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[[Affected By GOOGLE FARMER UPDATE?]]How to make google NEVER EVER affect your BUSINESS again

Introducing [[Affected By GOOGLE FARMER UPDATE?]]How to make google NEVER EVER affect your BUSINESS again DOWNLOAD


https://www.tradebit.comgle has GONE ROGUE.I repeat has GONE ROGUE. It has infiltrated enemy lines with WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Your Mission is to assume a NEW identity (ENCLOSED)...Capture Google & DO ALL THINGS NECESSARY To Subdue Google Into SUBMISSION! Once You Have Cracked Its Top Secret Codes Report Back To Me ASAP!

I Was Exhausted From My Last Mission, Hadnt Slept A Wink In 72 Hours But...Duty CallsI Had Suspected Google Was On The Verge Of Going Rogue.*SIGH*.Its A Slippery Little Sucker (I Think Ive Got My Work Cut Out For Me!

Now Colleen Its Time To Go Shopping For Your New Alias (This One Is Going To Be Fun!).

Quinn, Its Colleen. Ive Assumed My Identity. My Contacts Tell Me That Google Is In The United States Under Heavy https://www.tradebit.com Taking The Red Eye & Will Be There At 0300 Hours!

(Colleen, Bleary Eyed, Whistles For A Cab)

Take Me To The Round Up Saloon, 3553 Mount Diablo Boulevard!

(Figures Id Find Google at a place where pool cues are replaced weekly).

33 Minutes Later.

(This has got to be the WORST jukebox on the planet).

Its just like https://www.tradebit.com said.

Sleazy, smoke-filled, mullet-infested den of white trash metalheads

(Im used to men staring but THIS is ridiculous).

My eyes start to hurt from the smoke. I could sexily saunter around the bar BUT I know what Google likes and Im confident hell find me pretty quickly when he sees what Im wearing :O)

A Sierra Nevada, thanks!

Hey, Im Fred Flintstone and you rock my world
That outfit looks great on you but it would look better on my floor
Great legs, what time do they open


I swivel my body in the other direction.


Okay, time for a visit to the bathroom, I think. Maybe Ill get his attention that way.

2 Minutes LaterAs Im about to leave the rest room the door opens and in walks Mr G himself

(That doesnt surprise me, he has a reputation of doing whatever the hell he likes whenever the hell he likes .so going into a womans restroom doesnt surprise me at all.)

He slowly looks me up and down a few times, I can see him making a whole heap of calculations in his head. Then he saunters over to the cubicle and DOESNT EVEN SHUT THE DOOR!

(This Is My Chance)

As he turns around, I open my jacket and reveal my attire.

Is THIS The Kind Of Unique, Quality Content You Like?

He goes a slight pale of pink and slowly nods.

My Hotel Is Just 25 Minutes Away On https://www.tradebit.com A Looooooong Way To Walk On My OwnIf You Can Give Me A Lift Ill Make It Up To You!

5 Minutes Later.

Google wastes no time. He may seem nerdish and very much a computer geek but I know DEEP DOWN hes got some fetishes that hes desperate to unleash with the right woman :O)

(Poor Man, He DOESNT Even KNOW That Hes Captured!)

Google, it looks like youve been a BAD, BAD https://www.tradebit.comt kind of behaviour cant go unpunished.


Google lets out a small yelp and a half smile!


By the time Ive finished with you Im going to know more about your fetishes than you https://www.tradebit.comice?

Google looks a little worried but VERY aroused.

7 Hours Later.

.Google is lying spent on the floor. I lift up my whip for what seems like the 300th time when all of a sudden


https://www.tradebit.com ready to talk. Ill tell you everything you need to know.

(I Knowingly Grab My Tape Recorder And Start Recording As Google Reveals Over 30 Of His Top Secrets!

3 Hours Later.

Quinn, Its Colleen. Ive Cracked The Codes. Ill Be On A Flight In 45 Minutes To Complete My Report!

As I cover myself with my overcoat I take another look at Google. He almost looks nice lying there exhausted on the floor. But then Im reminded of his badass reputation and the millions of people hes harmed worldwide in the last few years.

I shudder at the memory.

I turn the door knob ever so slowly but before I open the door I hear a whisper behind me.
Dominiquebefore you https://www.tradebit.comn can I see you again?

I Smile Wistfully. He Usually Goes Rogue Once A Year

Google, I Know How Much You Like Being Bad......I Think Ill Be Seeing You Sooner Than You Think.


I am beat, but I know how important this report is going to be. It could affect the lives of 100s of 1000s of people.

The longer I delay, the more that these innocent people suffer.


ATTENTION: Quinn Parker

AGENT: Colleen Slater

TOPIC: Top Secret Google Codes AKA Google Dominatrix
  • 9 Things Google Hates On Every Website (Easy To Fix, Fast Results)
  • 15 Ways To Google Proof Your Content From Harm TODAY, TOMORROW, FOREVER
  • 7 Covert Actions That Turn Humble Sites Into Money Makers
  • 4 Bona Fides For Cheating At Code #3
  • 10 FREE Commando Weapons For Mass Destruction
  • 4 WordPress Dirty Tricks That Can Increase Your Sites Value IMMEDIATELY
  • Secret Google Code For Autobloggers Worldwide (Ignore This If You Dare)
  • 5 Simple Decoys For Tricking Google With Autoblogs
  • 3 Double Agent Tactics That Affiliate Marketers MUST Do
  • 13 Clandestine Pieces Of Content That Should Be On Every Product Review Site You Create
  • The One Time Being Naked Is NOT Recommended
  • 19 Eyes Only Strategies For Ranking High In Google (It Has Nothing To Do With Backlinking)
  • 12 Ears only Modus Operandi For Off Page Optimization
  • 1 Hostile Backlink Blueprint For Every Site
  • 5 Honey Traps That Google Loves & Will Reward You With Higher Rankings
  • 8 Cunning Ways To Get Powerful One Way Links On Sought After Sites Online
  • Informant Reveals The Purpose Of Article Marketing From This Day Forward
  • Potent Keylogger Tactics For Promoting Product Sites & Affiliate Sites FREE
  • 12 Intelligence Sites To Replace Article Marketing
  • 4 Highly Hypnotic Methods For Getting Fast Traffic To Any Website
  • The Best Way To Hold Government Agencies Hostage For Serious Link Juice
  • A 100 Whitehat Technique For Getting Up To 900 Backlinks From One Article Submission
  • How To Get An Ambush Of Top Quality, High Converting Visitors To Your Site (Easy To Outsource, Start Today)
  • Covert Distribution Networks For Quality, Relevant Backlinks
  • 5 Ways To Swindle A Higher Page Rank From Google
  • The Highly Classified Top Secret Method For A Google Double Listing That Doesnt Involve Video
  • Webhost Profiling Your Webhost Could Be The Reason Why You Arent Ranking
  • How To Barricade Your Sites From Search Engine Blocking By Web Surfers (Yes, Google Isnt The Only Punisher)
  • The Problem Solving Matrix To Report Any Harm Done To Your Site As A Result Of Google Farmer Update


"Beat the mighty Google at its own game! And then some! And get Traffic Galore withThe Google Dominatrix...Oh My! Its GOOD!" - MARLON SANDERS

This is an awesome fast action training course that contains 34 Training Modules, 36 Mindmaps & 29 Interactive Checklists (click in the checkbox to insert a box) which is perfect for newbies and intermediate marketers.
"Colleen has done a tremendous job of taking what can sometimes be hard to follow concepts, has stripped away the B.S. and has presented critical, must-have information in an easy-to-follow style and system.

The mind maps she has created for each section also make everything perfectly clear, and ready to follow.

Too many times, the "experts" have a hard time "dumbing it down" so the newbies can understand - not here. Colleen's approach helps you quickly absorb the information so that you can take action. And that's not to say Google Dominatrix is only for newbies...it's not.

In fact a lot of the information helps advance marketers change tactics to keep up with the new Google search parameters. Google's new algorithm adjustment has changed the game for many IM-ers. Google Dominatrix allows you to arm yourself with the information and tools you need to B*tch-Slap Google back, and actually profit from its changes."
Brian Woeller, Warrior
If you consider yourself an seo expert already and your sites are all holding top 3 Google rankings then this package isn't for you...but if your sites aren't high in Google and you want them to be -- then you won't believe how quickly you'll be able to digest Google Dominatrix....

You wont have to spend a day reading all the content.

You wont have to give up a week of evenings to watch videos.

Youll discover the best strategies on how to GOOGLE PROOF every single website you have now and any you create in the future for a solid, long term income.

These strategies are NEWBIE friendly and easy to implement. You can start making changes TODAY and see results fast.

"Wow....To anyone reading, wondering and thinking about buying this, I have one thing to say - BUY IT NOW!" - Ian Knabel Colleen has come up with an amazing system to get your site ranked on Google, even with all the new changes Google has done over the last month, with step by step modules that WALK YOU THROUGH everything you need to know.Awesome and totally innovative great timing. Aaron Maritano "Colleen has compiled what I consider the "best" Google info course ever...No "FLUFF" here just plain "Meat and Potatoes" - Azno This product is CRUCIAL for ANYONE who was affected by the recent Google algorithm https://www.tradebit.com guide is also great for PARANOID NEWBIES who want to get things right OFF THE BAT. Yet another super product from a super gal! Ben "Instead of bemoaning the fact that there has been another Google slap, we should all take a leaf out of Colleens book and find a way to PROFIT from it. - Leslee Russell - - Quicktellpro The information in these modules is thought provoking and APPLICABLE RIGHT NOW.an excellent look at what to do with your site(s) going forward so that YOU CAN RELAX and know you are IN GOOD SHAPE no matter when Google does an algorithm change. Frank "Loved your Farmer update, sure I'll love this." - Nathan

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