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Super Soundfonts V.2 For Hip Hop and R&B Production.

"Harmony Productions INC." proudly presents to you....

SuPa SoUnDfOnTZ V.2
441 Instruments 585 MB

(.sf2) (Soundfont)

404 Fully Playable Instruments

***For use with all of today's Soundfont (.sf2) compatible samplers including (Reason, Halion, FL Studio, Kontakt, EXS-24, VSampler, Orion, Gigastudio And More....)***

***InStAnT DoWnLoAD***

What you are look at is, by far the Largest and Best set of soundfonts anywhere...PERIOD! We at Harmony Productions Inc. are proud to extend to you, the opportunity to become the producer you have always dreamed of being. With our sets, we, with full confidence, Promise you, we have mastered the technique, style and the deep down heart and soul of Fire that pushes and drives the sound of modern Hip-Hop & RnB. Whatever your style is... Timbaland, Dre, Lil Jon, Neptunes, JD, Corna Boyz, Scott Storch, or any of the other top producer's out there, we assure you, This, Is What They Are. You will find them, and Yourself, as a producer, in this set. No If's-And's-or-But's here. Once you lay your eyes on what we have in store for you, there won't be any turning back.


And of course...

What you can always expect from us,


So go ahead... Be gone wit' it...!


Complete List Of Instruments Included...

Metal Vapor

Metal Attack

Metal Clutter

Metal Phone 1-4

Micro Moog

Middle Eastern Drums

Mild Tone

Miles Solos

Mini Moog 1-6

Mini Moog Bass

Miya Daiko



Mki Hard

Mki Soft

Modulated Sitars

Modern Guitar

Modern Harp

Modern Harmonica

Moog 55 Rez

Moog Lead 1-4

Moog Pulse 1-5

Moog Rect 1-5

Moog Saw 1-5

Moog Square 1-6

Mr. Minister

Metalphone Arp

Multi Pulse

Multi Sync

Music Box

Musical Loop

Mythical Pad

Native Power

Nepal Cymbal

New Jerusalem

New Techno

Ney Flute

Nice Night Pad

Noh Way

Noise Non-X


Noise Free LA

Noise Track 1-2

Nord Amp

Nord Came Back

Nord Glass

North Vibes 1-2

Noise Bass & Pad

Notre Dame

NS Piano

NU Age

Nylon Guitar

Nylon Pluck 1-2

OB-Wave 1-5

OB-XA Cool Thing

Oboe No Vibrato

Oboe With Vibrato



OBX Strings

Ocarina Solo


Oct Sine 1-7

Octave Choir

Odd Vibes

Odds Gone

On Land

On The Pluck

Orchestra Bells

Orchestra Brass

Orchestral Presets

Organ Cyc 1-2




P5 Bass 1-2

P5 Brass

P5 Gong

P5 No Tone

P5 Piper

P5 Pulse Mode

P5 Strings

P5 Sync Lead

P5 Tablura

P5 Guitar Pad

P5 Sync Lead 2

P Bass

Pan Flute

Paris Mussette

Pen Whistle

Percussion 1 2 3

Peters Pad


Phatt Presets

Piano Concerto

Pitch Bass

Percussion Fly

Ravish 1-2

Roland Fast Attacks

Roland Marcato Strings

Roland Pizzicato Strings

Roland Sessions Nylon Guitar

Roland Solo Steel Guitar

Roland Vienna Strings

Roland Violin Solo

Rosewd Finger

Rosewd Hammer

Rosewd Tick

Rubber Band

Rumble Fish

Sake Bell





Saronkembe Pad

Savannah Land Pad

Saw Bass

Saw Odd Gone

Saw Tooth


Sci Fi Lead 1 2 3

Sci Fi Loop


SE Sub 1-7

Section Horns

Section Winds




Sharp Edge


Shimmer Attack

Shimmer Wave



Side Stick


Silk And Spice

Silver Race

Sine Wave


Slack Clav

Slack Piano

Slap Bass

Slap & Pop Bass

Slippery Bass

Snare Drum

Snare (Reverb)

So Dark Pad

Soft Bell

Soft Steel

Soft Bell Wave

Solo Cello

Solo Lead

Solo Synth 3

Solo Trombone

Solo Viola

Solo Violin

Sombre Winds

Sonic Implants Rhodes

Soul Hits

SP 1200 Guitars

Space Bk. Guitar

Space Claps

Space Cowboy

Space Horn

Space Trumpet

Space Bass Pad

Space Clavier

Space Steel

Spanish Ney


Special FX Collection

Spirit Catch

Square 1


Squarish Lead

Star of Siam


Steel Drum

Steel Xtract

Stereo Mutes

Stereo Piano

Stereo Sax

Stereo Shake

Stick Distorted A & B

Stick Loop 1 2

String Bass and Piano

String Ensemble

Strings and Flutes

String Swell


Strings (Orchestra)



Super Beep

Super Driver

Surdo Drum

Surdo Mute

Surdo Open

Surrender Pad

Suwak Wave

Suwak Gong


Swamp Thing


Sword 1 2 3

Sword Loop


Synth Kalimba

Sync Wave 1-5

Synth 1-2

Synth 1-4

Synth Strings

Synth Bell

Tabla Mute A B C

Tack Attack

Tam Tam


Tanz Shaker

Tape Hiss 1-2

Tarkus Twin

Taurus Pad 1-4

Taurus Pedal

Tek Organ

Temple Block

Temple Gong

Tenor Sax

Thai Bass

The Guitar

The Machine

The Tabla

Thunder Bass

Tibet Bowl

Tight Clav

Tight Piano

Tiki Treat

Tiled Room



Tinker Bells

Tom Loop

Town Bell

TR Cabasas

TR Closed Hat

TR Claps

TR Clave

TR Cow Bell

TR Crash Cymbal

TR Hat Loop
TR Kick Loop

TR Kick

TR Open Hat

TR Ride Cymbal

TR Side Stick

TR Snare Loop

TR Tom




Tremolo Strings


Tremolo Vibe

Tri Loop


Tribe 1 2


Trom Sax

Trombone 1 2 3



Trumpet Band

Trumpet Solo

Trumpet Hard & Soft


Tubular Bells

Tubular SE

Turbo Bass

Twelve Top 1-3

Twin Bell Wash


Udu Drum

Udu Slap

Udu Tone



VB Harmonica

Velocity Falls

Verb Clap

Verb Flute

Vertigo Pad

Vibe Attack

Vibe N Me

Vibes Loop

Vibe & Choir

Vibrant Piano


Vintage Dreams

XPole Bass

And Many, Many More!


You Got Questions? We Got Answers!

What is all this hype about anyway?

You are looking at Volume 2 of the ABSOLUTE BADDEST collection of Soundfonts anywhere on the planet! Select from Over 440, thats right, over 440 different highest quality INSTRUMENTS, fully playable, ranging from...well... pretty much Anything you can think of!

What is a Soundfont (.sf2 file), and how can I use them in my everyday production?

*The term "SoundFont" refers to a file format or technology designed to bridge the gap between recorded and synthesized audio, especially for the purposes of computer music composition.

*SoundFont technology is like a brother or sister to software sampling. A SoundFont file contains one or more banks of sampled audio data, which can be re-synthesized at different pitches and dynamic levels, while still maintaing the orginal waveform. Each sample in a bank is associated with a particular range of pitches and dynamics. In other words, a SoundFont bank contains .wav files that are mapped to sections on a keyboard for playback. Implementing SoundFonts into your every day productions is like having a professional digital sampler in your computer.

*SoundFonts are tightly integrated with MIDI devices and can be seamlessly used in place of GM patches in many computer music sequencers. The sound quality of SoundFont banks is superior to standard GM banks, and many SoundFont banks have been created specifically to replace GM banks with samples of each corresponding instrument.

Why so cheap?

We at Harmony Productions Inc., feel a strong business, is one who encourages growth, through maximizing clientele satisfaction, over establishing a greater economic profit.

... - Rules to live by.

Don't ask questions, just reap the benefits!


Ready to give it a whirl?

Using soundfonts with your favorite software is alot easier than you think!


Using Soundfonts in Reason....

Reason NN-XT has built-in native support for Soundfonts!

1. Start Reason and create an instance on NN-XT sampler.

2. Click to Load a new sample/patch.

3. Browse to the directory containing your soundfonts and double click the .sf2 file that you want to be loaded.

4. Now you are inside of the soundfont file. Just double click "Presets."

5. Choose the preset/program you want to be loaded (usually we create only one program in each soundfont file, so that is the only one to choose from in most cases) and double click it.

6. The soundfont is loaded! You may open NN-XT Remote Editor to get more control over the sound.


Using Soundfonts in FL Studio....

FL Studio has built-in native support for Soundfonts!

1. All you need to do is open the Generator "Fruity Soundfont Player," and this will give you the ability to load, play and render Soundfonts (.sf2 files).

2. Browse to the directory containing your soundfonts and double click the .sf2 file that you want to be loaded.

3. The soundfont is automatically loaded. Now you may edit the sample in the ordinary way to get more control over the sound.


Using Soundfonts in Kontakt....

Kontakt has built-in native support for Soundfonts!

1. Browse to the directory containing your soundfonts and double click the .sf2 file that you want to be loaded.

2. Inside the instruments folder, and in the presets folder, double click the preset name that you want to be loaded.

3. Now the soundfont is automatically converted and loaded. Now you may edit the sample in the ordinary way to get more control over the sound


Using Soundfonts in Halion....

Halion has built-in native support for Soundfonts!

https://www.tradebit.comide Halion, Click the import button.

2. Click "Select a Device" and choose Browse for SoundFont menu item.

3. Browse to the directory containing your soundfonts and double click the .sf2 file that you want to be loaded.

4. Click the import button under the Program row and browse to the dirctory you want to save converted files.

5. Choose desireable parameters or if it is the first conversion on your computer you could try default values and click Import.

6. The soundfont is automatically converted and loaded. Now you may edit the sample in the ordinary way to get more control over the sound...


Using Soundfonts in VSampler....

Vsampler has built-in native support for Soundfonts!

1. Click on the import button enter Import mode.

2. Click to SF2 button to choose SoundFont format.

3. Browse to the directory containing your soundfonts and double click the .sf2 file that you want to be loaded.

5. Just double click the preset field on the channel and choose "load sample."

6. Now you may edit the sample in the ordinary way to get more control over the sound...


Aside from the above listed .sf2 compatible programs, Soundfonts can also be used with the following....

Audigy / Sound Blaster Live! Software


Gigasampler / Gigastudio



On top of that... Check this out!

*Soundfont Tools you should know about*

A drag and drop based visual editor for soundfonts, and can be used to create, manage and edit SoundFont files on Windows systems with a Sound Blaster compatible card.

A free, open source program which synthesizes using SoundFonts without need for a SoundFont-compatible soundcard.

A freeware and open source program created for dynamically managing, loading and unloading SoundFont files on Creative Sound Blaster Live! cards.

SFPack and SFArk
Are archivers for SoundFonts which use different compression techniques.

SFZ SoundFont Player
A freeware VST plugin which allows the playback of SoundFonts on cards not natively supporting such playback.

A high quality software-only MIDI sequencer and MOD player available for various platforms. It uses sound fonts (GUS-compatible or SF2-compatible) to render MIDI files, so you don't need to have a SoundFont compatible soundcard.

Vienna SoundFont Studio
Can be used to edit and create SoundFont files on Windows systems with a Sound Blaster compatible card.

Another SoundFont editor/creator for Linux systems.

Can play, edit, and create SoundFonts on soundcards which are not Sound Blaster compatible.

bs-1 / bs-16
A SoundFont 2 compatible sampler for Steinberg VST plug-in format.

A SoundFont 2 compatible software synthesizer for use with Mac OS X.


1 file 10.2 mb

As a special thanks we have also Included in this set, "Vienna Soundfont Studio v. 2.4".

Create and edit your own soundfonts!




*Due to the file size of our item, we can only recommend this item to our patrons using a Broadband (High-Speed) internet connection.*

*This download is not recommended or guaranteed to anyone using a Dial-Up internet connection!*


Can be downloaded for a free, fully functional trial online at https://www.tradebit.com


**597 MB Of Disc Space Required**


The content of all products herein are the sole property of Harmony Productions Inc., Riverside, Rhode Island Copyright 2006. Any attempts to copy, claim, reproduce, or resell any of the following items up for auction is strictly prohibited, and is a direct violation of the law. All violaters will be subject to prosecution, to the fullest extent of the law.
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