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*NEW* Lead Generation Uncovered Report | How To Build Yourself A Valuable List AND Get Paid By Someone Else To Do It

Want To Build A Highly Profitable Niche List? Then keep reading, and I’ll show you…

“How To Set Up A Lifetime Internet Income Stream – And Do It FAST”

INTRODUCING... Mark Vurnum's “Lead Generation Uncovered” Report, the world's first and only lead generation report which shows you the quick and easy ways to build a lucrative lead generation business in 24 hours or less.”

In This Amazing Report, You’ll Discover

1. Exactly what ‘Lead Generation' on the internet is and why it represents a proven, long-term business model

2. How You Can Build A 'Highly Responsive List' In Just Seven Days Or Less (the answers will surprise you)

3. The Shocking Truth About CPA Networks (And How You Can Really Make Money From Them)

4. What Three Key Places You MUST Visit To Guarantee Your Profits Before You Start (and the best part? They’re all FREE to use…)

5. The Insider’s Guide To 'Event Pages' [What they are, how they work, and why they leave the traditional lame-duck 'name squeeze' pages dead in the water when it comes to response rates]

6. New “never-seen-before” tried and tested moneymaking strategies for boosting your profits quickly and easily [none of the so-called ‘gurus’ have any idea what these are – but you will…]

7. "How To Build Yourself A Valuable List AND Get Paid By Someone Else To Do It!" (This alone can make you a small fortune)

https://www.tradebit.com much, much more

Read below to find out more…

Dear Friend,

Your time is precious so I’ll get straight to the point.

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times.

'The Money Is In The List!"

And yes, that’s true. But it’s only half the story… In fact, the REAL truth is…

"It's Not The List, It's How Responsive They Are That Counts!"

Nearly every internet marketing ‘guru’ is telling you to build a niche list, sit back, and watch the cash roll in. And if you take the time, trouble and money to build a list, then yes, it can be highly profitable for you.

Just one problem though (and it’s a big’un…)

It costs a freakin’ FORTUNE to build a list in the first place!

It used not to be this way. Back in the day, when I started out in the internet, you could whack up a webpage, buy some cheap keywords on Adwords and ‘voila!’, list built and job done.

You could buy top keywords for 5c a click, and it was dead easy to build a huge list for a few hundred bucks. Which is why you see all these top internet marketers with huge lists. You see, they started long before many of us actually heard about the internet, and as a result they cornered the market (and built their lists for pennies).

But now it’s a whole different ball game…

I just checked out what it would take to buy traffic on Google Adwords for the keyword 'internet marketing course', and I damn near fainted! A whopping $78.59. That’s nearly EIGHTY BUCKS! For one term!

And if you haven't got an amazing, high converting website or a ton of 'back end' products to follow up sales with, it’s damn near impossible to make any money from this niche

It gets worse...Time for some brutal honesty…

If you’re an ‘average joe’ who doesn’t know the 'secret skills' of the internet, then you’ll NEVER build a highly responsive list using Adwords or paid traffic – UNLESS you have VERY deep pockets

But I knew there had to be a way for the ordinary guy to fight back, and get round this major problem (and make big money as a result)

That’s why I wanted to find a way into 'hot niches', by using the speed of pay per click traffic to build a highly responsive list without spending a fortune and losing my shirt! (OK. I admit it. I’m a cheapskate!)

But Then I Made An Amazing Discovery…

So I set about working on a 'system' that would work in ANY niche that would provide me with the two factors essential for my online success:

Factor #1 - Building A Large 'Highly Responsive List'

Factor #2 – This 'Highly Responsive List' Actually MADE Me Money Within Days Of Buying The Traffic

It took a lot of trial and error (and a mountain of my money to test). But eventually, by putting these two important factors in place, I built (and got paid for) a list in just a few days.

Here's a screenshot of my earnings from just ONE of my accounts:

Now for the GOOD news

After making $2,154.64 from it, and for the first time ever, I am going to show you EXACTLY how I did it -- and more importantly how YOU can do it too!

That’s right. Now you have the chance to follow in my footsteps, avoid the pain and hard ‘trial and error’ work I suffered, and make yourself a small fortune (and save a lot too), simply by following the tactics, techniques and strategies outlined in my proven step-by-step 'Lead Generation Uncovered' Special Report, in which I reveal the quick and easy ways to build a cash-producing list on a shoestring budget.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Many Powerful Secrets
You’ll Discover in 'Lead Generation Uncovered':

Chapter 1 - Uncovering Lead Generation

1. What is Lead Generation?

2. The different types of lead generation there are – which to use and the ones to avoid (WARNING: target the wrong type and you’re DOGFOOD before you even start!)

3. Why Lead Generation is the ONLY way to build a 'Profitable Automated Internet Business' (and how to do it FAST…)

4. How to use lead generation in ANY niche—and use it right [and make sure you don’t lose your shirt in the process…]

Chapter 2 – The Secrets To Profitable Research

1. The THREE key places to check out BEFORE you start out (dead easy!)

2. The truth about CPA Networks [What they are, how they work, and how to make big money from them]

3. Where to find the best CPA networks for your Niche (and how to monetise them once you find them)

Chapter 3 - Engineering Niche Lead Generation Success

1. My 15 minute 'shortlist' research technquie guaranteed to ensure your success [and avoid the mistakes the ‘novice newbies’ make]

2. The secret ‘tell tale’ signs of a profitable niche (and how best to profit from them)

3. How to legally 'spy' on the competition (and cash in with your Lead Gen business)

Chapter 4 - Lead Generation Website Building Secrets

1. What an Event Page is, and how they blow traditional name-squeeze pages out of the water

2. The Three Most Important Elements EVERY Lead Generation Website MUST Have (and NO, they’re NOT what you think!)

3. How a simple ‘Thank You’ page can triple your profits almost overnight [How? Check out this ONE simple ‘Killer' tactic…Amazing!)

Chapter 5 - Driving Traffic Secrets

1. How to set up your Adwords account (and make sure you don't blow the bank doing it)

2. The little-known 'Hidden Tool' Google acutally gives you which can make or break you (Don’t worry! I’ll show you exactly where to find it and how to use it for fun and profit)

3. Where to find the 'Profit Spot' in your Adwords campiagn (easy when you know how!)

Chapter 6- Backend Profit Building Tactics

1. How to find 'profitable back-end products' (and the best ways to promote them)

2. What to look for when searching for back-end products (and the things you should avoid like the plague…)

https://www.tradebit.com hidden secret behind 'Offer Timing' (and WHEN you should make your offer to get the best response

Now For The Most Important Part…

And please answer the following question honestly…

How much would you invest to be able to build a highly profitable and responsive list AND get paid for it?

$200? $500? Even $1,000?

That’s what most ‘gurus’ would charge you.

Well, the good news is, you won’t have to invest anything like that amount. In fact, you can get your hands on this unique report today for just $7!

Yes, that's right, just $7 for the information that I have spent years figuring out for you to grab and copy!

Which begs the questions…

Why Is This Special Report Only $7?

Very simple.

ONE: $7 puts the report within the reach of anyone who’s serious about making an online fortune.

TWO: I believe you value something FAR MORE if you invest money in it. Even if that ‘something’ is a ridiculously low amount. After all, how many Free ebooks have you got on your hard drive – and (more importantly) – how many have you even looked at? It’s VERY different when you make an investment, however tiny. You know this to be true.

What’s Your Guarantee, Mark?

Simple. There isn’t one. Look. I don’t want ‘nickel and dimer’ timewasters getting my valuable report. This is powerful stuff. That’s why I only want ‘doers’ to get it.

I’ll level with you. If you have a ‘refund’ mindset, or $7 is ‘worry money’ or a struggle for you, I don’t want your money. Simple as that. There are no guarantees in life and no guarantees of success with my course.

But I CAN guarantee one thing. If you apply what’s in my Special Report, you WILL make money.

Look. If you really don’t think you can invest only $7 in increasing your income and designing a better life, there’s something seriously wrong with your marketing goals.

On the other hand ---- anyone who is serious enough to invest pennies and get this report has the opportunity to make a long term income, simply by building a highly responsive list AND getting paid for it!

If you're serious about your online business and want to make money, then click the "Buy Now" button below right now and get this report it today, while you’re reading this.

I guarantee you’ll be delighted you did.

Get Your Copy Now For Only

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P.S. One other thing. It’s important. I’m not sure how long I will keep this report at only $7, as once word gets around about how ridiculously cheap this valuable information is, I will have to increase the price to put off all the 'tire kickers' out there (you know, the ‘losers’who just want information on the cheap and are not serious about their online business like you are.)
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