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For frustrated affiliate marketers wanting to break away from the other poor saps desperately fighting to keep their heads above water and... Unlock the door to big fat commission checks and say goodbye once and for all to the prison other people call a job.
Introducing A Quick and Easy Way to
Build Massive Profit Pulling Lists, Get People To Click On Your Affiliate Links Instead of Somebody Else’s Or Instantly Have Piles of Money Deposited in Your Paypal Account …100% Guaranteed
From The Desk Of:
Dear Future Super Affiliate,
In the next few minutes, with your permission, Im going to send you the all new “How to Create Killer Reports People Will Do Anything To Get -- absolutely FREE!
This 56 page e-book (that normally sells for $67.00) is bursting at the seams with everything you need to start earning the life changing income, you so richly deserve, with your online business.
Inside youll get the EXACT Steps to writing reports and e-books people will recommend to their friends - even if you flunked English! And Im going to hand it to you on a silver platter...
Okay, so why would I be willing to send you such a valuable gift for free?
Well the answer is quite simple: Its a bribe!
A good natured bribe to convince you to take a look at my breakthrough PDF creation Software called: Easy PDF Maker.

This complete PDF Creation system is unlike anything youve ever been exposed to before.
Imagine never having to worry about your get people to join your list or click on YOUR affiliate link instead of the next guy’s. Think how great it would be to know you can make a full time income, finally quit your day job and never worry about your financial future again...while you simply relax and spend quality time with your family.
Wow Frank! Easy PDF Maker really is as EASY! as 1-2-3. I followed your ins

ATTENTION: Do you hate paying for traffic? Then this is for you…
If You Can Record A Simple Video, Then I Can Show You Video Marketing Strategies That Explodes Your Subscriber List… Makes You Sales… And Helps You Conquer Your Market…
Even If You Have NO Product, NO Experience, And NO Technical Know-How!
And Even If You Think Online Video Cannot Help You Dominate Niche Markets, You Will Still Discover How To Leverage It So Youll Never Have To Worry About Paying For Traffic Again…
From: Insert your name here
Subject: How to use online videos for maximum results!
Dear Friend,
If you have been online for any period of time, then Im sure youve heard about the power of online videos in marketing.
Recently, the number of internet users has climbed to 1,581,571,589 people. And out of these people, 146 million of them are watching online videos, tuning in to at least 273.1 minutes a month. Moreover, the number of videos viewed has increased to an amazing 12.7 billion videos.
That means, more people online are spending more time watching videos. Dont you want to take advantage of that trend?
Now, youre probably confused about how online videos can be practically applied to create real marketing results.
There are many ways… But one of the most useful benefit of using online videos, is to DRIVE TRAFFIC!
A Proven Method To Drive Traffic For Free In Just Minutes!
Google loves online videos.
You can choose the most competitive field in your market place, type the keywords on Google, and chances are, a video will appear on the first page.
Now before you go out to shoot a video and submit them on video directories, theres something else you should know.
Nothing will happen if no one watches your videos.
You can get a high amount of people clicking to view your videos, but if they dont watch it till the end, its useless.
Used correctly, your online videos can become a selling platform all by itself. In fact, in works better than sales copy because its multimedia. People engage to online video better than the printed text on a page.
And the best part is…
Not only can you receive loads of traffic to your site, you can get paid per view every time a visitor watches your video. Google has made head way in its contextual advertising program and you can use this to establish a second revenue stream.
Introducing… Instant Video Marketing Secrets
FPRIVATE TYPE=PICT;ALT=Instant Video Marketing Secrets

Before you continue, you must understand…
This product is NOT about illegal, black hat tactics that will get you in trouble
This product is NOT going to cost you a single penny more to use
This product is NOT outdated, rehashed information that no longer works
This product is NOT a temporary fix that works only for a few months
This product is NOT for lazy people who dont care if they made money
Instant Video Marketing Secrets is a set of tools and strategies to get people to view your videos from the beginning until the end and then take action!
Heres Why Its Right For You:
While its easy to create a video and submit it to online video directories, you dont get any traffic until they watch your video and follow instructions to go to your website. And if your video isnt seen, you dont get the viral effect responsible for getting your message across the web.
If you use the techniques in this book, and use it together with your video marketing…
- You never have to touch PPC and banner advertising again because they cost money and it takes time (and lots of funds) to master properly. Plus, you have a better chance appearing on the first page of Google than PPC for no cash.
- You never have to spend TIME and ENERGY writing article to drive traffic. All you need to do is look at the camera, talk for 5 minutes, and upload it to the web. Did I mention that you can also outsource this?
- You never have to do copywriting again. Make a video and use it as a selling platform. Sell on the screen like you would face-to-face and watch your conversion rates skyrocket. Just set the equipment, shoot the video , and save.
Heres A Sneak Preview Of What Youll Get:
14 ways to get higher viewership and accelerate the viral effect of your videos
How to get your audience to immediately jump up, get off their duff and watch your videos like a hypnotized kid watching TV commercials
How to make your viewers share, syndicate, spread your videos across the web.
Tell them ________ and theyll watch every second of your video and bookmark it for later viewing again.
3 magic words to get the busiest web surfer to watch your video.
Use this strategy and stand out from 98.2% of video makers.
Reveal certain information about your video that always gets attention and interest.
66 hooks and angles you can use to persuade people to view your videos
3 ways to add scarcity to your videos.
How to use the power of the crowds in your favor… it makes your video more popular and pushes it beyond its viral tipping point.
Why using ethical bribes incorrectly in your video can backfire at you
A neat trick to hook your audience into watching your video every single time. This trick never fails to get tons of eyeballs glued to my videos at any one time.
Immediately make your audience pay attention to you by uttering a few secret words.
How to remove the No. 1 barrier of low viewership... Some people are reluctant to watch your videos even if you have to pay them for it. Eliminate this and youll create a slippery slope to your sales process.
Discover this old infomercial trick to get people to watch the entire video in a single seating
Find out how CNN uses the Ziergarnik Effect to keep you edging on your seat even if it means watching all the commercials.
And much, much more…
Here Are Some Final Questions You Might Have...
If you and I were just talking… you might have some questions by now. Let me answer some commonly asked questions posed to me by people just like you who later decided to invest in the Instant Video Marketing Secrets program:
Q. Do I need a video camera?
A. Hell yeah! Most of these video cameras are very affordable these days. You can get every marketers favorite Flip Video. For less than $XX, you can capture very high quality video and audio. Most digital cameras and web cams today also gives you the ability to shoot video. And even if you dont have any of these, you can easily borrow one from your friend, relative, or neighbor. Theres no excuse why you shouldnt be using these video marketing strategies when the technology is cheaply available. For all the benefits youre getting, its a very good investment.
Q. Do I have to spend more money on software?
A. No. Most of the software you need comes together with your camera. You can also use Windows Movie Maker on any PC to edit video footages. Plus, these are tones of free, easy to use video editing software available for download. In fact, there are many free tutorials on the internet that teaches you to use your software.
And if that isnt enough, go on any video site like Youtube, type in the search bar How To Edit Videos, and youll get several step-by-step instructional videos to guide you through the process. Thats how far video technology has taken us today. With the information in the Instant Video Marketing Secrets course, you can leverage on these resources and make quantum leaps in your online business.
Q. Im not comfortable in front of a camera, can I still use Instant Video Marketing Secrets?
A. Of course, you can use screen capture software to make PowerPoint presentations on your computer. And if talking in front of the camera freaks you out, imagine talking to a close friend when you record. It takes a little practice but its much easier than you think. Even a 5-year-old can get good in front of a camera within 30 minutes. Thats the easiest, fastest way to drive traffic than I know possible.
Q. Why should I invest in Instant Video Marketing Secrets?
A. I have invested a lot of money in the past to educate myself about video marketing. Ive seen them all, and used them all. While most courses teaches you how to use videos to drive traffic, improve SEO rankings, and improve conversions, none of them actually address the problem of getting your videos seen by enough viewers to start a chain reaction to spread your videos across the web.
Nothing happens until enough people watch your videos! Only then do you get traffic, high search engine rankings, and more sales from better conversions. My course is the missing puzzle you need.
Q. But why should I trust you?
A. I wont waste time convincing you to trust me without a demonstration to prove my worth. At this point, its okay for you not to trust me until you try out the book and prove to yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt that my claims are all true. Which is why I offer an unprecedented…
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Test all the information in this course and see for yourself the results in traffic it brings you. Its that easy. I have total faith that you can make so much more sales and profit from using these secrets, that Im willing to guarantee your results. If after 30 days, you make less than 10X the amount you pay for this product, kindly request for a refund and I will promptly return every penny you paid.
Plus, you can keep the ebook for trusting me enough to make a small investment in yourself. So even if you do ask for your money back, these secrets are yours to use and keep forever!
Heres What I Want You To Do Now...
Take out your credit card. Click on the Order Now button below to invest in your copy of Instant Video Marketing Secrets. Youll be redirected to a secure and hacker-safe order page to complete your order. Just follow instructions and you can get the book within minutes, even if its 3am in the morning!

Yes! I want to reserve my copy of Instant Video Marketing Secrets now for a rock-bargain price of $27 and get more free Traffic than 98.2 % of the my competitors. I will receive an 8-page ebook filled with proven strategies to get the laziest web surfer to jump out of his chair and watch my video.
I also agree to the terms and conditions of this transaction where youll bear all the risk for a full 30 days. If for whatever reason, Im not fully satisfied with the Instant Video Marketing Secrets course, I can return it for a complete refund and still keep 100% of the sales secrets and continue making money.
Reserve my copy of Instant Video Marketing Secrets now before my competitor gets it!
Insert order button here

To Higher Profits,
Insert Your Name Here
P.S. For a limited time only, you get all the secret techniques to skyrocket the number of views on your videos and generate upward spikes in targeted traffic as a result. Steal these techniques to increase your number of subscribers, improve your sales, and dominate your market with the authority online video gives you.
P.P.S. Look, you can hit the back button right now and never see for yourself the huge amount of money you are literally abandoning on the table. For less than $50, you can get your chance to make it to the top of this industry. Dont be the last person caught without a chair when the music stops. Claim your copy of Instant Video Marketing Secrets now before its pulled out of the market.

tructions and BAM there is it was...ready to use and the features are outstanding. This is on my HIGHLY Recommend list...making your own PDFs just got allot easier!

Warmest Regards!

Brenda Crofoot

This is just what I need WOW!!

I am I guess you would call me a newbie in trying to
make ebooks and have been having a terrible time
using word to come out like I want.

With Easy PDF Poof it worked the very first time!

Thank You for a fantastic product!

Lee Stevenson
P.A.L.S. Marketing Safelist
Finally, a TRULY simple way to create PDF eBooks and reports!

Easy PDF Maker is as easy to use as the website says it is.
Its very similar to the word processors I have and use on my PC now, so putting Easy PDF Maker to use, even the first time, was a cinch.
Im happy to have this killer tool in my marketing arsenal and Im definitely recommending it to my list members!

Barbie Zabel, Ohio
I have tried out your new Easy PDF Maker and its very easy to use. The interface is clean and self-explanatory, with all of the features I need only a click away.

The PDF I created turned out great. Im very pleased with this product and will be recommending it to anyone I know who needs to generate PDFs.

Marcy Coate
Even with all these positive comments, I know you may still be sceptical (I probably would be too). Thats why I want to make it so easy for you to put my entire system to work for you - totally risk-free (Ill explain my Dog Ate It guarantee in a moment).
But first, let me share with what youll get inside the complete EASY PDF MAKER program...
Here are a few things you can do with this easy to use software:
If you are anything like me you probably have private label products gathering dust on your hard drive. You can use to INSTANTLY make quality reports you can use to…,
(You might want to grab your highlighter and see how many of these powerful secrets you could apply right away):
Outright sell
Create Mouth Watering BAIT to Get People on Your List
Bribe People to Click on Your Affiliate Links
Establish Creditability
Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Field
Any One Of These Strategies Could
Literally Be Thousands of Dollars in Extra Commissions to You…
And this is just the tip of iceberg. Heres what else you can do with Easy PDF Maker
Send the Perceived Value of Your E-zine Through the Roof
Pass word protect your PDF’s so thieves can’t steal your work by copying and pasting
Disable printing

Save books or articles in Word, RTF, Text or HTML

Edit Word, RTF, Text and HTML files

Add Hyperlinks to Your E-Books and Articles
Use As a Complete Fully Functional and Powerful Word Processor.

Easy to Use Time Management System to Make Your Business Run Like A Fine-Tuned Engine
Backup all Books, Articles, and Reminders all with just one click

Organize your reports, eBooks, articles and notes how ever you want and much more…
Now before we go on, Im sure you probably have some unanswered questions and concerns. Here is the most common:
Q.I have tried other PDF creators before and all they could do was create ugly looking text files. What makes this Easy PDF Maker different?
A. Well, I know what you mean. We designed Easy PDF Maker so you can easily and quickly create STUNNING reports and e-books
Its easy as pie to insert...
· images
· footers
· page breaks
· page numbers
· text frames
Take a look for yourself

This seems so simple...just consider how much time you will save creating PDF files and how much more you will make when you have your own eBooks and reports, is it worth to you if my system simply {did what it was supposed to do}?
You see, my system contains absolutely everything you need to start creating PDFs and EXPLODE your income, almost overnight. Just about everything is already done for you.
Okay, So How Much Does All Of This Cost?
Well, realize that Easy PDF Maker could easily sell for $67.00 In fact, if you asked a professional writer to produce an original e-book for you, youd be charged in the neighborhood of $175.00 to $650.00, and that doesn’t include formatting. And what if you need a rewrite or change a link. You would have to pay through the nose to get a rush job done
Heck, I know one writer currently charges a minimum of $75.00 just for an email or a review. So at bare bones minimum youre getting the tools you need to scoop up thousands and thousands of dollars in extra profits at your fingertips.
Look, theres no need to buy expensive software. Everything is ready for you, ready to go, and so easy a ten year old kid could create professional e-books
Now maybe you think this whole thing will cost you a fortune...but listen to this:
Your entire investment in this entire system is only $17.00!
Your investment is tiny compared to the {money-making/money saving, etc.} potential it has for you.
But wait theres more...If you order in the next 10 days, youll also get 3 more free gifts worth almost $650.00 on top of “How to Create Killer Reports People Will Do Anything To Get” and Easy PDF Maker making this system worth over $700.00!
Free Bonus Gift #1: Resale rights to Easy PDF Maker So You Can Sell it And Keep 100 percent of the Profits Value $67.00
Free Bonus Gift #2: Resale Rights to “How to Create Killer Reports People Will Do Anything To Get” Value $67.00
Free Bonus Gift #3: And a Copy of this Sales Letter, written by a professional copy writer to use on your website Value $500.00
Together, these 4 free bonuses are worth more than 41 times your investment in Easy PDF Maker -- but theyre all yours absolutely free when you order by midnight .
Okay, so why am I being so generous?
Simply put: I know once see how quickly you can create PDF with Easy PDF Maker, youre going to be a loyal and eager customer (and hopefully youll even tell your friends and colleagues).
I believe the only way to build a great business is to over-deliver.
And thats why you also get my 100% risk-free, 60 days the Dog Ate It Guarantee

Heres how it works: Try Easy PDF Maker for 60 days...
Then after putting my techniques to the test for a FULL 60 Days, if you dont think this system is worth at least 10 times the amount you paid, Ill buy it back from you! And How to Create Killer Reports People Will Do Anything To Get and the resale rights to the report are yours to keep no matter what! Is that fair or what?
Re-read the above paragraph for loopholes if you like. You wont find any. This money-back guarantee is absolute. Either it works for you or it doesnt. You are the sole judge and jury.
Thats all there is to it!
The worst that can happen is you come out $135.00 ahead just for taking a peek. Theres no absolutely no way you can lose, even if you do want your money back.
But the truth is that once you start applying these secrets youll probably never want your money back because Easy PDF Maker is probably the most important tool you need to become a super affiliate and is hands down the easiest PDF Creation Software -- See if Im right!
Look, if you are at all serious about running a profit pulling cash sucking internet business...then you cant overlook this risk-free opportunity to break away from your competition and and secure your financial future no matter what happens in these uncertain economic times
Your investment is peanuts compared to all the money youre probably going to flush down the toilet on trying to make money without your own So that means...
You really cant afford not to invest in this system!
Simply click the button to get your hands on Easy PDF Maker and all the bonuses
So before you put this aside take action now -- chances are too great youll forget about all the immense potential this system can bring you.
Getting an advantage over everybody else selling the exact same things is just around the corner.
Yes Frank & YOUR NAME ! I want to order Easy PDF Maker software with Master Resell Rights for only $17!

To your success,
Frank Salinas
P.S. Dont forget you must order within the next 10 days to get your free “How to Create Killer Reports People Will Do Anything To Get (a $67.00 value) plus well over in $600.00 in bonus gifts you can use to make hoards of money as an affiliate!
P.P.S. Want another reason, how about this - your entire investment in this system is 100% tax deductible (ask your tax advisor).

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