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Tinnitus,vertigo,menires,insomnia,anxiety natural recipe

Glutamate is a neuro-transmitter used by the ear to transmit signals across the synapse leading to the brain. It is produced by the hair cells of the inner ear when converting vibrational sound into electrical signals. When the hair cells are damaged, they produce excess glutamate which floods the neuro-receptors in the auditory nerve and brain. Excess glutamate becomes toxic to the receptors and eventually kills them. This process is known as glutamate neurotoxicity and is responsible for many neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, epilepsy and tinnitus. Tinnitus/vertigo/menieres caused by glutamate toxicity is called Cochlear-Synaptic Tinnitus.

In the biochemical process leading to receptor death, ROS molecules are generated in very large amounts. However, receptors can prevent ROS damage in the presence of antioxidants. Glutathione is the primary antioxidant produced within the cochlea and helps prevent oxidative damage up to a certain point. The glutathione can eventually be overwhelmed, however, and ROS damage continues, eventually leading to the death of the receptor.

Richard D. Kopke, MD of the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, CA has been working for years developing an antioxidant treatment for hearing loss and tinnitus. Unfortunately, glutathione, taken as a supplement, is not well absorbed into the cells and is degraded by the liver. Dr. Kopke has therefore been working with N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC), a precursor to glutathione. NAC can be absorbed by the cells of the inner ear and gives them the ability to produce excess glutathione.

In recent years however, something startling has taken place and had been reported by patients whom have been taking a special natural garlic,ginger,lemond,natural honey and vinegar mix sold online for preventing them from having clog arteries in maintaining heart health in preventing a fatal heart attack. These same patients by chance also had tinnitus/vertigo/menieres and have notice a 75%-95% lower in their tinnitus noise some even reported complete disappearance of the https://www.tradebit.com seems that increase in blood flow and circulation significantly reduces tinnitus/vertigo/menieres level,because that is what this special natural blend of these four natural ingredients promotes in reducing the risk of clog arteries and heart attack and strokes.

The Tinnitus/menieres/vertigo Connection

Antioxidants are chemical substances that donate an electron to the free radical and convert it to a harmless molecule. In this way, antioxidants intercept free radicals and protect cells from the oxidative damage that leads to aging and disease. Antioxidants prevent injury to blood vessel membranes, helping to optimize blood flow to the heart and brain, defend against cancer causing DNA damage and help lower the risk of tinnitus/vertigo/menieres, cardiovascular disease, and dementia .

The tinnitus/vertigo/menieres natural supplement blend

Tinnitus/vertigo/menieres natural supplement blend is a powerful special formulated blend of 4 natural ingredients that produces the most powerful antioxidant for our bodies that eliminates free radicals in our https://www.tradebit.comse ingredients are garlic,ginger,lemon and vinegar . There is a very special way of blending these 4 ingredients together at home that will only take about an hour to do. free radicals is what feeds Tinnitus/vertigo/menieres, anxiety and insomnia, and this powerful carefully prepare home remedy recipe eradicates free radical and adrenaline.

This is how it works,garlic,ginger,vinegar,honey and lemon mix in a special way produces one of the most powerful natural antioxidant that could be naturally absorbed by our bodies unlike the genetically formulated antioxidant drugs that have great difficulties becoming absorbed by our bodies. This fact was previously outlined above. The antioxidant naturally released in the body from this powerful garlic,ginger,lemon and vinegar mix, donate an electron to the free radical and convert it to a harmless molecule.

Oxygen is critical to life, but is also a double-edged sword. While oxygen is necessary to sustain life, too much oxygen in the body’s cells can lead to the production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) molecules. Untold damage is caused to the body by ROS, which we normally refer to as “free radicals”. These dangerous molecules are one of the leading causes of age related disease, being directly responsible for over 100 human diseases including many types of cancer vertigo and tinnitus.
Free radicals are produced in normal metabolism when oxygen is used to burn food for energy. They are also produced in certain disease states and in response to environmental pollution and toxins. A free radical is a molecule with an unpaired electron. This makes the molecule unstable and highly reactive, trying to capture an electron that will stabilize it. By capturing electrons from nearby molecules, the free radical converts other molecules to free radicals, thereby initiating a destructive chain reaction.
By producing oxidative damage in DNA, free radicals produce mutations that, over time, can lead to cancer. Oxidative damage begins at birth and is a cumulative risk factor for aging and disease. Stress, infections, Tinnitus/vertigo/menieres, anxiety and insomnia inflammation and exposure to pollutants and sunlight all produce free radicals.
We can now understand the double benefits of antioxidant, first it protects the inner ear “the central system of our balance and sound processing”, by protecting the nerve receptors preventing and reducing Tinnitus/vertigo/menieres and insomnia. Second antioxidant neutralizes free radical that accelerate our aging and degrading process in our cells and nervous system .

Some individuals get tinnitus/vertigo/menieres ,insomnia and or anxiety not only from noise damage to the inner ear receptors, but through bad circulation in their inner ear or somewhere in their https://www.tradebit.com garlic,ginger,lemon vinegar special cocktail supplement with it’s powerful anti blood clogging agent, will eliminate bad circulation or blocked arteries.
Some tinnitus/vertigo/menieres ,insomnia and or anxiety are also triggered by an allergic reaction to certain foods high in caffeine,salt,sugar,spice or https://www.tradebit.coms happens because these rich foods dramatically elevate the toxin level in the blood stream, but the garlic,ginger,lemon vinegar special cocktail supplement when taken regularly will prevent this from happening because of it’s natural detoxifying cleansing nature.
In closing we can conclude that tinnitus/vertigo/,insomnia and or anxiety are not a diseases except for the exemption of menieres, but are symptoms of a red alert that is signaling to individuals that their bodies either have a serious chemical toxin unbalance of free radicals spurn on by high elevation of sugar salt or acid as a result of an unhealthy eating habit, or the individual just simply have a physical inner ear receptor damage due to excessive physical noise. The benefits of the natural garlic,ginger,lemon vinegar special cocktail supplement is that it naturally repairs the damage inner ear receptors over time with it’s powerful antioxidant composition , no prescription drugs required; and it also detoxify naturally cholesterol,salt,sugar and acid levels in the body that contributes to elevating tinnitus/vertigo/menieres ,insomnia and or anxiety levels while unclogging the arteries naturally in preventing a heart attack or strokes.
The garlic,ginger,lemon, vinegar and honey special cocktail supplement also help the brain produce and release in the body a high level of endorphins, a powerful natural muscle relaxant chemical in the blood stream that promotes sleep by calming the central nervous system.


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