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**ROAD TO SUCCESS** How I Went From 5 $ Per Day to Almost 40k Per Month in 42 Days

Introducing **ROAD TO SUCCESS** How I Went From 5 $ Per Day to Almost 40k Per Month in 42 Days

My wife laughed when I said I could wipe out our 6-figure debt by earning $5/day, but

This Simple Strategy Changed My Life
Now, 5 Years Later
The Rest Of The Story!

Dear Tradebit Viewers ,

Here's the short version of what you get for just $5.00!:
  • a 100+ page book that shows how I turned a $5/day income dream into $38,000 in 6 weeks, and then much, much more since
  • access to a members forum (no extra cost) with a community, mentoring, and frequent additional bonuses are given
  • bonuses including a special seminar session recording of myself and my partner, Rachel Rofe
  • a special Tradebit Viewers only bonus "How to Launch a New Product Every 7 Days" video/audio/transcript.

Want to know more? Keep reading.

You might have read my first book, 5 Bucks a Day, if you did, I thank you and hope you repaid your investment thousands of times over. Some people did.

I certainly hope youre not one of the frustrated people that say Nothing works, Ive tried it all, I might as well give up.

I have a confession to make
Ive been there. Ive said that. Except

I didnt give up. I kept at it. I failed over and over and over and over, for three excruciating years, going deeper in debt with every failure.

My wife lost faith in me. I was ashamed that I couldnt give my son a loan when he desperately needed it for a horrible, horrible mess he was in. The best I could offer was to cosign for a loan with him, and the bank turned us down.

It was a dark time in my life.

Still, today, I tell everybody Failure is your friend.

I know, with friends like that right?

Seriously, I believe failure was my friend then, and I teach people that every day, because I survived the dark years, and received the best education known to man


Just 5 Bucks a Day

It started with a plan to earn just 5 bucks a day, and when I did that once, I did it again, over and over. The successes mounted up faster than the failures. 2 steps forward, 1 step back thats a formula for success.

And then I started teaching others how to do the same thing, and it worked for them if they followed the simple plan as laid out.

Sure, there were some rough spots in the road, the Google slaps, the account suspensions, and more, but remember, theres no rainbow without a little rain, after all.

I want to say right up front, I cant promise get rich quick riches. I cant even promise get rich slow riches. I dont know how much you want to succeed, how hard youll work, whether youll follow my plan or not.

But if you really want to, if you read this, Ive got a feeling that youll turn the last page and say to yourself If Dennis can do this, I can do this.

I did it, and yes, so can you

I wrote 5 Bucks a Day in 2006. Its sold well over 10,000 copies, and Im happy about that. Though I consider it evergreen, Ive always wanted to update it. A year ago I mindmapped the table of contents, and it looked like a massive undertaking.

Too much. Too complex. Its been so long that Ive been working on projects that can get done in a week, something like I had on the drawing board would have taken me 2 months.

Too much.

2 weeks ago I was staring into space and wondering what to do, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Again, like the original strategy

I needed to simplify!

So I tossed out my plans that werent getting done anyway, and mapped out what you see today:

5 Bucks a Day Revisited

Inside youll learn the key things that Ive learned in the 5 years since I wrote my original book, and even if you havent read the original book, Ill give you the basics so that you dont need to.

I pull back the covers and tell you:
  • for those that havent read the original classic, the key components of the strategy
  • whats happened to me, and the IM industry in general, since 2006
  • whats more powerful than a simple goal? Man, I wish I would have known this 5 years ago!
  • the mindset tricks that virtually force you to succeed. Ignore them and youll be on the fast track to nowhere.
  • the essential assets you MUST have in your business. Relax, they wont cost you money, but theyre worth a fortune.
  • 27 different 5 Bucks a Day project ideas, including many that werent included in the original book. Youll be able to tweak, mix, match, combine, into 1000's of unique and powerful ideas of your own.
  • my top 3 mentors. You might want to follow them yourself, they made me a fortune. Or find your own, Ill tell you what to look for. Mentors dont have to cost money, either.
  • the power of partnerships. Master this and youll never be poor again.
  • and a lot more
5 years of experience. 5 good years.

Experience is the Best Teacher

If experience is the best teacher, what would it be worth to you to get 60 months of experience handed to you on a silver platter?

Im not going to sit here and tell you I had it easy all these years, but its sure been easier since I figured out the strategy.

And its been even easier every year since, since I learned some new things every month, every year.

Would you like to learn what Ive learned in a couple hours instead of 5 years?

I consider myself a very lucky man, not just because the debt is gone, the money is in the bank, and my post it note has a 4-digit number on it (if you dont know what I mean by that, you need to read the book).

Im lucky because Ive had the opportunity to connect with thousands of good people, some of whom were struggling like I was and overcame it, some of whom are still struggling, some of whom have figured it out and are absolutely crushing it.
I learned from them all.

What makes the difference? Why have some people succeeded, and others not? Why have I succeeded when I spent so long failing? What was the switch that needed to be thrown? Most importantly

Wheres your switch?

If there was a switch that you could throw to turn your dreams into reality, how fast would you put your fingers on it?

What if that switch cost money? What would you do to buy that switch?

What if it only cost $5.00?

Yes, 5 bucks.

I thought long and hard and had lunch with my partner Rachel the other day and told her what I had planned. I know this information, in the hands of another marketer, a so called guru, might be priced at $97 or more.

I wanted to put it in the hands of virtually EVERYONE, and I dont want price to be an issue.

5 bucks, for 5 years of experience, and more

My offer to you is 5 years of experience that Ive been blessed to receive since the good times started

and the strategy that allowed the good times to start.

All for the cost of lunch.

Or for the cost of a 6-pack of cheap beer.

Or just a little more than a gallon of gas (at least where I live).

If that offer isnt worth it to you, no problem, good luck anyway, I hope we can still be friends.

Not Just a Customer a Member

And then I told Rachel Rachel, its not just going to be a book, its going to be a lot more. I want the readers to be more than just readers.

I explained there would be bonuses, of course, but beyond that I wanted to do what I did with the original book, I wanted there to be a members forum.

So when you say yes today, you wont just be a customer, youll be a member. For life. Youll be with me day by day as I learn from experience the things that Ive been learning the last five years, because learning never stops unless you let it.

I wont let it. How about you?

So I dusted off the old forum that had been put in mothballs, cleaned it up a bit, and am starting to add the kinds of things there that made me famous after the first book. The kinds of things that convinced 1000's of people to purchase it without a single thought of a refund request.

5 years of experience

A community

More Bonuses Inside the Forum

Already a couple dozen bonus downloads left over from before (I trimmed out the ones that were a bit stale, these are mostly still worth looking at), but beyond that my commitment to increasing the contents of that download area.

Youll have to trust me on that, ask around if you need convincing.

To be clear, the price of $5 is a one time price, not a recurring one. It might be more some day, but not for you if you say yes today.

If you want a guarantee about some of the things youll get, youll get these even without logging into the forum to get the other dozens of products:..
  • my famous forum friends report, which has been termed life changing by many (but you could have it for free if you ask nicely anyway).
  • our bundle of 34 free reports, including rebrandable versions, so that you can give them away yourself (but you could have had those for free also if you wanted).
  • and one thing that you cant get anywhere else, a recording of a seminar presentation that Rachel Rofe and I did in Las Vegas at the 2011 Earn1KaDay seminar, where we talked about partnerships in general and our partnership specifically. I think you might get an ah ha moment or two by watching that.
  • Plus a special bonus for Tradebit Viewers only, to qualify this as a truly special offer, something only available with this package... A video with transcript that's part of our Daily Seminar series, titled "How to Launch A New Product Every 7 Days".
Or you can just consider this a big gamble

5 bucks, thats what your gamble is.

Could you possibly learn one thing from a 100+ page book detailing not only the strategy that took me from multiple 6 figures of debt to totally debt free in way less than 5 years, but also everything important that I learned along the way?

My bet is you can.

Ill see you on the other side.

Dennis Becker, the 5 Buck Guy

P.S. What do you have to lose? 5 years of experience, the forum, the bonuses, the guarantee. Hey, thats all I got. Go for it!

Want to hear what a couple people have said already?

From Teresa Miller:

Oh my gosh! You know how sometimes you read something and go, "Damn! I wish I had written that." This book made me feel like that. Of course, I don't have your wealth of experience, so I couldn't have written THIS book.

Still though, the way you write reflects the way that I think to such a great degree, I feel like you are talking just to me. It's the way I talk to myself (out loud, when no one else is around.)

I believe that you have hit on so many important things that get missed in all of the BSO chase that goes on in internet marketing. Mindset and relationships are so crucial; I like that you make them both focal points.

I enjoyed too, the way you went both backwards and forwards with this book. By that, I mean that you went backwards by filling in more detail of your history than you did in the original book, and you went forwards by telling us the "what happened after that" part. Awesome way of tying the two books together.

I think that you have a very important book here, and I very much see this as being an important part of the Novice Marketer project. (And I agree with you about putting that in the 5Bucks forum, by the way.)

Great, great book. I'll be printing this one out, just like I did with the first one. Keep this up, and I may need a shelf on my book case dedicated to you. From Ian Sneddon:

As one of the original purchasers of 5 Bucks A Day, I had to read Dennis' re-write, updated by 5 years.

In his usual compelling writing style, Dennis engages the reader from the first page through to the last.

His combination of utter frankness, combined with a complete mastery of his subject area, makes for a must-read reference for anyone entering the Internet Marketing arena for the first time and even for those who have been around the scene for a while, it will explain why you're not seeing the success you have been led to believe is just another $37.00 away from being able to push the button to receive unlimited wealth, as all the 'gurus' promise.

If you are frightened of a four letter word called 'work', then read no further.

You won't find magic button's or silver bullets within these pages.

On the other hand, to those with a more realistic outlook on their online business, there are magic words contained within this book.

If you are still reading, then more power to your elbow, you will find a formula which worked for Dennis 5 years ago, and has worked over the intervening years for literally hundreds, if not thousands, of others to help them build an online business, from nothing more than a list ( not the email variety), and the willingness to focus on one task at a time, to generate small but consistent sums of income every week and then repeat the process until a J O B replacing income has been achieved.

The difference between this and the original?

The examples quoted in this version are all up to date with what works today. In fact, with several examples, there are those who are already making life changing levels of income from the implementation of relatively simple business models, mentioned in this version of 5BAD.

Dennis has included considerably more in this version related to the Mindset required to achieve success in the IM arena. Most of this material has been born out of the experiences of those who first followed the original 5BAD strategy and then went on to life changing levels of success in their various niches. In other words, this is info direct from the front-line trenches of the IM Mindset battlefield. It's working for others, now make it work for you.

The resources have been expanded considerably from those in the original 5BAD, but that's as a result of greater experience of those things which work in helping individuals gain success more quickly or with less expense in terms of both time and cash.

Also, a realisation that we need to outsource those things which don't make economic sense for us to do ourselves is perhaps one of the most significant lessons which this version of 5BAD hammers home.

My verdict:

A must-have reference for anyone just beginning in IM and even for those who've been around for a while, but are still not experiencing the levels of income they have been led to expect, by the Push Button Wealth (Snake Oil) Peddlers. (aka Guru's).

This book will provide anyone with the necessary steps to begin to see an increasing level of success and income by following the process outlined herein and then repeating the process on a regular basis.

Ian Sneddon
War Room Founder Member Now's the time to take action... not tomorrow, TODAY!

NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .
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