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**NO FLUFF NO BS** How to make 1300$ in 3 days from OFFLINE Business

Introducing **NO FLUFF NO BS** How to make 1300$ in 3 days from OFFLINE Business DOWNLOAD

Awesome Reviews Are Piling Up! (See Below!)

Yes this is 100 accurate all those sales have been generated without having to touch the phone...

Tradebit Viewers how many time have you wanted to get involved into the offline marketing world and for some reason an invisible force keeps you away from taking action?

Too many... I know.

It was the exact same thing for me.

I mean you and I know that there's a fortune to be made with Local Business Owners (LBO's) and I'm talking about a monthly fortune.

A few clients paying you $1,000 for simple things as keeping their website up, making some seo improvement and building backlinks will set you free from your boring day job...

I'm sure you've bought plenty of Offline Marketing related package's in the past not because you needed to learn more about the subject... I mean offline marketing is dead simple in my opinion but because you needed to get a simple method to get rid of your fear to get in touch with those LBO's and the fear of getting No's in the middle of your sale proposition.


Brace yourself and prepare to be shocked because this method will allow you to get LBO's fighting to get your service.

As soon as you put the method into action... It's done!

No need to sell your service because... The selling is done!
No need to have past experience because... they'll think you are "THE PRO"

People will wonder how the heck you've been able to get so much offline client so easily... This method is your secret weapon!

"...Joel, I'm Not An Offline Marketing Expert Yet!..."

No problem... I got you covered.

With the secret method I have also bundled a service that you can offer to your clients right after they made their purchase.

I will show you step-by-step how to provide one of the most in-demand service that every offline business is craving about right now...

Getting their business to the "A" spot on google Local!

Yes! A genuine method that will skyrocket any business right up to the "A" spot in no time.

This is a great service.... I agree, but the main power of this method reside in the way I'm getting all those client effortlessly...

And If you think that you've seen it all... Well Think Again!

Even the most savvy Offline marketer here will agree that this is pure genius!

"...Joel, I'm An Offline Marketing Expert And I'm Already Offering A Lot More Than That. Does Your Product Will Be A Fit For Me?..."

Let me answer you that question... Can you honestly say that you are 100 confident every time you are picking up the phone to make a cold call?

If your answer is Yes! You don't need my product.

But if you still feel that twisting pain inside your stomach every time you are making cold calls... Jump on this package right now!

Just to make sure to screen out the weeds even more:

This package IS NOT for you if: PLEASE READ!
  • You love hard to implement techniques...
  • You love to wait forever to see results...
  • You love to buy package and never do what it takes to succeed...
  • You wake up every morning and have made at least 67 sales while you were sleeping...
  • You are an expert in finding excuses why this and that won't work...
  • You are crying to your mother like a sissy when you see the word "work"
  • You love to work hard to reap little...
  • You have to buy a 150 page ebook full of fluff and fancy graphics to justify the value of your purchase...
    You are a serial refunder... You are afraid of success...
If one of these descriptions fits you STAY AWAY my time is precious as well as the time of my customer who know how to spot a great opportunity...

Remember that I'm not looking for customer retention I'm looking for customer success...

THIS package IS FOR YOU IF...
  • You are looking for real results.
  • You are tired of all the crap
  • You are ready to do what it takes to make money.
  • You want to have someone on your side to help you out on the way.
  • You want to see some real income in your bank account.
  • You want to shortcut your way up fast.
  • You want a method that is scalable
  • You want a method that is sustainable

...For Those Who Don't Know Me Yet, Here's What To Expect..."

If you are looking for theorical stuff or formulas that are almost impossible to implement, you may want to click on the back button right now because you won't find that crap in this Product.

If you're looking for a fairy tale, a push button system, a get rich quick scheme, it's probably because you're new to this world... It's Ok, but you won't find that crap in this package and nowhere else for that matter.

If you think that I will keep this product alive for months, I would strongly advise that you reconsider the idea of posponing your purchase to a later date because this package is extremely limited.


If I may, I would also suggest to not refresh this page because this offer could be already gone forever! And Yes, I will refuse any offers.

You can also expect my personal total dedication toward your success.

"...The Easiest Method On Earth Just Got ...EASIER!!"

Can you follow 5 easy steps?
Can you Copy/Paste a template?
Can you make screenshots with you keyboard? (CTRL+PrintScrn)
Can you make a search on google?

This is all you need to do to start those $197 falling into your paypal account.

Originally Posted by Christian Amador I bought this last Friday, but I didn't have time to read it until today, I have bought other offline business reports before, but since I'm not from the US, I always felt like it would be very difficult to implement them, my English skills are not that bad in writing but my speaking is not so good,Joel has removed all my fears to entry the US market with this package. I have some Ideas already, that I want to confirm contacting Joel probably next Tuesday (I'll be busy tomorrow). With the way that Joel is teaching us, to contact business owners and adding "my idea". I almost sure that business owners will not care about having to deal with a guy that is not US based. Joel, I hope to chat with you soon. Thank you very much for this great package, I know that I'll make enough money to implement soon the last package that I bought from you, the one about making money selling PLR products , you have a fan here. but Thanks again.
"...Seriously, What Do You Really Want??.."
  • Quit your dead end boring day job?
  • Spending more fun time with your kids?
  • Prove to your wife/girlfriend that you wasn't so crazy after all...
  • Just paying those damn bills on time?
  • Make an addition to your house?
  • Travel all around the world?
  • Or just being able to buy the next IM $2,000 product without breaking the bank...

It's Time To Make It Happen... NOW... Today!

Next Step Is To Get Your Hand On This Report A.S.A.P

#1 - Because like I said at the beginning of this letter, this is a very limited package. I want to keep it exclusive to people who can make their decisions fast because it usually works better for them.

#2 - You can't afford to miss this one. If you are short on cash you should get this package right now before it's too late.

Not convince yet?
Go back up there and start reading this letter again.

Take Action! This Is Soooooo Easy...

"...Ok Joel, That's it! I'm Sold.
What This package's Going To Cost Me?.."

Good question!
Here's my answer to that question:

What Would Be Your Overall Cost Of
Not Having This Method Working For You?

You already know that this method works... would you like to left behind in the dust?

You already know that this method is scalable... you'd like pass on those big numbers?
You already know that this will generate passive income for you... 24/7 365 days a year!
You know that you'll be crazy to turn your back on this package right now because you know that your loss will be much greater than the investment required to get this package.
On the other side, I know that I would be a total idiot to sell it for only $7...

In my last package's I've set a new standard of customer support in fact I've been including an unlimited live chat mentoring support via skype and people just fall in love with it!
"...with every purchase of Joel's product you get INSTANT
SUPPORT and believe when I say INSTANT SUPPORT!! I have never recieved such quick
and efficient feedback before.

As a newbie you really do not have anything to worry
about when purchasing any one of Joel's products..."
Have you ever bought a product online and have to wait forever to get an answer back and then worse... you didn't get the correct answer for you question?

Well this will never happen to you with my UNIQUE private live chat mentoring support.

Here's how easy the live support is:

You log into your skype account
You enter My skype Id
I accept your request
You ask your questions
I answer them right away!

Time is precious and I'm aware of it.

If i'm away from the computer, I'll answer you back shortly!

Some marketer call this "Coaching Calls" or "Consulting call" and prepare to open you wallet to get it.

Coaching fees and consulting fees can start at $1,000 and that would be dirt cheap.

Lucky for you this is included with your purchase today!

So Here's What You'll Get...

THE SNEAKY METHOD: Described in 5 easy step to follow even if you've nerver touch a pc before!

THE COPY/PASTE TEMPLATE: You'll get everything even the template I've been using so you just have to copy/paste and edit it to fit your needs and voilà you're done!

AS A BONUS I'M THROWING IN THE OFFLINE BUSINESS ROADMAP: Inside you'll get everything you need to know to get your offline marketing business to the next level.

P.S.: Do yourself a favor and don't postpone this purchase, it takes 2 minutes.

Trust me you don't want to bang your head on a SOLD OUT sign.
Remember that there's No Risk Involved! I'm so confident that youll achieve similar results with this package that you can get it 100 risk free for 30 days, Today.

If after 30 days, by following all the instructions you fail to get similar results, Ill buy it back from you on the spot.

Awesome Reviews Are Just Piling Up...See By Yourself!!

Originally Posted by scriptstar Just finished reading this stuff. Man you are freaking genius. I can't wait to implement this method. I can apply this to all sorts of things from websites, SEO, Email Marketing, FB fanpage etc etc.. The prices you suggested in the pdf are bit low, I think I can at least double the price. The method you have chosen to find the keyword and make sure that it won't byte you back when you get the real client, was itself worth the price of this package. You should have put the name of this package "Grass is always greener on the other side, your PayPal account is exploding this side!"

Why I love this method is, whenever I offered a free website or free consultation to just to get in to the business, every time the business owner (or the main decision maker) said "We are fine with what we have got now" and refused to prolong the conversation. Now this is MY time and I am going to crush those buggers (of course in a good way).

Class Act mate. I woe you a pint of beer so when you are here this side of Atlantic, just give me a buzz.

I am from U.K so is there any alternative to the local business keyword tool you mentioned in the pdf? or do you suggest any other way of getting things done for non-us guys? Originally Posted by madison75074 Ok, I have to say , this is just brilliant! What a nice twist on getting offline clients to come to you. I have no problem talking to clients, but I hate the idea of cold calling for them or even trying to hard sell them. I love that this method makes them come to me!

I have to say, though, you may regret giving me your skype info I'm sure I'm going to need some guidance. What a great deal to be able to ask you questions for this tiny price. Originally Posted by MsMotivation1 Joel, I've gone through the materials and have to say this is really thinking outside the box... and I can definitely see it being effective.

I love it because it will make interested prospects contact you, which is important for positioning.

Not only that... but my brain is swimming with other "twists" I can put on this to make even more money.

This is one of those methods that you can use right out the box... OR you can get really creative and use it in different ways.

Just one sale can more than replace your investment here, but you'll get a lot more than one sale if you really work this... Originally Posted by mileagefan The client acquisition method is wickedly clever. I've flirted with the idea of offline marketing from time to time, and even bought a couple packages. I accept, without any first-hand experience, that there is money to be made in offline. For me, however,
I always come back to the same thing - sales calls, face-to-face meetings, cold calls are all simply too intimidating for me.

Joel has found a way to interest and acquire clients that even I could do. The PDF is very well laid out, with plenty of graphics to further illuminate the text. There is potentially a minor amount of coding involved with the client's site which may require more explanation, but that's where Joel's Skype help will come in handy.

One client will pay for the course four times over. It's a great way to dip your toe into the offline pond. If you like it, you have a built-in clientele to whom you can offer an expanding list of services as your skills (or team of outsourcers) grows.

Very well done.

John Originally Posted by MarkJ Joel,

Thanks for a truly great package. Terrific strategy, very well explained.

Mark Originally Posted by kevin Hislop Is Joel a genius?... I will let you decide for yourself

If you are thinking about starting a offline consultancy business, then i think you might be in luck. Joel breaks this down and shows a very simple but effective way of getting your foot in the door, and if you remember these 3 "motivators"... You will make a killing (selling anything)...add a little twist and you will have either a very interested lead or a sale!

This is a step by step guide show you exactly what to do (with screenshots), Joel even gives you a sample email that you can use and shows you 3 attachments you must send in order to get your point across!

I have known Joel for a while, speak to him on a regular basis on skype and let me tell you this guy knows his stuff... he has help me out a lot recently Thanks again Joel

This method is a quick and effective way to start profiting from offline consultancy, and if you follow this and take action you will make money. I recently sold a simple WP blog for $150, if you add what Joel shows you in this guide you could easily sell it for $197!

Great Guide Once Again Joel!

Speak to you soon Originally Posted by ladylioness Okay, Joel...I'm back - It was a pretty quick read and no, I never would have guessed that in a million years probably. Quite clever I have to admit. Definitely worth a shot, I'm going to try it out. You provided a lot of useful info in the package itself....all step by step with screenshots. You not only covered how to get the client, but also what and how to do for the client once you've got them, which I really appreciated. Most offline package's I've read lately cover either one aspect or the other, but not both.

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase. I will be back in a few days......

Thanks! I must say you are way ahead of many in this marketing game. The products you
create are very clever and you make something that seems so hard really
simple for me to implement.

The system you teach in your new course will create a very legit business
model for a dedicated person who is ready to make there efforts bring
results. I think the $37 price is way to cheap for a course that will make
you a real business model. The course will teach you everything you need to
create your own income with very detailed instructions. Great work joel and
thanks again.

Erik. Joel has put together a fantastic product. Finally a way to go into the
offline market without having to touch a phone.
I could easily pay way more for this product than the $37 you're charging!
I will start doing this immediately, and I KNOW I will make money from it!

Questions & Answers
Q: Are You Offering Review Copies?
A: Last time I did that my package where available all over the internetfor free. So NO there's no review copy.

Q: Aside the price of your package is there any other cost involved?
A: NO!

Q: Is this an Offline or an Online method?
A: 100 Online method toward Offline Business

Q: How much time it will view some results with it?
A: Read the report, implement what you've learn and in the best case scenario you'll see results as soon as a week or less. You can also rinse and repeat the method as often as you want!

Q: Looks awesome but I don't have time to invest what should I do?
A: Divorce, give your kids to adoption, quit your job or stop listening to Glee for god sakes!.No Seriously! You can easily outsource it I have everything explained in the report so you can buy some free time

Q: How long is the report?
A: The report is 58 page long including the "ass protecting" and "don't steal my work" legal stuff. It is not sexy at all... no fancy graphic to make it looks like more valuable, no fluff to fool you with the page count. You'll get the method and a template to get you started asap!

NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .
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