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MP3 Team Captain - A3 The Team Captain Meet The Majestic 12. ?The Amazing Grace.?

In a message dated 2/26/2007 7:04:07 PM Eastern Standard Time, PRG@https://www.tradebit.com writes: >Hello: Steven Bassett. >My Compliment''s, Great Move On. March 7, former Vice President Al Gore.

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SPOKEN WORD: Audiobook, NEW AGE: Environmental

PS. Just For a Smile Dan.

Considering I said this was going to be in three Movies, maybe four with my friend Frozen Thought? The Three Amigos. How ever it goes, 53 thousand years in two the future, I am sure this will all be a Classic Adventure Movie by then. But this time we write the script from the start right?

Married people writing this, think about your Own spouse, and don''t for get that flashy Matrix/Jedi rescue, and solving the problems with the Christians Shelters around the World!

But this time, please Give the Team Captain and all his Crew some Real Super Powers, Please!

Did you really read, and take this ending serious?

There are moments in time which mark your life, moments, when you will realize that nothing will ever be the same, and that time is divided into two parts, Before this, and after this!

Answer the questions at the Risk of, Abandoning unbelief Here!

Dan. My Direct Team Captain Answer to your main two questions now. Clear!

Who is in charge of The Terminator Skill''s? Besides from The Team Captains Conversations in the Negotiations?

Did you see Will Smith in the Movie? I, Robot?

The Suspenseful tale of the future question weather technology will ultimately lead to mankind''s salvation...or annihilation. His Questions? Can a Robot Create a Master Piece in Music? Or, Can a Robot Create a Master Piece in Art?

Why do you think the N.S.A sent the letter to me to stop Negotiations?

The Air force Called off the Hit Not only for my team, but the whole Ask https://www.tradebit.com Board.

Members have just not really set down and throught about it?

We do have That Space War Video. You heard the experts Opinions.

We do have pieces from Roswell, Corona, St. Augustine and the spent fuel from one of the space Ships?

The Team Captains Ebe? From Corona, NM in July 1947?

We have our own Alien Abduction on Video Tape, with Three Space Ships Visible.

We do have The Space War Video. The Only Video in the world with Aliens in Hostile Combat in an intense Life and Death struggle!

Who Wrote The Team Captains Theme Song Music? The Wingmakers from the Central Race. god''s from a Distance Galaxy, far, far,far away! Master Musician, the Legendary Soul Food.

This has all become Supreme Court Documentation for now. This Will Count, for sure!

Your Last. The Supreme, Supreme Court Documentation as your testament to God, First Source. Take the Team Captains word for it, "This one," is where it counts for much more! Think about it? You could be having a Bar Be Q Dinner with the Team Captains/Members?

Those reading this, Present X-Files CD''s to those UN saved love Ones, and see what they say....? An opinions from a UN bias reasonable persons would help?

Question? God/First Source! Giving everyone World Wide an Obvious Choice?

On a Most Knowable Quest, to keep a Promise. To/For the Rose of My Life!

Presented God''s Plan of Salvation to the World, Not just my city, State, but to the World.

Steve Golding, New York City Comments?

I was wondering about that Omaha Nebraska, Veterans Stipulations/Scalar healing, my doctor, Doctor Porter/students, Patented Numbers over 3000 From the Below?

Scalar War https://www.tradebit.comlar Wars the Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics


3. The cure of diseases such as cancer and AIDS, in fact nearly any disease, has become possible within a few years of sufficient funding. Everyone can be made healthy and stay healthy.

The good news! "Any sort of disease whatsoever - physical or mental - will be rapidly curable, simply and cheaply. It will be possible to reverse aging and Rejuvenate the person. It will be possible to regrow limbs and straighten misshapen spines - and directly remove the causes of mental diseases and cure them As well. Lifespan will be staggeringly increased, Without ''old age''s debilitation.'' AIDS, cancer, leukemia, and genetic diseases will be completely Conquered. The potential for a true golden era is upon Us, for all humanity."

"E equals em-cee-squared" and "E equals delta-tee-cee-squared"

When you think about it, It does have a nice ring to it, like some freedom bell announcing a new era.

Sounds good…."E equals em-cee-squared" and "E equals delta-tee-cee-squared"

And as the atomic bomb released the compressed energy in matter, so can we now unleash the tremendous energy that is compressed into time itself. It gives a completely new meaning to the term "time bomb."

Its Possible there will be four Movies about this in our own time frame.

That''s Not Counting the Movies 53000 years into the Future?

Tech High and The Horse?

Attorneys Question? How many found the Compassion in there heart, and Moved on to Higher Things? How many went to the Tormentors with there head hung low, The gold and silver, Canker worms! Duplicated. amount carries in for Stolen parties.

Presenting the entire World a Free will Choice in the Conversation and Negotiation. 11 Years, and a very Peaceful way, as to how we can all turn this around for all our betterment where Each person can participate from the lowest to the Highest.

The Benefit for all, and to all. No One is Left out of there own free will decision, and personal Choice? It Belongs to each and every one of us. Everyone does have there own Say. As far as will the world believe this....

Well, that’s where those Decisions, decisions, decisions, those personal, But, free will decisions come in at? Then, as said Dan,

Together. We can work it out.

Is it not just a simple World question, of a personal Choice?

I will accept your answer!

Team Captain. Lekinserray@https://www.tradebit.com

Happy Hunters, 3 day Healing Crusade.

I am, The Team Captain, Ambassador to the Federation of Planets and The Negotiator for the Planet Earth.

I am, The Team Captain.
"I am One." "I am the Other."
Two Sheep Ministries.
In The Service of our King. "Jesus Christ" Our Lord.
Authors Henry & Rose Middlebrook ©1996.


Your Casting Stones Blessing Here!

All that is required, Forgiveness and Compassion!
World wide How many Blessing would you like?

Anyone can check it out. Hard to stop a Train.

T.C Ministry. Pray Partners! Happy Hunters.
But then again, That''s another story!

Since this is all going to Congress, Note: Our own Personal unbreakable encryption on Digital Down loads and other CD’s, It may take a Super Computer 2 Years, so the secrets here can’t be stolen! And I want to make sure they see the Buy Button!


Dan, Two More Team Captain CD X-files? I think there is a Termanator stand up Joke in there Somewhere? J

Last thing to do, Buy Dan CD! Our step of Faith!


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