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EZ eBook Templates V4 with MRR

EZ eBook Templates V4 with MRR.

Dear Entrepreneur.

This Pakage Contains:

1. eBook Templates

2. Reseller Kit

3. MRR License

4. PSD File

5. Extra Summer Graphics


8 Styles -- 38 Color Schemes -- All Beautiful OpenOffice Writer Ebook Templates!

Now Its Even EASIER To Generate Stunning PDF Ebook Templates With Incredible Style

From the desk of : [Your Name]
Date: Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello Friend,

If youre a big fan of the previously released EZ Ebook Template Packages, then I have something youre really going to love. . . .

Or . . .

If youre just now discovering EZ Ebook Templates Packages, Ill briefly explain to you what they are, what they do, and how they can help you reduce your work load as an ebook author . .

What Are EZ Ebook Templates?

EZ Ebook Templates are just what they sound like. They are ebook templates specially formatted to work inside of OpenOffice Writer to create PDF ebooks with loads of style.

Unlike Microsoft Word templates that can be void of color, hip styles, and are more difficult to work with, EZ Ebook Templates have plenty of fresh colors hooked up with the latest styles and are easy to work with.

The only drawback is you have to have OpenOffice Writer. But, the upside is that OpenOffice Writer is 100% free to download!

You might be thinking. . . Are they really that easy to use?

I think so. And many other people do too.

What could be simpler than adding your own unique ebook content and hitting a create PDF button without all the headaches of creating your own snazzy looking formats? Other than me coming to your house and doing it for you, nothing!

What Do EZ Ebook Templates Do, Or, How Do They Work Exactly?

EZ Ebook Templates give you the opportunity to create PDF ebooks that look completely professional. But without all the head pounding hours of work.

To use them, all you need to do is open up one of the specially designed .ODT files inside OpenOffice Writer and add your content. You can make changes to the text colors, the fonts, the line spacing, the backgrounds, anything you can think of, or know how to do.

If you can use OpenOffice Writer, then you can use EZ Ebook Templates. Once you discover how truly easy it is, you will never go back to bland looking PDF ebooks again.

How Can EZ Ebook Templates Help Me And My Online Business?

Hiring someone to create a custom ebook template for you can be extremely costly. But doing it yourself can suck up huge chunks of your time. Then youre left figuring out which is more important to you, your time, or your money?

When you pick up a copy of EZ Ebook Templates, youll never have to pay someone to generate a custom ebook template for you since youll have plenty of colors to choose from in any EZ Ebook Template Package. You pay once and have the ebook templates to use over and over again anytime you need, or want one without taking up chunks of your precious time.

EZ Ebook Templates will save you precious time and money.

Whats So Special About This EZ Ebook Template Package Then?

Frankly, Im glad you asked. But, rather than just tell you, let me show you what makes EZ Ebook Template Packages so special.

Let me give you a quick example of what your ebooks could look like if you used just one of these stunning OpenOffice Writer templates for your next project. . . .

First. . .

Heres what a normal, non formatted PDF ebook made in OpenOffice Writer looks like:

(Hint: Thats also what a normal, non spruced up Microsoft Word ebook looks like too!)

Do you know how difficult it is to keep your readers attention with something like the above example? Heck, even printed books have illustrations. And some of em even have color too!

Its important for your readers to offer them an ebook product that isnt devoid of color. But just enough color, you dont want to go overboard with them and completely distract your readers from the all important content of your ebooks.

EZ Ebook Templates can give you that ability.

Now, Heres what a pre-formatted PDF ebook made using the EZ Ebook Template inside this incredible package looks like:

See the difference?! Amazing, right?

But, thats not the only thing that changed with this template. How about a table of contents that links directly to the actual chapters in the ebook? Okay, how about this. . .

Now, how about a screen capture showing you preformatted chapters of the ebook you could create using just ONE EZ Ebook Template. . .

Of course, the actual ebook template graphic looks much clearer as you have to account for the screen capture tool pixelization.

But . . .

Isnt that 100 times better than a plain, old, boring, ebook layout?

Of course it is!

EZ Ebook Template Packages Can Also Give You A Super Fast Head Start On Creating Your Own Unique Ebook Designs With Just A Little Bit Of Effort

The very best part about these templates is that you can change them completely to fit your own style, and the style of your ebook content!

In fact, there are a total of 8 different exciting styles, and 38 different color schemes, you can mix and match different elements to generate PDF ebooks that are uniquely to you quickly and easily.

These templates are ready to rock -n- roll for the Summer season with bright colors and pleasing Summer themed elements. Here are a few of the graphic elements included that you can mix-n-match inside your OpenOffice Writer ebook designs:

Cool, right? :-)

And, believe me when I tell you that the above extra elements are worth the cost of the package alone!

But hold on to your hats. . . .

Because theres even MORE!

How about some custom designed horizontal rulers you can use to separate your ebook content with that will look great on any color background? Okay, check these out:

And heres a few more that are perfect for white backgrounds (which most ebooks have):

But, why is it so important to have custom horizontal rulers anyway?

Good question!

Heres the answer:

Because OpenOffice Writer doesnt have too many good looking horizontal rulers that accompany their free software program. So, you may just want a little more variety.

And, since all these horizontal rulers are graphic images that come in either .jpg (.jpeg) or .png format, adding them inside your ebooks is really simple.
With EZ Ebook Template Package 4, you will receive 38 smokin hot .ODT ebook templates, in 8 easy to edit styles.

Now, you may be wondering. . . . How Can There Be 38 Different Ebook Templates If There Are Only 8 Different Styles???

Again, another terrific question!

Heres the answer:

Because most of the 8 styles have their own unique color schemes. And, instead of you having to generate your own ebook templates using the different color schemes and just one central style ebook template, Ive done it for you. Which produced 38 .ODT ebook templates.

So, in all reality, youll receive 38 ebook templates inside this one package you can use yourself, or resell to your customers either in this package as a whole, separately, or even make up your own unique packages and resell them.

Truly, the possibilities of these amazing ebook templates are almost endless!

Thats why I say. . . . .

EZ Ebook Template Package
Is The One Product You Need To
Start Stylizing Your Drab & Dreary
Ebooks Into Beautiful Works Of Art. . .
Without All The Hard Work!

EZ Ebook Template Package Can Help You. . .

* Create Colorful PDF Ebooks That Look Terrific In Less Time And With Less Work

* Include Actual Linked Table of Contents Menus Within Your PDF Ebooks

* Have Pre-Formatted Templates You Can Utilize To Generate Your Own Unique Works

* And Do It All In Less Time Than Trying To Come Up With New Designs All On Your Own!

Want To See The Rest Of These Dazzling Desings In Screen Capture Action -- Before You Decide?

Cool! Cause here is a quick look at a few more of the 38 OpenOffice Writer Ebook Templates youll receive with your package today. . .

Comes In 4 Other Brilliant Summer Colors:

Comes In 2 Additional Color Schemes:

Comes In 2 More Luminous Colors:

Comes In 2 Additional Bright Summer Color Schemes:

Comes In 4 More Cool Color Schemes:

And, You Get The Following Template In 8 Yummy Flavors Including
Grape(shown above), Cherry, Lemonade, Blueberry, Orange, Mixed Berry, Lime, And Licorice!

Plus, The Following Ebook Template In 11 Star Studded Color Schemes:

Youll Also Receive The Above Template In Yellow, Silver,
Tan, Olive, And Pink(not shown)!

Also. . .

Each Ebook Template comes with its very own blank ebook cover as well! Just add some text, an image or two, and you have a pre-designed ebook package for each template!!

And remember, these templates are ready to roll out for the upcoming sizzling Summer months with plenty to choose from to make every ebook you generate absolutely scrumptious!

What more could you want?

Okay, okay. Ill throw in another on the house bonus for you. But only if you act now. . . .

You will also receive Full Master Resale Rights to this entire collection

You read the above correctly. I will throw in Full Master Resale Rights to the EZ Ebook Template Package, a copy of this very sales page, including all graphics, and a copy of the pre-designed thank you page when you download your copy today.

This is a $97 value all on its own without even including the product!

To quickly recap, heres what youll receive today when you decide to download your EZ Ebook Template Package. . .

38 Pre-Formatted .ODT Ebook Templates In A Variety Of Colors And Styles For Use In OpenOffice Writer(exclusively)

All Graphics In Both .PSD and .JPG Format That Are Used Inside The Ebook Template Designs

The Extra Ebook Design Elements Including The Horizontal Rulers, Blank 3D Ebook Covers, And Additional Web 2.0 Style Summer Graphics

Full Master Resale Rights To The Entire EZ Ebook Template Package

1 Sales Page, 1 Thank You Page, And All Necessary Graphics For Reselling

Do I Get Some Super Fabulous Bonuses Or What?!

Now, if you need some type of extra-super-hyped-up-exclusive bonus collection of crappy products to justify your purchase today, forget it! This package is worth much more than the price I am offering it at.

Okay, Im Sold! How Much Will This Outstanding Ebook Template Package Cost Me?

And just how much is it?

Well, Ill tell you how much it isnt!

It isnt $97.

It isnt $67.

It isnt $47, although this would be a fair price.

All youll pay, and its a one time only fee, is just $37.

Thats right, for everything mentioned above, including Master Resale Rights, it will only cost you a one time $37.

And, since this is a digital product, you can download this collection, and all the sales materials, immediately after your payment is made through our secure server set up. ( Its through PayPal, so you know your personal information is safe 100%. )

So, How Much Time & Money Do YOU Want to Save on Your Next Ebook Project?

How much of your own time and money do you want to save to put towards other projects by cutting out all the headaches of coming up with your own designs from scratch?!

Or, a better question is . . . .

How much is offering a solution to hoards of people searching wildly for any OpenOffice Writer ebook templates worth to you? Let alone those of the high quality offered here?

If you want to waste more time trying to find even one other collection of these types of ebook templates, go ahead and be my guest. But, I can bet that after hours of fruitless searching, youll find your way back here again.

Why go through all that and waste even more of your valuable time, and sanity, looking for another solution when theres already one right here for you to take advantage of???

Time is ticking, dont waste any more of it wondering if you should download this one-of-a-kind package.

You already know the answer.

Go ahead and make the decision to work smarter, and stop working harder for goodness sake!

Place Your Order Securely Via PayPal Below
For the EZ Ebook Template Package, Including Full Master Resale Rights @ Just $37
[Your Payment Link Here]

Remember, you will be immediately forwarded to the secure download page after your purchase is successfully completed. If you are not, or you experience any problems, please contact me right away at: you@ and I will be glad to help you out.

To Your Success,

Your Name


EZ Ebook Template Package is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. OpenOffice Writer, and all variations mentioned above are trademark and copyright of Sun Microsystems, Inc exclusively with all rights reserved worldwide.

To properly utilize the templates offered within the EZ Ebook Template Package, you must have a working copy of OpenOffice Writer downloaded and installed on your own computer/hard drive as the templates come in .ODT format and can only be used within OpenOffice Writer.

E-Book Emporium makes no claims as to possible earnings that can or cannot be made by reselling the EZ Ebook Template Package. Nor can E-Book Emporium or its affiliates be held liable for any such claims made by outside third parties. The amount of money that can be earned by reselling the EZ Ebook Template Package depends upon the skill level of the individual selling it, and so no such monetary guarantees can be made. Nor are made.

All purchasers of EZ Ebook Template Package are purchasing the .ODT template files originally created by the author(s). They are not purchasing OpenOffice Writer. That can be freely downloaded from the website. Furthermore, purchasers are also purchasing the right to resell the .ODT template files in a pre-packaged digital .zip file form to their customers. Again, they are not purchasing any freely available software from the website.

Neither will E-Book Emporium nor any of its affiliates be held liable for any damages to any individual purchasers computer/ hard drive from the downloading of the .zip file that contains the EZ Ebook Template Package. At the time of uploading, this .zip file was found free from any harmful virus. It is the responsibility of the purchaser of perform any additional anti-virus check before opening any type of digital files.

No refunds are either offered nor implied with this package. All refund requests must be determined on a case by case basis by the author and or affiliates of the EZ Ebook Template Package. It is the responsibility of all resellers to offer their customers support on their own for the EZ Ebook Template Package if reselling.


We do not guarantee that any form of financial success by using our products and services. Results vary. Hard work, diligence, knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation all play a vital role in your quest to make an income from your internet business.

ebooklover/ is not liable in any manner
resulting from the use or misuse of this product.


EZ eBook Templates V4 with MRR.
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