Warriors” wrote something
about it in one of his reports along the lines of …
“Any solution you come up with that makes it easy
on people has a 100% better chance of selling than
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
anything that requires them to work. The majority of
people want things already done, and they will pay
top dollar to have it done for them.”
Always keep your brain asking questions. Whenever you learn how to
do something, ask yourself and find out if there’s a market of people
who would pay to have that done for them. You might not always be
able to come up with something good but sometimes you will.
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
The Best Kept Success Secret
Its time you understand that the absolute easiest and most profitable
way to get things done in business is to get help.
Its all about the contacts you make.
Trying to make it alone and fighting against the odds is what youve
been taught, but its wrong. You need help.
How often do you take the time to build relationships online?
The answer to that question will determine how far you get.
I constantly search out new friends and business associates because I
know that there will come a time when I will need or want their help
and vice versa.
When you actively seek out relationships with others in your market
you automatically open yourself up to opportunities that the average
businessperson would easily miss because they’re out of the loop.
There are a lot of products I didnt have to buy because
their creators who happen to be friends of mine gave me
access so that I could help them with any design and
marketing strategy questions they had. I have over 15
gigs worth of various digital products I got free.
This also puts me in a position to work with these same marketers
on future projects, which is always a good position to be in.
Joint Ventures are extremely easy to get going because I
can always contact the people Ive worked with in the
past to do more deals. Having to constantly search out
new people to work with costs you time that you could
have been using to make money.
Setting up joint ventures is just a simple matter of sending out a few
emails to people who are already used to hearing from me.
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
There are many services that others routinely pay for that
I get for free or at a deeply discounted price because of
the contacts Ive established over the years.
Thats why theyll sometimes perform services for me without the need
for money exchanging hands. They know that when my area of
expertise is needed... Ill gladly help.
The right relationships mean more money. Having contacts
just for the sake of having them is worthless. You need to make
the *right* contacts. You need to build relationships with people
who can help you get to where you want to be.
But... in order to do that you must have something valuable to offer in
return. Theres only so much a friend will help you do. You will need to
offer a valuable service in return for the one you want from your
contact. Thats just the way it works.
If you dont have the money to get things done then you need to get
creative. You dont have to do everything yourself. Search for people
who know how to do what you want done and strike up a conversation
with them.
Now, you can’t just go out and start contacting people out of the blue
without knowing how to approach them. You need to know what to say
and how to say it. For years I’ve recommended that people pick up a
short report called “First Contact” written by Paul Myers of
https://www.tradebit.com and guess what?
Nothing has changed.
Get the report here:
I like Paul’s writing style because he doesn’t like to blow smoke. You
get exactly what you need to get out of his information.
There are actually people out there who love to create products, but
dont care too much for marketing and people who love marketing and
dont care much for creating products.
There are things that you do that other people either dont know
how to or care to do on their own. This is where you step in and form
a mutually beneficial relationship.
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
An added benefit of making the *right* contacts is that even if you
cant find someone to do what you need done for free, some of your
contacts will know where to get quality work done through hidden
channels at prices not revealed to just anyone.
You have to be on the inside to get this kind of info.
You’ve got to get it out of your head that everyone is your competitor
because competition is not really an issue once you understand that if
you’re willing to go above and beyond what everyone else is willing to
do for their customers, competition is extremely light.
Bottom line: Once you have good contacts in place you can easily
get projects off the ground while those who are trying to do
everything themselves struggle for months if not years.
Its the difference between having to spend $1,000 to get something
done and having your contacts offer to do the exact same work for
almost nothing. I guess it really comes down to one question... Do
you want to put yourself ahead of the competition?
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
Don’t Bury This Report On Your Hard Drive
I made that mistake for so many years.
Accumulating things can get to be a habit that gets in the way of you
learning from what you have and taking action on it.
How much stuff do you already have buried on your hard drive
collecting cyber dust never again to see the light of day? You probably
can’t even begin to tell me because collecting and forgetting is an easy
and extremely unprofitable thing to do.
I can promise you with 100% certainty that if you don’t do anything
with the information in this report then it won’t help you one little bit.
However, if you’re the kind of person I think you are, you realize what
you now have in front of you.
You have an opportunity to clear your head and regain your focus, but
only if you’re willing to put consistent effort towards the right things.
What Are The Right Things?
LEVERAGE – Letting other people help you multiply your efforts on
any project you create. Never create a project that other people can’t
help you promote. It just doesn’t make sense to do everything on your
own when 100’s of other people can pour thousands of combined
hours into building your business for you.
Have a clear picture in mind ahead of time and incorporate other
people and what you need them to do into your overall strategy before
you begin. Have a plan to reach your destination.
HITCH-A-RIDE – Look at what other people are doing and think of
ways you can profit by helping them do more of it. Nobody cares about
what you want unless it happens to coincide with what they want. Stop
standing in people’s way and instead “push them” towards the goals
they’re trying to reach.
- - - - -
And stop falling at the feet of “gurus” waiting for them to throw out
their leftover “scraps”. Pay more attention to what they do and a little
https://www.tradebit.com The Money Secret
less to what they say because intentional or not, a lot of what they say
has nothing to do with what they actually do.
Sure they may use the techniques and specific strategies they give you
but they’re also operating with a bigger picture in mind that they
either can’t articulate because they don’t fully realize what they’re
doing or simply won’t tell the masses.
You are your own leader.
Look to others for guidance but to yourself for the final word on what
you should and shouldn’t do.
That’s all for today.
Re-read this report to make sure the ideas start to sink in and figure
out a way to adapt the “hitch-a-ride” concept to your marketing.
To your success!
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