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*NEW* Wordpress Adsense System - Make Money Blogging With Wordpress and Adsense | Create Autopilot Riches with Google Adsense

If you're struggling desperately to make money online while your boss isn't watching, this will solve your 5 biggest problems...
Discover The Magic Formula To Create Set-it-and-Forget-it Websites Using Wordpress & Make Your First Adsense Dollar in The Next 7 Days.

Wordpress expert finally reveals the insider secrets to turn a butt-ugly blog into a beautiful niche website, automatically add great content and magically attract thousands of visitors from Search Engines with little effort.

Dont bother reading any further unless you find yourself asking these questions before you sleep at night:

1. How do I create Adsense websites easily without any programming and designing skills?
2. Where can I find new content for my websites without having to write everything myself?
3. How do I get a LOT of traffic to my websites without spending money on advertising?
4. Why is it taking me so long to make a decent income from Google Adsense when others seems to do it so easily?
5. How can I possibly manage everything when I'm just part time?

From The Desk of Gobala Krishnan
Date: Sunday, April 29, 2007.
RE: A Faster, Better Way to Make Money From Adsense

Dear struggling entrepreneur,

finally understand what you're really looking for.

You see... for more than 60 days, I conducted a survey on why most people dont believe they can make money on the Internet using Google Adsense, a pay-per-click advertisng program that pays when someone clicks on the ads you display on your website.

I got 183 responses, and to tell you the truth I was shocked at first. My survey showed that most people don't believe that they can make any real money on the Internet with Google Adsense.

Do you feel the same way?

I understand that youre sick and disgusted by the fact that the gurus are making a killing on the Internet with Google Adsense, while you made $1.20 last month with your 10-page website.

Look...thats not bad for a beginner, but at this rate it might take you almost a year to make $120 and get your first check from Google.

If you've been manually building websites to make money off Google Adsense, stop immediately. I want you to know that there's a better way...

You see, theres something you need to know about these gurus. They don't tell you the entire truth about how they make so much money with Adsense...

I mean... most gurus are full-time Internet marketing heavyweights with an established business, venture capital funding, dozens of high-traffic websites and an army of slaves to do all the work for them.

Yet they make you believe that you can do exactly what they do, when you're just part-time... doing it from the office or the basement of your home.

Can you, REALLY?

No you cant... not if you continue to build Adsense websites the way you're doing now.

It will take you forever... and by the time you actually "get there", chances are you would have already given up.

What you really need is a system that will allow you to leverage other peoples time and energy just like how the gurus do it. While there are many so-calles "systems" out there, I just want you to know that the best system you can use is Wordpress.

When I mentioned Wordpress and Adsense, most people were skeptical. In fact, here are the Top 5 most interesting questions I got from my survey:

Question 1: Is It Too Late To Make Money From Adsense?

Absolutely not. Until six months ago I never made more than a dollar with Adsense. Today my income has increased by 300 and continues to grow significantly every month.

But that only happened when I corrected a major, major mistake.
What was my mistake? I was trying to build a website, design a template, write all the content, and do all the marketing the old and hard way using HTML editors and so-called page generation software.

It just didnt work for me...

There was WAY too much new information to study and WAY too many mistakes to learn from. It was a slow and agonizing process that just made me more pissed off every day.

Thats when I discovered blogging and Wordpress.

With Wordpress, I can set-up a beautiful website with the push of a button, quickly add content and start getting traffic with very little effort.

Then I discovered that I could also automate everything, set it aside for a couple of months and still continue to make money from it. I can make my website grow every single day without worrying about...

* where to get content
* how to build incoming links
* how to manage thousands of pages

This discovery completely changed my life.

Question 2: Whats This Wordpress Thing And Why Are You Yakking On About It?

Wordpress is a free blogging platform that anyone can use. A blog is an online journal, and is proven to be the most effective way of building a website from scratch with no experience.

But dont let the words journal fool you.

Its not just a diary to record your personal experience and daily ramblings.

With a Wordpress blog, you can build an entire website on a particular topic and dominate the entire industry. The gurus call this an authority website.

I call it good news.

Now the average joe like me actually has a chance to build a mega-site with hundreds of pages and thousands of visitors a day...

..and yet still have time for myself and my family.

The reason Im yakking on about Wordpress is because hundreds of smart entrepreneurs are already using it and I don't want you to be left out!

Look at it this way...

By the time you create your first page they have already created an entire profit-pulling niche website and are making much more than you do now, while spending only a fraction of the time and money youve invested.

The good news is that you can catch up too, if you start taking action now.

Question 3: I Want A Website, Not a Stupid Blog!

This question was obviously asked by someone whos really pissed off with all the make money on the Internet hype. Im sorry for the language he used but I can feel the frustration hes feeling.

Can't you?

Even as a full-time Internet marketer I sometimes find it impossible to cope with everything. What more if youre trying to do it part time in the office, or at home before your kids get back?

The answer is simple: Wake up and smell the roses! The Adsense game has changed. It's a numbers game now, and in this game you're simply not going to win if all you have is a website that looks like it was made by a 6-year old kid.

I know some people don't like blogs, but there's a solution for that. With Wordpress, all I need to do is install a free tool, and my butt-ugly blog is transfomed into an attention-grabbing, powerful niche website...

What? Is that even possible?

Yes it is. In fact, your visitors will not even know that they are looking at a blog.

And I will guide you step-by-step on how to do this until youre satisfied. You will look at your blog and think Damn... I have a freaking beautiful website

You will look back at how you used to build websites thinking If only I discovered this earlier

"What makes blogging such an attractive option for people who want to make money from Adsense is that you can be up and running in minutes...
...and Google loves blogs. The company loves the fact that the pages change frequently. They love the fact that a good blog builds a loyal fan base. And they love the fact that most blogs focus on one particular topic.
All of that means good search engine rankings, well contextualized ads and pleanty of good revenue that can start flowing in within just days of launch."

Joel Comm
Dr. Adsense
Author Of Bestselling Ebook "Adsense Secrets"

Question 4: Isnt it Just Easier And Better to Use Blogger or Blogspot?

Easier? Maybe.

Better? Definitely not.

Yes, its easy to set-up a blog with https://www.tradebit.com and get your own Bloggger account. You can be done in 10 minutes flat. Blogger also has built-in functions to add Adsense codes directly into their platform.

In fact I started with Blogger and I wont say that its bad. But after a while I started to get frustrated with Blogger, and heres why:

1. Google Owns Your Content Google has the authority to shut down your account without warning if they dont like what youre blogging about. You have no control over your own blog. With Wordpress, you own the domain name and the blog is hosted on your own account. You have full control over your content.
2. Lack of advanced options Blogger doesnt allow categories. You cant sort your articles into different focuses. With Wordpress, not only can you add categories, you can also add as many plugins as you want easily and even add audio or video to your content.
3. Publishing with Blogger is a pain in the ass It can take forever to post articles on the Blogger platform, especially if youre making changes to the entire website.
4. You can't brand yourself Of course with Blogger you can publish to your own domain, but you cant do significant changes to it. I can identify Blogger sites immediately, but with Wordpress you can customize and brand almost anything you want. You can also install Wordpress on an existing website as a sub-domain or sub-directory if you want.
5. Limited promotion options When you post in Blogger, you can only ping a limited amount of sites, whereas with Wordpress on your own domain you can ping as many blog directories as you want, and start getting more traffic.

In fact, there are other platforms like MSN Spaces, Typepad, and even MySpace. But these solutions are severely limited.

When you start using Wordpress to build your Adsense websites, youll soon discover what I mean. Its something you need to experience for yourself.

I can tell you one thing though when you go Wordpress, you dont go back.

Question 5: I hate writing, so how do I build websites?

Good! You dont need to be a writer to create a website with Wordpress. In fact it may even be better if you cant write a proper sentence in English.

When youre using Wordpress, you can:

1. Get others to write your content for free or for a small fee.
2. Secure great original content for cheap, use them with your name on it, and become an instant expert.
3. Download articles automatically from article sites and post them to your Wordpress blog.
4. Use other peoples content legally and ethically, and they will even thank you for it.
5. Automate page creation so that you dont need to post every day, and yet your content is published regularly, for years if you want...

I was looking for tips and tricks to build adsense income and improve on my website in order to attract more visitors.

After reading Gobala's latest ebook - WordPress Adsense System, I got so much ideas on how to make my website more presentable and help me to put up more contents and make money from adsense.

Since then, my website traffic has double every month since the day I launched and adsense income also improves more than 302 in one month. If you intend to make money from blog or wordpress system, then this is the book that you shouldn't miss!!!

Thanks to Gobala for this useful and lots of idea getting from this WordPress Adsense System


Steven Wong

Hi Gobala,

I have been going through the Wordpress Adsense System and wanted to thank you for putting together a quality product.

I appreciate the fact that it's targeted at BOTH newbies and experienced Internet Marketers. I went through the manuals in about 2 hours (I'm a trained speed reader) and was pleasantly surprised at the reader-friendly style as well as comprehensive information.

I'm planning to put the skills into practise and I find that the best resource has to be the "7 Day Action Plan". When I was reading through it, I was thinking this could be a standalone product by itself!

Thanks for including it and all the special tools and plugins to make the process easier. I found that the enclosed SEO guide a useful resource too (as well the 'unfair advantage' blog traffic guide!)

Keep up the great work!

Andrew Wee

I was skeptical of your latest ebook WordPress Adsense System at first.

Could I really earn that much money? I

decided to give it a try and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Within a week of buying your system, I reported over $50 worth of clicks!

I am planning on purchasing that new laptop I have been wanting! Thanks for your system. You have hundreds of gurus who claim to know how to make money with adsense, but you cut through the crap. And it really pays.

With all the money I have made through your system, I am able to spend more time on my website and less time trying to pay the bills. Thanks again for this WordPress Adsense System.


May Ong

Hi Gobala,

Having read through your Wordpress Adsense System once, I know it will take another 2 or 3 reads to take in all the information you have provided because there is just so much packed in there. I had been thinking of changing over to blogs instead of spending hour upon hour of creating websites and reading your book was the push I needed.

The "7 Day Action Plan" lays it all out just how it should be done.. I like that.... I like that A LOT because it makes it pretty much fool proof. Wordpress has a lot more features than most people realise and what you've done is made it possible to understand those features and which should be used for greatest success.

I would have been completely lost without your Wordpress Adsense System and now I look forward to implementing more of what you put to increase traffic and earnings.

With the extra bonus's that you have provided along with the forum for people to help one another move that next step along, I'm really pleased...

Simon Ashton
United Kingdom

Hello Gobala,

Your Wordpress Adsense program was released at the most opportune time for me, you see I have just purchased a PR4 Wordpress blog and had no idea of how to manage it.

I have read the entire Wordpress Adsense ebook and using your ebook was able to verify that the prior owner had set the blog up correctly.

Now I feel confident that I will be able to increase the pagerank of my blog and use it to get my web sites crawled by the Google spider. I was very impressed with your Seven Day Action Plan, it alone was worth the price.

The Action Plan plainly lays out the steps to set up a new blog. While I am certainly capable of installing Wordpress from the cPanel I had no idea how to correctly set up a new blog so that it is SEO friendly. With the Action Plan and Wordpress Adsense I feel confident that I can create the blogs that I need for my VRE.

Thanks for terrific product.

Gary Scott

Hi Gobala,

Thank you for providing the easy to follow instructions for the Wordpress Adsense System.

Iam a non-technical person and yet I managed to get my blog up and running within a few days. I follow the 7DayActionPlan and the WPAdsense Guide religiously.

Sometimes there is new terminology that I do not understand, but after checking wikipedia and rereading your guide, I will get it.

Thank you once again for creating this manual.

Yours sincerely,

Yi Chen

My blog traffic has quadrupuled since I bought and started using the Wordpress Adsense System.

The system has a lot of good features that will enable your blog traffic to grow and also seen and noticed. I

recommend the Wordpress Adsense Sytem to new and experienced bloggers.

Ade Lamidi

I Locked Myself Up For An Entire Month Until I Finally Created The Perfect Beginner's Guide To Using Wordpress For Adsense...

I've seen a few "systems" that teach you about blogging, Adsense and even Wordpress. I've bought a few...

But what I realized is that none of these "great" products actually showed you how to create a Wordpress niche website from a standing start, with no technical knowledge whatsoever. They give you half-baked information and then ask you to buy their other, more expensive product...

I told myself, "This has got to stop"...

wordpress adsense systemI spent more than 6 months to study, test and try out all the information I needed. Then I locked myself up to figure out how to explain this information the the ordinary Joe without making him run away in fear...

I finally created the most complete, yet easy-to-understand system for building Wordpress niche websites...

The Wordpress Adsense System was developed to jumpstart your experience with Wordpress. It will help you master Wordpress and start making money from Google Adsense faster than ever before.

Module 1: Complete E-book Guide

This is the main component of the entire system. It's a whopping 160-page ebook with tons of screenshots, images and graphics to help you understand how to quickly and easily set-up Wordpress, as well as how to use it with Google Adsense.

Here's what you will discover:

* A Step-by-Step, Straightforward Introduction To Blogging I will help you overcome your fear of technical information, and get you on the right mindset. Then I will help you understand the basics of blogging and all leapfrog over all the confusing jargon that youre afraid of.
* Set-up Your First Wordpress Blog Without Getting A Headache - Cut short the steep learning curve and start your first Wordpress site in minutes. I will show you two popular ways to install Wordpress (videos included) and how to set the basic access permissions (CHMOD) for your system. Then I will reveal a secret plugin called _________ that will make installing additional functions as easy as ABC.
* Optimize Wordpress For Massive Search Engine Traffic I cover the two major SEO strategies, on-page and off-page optimization. I will show you how to make search engines love cisiting your website by setting the right ____ structure for your __________. Then you will discover a little-know strategy to modify your page _____ and your ____ _____ to make it completely irresistible to Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines.
* Transform Your Ugly Blog Into A Beautiful Website Tired of your blog looking like a blog? You will discover how to get new templates for free and make your blog look super-professional. I will reveal a simple plugin called S_____ F____ P___ that will turn a blog structure into a website structure, while maintaining all the good stuff that comes with a blog. This is so easy to do, you wont believe that youve never heard of it before.
* Master Adsense Without Making Costly Mistakes Discover how Googles Adsense program really works, and how to read the system like your morning paper. I will reveal how to track the performance of each website you create, and how to easily insert Adsense into your blog using _d_____ ______. I will also reveal secret placement strategies that are proven to make more money from Adsense, and Ill show you how easy it is to do it.
* Build Incoming Links (Backlinks) Automatically Dont spend your time doing a linking campaign the hard way. Using tagging and tags, youll be able to get links pointing back to your website for almost no effort at all. I will reveal a secret tool called ________ T__ __rr___ that will allow you to auto-generate and manage all your tags easily. You will also discover how to build a list of keyword-targeted tags by searching __________.
* Make Strangers Prefer Your Blog Over Their Own - Using social bookmarking, you will be able to expose your content and blog to the entire world in seconds. All you need to do is to make sure that they can find your site and bookmark it easily using ________. I will even show you how to subconsciously force" visitors to bookmark your site using a tool called ________.
* Never Worry About Content Again I will reveal the correct philosophy on content, and it will change the way you look at building content-based websites forever. You will discover how easy it really is, and how you can find endless sources of rich, great content for your own website. Using ___v___ __b__ ____t_ you can even get ready-made content, and all you have to do is put your name on it.
* Get Lazy and Create Auto-Pilot Blogs With RSS You will discover how a free tool called ____word__e__ can legally and automatically post summaries of other peoples blog activities onto your own site, creating fresh content every minute if you want to. With another tool called A______ ___te__ Builder, you can automatically extract articles from article directories and post them evey other day for the next one year. And you only need to set-up these tools once, then focus your energy on cashing in checks from Adsense.
* Get Crazy And Create 1000 Blogs In A Day Some people hate the fact that this can be done, while others absolutely love it. I dont specifically recommend that you mass-generate 1000 blogs in the blink of an eye, but I will reveal every little dirty detail on how its done, using software like B__g ____t___ and ___2B__. Its better to know your options and the risks involved, but whether you decide to take this road is entirely up to you.
* Discover Pinging And Other Overlooked Traffic Generation Tricks Youll discover how to instantly notify blog directories whenever you post a new article, and get them rushing to index your site. Youll also discover how to enhance your basic RSS feed using Feedburner and get easy viral traffic.
* Much, much more

Module 2: The 7-Day Action Guide

I dont want you to feel overwhelmed with information, but Im sure that at some point you might. Thats why I created a separate checklist that you can use over and over again when setting up your own Wordpress Adsense System sites.

With this Action Guide you cannot go wrong. Use it after youve read the main guide to refresh your memory, and use it later for keeping your activities in check. If youre last give it to a freelancer or your websmaster and ask him to do it.

Either way, within 7 days you will have your Wordpress blogs up and running, making money for you.

Module 2: Special Wordpress Themes Pack

You will get a modified Wordpress theme that you can use right out of the box. This theme will make it so easy to add Adsense to your Wordpress navigation panels (see below) that youll ditch your Blogger blogs and never look at them again...

This is a specially modified theme that you will not get anywhere else. With this theme, all you need to do is copy and paste your Adsense codes, and click "Save"...

You will also get 3 additional themes for free:

1. An eye-catching Travel & Adventure Theme
2. A cool Leisure and Hobby Theme
3. A plain but highly customizable Business Theme

Module 4: Secret Wordpress Plugins Pack

By adding "plugins" to a default Wordpress blog, you can make it more effective and more powerful. I will include:

* SEO plugins
* Design plugins
* Tagging plugins
* Linking plugins

These plugins are modified to make it easier to install and use, perfect for the absolute newbie who wants to avoid unnecessary exposure to frightening PHP codes and technical mambo-jumbo.
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