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Personal SalesLetters (PLR)

Breakthrough Technological Advancement Scientifically Increases Response Of Your Website With No Writing, No Additional Advertising & No Additional Traffic!
Stop Sweating Your Response!
If you're ready to get off the response roller coaster and secure a steady increased response once and for all you are in the right place.

You might not be getting the response that you know you deserve or maybe you just want to increase it a bit to increase sales.

Whatever your goal is, you are going to learn how to do that without all the "usual suspects" that go with increasing the conversion of your website.

Read this letter for the full story...

If you're at this website you either have a direct response website of your own that sells something or are considering opening your own website with a product for sale.

If you have a product currently you have probably struggled trying to get the response rates high enough to be barley profitable and probably haven't got it much higher than that.

If you don't have a product yet, you may be scarred to move forward because you are worried that your product won't convert well and you'll waste all of your time on money on tactics that just don't work.

I'm here to tell you that there is a solution to your problem whether you're a person selling an existing product or service or if you're totally new to the online business world.

But before you learn about that, it's important that you know...

Personalization Is King On The Internet!

As you are probably aware, a couple of years ago, several companies that offer e-mail marketing services or auto responder services implemented what is called "personalization" into their services.

What this means is that you can enter what is called a "token" into your e-mail such as "Dear
%FIRSTNAME%" and when it's broadcast to your whole list each message is personalized with the first name of each of your subscribers.

Pretty cool right?

When this first came out, people loved it because it's extremely effective in getting more people to not only open your message but respond to it.

The reason that personalization is so effective is because it creates a strong relationship with the reader. Even if you have never met the person, if you send regular e-mails that are personalized just to that person, they feel that you are talking JUST to them.

Testing has proven that personalization alone can increase your response rate up to 70% without any other changes to your advertising message.

Those are pretty staggering numbers aren't they?

But this personalization is stopped dead in it's tracks after the e-mail because...

Profitable Personalization Has Never Carried Over To The Website Creating A Truly Pure Personalized Experience!

While personalizing e-mail still works great, it doesn't get the response that is once used to.

This is because everyone is doing it so people that get e-mail newsletters or promotions know that it probably isn't a REAL personal message.

And when these readers click over to the website and sees that the personalization is gone leaving them sitting right in front of a sales message, they know they've been duped.

The truth is, technology just hasn't been "up to snuff" when it comes to personalizing web pages and no one really put any effort into making it a reality.

Can you imagine what the response would be if you sent an e-mail message to someone that carried the personalization over to the website?

What I mean is this...

What do you think would happen to your response if you sent a "personalized e-mail" to someone via your mailing service and when they visited the website you are promoting, it was also personalized with the name or whatever other personal information you want to include?

Do you think that would create a more trusting relationships with them and make it easier for you to make a sale?

You better believe it would!

Can I Really Personalize My Website Without
Any Hassle Or Complicated Programming?

While there have been a few companies in the past that have used personalization, these big wigs built their systems with a team of programmers and it's an incredibly hard technology to put to use.

Not anymore!

Through the use of "Personal Sales Letters" a single person can be personalizing their web pages in just a few minutes using this awesome tool.

Now you're probably thinking "Yeah, but do I have to be a techno geek and know a whole bunch about programming?" And the answer to that is no.

"Personal Sales Letters" was made for the everyday, hard working, time pressed average Joe's and Jane's just like me and you!

This means you can quickly and easily put it to use without all the usual headaches that go with new fangled technology!

Here's just some of the benefits of the new breakthrough tool, The "Personal Sales Letters"...


Simple Installation - Created with the novice user in mind, "Personal Sales Letters" is something that even newbies can put to use in just an evening.


Works With Any Mailing List Service With Personalization - That's right! No matter what your mailing service or what software you use, "Personal Sales Letters" works with it if it just has personalization capabilities!


Maintenance Free - After your set this thing up, you forget about it. You never have to even think about any maintenance or monitoring. It runs hands free, automatically on 100% autopilot for the life of your page!



Personalize UNLIMITED Pages - With the "Personal Sales Letters" system you can personalize an unlimited amount of web pages on and unlimited amount of sites. Can you say "100% personalized surfing experience?"


Easy Boost In Sales -It's no secret that personalization increases sales. Now you can put this powerful force to use and watch your sales permanently increase hands free!


Super Stable - "Personal Sales Letters" was coded to run at high performance, optimum levels. This means your personalization can take a beating and it will never go down!

Now that you've seen just some of what you get with your "Personal Sales Letters" system, I'm sure you see the extreme value in the system.

This software was written to easily increase profit for the person who just doesn't have loads of time to invest.

It's also something that you can start using stress free, worry free and without and huge background in the technology field.

Doesn't your website deserve a boost in sales? Couldn't you use a few extra bucks every month without having to do things like copywriting, testing or more expensive advertising?

"Okay, I'm Ready, This Is Where The Outrageous Price Comes Into Play To Scare Me Off, Right?"

No Way!

As I stated before, the "Personal Sales Letters" was created for the average Joe & Jane just like me and you.

I couldn't very well make this product for the average Joe & Jane and then sell it at unheard of rates now could I?

Obviously other companies who have used this technology have assembled entire teams to create it which resulted in who known how many man hours and tens of thousands of dollars invested but this was created to make this technology available to you...


If you are one of the first 30 people to act you will get the "pre-launch" rate and pay only $97 for this smokin' hot software.

You see, I want to test this thing out small scale and measure the results that my clients get. While I know (and guarantee) that you will see increased profits, I want to make sure that this doesn't get flooded and want to "stick my toes in the water" before rolling it out.

To top off that incredibly low price, you are going to get a heap of bonuses worth more than triple what you pay for the "Personal Sales Letters".

Take a look (and try not to drool too much)...

It's Time That You Started Raking In The Profits Increased Conversion With All Of Your Web Pages!

This could and should be labeled as the best deal of 2007 for the simple fact that you are getting so much immediately profitable information you can use right away in your business.

The "Personal Sales Letter" System could provide you the turning point in your business or that "bump" to take you to the next level and earn the income you've always dreamed of!

The truth is...

You Really Canat Afford Not To Invest In
a?"Personal Sales Letters"a?

Grab This Package Now And Start Increasing The Profits From Your Website Tomorrow!

You are minutes away from being able to have the wheels rolling on your own successful Online business. Our guide will practically do all of the work for you.

Don't you owe it to yourself to try How To The "Personal Sales Letters" System today?

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