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How to make 120$ From CPA On Autopilot -- STEP BY STEP

Introducing How to make 120$ From CPA On Autopilot -- STEP BY STEP DOWNLOAD

Sorry fellow warriors. This package is closed forever.

You are About to Know that How I Made $121.50 in Profit Promoting One Single CPA Offer by Doing Only 2 Hours of Work.

Its Super Easy to Make Money Using this Method Just Set Up Your Campaign by Following the Step-By-Step Instructions and Start Making Money Right Away.

Reviews:Chad - Super Affiliate - Founder of College of Internet Marketing See What Other Tradebit Viewers Say About This package:

Originally Posted by blillard Omid Great Job Buddy,

Ok CPA Rush in a nutshell is one of the easiest ways for any beginner to make money using cpa. I've seen a lot of package's on this topic really all they do is KIND OF explain the method to you.

What I liked about this one is that it walks you through the process step by step, there is no room for guessing. The total cost amount to get this plan into action like super small, but if you're anything like me then it would cost you a lot less if didn't decide to outsource the method.

I have this method in action as we speak as it's just so simple not to try. I even learned a new trick when setting up campaigns, so in the end it was a great read since I was able to learm somethinh new.

For anyone who is looking to get into CPA or already has but want another stream of income that is 90 untapped then grab this package.

I can't see why this wouldn't work for anyone who actually applied it as the saturation level is really small.

Bryan Originally Posted by whosetheman Hi Tradebit Viewers

I have known Omid to be a very smart, savy marketer so by that knowledge alone, I knew that his package would provide a great value. And simply put, it does!

The package consists of a concise, straight to the point pdf that provides a good strategy to cash in with CPA marketing. This is not a free method, but the costs are very small, $10-20, given that you don't already have a web hosting account. This is a great guide for people who need money right away and it is very newbie friendly. He even provides information for those who need help getting into CPA networks. Experts will also learn some new tricks that one can implement fast.

What I hate about most packages is that they can be very theoretical and do not give specific examples/campaigns. But not in this case. You get to go with him step by step as he spills out what he specifically did in order to make money. He tells you how he outsourced his tasks and how you can too or simply do it yourself in order to save money. The outsource resource that he gives is well known but what I like most is that he provides specific individuals on the site that can do the job. His method can easily be scaled out as well.

It's a great value and well worth the price as you'll definitely make money.

Thanks Omid! Originally Posted by jeffrey73 I've had the chance to work and speak with Omid personally for a while now. He really is one of those guys who test things consistently to find out what works and where.

This guide just proves that there is no "secrets" to making money with CPA. It's simple, to the point, and he reveals ALL his strategies. He even reveals exactly which offer he used and how to outsource it.

Nothing ground-breaking here, it's just basic action-taking and the rest will come. If you've never made any money online before, then this would be a simple and easy way to start!

Good job Omid on this package! Originally Posted by retirewithsandie I really enjoyed reviewing this for Omid.

It is VERY newbie friendly. Omid lays everything out step by step nothing is missing or confusing. He gives examples throughout as well so nothing is hidden.

The report is 20 pages so it's an easy read.

Omid tells you how to pick your offers and what you're looking for when you're reviewing campaigns. He gives you a tip on how to get the most possible conversions. If you use the tips he gives you, depending on your CPA company, it's possible to have 10-20 campaigns up and running.

You'll need a website but it's going to be very basic, he gives you the information and code to on set it up, not complicated at all. Even if you've never uploaded anything to a website, he tells you how you can easily do so. However, you can use one of the free hosting/websites out there to get started.

When it comes to promotion, you *can* do this yourself but everything can be outsourced if you do it offline. And if their work is to your satisfaction, you can work with your outsourcer(s) to scale up your earnings either with your current one if it's a long-life campaign or as you add other campaigns.

If you outsource, the longest wait will be for them to do their part. Otherwise, your "work" will be very short. In reviewing the campaigns & setting up your website. If in your initial review, you pick a good number of campaigns, then your future work will be cut down. Just make a note of those and when you're ready pull them up and set up the websites for them. Originally Posted by Jerald724 It sounds like , exactly what I'm looking for, may have to give it a try. Originally Posted by imback Hey Everyone!

As most of you know I am usually hesitant in giving out review copy and even reviewing other people's products that I have not truly implemented.

I decided to review this package because I have personally spoke with Omid and worked with him. He is a member at The College of Marketing.

This package flat out works! You arn't going to find a magic button here. What you will find is a REAL step by step case study that will show you exactly how to make money using CPA.

Omid is a great guy and someone you can count on.

No need to go on...


CHAD Originally Posted by williamrs I've had early access to CPA Rush and now I'm here to share my thoughts on this product...

If I had to say just one thing about CPA Rush it would be OUTSIDE THE BOX.

Omid is a very creative guy and the techniques that he teaches in his report are at the same time simple, 100 newbie friendly and effective.

With the case study that's included in the report Omid shows how a simple idea and some action can become a very profitable CPA business in an extremely short period of time.

So, if you are no longer willing to spend a lot of time and money trying complex systems that end up making you nothing, despite of the claims on the sales pitches, this report is a very good resource.

Omid shows how anyone can start promoting CPA offers with simple techniques and build a realistic income in just few days. No exaggerated claims, no complex systems, no expensive advertising. Just a simple idea, some action and real results.

W Originally Posted by Mahmoud Selman Hello Tradebit Viewers

This is a great package by Omid there he share with you a step by step guide in promoting CPA offers offline. He took out the hard part and gave you a pure gold method to start earning from the 1st day.

You will find everything you need to do to make the method works for you and its too easy to implement.

Get it now and start implementing right away.

Thank you Omid! Originally Posted by ttcbird Hey warriors!

I bought this guide two nights ago. I don't want to hype it up and make it seem like a phony review, but this strategy is smart really smart.

One reason I liked it was because literally if 10,000 people know how to do this method it would still work.

Another reason I liked it, was because I read every word of the ebook straight through no stopping without getting bored. (I'm not a reader)

I don't really get the urge to really leave reviews after buying an package, but this idea is so simple I didn't want people to miss out.

Thankyou! Originally Posted by speedylikesKJ

I would say absolutely Perfect !!!!
You can earn more from this method just open up your mind . going to test it and will post result here no matter i get success or not but this **** is perfect and more then that no competition thing . really if you dig on your Targeted demographics you can really make big money promote offers with high payout too , i wont go for crappy email submits i wont waste this great idea i will scale it and make big profits Originally Posted by slimshadyLP I have just finished reading your report, i'm very excited and i cloudn't wait anymore for implementing it because i know that i will make money from this system , but i'm still waiting for getting approved on a CPA network!!

I recommend this package to every newbie like me cause it is just so easy,well written and needs a small investment.


Dear Fellow Tradebit Viewers

I have been doing internet marketing professionally for a while and I have experienced lots of losses and gains as the nature of this industry.

I see many Tradebit Viewers seeking their success by putting time and effort in this industry but never can make it. It becomes worse when the failure make them give up the hard work. I decided to share one of my methods that I found profitable with those Tradebit Viewers that have never been successful as well as those newbies that just entered this amazing world of internet marketing!
So here is the story that how I came across this method for the first time and made decent money by only doing 2 hours of work.

I was working on one of my PPV campaigns and suddenly a simple idea bumped into my head! I stopped setting up the PPV campaign and started implementing the idea that had just come to my mind. It took only 2 hours to set up the work and find the persons for outsourcing. I had roughly spent $12 dollars and everything was set. I had to wait until the next day to start getting the results. I got back to the PPV campaign but I couldnt stop thinking about the outsourced campaign I had just set up!

The next day I logged in to my CPA account and the result was unbelievable. I could not believe it! Only 2 hours of work and 12 dollars gave me $121.50 in profit

I immediately took a screen shot of my CPA account that is shown below:

This report contains a unique method on promoting of CPA offers. In this method you only spend 2 (Maximum 3) hours of work to set everything and then you are all set. You only need to sit back and wait for the money flowing into your account. In this method you need to set your campaign and outsource the other parts for low price ($15 at most). The good news is I will tell you where and how to outsource your campaign that I personally used to generate $121.50 in the first day for only one campaign. Therefore, everything is stated and you only need to follow the instructions.
Here is What Youll Get:

Newbie Friendly If you are a newbie and even do not know what internet marketing means then this report will make you money. There is no need of technical skills. All materials are stated in plain language.

Step by Step plan The report goes through all the details. Therefore, by following the instruction provided in the report you will have everything you need.

Set it and Forget it Just follow the instructions and you are all set! Let the campaign work and make money for you!

My Own Case Study I even included the same details that I went through when I was implementing the method for the first time. So you will see how I did it! Just do what I did and youll earn huge money

Quick Implementation As mentioned before, the method is about making money very fast so by spending a couple of hours you are ready to make the money that is waiting for you!

Outsource for Low Price You can outsource the boring parts by hiring other people. I introduced my own resources that only cost me $12 in total. You can use the same resources since I have mentioned in this report the exact contact information of the persons I hired.

Scalable This method is scalable. It means that you can increase number of your campaigns and make more money. You can even earn ten times more than the money I made! I am not exaggerating!

Twists and Tweaks I mentioned some tips that how you can double your earnings from one campaign by tweaking and improving them. This can help you optimize your campaign.

24/7 Unlimited Support I have included my email address so you can send me an email whenever you need help on implementation of the method.
Why the Price is too Low?
I want to launch this to Tradebit Viewers first before I roll it out to the public and push it hard with affiliates. When I do make it live to the public it will be $47, but since you're a Tradebit Viewers (and I love to help you) and this is (should be) a special offer, you can get it for the offered price in this package.

Have No Idea About CPA? Doesnt Matter!
I Have Included My CPA Approval Guide as Bonus!
My CPA Approval guide goes through all the details you need to know about the CPA networks and the same strategies that I personally used to get approved by lots of CPA networks including NeverBlue, EWA, Wolf Storm Media and etc.
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