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How to make 100 $ Per Day From LOCAL Buisiness owners -- OFFLINE METHOD

Introducing How to make 100 $ Per Day From LOCAL Buisiness owners -- OFFLINE METHOD DOWNLOAD
All day long...

Disclaimer: This has NOTHING to do with getting $20 from biz owners for an adwords campaign that promises them page 1 Google. This is COMPLETELY unique! Please check out my reviews and READ the entire page (it's not long). NOT a cold-calling method either.

Originally Posted by xirtamon My quick review:

Everything ELSE I've bought to get in the door is junk compared to this!!

This is why we have other people.. to think of the things we should have thought of!

This is the best door opener ever, because it doesn't really have anything to do with selling them your services AND it will get them to get their checkbook or spring their wallet! They would probably otherwise feel guilty! No tricks here, this is legit. It's just sooo smart. This is the most outside of the box approach I've ever seen. And it's not one that would take a lot of time and energy. Whilst talking to the owner you will be advertising your services and selling them on you.. INDIRECTLY. Their defenses will be lowered... you won't be like everybody else who tries to sell them something.

I'm going to begin doing this mid next week. You can use this to get the door open, regardless of whatever you are selling. You can use this to get face time with any small business owner. I'm sure this could even work with attorneys (who are generally regarded as difficult to get in with).

This is as original as I have ever seen.. and I, like yourself, have HEAPS of WSOs.
Kudos to an AMAZING first WSO. This is special stuff, absolutely priceless (if used).
This is the reason I keep buying WSOs.. once in a while.. sometimes a long while.. you come across something that changes everything. This is that thing!

I can't wait to one day come up with an original idea like this one... = )
Originally Posted by davidbatchelor Hey Mike,

This WSO looks great in theory and at this point believe it will work in the real world, unlike so many WSO's that I have brought over the years that simply don't work in real life situations.

I can definitely see how this could quite easily make a decent income for people, especially if they went back to those same business say every 90 days. Have you tried that Mike?

In finishing this post, I find it really hard to understand why Mike Lante (I think he is the owner of the WF) hasn't made this WSO at least WSO of the day.

Originally Posted by SimpleSimonDotCo If I was to judge a book by its cover this WSO would have been thrown in the trash very quickly. 1 out of 10 for presentation - and the 1 is only because it was broken down in to 2 PDFs, not 1.

However, after 20 minutes reading both the main WSO and the accompanying suggested script with, what you might call, a tiny case study, I'm hooked.

For those offliners who do "local" and who are looking for a simple ice breaker this could be brilliant. However, I'm not being fair to Mike by just calling it an ice breaker.

It's more than that. It's also a way of branding yourself very quickly.

It's a way of getting yourself huge local press coverage, if you want it.

It's a way of establishing your good reputation among local business owners very quickly too. Business owners who will forever see you as a person they can trust.

And, it's also a way of getting referrals that I can't believe is so simple.

And, not forgetting, it's a great way to grow your business.

OK! If I only gave it 1 out of 10 for presentation what would I give it for delivery of what was promised in this WSO?

Answer: 11 out of 10. So, many, many thanks Mike.

And thanks too for showing me that a polished WSO doesn't mean that it's a good one. As I said, you can't tell a book by its cover! LOL

David Originally Posted by MitchKid Mike reached out to me to offer a review copy of Charity Dollars yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised by his approach and the tactics laid out in this course. This is an easy way to make that dreaded initial contact in a way that does not come off as salesy in any way whatsoever, much like Mike's copy above.

Aside from the solid info Mike lays out in this course, Mike the person is just as genuine. I have spoken with him several times on the phone and by email over the last few months and I know for a fact that he is using this very technique to land clients for his offline business.

Mike, great job on this and I wish you the best of luck!





And now You Can Too!

Intriguing headline, eh?

Well, that's EXACTLY what's going to happen day in and day out!

Now, the LAST thing I'm going to do with this salespage is make it all "hypey". As you can see it's a pretty simple looking salespage. No colors, no graphics, no manipulative sales tactics (quite frankly...don't need 'em!), actually...it's kinda dull, really.

Nope. I'm gonna do things a little different.

Just like my WSO, itself, this is going to be simple and to the point. Quite honestly, it's probably gonna cost me a lotta sales going against the grain like this ('cause that stuff is proven to be highly effective...ever bought anything at a place called clickbank before?) but, it's just the way I am. So, basically, I'm just gonna tell ya about something that's working for me and...that's it.

Fair enough? Ok, so, in a nutshell...

My name's Mike. I've been around here for a few years and bought my fair share of WSO's. I've learned a LOT on this forum and, it took quite awhile (many reasons for that), but as of January, January 3rd, to be exact, I finally had my breakthrough and started to make real, honest-to-goodness, MONEY as an offline consultant.

I landed a fella who was opening a boxing gym in my city and needed a website "like yesterday" (his exact words). I landed this client due to some invaluable cold-calling training I received from, one of my heroes on this forum, mr. John Durham. John, if you're readin' this, I love ya man!

Now, I must tell ya, John's priceless advice came at EXACTLY the right time for me. You see, I was in a pretty tight spot then (in a bit of one again, at the moment, but getting TONS better), I had just been laid off from my job and I'm the sole caregiver for an ill elderly father and things had gotten pretty rough for us. So, I reached out for guidence here on the forum and John came through.

Ok, so the reason I just shared that with you is to let you know that

the same thing can happen for you.

I now make money as an offline consultant, I sell websites, website redesigns, mobile websites, sms services, direct mail marketing for local businesses, you name it I sell it!

And I learned how to do all these things (and BTW I outsource, most, if not all, of it for pennies on the dollar) right here on the WF. So, if you're a total newb. No worries. You can have zero sales or technical skills and still succeed beyond your wildest dreams because you're a WARRIOR!

All righty, just wanted to throw my (super condensed) story out there to let you know that I'm one of you and if I can do it so can you!

So, this WSO is for newbies only?

Nope! Veterans, you guys/gals will benefit just as much (heck, probably more) because this little WSO of mine tackles the single toughest part of this whole equation...


Taking care of their needs once you have them...no prob. Getting them...much, much tougher. At least, in MY experience.

So, how does this WSO make this whole "getting clients thingy" a wee bit easier? How, Mike, as your headline says, do we get "local biz owners to happily "give" us $20 cash and LET us upsell them our services"?...

Well...you'll have to buy the WSO to find that out.

BUT...I will tell you it's a rather unique spin, as far as I know, on the concept of "selling without selling".

The business owner is willing (trust me when I say willing) to "give" you $20 cash,

to help YOU out with something important to YOU, a FELLOW business owner.

In gratitude, you will give them some free advertising. That's it.

You get to show off your skills and upsell your services to, quite possibly, the MOST warmed-up prospect you've ever had!

Trust me, guys, it WORKS beautifully!

MOF here's what PECKHAM PIRATE (an esteemed member of WF) had to say when I showed him what I was doing and asked for his honest opinion:

Originally Posted by PeckhamPirate
This is a great twist on not selling to get the sale and winning new long-term clients.

I'm all about using freebies, cheap offers and stuff that makes me look like a good guy, not just another geek asking for money for a service people don't really understand. This is perfect.

What Michael's done is give us another no-brainer in for local business owners and an easy way to show off our talents, as well as virtually guaranteeing a prospect starts saying the magic word (YES) from the very get go


I haven't seen a better warm up for offliners and this should definitely help any Tradebit Viewers who focus on single cities in particular. You won't just own the town, you'll become one of the pillars of society with this wso.

This fits perfectly with just about any offline strategy I've seen.

Cheers. Enrico

Thanks, Enrico!

Oh yeah, and I know I mentioned above that I had my first success with cold-calling (actually MOST of my success is from cold-calling), but this WSO isn't about cold-calling. However, that being said, it IS a cold walk-in method.

At least, in the way I've done it, you will have to pop in on local biz owners, BUT, without the "pressure" of having to try and "sell" them something.

Now, that's not to say you couldn't use cold-calling or email for this method, I just personally prefer the cold walk-in approach and you'll see why in the report.

Also, I do want to point out that, as much as everyone fears cold-calling, it WORKS unbelievably well for landing clients consistently. You just have to have the right formula and teacher(s) (hint-check-out the "offline forum" here!). It's my belief that you should learn how to land clients in SEVERAL different avenues. Not JUST cold-calling. Not JUST emailing. Not JUST direct mail, etc. They ALL have their merits and you should try your best to learn how to do them all well to be the best marketer you can be!

Hmmm...what else to say?

So, basically..

What you're getting here is a pretty unique, practically sure-fire, way of

"warming up" an offline client to acquire him/her as a client,

while putting a little cash money in your pocket at the same time!

Pretty cool, eh?!

I kid you not, on the very 1st day of implementing this method I got 6, count 'em 6, local business owners to gladly "give' me $20 bucks to "help me out" and 2 of them became website clients, one traditional, one mobile (outsourced both jobs on the cheap!) a few days later.

Think about it, guys, in addition to all the money you'll make EASILY "selling" them on your services, you can easily make $100+ a day on the side, that's ONLY 5 biz owners. EXTREMELY easy to do with this method!

There's no dime sale, no oto, no upsell, little-to-the-side sell, no bonuses of any kind. For one flat-fee you get my straightforward, no-fluff, to-the-point report. That's it. I wrote it in google docs and it's just black words on a white page.

Ok then, I hope you'll give my, first ever, WSO a chance and I, most definitely, look forward to the reviews!

Thanks for checking me out!


Still on the fence? Check out what other Tradebit Viewers are saying...

Originally Posted by Salesmanship In Print This is one of the simplest and easiest WSOs to grasp and implement. It's effectiveness will depend a lot on sincerity and conviction. And I'll bet that this will be abused in some ways that will be obvious. But when used as described, you'll surely stand out from the crowd. And that helps to 'get your foot in the door,' which is what this WSO is all about.

Originally Posted by IMHunter There are two E-books in this package explaining the method. This is a very unique method to land the offline clients. This method can work world wide. This is also the most easiest way to land the offline clients. Once you have landed the offline client using this method you can sell them many more services later on like SEO, Social Media, Reputation Management, Mobile Websites etc. This guide is best for newbies who are struggling to start a career in Internet Marketing, you can make a living with this method.
Originally Posted by sandalwood Mike was kind enough to let me review his book. It is everything he says it is and more. This is a super easy way to break the ice with any business owner. His real life examples show you how easy it is to do.

Personally, I would recommend this ebook because this method isn't some pie in the sky wild hair idea. It works and what more can a marketer ask for other than a method that works?

Originally Posted by TheDebtEliminator Was fortunate to receive a review copy from Mike.

I have had a chance to go through Mike's WSO ... Charity Dollars

It was delivered in. PDF format with 2-modules that have a total page count of 20-pages.

Mike been using this strategy successfully for quite a while and he is sharing it with us.

He is explaining everything in a step-by-step manner in that his newbie friendly and quite easy to learn from.

This is a unique way to approach potential off-line client, that I have never seen before in any other WSO.

It is a method that is very smooth to use, that most off-line business clients will pay attention to and should be willing to participate.

It is well known within the off-line IM community, that getting your foot in door is 70 up to 85 of the work that is needed to be successful in adding a new client to your database and receiving a monthly income.

If you are presently working in the off-line arena or thinking of getting into that business ..........

You need this report.

All the best Ron Originally Posted by IAmPaulJames Hey Mike,

I just want to tell you how awesome I thought your method was! I am always on the look out for offline products and especially ones that can help get my foot in the door and this one over delivers! Really nice work, I recommend that anyone doing offline work get this now!

-Paul Originally Posted by nhislove Great Stuff!

Mike took what HE actually does/is doing
and wrote about it in an easy to follow/understandable pdf.

It's a laid back approach to get offline clients in a unique way
that pays off in a very rewarding way, a Win/Win situation.

Very Newbie friendly & He gives an extra pdf action guide
script that you can use to apply your own twist to.

Thanks Mike for providing your personal simple method
for getting or adding to a portfolio, offline clients.

nhislove Originally Posted by wthurby Hey Warriors!!!
This is my 2nd post ever!!! I must say that the method Mike uses and describes has got to be the absolute most stupid simple client door opener I've seen here or anywhere else.

Nice job Mike!!!

All I can say is check it out for yourself!!!

NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .
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