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Instant Video Markenting Secrets

Instant Video Marketing Secrets
Instant Video Marketing Secrets. 4
As you may know submitting videos to video-sharing sites is an effective way to got traffic to your web site. And you likely know that using videos on your sales letter will usually increase your conversion rates. Plus, you might know that you can increase your list by getting people to opt-in to see your videos.
But the trick is actually getting people to go watch your videos. Thats what this report will help you do. It will give you many different ways to persuade people to view your free videos. Theres no point in offering a free video if no one will actually view it.
Say Its Free
Tell your prospects that your video is free to watch. Of course, this is pretty basic but a lot of people forget to mention that.
You can tell them it 100% free and there is no sign up form to see it and they can go straight to the video.
If your video is free but they have to opt-in to see it, tell them that up front because a lot of people will get mad about that.
Instant Video Marketing Secrets
Instant Video Marketing Secrets. 5
Opt-In For No. 2
Tell your prospects the your first video is free to view but they need to opt-in to your list to see the second video. It could be that you are launching a series of videos or you are dividing a long video up into smaller parts.
Just make sure you first video will persuade them to opt-in to see the next one. You also could ask them to invite a few friends using a tell a friend script to see the next video.
Tell them they can always unsubscribe later if they dont want to be on your list.
Lots Of Views
Tell your prospects that a ton of people have viewed your video. Of course, use the specific number amount to make it more detailed. People will see that that make people cant be wrong about your video and it must be a popular subject they should learn more about.
You can also mention your video web sites traffic rank to show them how popular it is or tell them how many view per minute, hour or day.
Its High Quality
Tell your prospects that your video is of high quality. You can describe it as clear, high resolution, crisp audio, etc. You can mention you film it in a high priced studio, use expensive video equipment and editing software or hired a professional film crew, director actors or actresses and a full set.
Instant Video Marketing Secrets
Instant Video Marketing Secrets. 6
Its Long Or Short
Tell your prospects how long your video lasts in second, minutes or hours. You could even offer a short or long version of the video. Some people will just want to watch an overview or summary and some people will want to view the full show.
For example you could say, its only 2 minutes long or this 125 minutes of killer strategies.
What Type Is It
Tell your prospects the type of content is in your video. Sometimes just mentioning the type of video will persuade them to go watch. I made a big list for you.
Plus, this list will give you a lot of brainstorming ideas for new videos to create.
Taped Classroom Course
Product Testimonials
Text Only
Taped Workshop
Product Samples
Product Demonstrations
Home Movies
Success Stories
Entertaining Stories
Strategies, Tips, Tactics
News Related
Taped Seminars
Sales Letter Previews
Short Clips
Screen Capture
How To
Top 10
Secrets Revealed
Live On Stage
Live Streamed
Expert Interview
Video Slides
Celebrity Interview
Behind The Scenes
Special Announcement
Instant Video Marketing Secrets
Instant Video Marketing Secrets. 7
Special Effects
Product Presale
Taped Speeches
Video Report/E-book
Product Reviews
Secretly Leaked
Step By Step
Music Videos
Mini Movies
Video Series
Taped Meetings
Proof Of Something
Vacation Video
Article Videos
This list will get you started, Im sure there are way more than I list here.
Limited Viewing
Tell your prospects that you video may not be around long. You could say that you are only allowing a certain number of views of the video then you are taking it down, you dont know how much bandwidth your server can handle before you have to delete the video, or you can put out a countdown clock on how long the video will be available for viewing.
Video Comments
Tell your prospects how many comments were made at your blog about the video. For example, 6 hours after we released this video we had over 200 comments about it at our blog. People will know if they dont watch your video they will be missing out
on something.
If your comments are like testimonials or rave reviews it will persuade them even more to watch your video And if some of the comments are questions use persuasive content to answer them.
Instant Video Marketing Secrets
Instant Video Marketing Secrets. 8
Till The End
Tell your prospects to watch your video till them end because there will be a special benefit waiting on them.
It could be:
a special discount price on your product
a link to another free video
a bonus product
they can rebrand this video with their affiliate
link and give it away to others
a free transcript version of the video
get a free just pay shipping hard copy of the video mailed to them list of free resource to learn more the resell
master resell or private label rights to it
What Youre Doing
Tell your prospects what your are wearing or doing in the video that will spark their curiosity to see.
It could be:
wearing a crazy costume like a chicken outfit
doing a skate boarding stunt
wearing your pajamas or half naked
parting at a party
you getting caught doing something crazy or embarrassing
using some swear words or something that might be offensive
Instant Video Marketing Secrets
Instant Video Marketing Secrets. 9
getting it a fight or argument with someone
calling somebody out
playing a joke on someone
revealing a secret
doing something controversial
Search For It
Tell your prospects that they need to find something hidden in your video.
It could be:
a hint about a new product
a certain code or number they can use to get a huge discount
a password they can use to get a free bones
a list of objects they have to enter to try to win a contest
You can tell them about were the hidden item is in your video like for example its 1/2 way through it. People will be entertained by your little search and seek game.
No Pitching
Tell your prospects the videos are pure content.
You can mention that:
they arent full of sales pitches
Instant Video Marketing Secrets
Instant Video Marketing Secrets. 10
they arent full of resold or rehashed information
there wont be any order link or web site address at the end of it
they wont be directed to any web site automatically at the end of the video
Just Like TV
Tell your prospects to prepare to watch your video just like they would to watch regular TV or a movie.
You could say:
to just sit back and relax
just kick back and enjoy the show
sit down a grab your favorite beverage
grab a bucket of popcorn
grab your favorite bag of potato chips
turn up the volume
munch on your favorite candy
The Reactions
Tell your prospects the types of emotions or physical reaction they may have or you had
by watching the video.
You could say:
the video shocked you
Instant Video Marketing Secrets
Instant Video Marketing Secrets. 11
gave you the chills
made you tingled with excitement
made you cry
scared you
made you happy
pumped adrenaline through your veins
raised the hair on your arms
Instant Video Marketing Secrets
Instant Video Marketing Secrets. 12
Today online videos are popular than ever and going to get even more in the years to come. That means its just going to get harder and harder to get your video watch with all the competition that keeps growing.
Hopefully these video persuasion strategies will give you an unfair advantage over your competition. But dont stop with this report.
One of the best ways to learn new techniques is by actually studying the other video marketers and see how they are trying to persuade you to watch their videos.
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