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*NEW!* Secret Article Profits | Get Rich Writing Articles Online

How To Get Rich Writing Articles Online:

“How A Sunday Night ‘Experiment’,
That Anyone Could Have Easily Pulled Off,
Exploded My Affiliate Sales, Drove Swarms
Of Cash-In-Hand Visitors And Built Me A
Product-Hungry List That Grows Virally!”
Dylan Loh "bum article marketing

Make Tons Affiliate Sales...Your Own Website
Or Products Optional! Take 60 Seconds To See If
Your Online Marketing Strategy Compares To
Dylan Loh's Part Time Plan...

Odds are you aren't making more than 1 of
these practical article marketing strategies work for you!

Maximum price for your business Imagine ALL your online articles working like cash printing machines ramming your bank account with commission checks...month after month.

Imagine a system that makes writing those articles child's play and generates real cash profits with one of the oldest and most proven business model on the internet...

Follow the underground strategies in Dylan Loh's Article Profits Package and you don't have to imagine it any more...it can happen for you starting only minutes after reading his groundbreaking Article Marketing blueprint!...

First let's cover a few basics. Article marketing...sometimes called "bum marketing"...has 3 basic steps...

1. You write an article "optimized" for well chosen "keyword phrases".

2. You submit your "keyword optimized" article online to article submission directories and repeat...writing a swathe of cash-sucking articles over time...

3. Your articles rank high in search engine results...eager buyers click on the "resource box" in your article and buy from your site or your affiliate links then...

Step 4 Is Blissful Happiness...Money Almost
Magically Filling Up Your Bank Account!

Compared with most online "opportunities" this is as quick and easy as it gets. You don't need a website or any money to get started...

You can write a short 300 word article and have it online making you money in 10 minutes flat! And you can write and submit article after article...

Most important of all, turning online articles into cash really works! Look at the screenshots from 6 weeks of sales in my Clickbank account below...

$54.85? $55.82? $156.78? Its Very Possible!

(This is one of my 3 Clickbank accounts. And this is one set up to track
sales purely from article marketing)

I also receive a significant income in my Paypal account. (Which you can see below later on)

Can you think of the changes you'd make in your lifestyle with a tiny fraction of this income...Would an extra $700, $1,000 or $1,500 weekly income make a dramatic difference to you?

Why dream of an income on autopilot when you can begin making it a reality starting in 30 minutes or less?

Best of all I made these sales in my spare time...I'm currently doing compulsory national service in the Singapore army...

Dylan Loh Bum Marketing
(I'm second from the left...I wrote my articles after marching drills!)

And I'm not a good writer...in fact I hated high school English but I still managed to churn out enough online articles to gross over $5000 in sales over 4 short weeks.

I'm living proof that If you can't write or you're short on time and money you can still make these powerful underground article marketing strategies work for you...

In fact there's no excuse for those saying "English is not my first language!" or "I can't write a single word!"...You'll see why later!

What I love about the article marketing blueprint is the pure simple math behind it.

If each of your articles makes you a tiny $1 a day and you put just one article online today...then repeat the process every day...

"It Is A MUST READ..."

Hi Dylan,

I just wanted to tell you that after reviewing your "Secret Article
Profits" I was very impressed. I am not one that gives out testimonials
very often but you have hit the nail on the head so to speak. Anyone really wanting to learn the secret behind marketing with articles should have this. "It Is A MUST Read" as far as I am concerned!

The interviews with Jason, Matt, Steve and Dean are outstanding. Anyone wanting sound information that will set them apart in the Article Marketing world should add this to their collection. I know I will refer it often.

Thank You and keep up the great work!

Jim Miller - https://www.tradebit.com

In One Short Year You're Making $365 A DAY...
That's $2,555 A Week!

If you bomb out and only make half that you're still pulling in $182 a day or $1,274 a week.

And the money from those little cash printing machines keeps coming in when you stop working...or while you're writing MORE articles and multiplying your income week in and week out.

Imagine your income if you wrote 3, 4 or 5 articles a day. In fact later I'll show you how you can write 20 articles or more each day effortlessly!

Before you get too excited I should warn you...article marketing is simple but there are some land mines and you can waste a lot of time learning the ropes.

That's why I've put together a package with all my hard won tricks and strategies you need so you can hit the ground running.

Here's what Steven had to say about Secret Article Profits:

"This step by step guide should be read by each and every affiliate..."

With Secret Article Profits, Dylan has created a superb method for affiliates to make money online. This step by step guide should be read by each and every affiliate who aspires to have an online income and every full time marketer as well.

SAP lays down the hard fast proven techniques that generate online profits from article writing and bring home the clickbank cheques like never before. I can't recommend this course enough, great job!

Steven Lee Jones, https://www.tradebit.com
United Kingdom

This package is a total of 5 information packed components you can read minutes from now including...

Secret Article Profits Component# 1

Dylan Loh's Groundbreaking
Article Marketing Blueprint...The Art Of Turning
Articles Into Instant Cash!

This groundbreaking package is a priceless gold mine of strategies and tips...my tried and tested blueprint for making $27,960.64 in 6 weeks including...

Bum marketing program

* Where to find "easy pickings" online. The perfect topics to cover in your articles and the exact keywords to grab the eager eyeballs of online buyers...

Harnessing the amazing power of 5 blood sucking parasites that can rank your articles on page 1 of Google bringing you a steady stream of cashed-up prospects...

* The critical importance of choosing your article's title. Get this wrong and all your time and effort will be completely wasted!

* I make article selection a piece of cake for you...telling you exactly what each article's title should be for maximum eyeball puling effect...

* The URLs of 23 sites that can get the stat counter on your articles spinning like a top on performance enhancing drugs...

* An underground trick for getting around article directories that won't accept affiliate links. This is pure simplicity and you can set it up in 3 minutes flat!

* 3 vital article components that will drive your best prospects to your site, your blog or your affiliate links. Including these 3 "make or break" components could be the most important strategy to creating a personal cash machine from all of your articles...

* The controversial 'Article killer' method to hunt, surround and crush your competition!

* How to become an instant authority in any niche however alien the topic is to you!

Now Including 2 Bonus Chapter..."Blueprints to Instant Paypal Cash"
and "Web2.0 Article Marketing Tactics'!

* Learn how few simple tweaks and you're making an extra stream of highly lucrative paypal income from each set of articles you own. I'll reveal the simple process for creating your personal paypal cashcow...

* New age Web2.0 article marketing tactics! Underhanded but perfectly honest tricks to shooting your articles up the Google rankings and creating a cascade of targeted buyers...including 7 home pages you can work with to set off a Google ranking bonanza...

And there's still more. If you have trouble writing then you'll love the report I've put together just for you...

And you can create articles without starting anything from scratch. Read how in...

Secret Article Profits Component # 2...

How To Churn Out Cash Sucking Articles At Lightning Speed!

Your complimentary report includes the keys to creating articles faster than you every thought possible even if you hate writing including...

article marketing report

* The 5 most common article writing mistakes. The errors that guarantee your articles end up on the scrap heap! Ignore these and you'll waste hours of writing time stuck on the road to article marketing oblivion.

One of these mistakes could be sabotaging your online article marketing right now!

* 3 tips to make writing online articles stone cold easy including 4 sure fire bail outs if you have writer's block...

* The 6 part formula for writing an article in 30 minutes, 20 minutes...as fast as 10 minutes flat! Imagine your richest thoughts flowing magically from your brain, through your fingertips, into your computer...

* Why one short paragraph that NEVER appears in your article can make or break you and 5 strategies to guarantee that paragraph works for you instead of against you...

Here's what one beta-tester had to say:

"...definitely recommend Secret Article Profits to those looking for an easy way to make money online"


Secrets Article Profits is easy to understand and straight to the point. But more importantly, the methods you teach in this package work!

Look at what I've applied to one niche that I knew nothing about recently:

Article page view : 1,299
Number of affiliate sales : 3
Total profits : 3 x $17.95 USD = $ 53.85 USD

Not bad for one article that is less than 400 words, which I submitted to only one article directory. The best part is... it is free marketing and I can always add more profits by writing more articles. I will definitely recommend Secret Article Profits to those who are looking for an easy way to make money online.

Zamri Nanyan, Malaysia https://www.tradebit.com

And we're just getting started...

If you're one of the next 200 people to respond I'll also give you a fast action bonus package of an incredible 5 BONUS interviews...all designed to super charge your article marketing enterprise...

In it you'll find...

Secret Article Profits Component # 3...

Underground Article Marketing Interview Series

A series of short revealing email interviews from real live article marketers plying their trade in the real world. These interviews are like having a team of the world's hottest article marketers whispering in your ear and giving you their best tips, tricks and strategies. Your faculty team includes...

Article Marketing Tips

* Jason Waganer...His primary website sucks in over a million page hits a month!

Jason reveals how simple article marketing strategies fit in to the promotion of his extensive network of sites, blogs and affiliate programs...

* Dean Shainin...the Bum marketer extraordinaire! Dean reveals how he's made a powerful cash income online by writing hundreds of articles and submitting them online.

One article he wrote brought in 7800+ page views and tons of clicks for his Adsense sites and another he wrote brought in mroe then $1000 in residual income! The articles and links will be revealed...

* Blaz Blanic...He has over 100+ visitors opting into his lists in various niche on autopilot every month. Here, he discloses everything about building a responsive, hungry and 'ready to buy' list for free!

And there are some very crafty SEO 'cheats' he uses to consistently rank on Google!

* Steve Treslager...He has sold thousands of dollars worth of products via autoresponders alone! In my opinion, what he reveals about 'soft selling power' is worth a million dollars!

* Ma__ Rh_____...Bonus Interview. This almost didn't even make its way here as I deemed it too powerful to reveal to the general public. You'll understand when you read it...

Dean Shainin's articles have been read a total of over a hundred thousand times online. Dean explains how simple it is for you to get the same results...

And this is a tiny taste of 5 of the article marketing underground interviews I have lined up for you in this package.

I've included interviews from some heavy hitting article marketers who like to fly under the radar...(like the last one above!) but they've laid out their best kept secrets just for you!

"The interviews with the experts are GOLD because actual money-making articles are listed"

Hi Dylan,

Writing has been a part of my professional and hobby activities forever, so your SecretArticleProfits attracted my attention. Anyone can see from this page that you have a gift for writing and it is borne out in the product. You have distilled what budding writers need to know about research, about writing, about marketing, about SEO, about resources, and most of all, about making money.

The list of free resources alone is worth the $47 price.

The killer content for me was the clear sequence of steps rather than the steps themselves. Knowing the correct sequence is crucial.

The interviews with the experts are GOLD because actual money-making articles are listed. Seeing a profit-making article is better than just reading some theory.

Great package, Dylan!

Ash Nallawalla - https://www.tradebit.com

Fast Action Bonus # 1...

2,243 Keywords Perfect For Article Marketing!

Why waste hours searching for the perfect keywords when you have 2,243 ready to go. Includes...

* Keywords in the lucrative online niches of dating, weight loss, health, marketing, real estate, body building, credit repair, the environment, money making and more...

* Carefully selected to make exceptional headlines. A couple of minor tweaks and the keyword phrases from this list become perfect eye stopping titles for your articles...

And here's another side of article marketing that will really excite you.

If you're smart you've already realized that making affiliate commissions from the articles you put online is only the beginning.

You can start creating your own email opt in lists, your own products, your own internet marketing empire after you read...

Fast Action Bonus # 2...

Online Article Marketing Strategic Road Map!

This strategic road map takes you beyond plain ordinary article marketing including powerful strategies to create 3-5 times the income from your online articles like...

* The critical importance of choosing the perfect affiliate packages. You'll discover exactly how to hone in on the right products for your enterprise and why your choices should make up part of a tactical master plan...

* How 5 strategic emails can change you from a 90 pound weakling to a 10 ton bum marketing gorilla on steroids! Includes the exact wording of real emails...

* Create 10 to 20 unique articles a day tweaking articles and content you already have rights to (or you can purchase private label rights ebooks and articles)...

Minimum writing skill required and you'll have instant articles directories and search engines will drool over! Also discover...

* How to allure, entice and cajole your readers into clicking on your link after reading your article. Master this skill and you'll see a flood of super targeted traffic.

* 6 key article submission directories including the number 1 directory you should submit to by hand and the amazing site that releases a series of articles for you on autopilot 4 or 5 days apart! Search engines go ape over a slow, steady flow of articles...

You can save this article writing report to your hard disk in minutes...my compliments...the best price possible...ZIP, nada, nix!

(This can happen to you too...fresh hot leads added to your lists daily on autopilot)

(yet another article hitting home run...)

(Another article made good...instant paypal cash literally!)

Let me ask you a question...

If It Took You Just 30 Minutes To Create A
"Sales Machine" That Made You $20 In Sales Every Month How Many Would You Make?

In 13 hours writing 25 articles you could be making $500 a month.

If you really put in some effort and spent 130 hours writing and following my strategic article marketing system to the letter you could be making $5,000 a month or $1,250 a week.

To get all the income generating tactics and strategies packed in this program I should charge you at least one month's worth of the income you create.

That would be a fair and reasonable price when you consider you have no other capital outlay and you can start making cash profits from day 1.

But I'm NOT going to charge you $5,000 or even $500 for this article marketing package.

I Need More Proof Dylan!

"So what if you show proof of earnings? They can be be from other non-article marketing promotions. Give me some real proof Dylan!"

Ok, I hear you...

(See how that 'Squidoo juice' spilt over to my own blog? Heck, I feel sorry for the people paying for the ads!)

I'm also occupying top spots for many variations of "bum marketing". Oh and just a few links to my blog and I'm at #3! Just imagine the SEO possibilities you can bring to your sites!

(About 2 months after the product launched and 3 months since I wrote that article. Talk about staying power!)

Don't be surprised to be scratching your head wondering what you did to earn those mysterious $27, $47 or even $97 commissions in your Paypal account (I get those quite often! LOL) because they will keep bringing in the cash long after you've submitted them...

Gift-Wrapping Things Up...

Just think about it...how many more sales could you drive, how many more niches could you dominate if you could write your way to success with a fail-proof system?

How would it feel if you could take more time off, go on more vacations, pay off your debts, get that fancy car you've been dreaming about or buy that dream home you've always wanted?

That's the power of having a set of time-tested and proven system in place. (And on auto pilot!)

I was going to originally price this system at $197. Beta testers have told me they would pay 2 times that much for the course and it would still be a bargain!

So if you had $197 (or even $297) to invest in your affiliate marketing business to bring you more sales and and more customers... WHERE would you spend it?

When you invest in my package and what you get out of it — that is, the traffic you generate and the dividends you receive long after you invest in the product — is nowhere near anything you get with other forms of paid advertising. Period.

Your articles live as long as the internet lives.

And we all know that the internet never dies. It'll only grow. So now the question is, are YOU prepared to pay $197 for this course?

You should be.

I'm positive it will come back to you many times over.

The Lucky Thing Is, I'm NOT
Going To Charge You $197..

I'm prepared to let you have the package for just $$19.95.

Why $$19.95? It's simple really...

1. It's an absolute steal when you compare it to the cost of alternative promotion. Advertising methods like PPC, Ezine solo ads or Banner ads or difficult and expensive to use (to say the least!) while article marketing costs you virtually nothing yet drives the most highly targeted traffic!

2. It makes it more affordable for almost anyone to invest in, especially for the people who are currently struggling online and need this course the most...

3. And it's still priced high enough to make sure that I only have extremely serious people who really want to learn and not waste my effort put into this product (and to weed out the stubborn non-believers. curious tire-kickers, freebie-addicts who will NEVER use it and probably never succeed anyway).

4. It's a trial price and will last till only June 5th. I believe in rewarding people who are decisive and who act on what they really want and believe. The price will rise to at least $77 after June 5th and even then, its an absolute steal.

Study the course and learn how these strategies work. I'm positive they will work for you. I believe in my product, and I want you to give it a try... you owe it to yourself to at least try it. It's completely risk-free.

Don't like it? Send it back within 8 weeks. I'll deposit the money straight back into your account. No questions asked, no hassle, no fuss. And we still part as friends.

Here's what one marketer's had to say about 'Secret Article Profits'

"You've touched all possible bases...in a
step by step, easy to understand manner"


You've done a great job with Secret Article Profits, Dylan!

You've touched all possible bases and I like the way you've laid out everything about article marketing in a step by step, easy to understand manner. And not forgetting your blueprint to establishing a relationship with your list!

I thought I know all there is to know about article marketing already, but Secret Article Profits still benefited me with some golden nuggets; it's certainly a must-read for people starting out on a tight budget because there is almost no cost involved in article marketing.

Wei Ang, Singapore

"It's so simple when I think of it now..."

"How can a "bearly growing whiskers" delinquent make so much cash from just writing articles? Then I read his book....

I will never write an article the same way as before. It's so simple when I think of it now but it took Dylan's talents to show me my mistakes which have been costing me BIG TIME! Thanks Dylan, this is going be a keeper."

- Stuart Stirling, Japan - https://www.tradebit.com

"...I just have to give it my highest recommendation!"

Wow Dylan!

Just finished reading, “Secret Article Profits,” and I just have to give it my highest recommendation!

I’ve been using article marketing as one of the main ways to generate traffic for some time now, so I was surprised to learn so many new tips. You give specific advice on how and where to use keywords, what type of links you must put in your resource box and the latest information on social bookmarking and blogs. The interviews were icing on the cake and provided even more valuable information.

Whether you’re just getting started with article marketing, or you’re a seasoned pro, don’t miss out on “Secret Article Profits.” It’s clearly written, concise and jam packed with very valuable tips on article writing!

Dorothea Carney - https://www.tradebit.com

"...anyone who is serious about Internet Marketing would be nuts not to get
Dylan Loh's Secret Article Profits!"

Hello Dylan, I just finished reviewing your Secret Article Profits and all I can say is WOW!

Articles are some of the best ways and a must to get more subscribers and mores sales! Dylan, you have made it easy for anyone that wants to learn how to write articles and rewrite them to the perfection that they will be read! I really enjoyed the interviews you did and learned from them as well. I can't say enough about how great this product is, but I will say that anyone who is serious about Internet Marketing would be nuts not to get Dylan Loh's Secret Article Profits!

All right, no more jokes about your age. But, you are only how old? Keep up the great work, young man!

Scott F. LaPlante - https://www.tradebit.com
Appleton, WI

"most comprehensive course ever
written on article marketing"

Hi Dylan,

This has to be the most comprehensive course ever written
on article marketing! With all the fluff and hype on the Internet,
what is needed is a solid step by step guide for all internet
marketers. And 'Secret Article Profits' certainly provides the solution!

From keyword research to churning out articles at a lightning pace to the new age promotion tactics, your guide will enable anyone to truly grasp the techniques of using article marketing to generate huge amount of online profits.

Anyone who wishes to emulate your success as an established
internet marketer at such a young age should definitely steal your
secrets by purchasing your 'Secret Article Profits'!

Calvin - https://www.tradebit.com

Your 'Quick Track Profit Bonus' Mega Package Includes: Value ($):
Component #1: "Secret Article Profits" $97.00 +
Component #2: "Underground Article Marketing Interview Series" (Consisting of 5 expert interviews) $97.00 +
Component #3: "Lightning Speed Cash Sucking Articles" $67.00 +
Fast Action Bonus #1: HUGE Keyword List $37.00 +
Fast Action #2: "Article Marketing Roadmap" $47.00 +
Mystery Bonus #1: All I can say is its too powerful to reveal to the general public. Only my trusted customers will get access to it... $??

Total Market Value:


A Grand Total Of $363
In Article Marketing Resources
For A Crazy $127 $97 $19.95 Today!

Click On This Link Now To Download Your
Full Article Marketing Package

Why am I willing to offer this amazing money making opportunity at such a rock bottom price?

First I'm no William Wordsworth. These reports are packed with cutting edge information but they're a little rough around the edges.

If you're looking for good grammar, spelling and punctuation you'll be really disappointed.

But if you're searching for a powerful no holds barred resource you'll turn to over and over to create and ramp up your article marketing profits then this is the best package you'll find anywhere...

Second I really care about making you the online income you and your family deserve...

Building This Package I Imagined...

The look on your daughter's face wearing an enchanting prom dress...a designer garment you bought for her from your online profits...

Or the feeling as you're kissing your day job goodbye forever, telling your boss where to shove it because you have an abundance of cash coming in from your articles keeping you in a steady comfortable lifestyle.

Or that feeling of financial relief deep in your gut with streams of multiple income from your articles all working for you like online cash printing machines.

I know this course can change your life forever but I also know if you don't act right now you could procrastinate and put this life changing opportunity off forever...always waiting for the perfect time to get started.

I'd hate to see you miss out so I'm giving you this bargain deal to kick you into immediate action.

And I'm so confident you'll be thrilled with the value of this package I'll make you this 'no-brainer' offer...

My Personal Promise From Me To You...

bum marketing guarantee

Click On This Link Now To Download Your 100% Guaranteed
Article Marketing Package For Only $19.95

Think about this...How many opportunities have you seen where you can get started and make income immediately without buying stock, setting up infrastructure, without hiring staff or outlaying capital in any way?

How many opportunities have you seen where your income keeps growing the more you work with no real upper limit?

How many opportunities have you seen where you can set everything up once then sit back, relax and let the money keep rolling in?

I believe this is the best money making opportunity on the internet today and I have over $18,000 in monthly Clickbank sales to prove it.

P.S. Writing online articles is like building your own army of salesmen working for you on autopilot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They never call in sick, talk back or quit. Best of all they keep working while you play!

But every minute you put this off is one day longer you'll have to wait to get your army of cash printing machines mobilized...one day longer you'll wait before you enjoy the thrill of multiple streams of income on autopilot.
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