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*New* Run Your Business Using Google

Attention : Small business operators, online business owners, webmasters and others trying to find a better way to manage remote workers plus information sharing and business communications…
Transform The Way You Do
Business - Making Your
Operations Faster & More
Efficient With Google's Powerful
Online Applications!

Finally, A Tutorial Series That's GUARANTEED To Help You Master Google Infrastructure & Make Business Communications & Information Sharing A Breeze!

Are you looking for a better way to manage emails, document sharing, websites, domain registration and more?

Would you like to feel confident that all your employees were grouped correctly to securely receive and share essential business information?

Do you want to make business communication faster and more user friendly with a complete system that manages the full spectrum of tools you require?

If you run a business with one or more employees, then you face the challenge of ensuring that all your business 'stakeholders' can access the essential information they need for their roles.

While you may find there are different solutions available, for many small businesses these solutions are simply too expensive to justify their use in their day to day operations.
Are On The Endless Search For A Quality Solution?

I'm sure you have tried some of the so called answers, but if you need a real solution, then you need to explore an online option that doesn't rely on you incorporating expensive infrastructure purely for handling emails, electronically storing business documents and hosting your own websites.

What you need is a solution that is web based - offering the benefits of having your own virtual intranet - without the crippling expense that puts this option out of reach of many small or online businesses.

There is an answer - and you can master this solution to great effect! I'm going to tell you more about that in a moment, but firstly let me introduce myself...

Dear Friend,

Hello, my name is Deep Arora … As a small business owner and online business expert - I too faced the challenges of how to email my employees and contractors, how to share business documents and information so that different groups could find what they needed and how to manage websites, domain names and more.

I worked with several different options and did seriously consider setting up my own intranet for my business - at great expense- using my own server space and IT people to run it.

The potential cost of such a project escalated rapidly and I was facing a tough decision about how badly did I want or need to implement these measures….
The Search For A Cost Effective
Business Management Solution...

My search for a quality solution that was cost effective led me to try a number of different options.

What I discovered was that there were many programs that provided business communication tools, email, document transfer facilities and web and domain options.

What I failed to find was one software solution that could deliver me a comprehensive system that worked across a number of different levels and provide cost effective management of these different aspects...

What I needed was a way to do this without paying for an intranet structure that necessitated server rental, site hosting and expensive implementation and maintenance.

I wanted more 'bang for my buck' - I was running small business and regularly outsourced work to contractors. In doing this I needed a way to create groups for user access to different business documentation and sensitive information.

I needed to find a solution that would keep costs down while providing the maximum number of tools to achieve the goals I had set for my business and ensure that I could work cost effectively towards those goals.
Finding Comprehensive Answers
Without Spending A Small Fortune

If you are in business for yourself, then I'm sure these problems sound familiar. The search for a way to handle your business and ensure your employees have the information they need to do their work is problematic. While there are solutions available - the cost puts them way out of reach for small business owners.

You know that there is a need to manage the different aspects of your business, but doing so successfully is a challenge.

What you really need is:

A way to communicate via email with your colleagues and employees
A means to manage and maintain your business website more easily
An effective way to share documents, business information and other business related data
A domain registration that ties in with the other aspects you manage for your business
An inexpensive option for handling business communication and sharing of information

Without implementing the right tools - you'll find that you fall short in one or more of these areas. The problem then is how to implement all these things without resorting to patched together solutions that 'fall over' at the most critical point in time.

Your business could quickly start running into trouble if you can't get these things working for you and you fail to find a business solution that genuinely delivers the full range of tools you need.

If you've tried to secure an efficient solution, then you are probably tearing your hair out by now trying to work out how to get results without the cost making your goal unachievable. You need a solution that cuts to the heart of what you need and provides you with REAL answers!

I was where you are - I understand how it feels - so now let me show you…….
How The Google Tools
Transformed My Business…

When I tapped into the power of the Google infrastructure I finally discovered a solution that allowed me to master my online business activities.

This range of tools truly got the ticks in all the boxes. I finally had a means of managing a whole range of business elements. The tools covered sharing of documents, website maintenance and domain registration, user accounts, plus user groups and more…

Best of all - the service was online - so I eliminated costs of server space, expensive web hosting and more!

Sounds great - but how can you implement these tools in your business?

Well, that's where I can help. Not only have I uncovered this solution for your business needs - I've put together a package that will let you gain all the essential knowledge you need to successfully utilise these business tools!

In fact, you'll cover everything you need to know to master the invaluable Google Infrastructure - I've mastered these powerful online tools….NOW you can too!
Get The Tools You Need To Boost Your
Online Business Operations Dramatically!

I've covered everything you need to know about the Google Infrastructure in my step-by-step series that walks you through the essentials of managing your business communications and data online.

Once you take advantage of this unique information, you'll understand precisely how to get the most out of the Google Infrastructure and how these powerful tools can assist you managing your business needs from day to day.

That’s what you want, right? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get, but right now, I want you to know……
'Using Google Power For Your Business' - How To Revolutionize Your Success…

Now you'll finally have access to a training system that will help you to maintain your business - using more effective options for communication and data sharing.

The "Using Google Power For Your Business" tutorials walk you step-by-step through a range of methods, techniques and options for harnessing the power of the Google tools.

This information will help you truly take control and manage your business without outlaying masses of money to ensure you succeed!

One of the greatest advantages with "Using Google Power For Your Business" is that these video tutorials demonstrate a wealth of information in an easy to follow, visual manner. Because all of us learn in our own way and at our own pace, the visual format and progressive structure of this learning series makes the process enjoyable.

Very few of us have the time or patience necessary to sit down and read a long winded eBook.

This can take days if not weeks - and if you're eager to start mastering the skills to use the Google Infrastructure tools, then you don't want to wait a second longer!

I've put this valuable information together in video format - so that you begin to take onboard this valuable information fast, via a straightforward visual format.

"Using Google Power For Your Business" is a packagethat includesvideotutorials packed full of helpful hints, instructions, strategies, and methods to succeed with the full range of tools that are offered.

If you're ready to take control and increase your knowledge of the Google Infrastructure - then it's time to harness the power of these tools through my videos. This tutorial series will mean you CAN achieve results - it's fast and easy - and it genuinely works!

In the "Using Google Power For Your Business" series you’ll discover:

The Google email tool
Managing the Google calendar
Using Google chat
Creating your own start page
Transferring and sharing with GoogleDocs
All about sites
Google Mobile applications

With the "Using Google Power For Your Business" video series, you'll have the necessary tools to master your business operations. This is an invaluable opportunity to create quality results for your business with online applications that will significantly change how you approach your business communications and information sharing.

So now I'll show you exactly why ….
YOU Must Try "Using Google
Power For Your Business"

This training is the perfect solution to build upon your business management and communications.

This video series uncovers:

How you can use GoogleDocs to search, store and manage your business documents and spreadsheets - perfect for small businesses needing to share information
How you can create a Gmail email account and receive desktop notifications
Discover how you can check your Gmail via your mobile phone
Look at how you can personalizing an iGoogle or start up page to gain instant access to some of the powerful Google tools and applications
See how Google Talk can work for your business and a means of instant messaging and as a PC to PC voice call provider
Find out how you can integrate the Google Talk service with your Gmail account or download it as a separate IM application
Use the GoogleDocs tools for online collaboration - adding and removing collaborators so that different employees can access and work on different documents
Watch a demonstration of the Google Calendar - a free online calendar which can be used for managing employee schedules and to share events
Discover a range of additional uses and applications for these powerful online tools

The Testimonial PROOF That These
Video Tutorials Really Deliver Results!

Insert Testimonials Here

If you want to continue doing the same things as you do now - you'll find that taking the easy way out simply leads to the same results you're getting now.... But if you're ready to create the extraordinary success and create the results others have outlined in their testimonials - then now is the time to get rid of your scepticism and make a genuine, lasting change!

You Can Get Started Today At One Low, Low Price!

The cost of this program is negligible compared to the comprehensive, powerful and money saving information that this delivers! When you purchase your lessons you'll truly get the information and resources you need to master the full range of Google Infrastructure tools and applications.

If you're ready to truly turn around your online business activities once and for all - then you won't find a more comprehensive or effective learning system around!

Here's exactly what the sequence of videos you'll get includes:

LESSON 1 - Setting up a Google account

In the first video, I'll cover the essentials of setting up your Google account to get started. This tutorial includes information on:

1. Prerequisites (domain name, hosting)

2. Where to sign up (https://www.tradebit.com

3. Sign up process

4. Basic configuration (Under Domain Settings)

LESSON 2 - What services are available?

In order to get the most out of the tools, you need to understand exactly what is included. In video two I'll briefly cover what services are available after login. This video includes information on the following:

1. Email

2. Calendar

3. Chat

4. Start page

5. Docs

6. Sites

7. Mobile

LESSON 3 - Initial Service Settings – Part 1

Video three takes you through the essentials of using Gmail (email). This tutorial demonstrate steps to integrate your domain email with Google services (this covers changing the MX records).

LESSON 4 - Initial Service Settings – Part 2

Video four will take you step-by-step through customizing your very own start page to make using these powerful tools easier.

LESSON 5 - Initial Service Settings – Part 3

Every business needs a website these days. In video five, I'll cover everything you need to know about sites and site tools.

LESSON 6 - Initial Service Settings – Part 4

Video six goes through the range of mobile settings available to help you upload information, messages and more via your mobile phone.

LESSON 7 - Creating user groups and users

Providing appropriate levels of access to different documents and the ability to send notifications to members of groups facilitates easier business communication. In video eleven I'll cover this in demonstrations of:

1. What are user groups and user accounts

2. How to create new user groups & user accounts

LESSON 8 - Overview of Services – Part 1

Using email to communicate with employees and colleagues is an essential aspect of your business. Video seven will cover the range of services available with the Gmail (email) software.

LESSON 9 - Overview of Services – Part 2

If you need to manage scheduling for employees and contractors, share events and make sure that your staff are up to date on what's coming up in the future - the calendar is an integral part of the Google package - this is what I'll cover in video eight.

LESSON 10 - Overview of Services – Part 3

Video nine covers the all important sharing of documents, online collaboration and uploading of spreadsheets and other data using GoogleDocs.

LESSON 11 - Overview of Services – Part 4

Keeping in contact with our employees and providing them with the means to communicate with you and each other is crucial. Video ten will help you use the full range of features offered in the Google Chat.

LESSON 12 - Advanced Tools

To streamline user account creation - Video twelve will look more closely at bulk user creation, as well as other advanced tools.

This is an incredible amount of information and all this could be yours for only $29.95 .

Best of all you're not risking anything - these video tutorials are backed up by a 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

I’m so confident of providing you with the results that you’re looking for - I’m willing to back it up for a full refund.

If after trying my training you’re not completely satisfied with these awesome tutorials, all you have to do is let me know. Even if it’s the last day of the guarantee, simply let me know and I’ll insist on fully refunding you directly from my bank account, no questions asked.

It’s really that simple!

All I ask is that you give it an honest try. Fair enough?


Using Google Power Tutorials
Professionally recorded video tutorials
Free lifetime upgrades..
Thirty Days 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Quite simply ……..When you take up this fabulous offer on the "Using Google Power For Your Business" video series, there’s simply no better way to secure the success you need with these powerful Google applications.

To successful business management,

your name

P.S.: Are You Going To Waste Your Money On Applications That Simply Don't Deliver Results?

If you're targeting a better bottom line and developing more efficient business operations - then you need the tools that will provide the results you're after.

Ultimately, if you have a streamlined business that operates smoothly and efficiently, then you'll see the results speak for themselves. You have the opportunity today to secure the knowledge you are seeking to create a 'well-oiled' business machine! Why miss this fantastic opportunity to achieve genuine results order now and get on track today!

P.P.S.: Boost Your Business With Powerful & Inexpensive Online Tools and Applications!

What are you waiting for?

You can transform your business operations - harnessing the power of these outstanding tools and applications with the knowhow delivered via the videos. This tutorial series is a must have if you're truly serious about creating streamlined business operations. You can profit by finding out how to use the inexpensive and highly effective Google tools and applications. The longer you delay, the longer it will be before you start creating the results you desire - so why put it off any longer!

"Using Google Power For Your Business" will provide you with a real opportunity to transform your business! Today you have the opportunity of a lifetime staring you in the face… If you want to structure your business to operate more successfully and more efficiently, then you simply must grab hold of this chance right away!

Don’t miss out a moment longer— ORDER NOW!


“Boost Your Business Efficiency - Discover How You Can Collaborate & Share Business Information Securely!”

Uncovered: A Video Series That's GUARANTEED To Provide You With Hands On Training To Master Google's Online Tools & Application FAST!

“Transform The Way You Do Business - Making Your Operations Faster & More Efficient With These Powerful Online Applications!”

Discover How You Can Change The Way You Do Business FOREVER... Get The Knowhow Your Need To Master Google's Range Of Online Applications - And Speed Up Your Business Operations Today!

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