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MP3 Airport Cathedral - Jet Lag

Emotional art rock that hits the proverbial nail with gutsy exuberance.

9 MP3 Songs
ROCK: Lo-Fi, FOLK: Anti-Folk

"One of the most promising local debuts this year, if not THE most promising. This record will see a lot of love on my show" John Richards - KEXP 90.3FM

"Airport Cathedral''s new album, Jetlag, is an impressive collection of songs... With a small orchestra of piano, cello, guitar, drums, and bass, Andy Fitts and friends (including ex-Prom boys James Mendenhall and David Broecker, Rosie Thomas, and the Crystal Skulls'' Ryan Phillips) dance through a delicate but sturdy indie-rock symphony." Megan Seling - The Stranger

"The newest Burning Building Records release is the album ''Jetlag'' by Airport Cathedral. With vocals comparable to a softer J. Mascis and Pedro the Lion song stylings, Airport Cathedral have made one introspective, beguiling album." Dana - https://www.tradebit.com

"Seattle, Washington isn''t only home to the drab and dreary underbelly of grunge music; Airport Cathedral can lay claim to the Emerald City''s myriad of influences as they coast through melodic indie pop-rock songs on their debut ''Jetlag.'' As strong a release as a band can muster, there''s influences from Bob Mould (Husker Du), Denver Dalley (Statistics) and Pedro the Lion being a perfect fit for fans of Jets to Brazil and Hayden. Carefully blending the nuances of post-punk, rock, folk, and electronica, Airport Cathedral succeeds in cleverly inserting harmonies where needed and dissonance where not expected. The sonic pinning of the album belongs squarely on the vocals which soar with tremendous range and nifty effects. Emotional art rock that hits the proverbial nail with gutsy exuberance." J-Sin - https://www.tradebit.com

"Airport Cathedral is one of the few local bands that I am completely thrilled about right now... The songwriting is solid - there isn''t one song on the album (Jetlag) that I dislike. I see these guys going somewhere fast..." Alicia Blake - The Paradox

"...This album took me by surprise, as something this close to perfect is not usually found on debut releases. It''s a mature, cohesive sound that could easily be mistaken for Pedro the Lion. The vocals are quite David Bazan-esque in sound and style. Some parts are pretty comparable, for instance a few lines in the track "Now I Know" are reminiscent of PTL''s "Rapture". Yet where Bazan''s lyrics are unashamed emotional novellas, Airport Cathedral wins in a simpler, enigmatic approach. Some tracks are more subdued driving-down-the-highway-at-sunset songs while others have an exuberant upbeat feel. Though it''s hard to pick just one favorite, the songs ''TKO'', ''Righteous'', and ''Don''t Disappoint Me'' are on heavy play list rotation…." Sherri Prunier - https://www.tradebit.com

"Instantly engaging smart progressive pop. True to comparisons that have been made by other reviewers, Airport Cathedral is reminiscent of other artists like Hayden and J. Mascis. Considering the mature tunes presented, it seems incredible that Jetlag is a debut album! It takes many artists years of recording to come up with something this solid. Personal and suggestive, these tunes have unusual sticking qualities that make the listener want to spin them over and over and over. During the course of these nine tracks, the folks in this band prove that they are a real force to be reckoned with.." https://www.tradebit.com

"On their full-length debut, Jetlag, Seattle''s Airport Cathedral take a junk heap of elements and combine them into nine wonderful songs. The band''s simple, electrified guitars are strummed right out of the orange shag covered floors in your converted 70s garage. The beats arise out of what sounds like your older brother''s cruddy drum set. And the keyboards are tastefully sparse (you just know they got their synthesizer from some guy who''s dad had a crappy band back in his day). Imagine Jetlag as a disorganized thrift store full of buried treasures - old electronics with large dials, tight fitting brown clothes, and toys that bring back the nostalgia of your old best friend''s smoky basement.

Jetlag is also distinctive in that it serves as both an "album-album" and a collection of solid individual tracks. As a full album it shows a definite cohesiveness to the band''s sound and style, allowing one to pleasantly enjoy it from start to finish with little to no dips in quality. Taken individually, each song is unique and glorious in a subtle, low-fidelity kind of way. If you''re making a mixed tape, there''s a song on this album that would fit any mood you''re going for.

With tunes this stripped down, the end result can sometimes be a bit bland or, worse yet, boring. The Cathedral avoids this trap by putting their heart and soul into their music. While listening, you get the sensation that you''ve heard this all before but can''t necessarily place it, but you don''t care and love it regardless.

It''s a pleasure to float through the album''s fast and slow songs, experiencing along the way its sad and even humorous heights, evidenced with lyrics like, "What are you doing living in a house full of girls? You say they''re good ones and go to church." On this track, called "Righteous", front man Andy Fitts repeats the phrase "Don''t disappoint me" over and over at half speed as the double time electronic drums race in the background. It''s a quietly devastating dirge that most everyone can relate to -you just know the song''s protagonist is going to wind up in a certain, major devastation hangover.

"The Tease" has the happiest musical interplay that I''ve heard in a long time. Maybe joyful is a better word, because it''s not corny. Another stand out track, "Daggers," boasts an addicting drum beat with cool lyrics like "you have the power of attorney so over and out," and "I only wanted to hear your voice," echoing it''s urgency through out the song.

In college, my small tight-knit group came up with this idea that we never got around to doing. We were going to hit the highways for the great American road trip. There were only three rules: 1) we couldn''t bring any luggage with us, 2) we couldn''t buy anything new, and 3) someone besides yourself had to put together a bizarre outfit you had to wear. We''d live off of small town second hand stores. Jetlag would be the perfect soundtrack for such an adventure, as it evokes the grogginess you get when traveling. You''ve worn all your clothes for the third day in a row, and when you turn your head in a certain direction you can smell your own hair. You need sleep in a decent bed, a hot shower, and clean socks. You''re low, but somehow, you are also relaxed in your own messy self. So much so that you don''t want to get up to adjust anything. You''re content being how you are. Jetlag sounds kinda like that." - (8.5/10) Will Wagler - https://www.tradebit.com

"I''ve been reviewing music for a little over three years now and I have heard a lot of music over that time period. The more music I hear, the easier it is to discern a genuinely passionate songwriter from someone simply going through the motions. Much like when you read these reviews, it is fairly easy to tell when a writer really likes the music or if they are simply trying to get through a few paragraphs. Airport Cathedral are dripping with passion and enthusiasm and for their sake I hope this review will convince a few of you loyal readers to give them a listen.

Cut from the same one-main-guy-and-collaborators fabric of acts like Pedro the Lion, John Vanderslice, and Iron & Wine, Airport Cathedral is Andy Fitts and friends. The Iron & Wine similarities pretty much end here, but Vanderlice and Bazan are very valid points of reference. The songwriting owes a lot to Jets to Brazil, while the instrumentation is very John Vanderslice, and Fitts'' vocals have both the passion and tone of Bazan. Honestly, it sort of sounds like a Jets to Brazil album played by John Vanderslice, sung by David Bazan, in the best way you could imagine.

Jetlag is permeating with emotion. Some tracks have a lonely, even melancholy feel while others are more upbeat and hopeful. "TKO" is one of the best examples of that desperate loneliness familiar to Jets to Brazil fans with very sad and fragile vocals. "Righteous" on the other hand is an uptempo tune with a very happy sounding synth lead.

Although the best three songs on the album are the first three, Jetlag is solid from top to bottom without wasting a single track. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the album is Andy Fitts'' ability to write such moody music with such a wide variety of emotions and keep a strong sense of cohesion between the tracks, making Jetlag not only a bunch of great songs, but a great album."

"This Seattle quartet’s debut opens with the downbeat ''Cure-All'' and vocalist Andy Fitts’ deep, whispered emoting on ''Daggers'' does a fairly close impersonation of Mark Gardener, while the band (including brother Ryan) chugs along with a swirling maelstrom of sound that fondly completes the Ride/shoegazing comparisons. Fitts swallows the mic again on ''TKO'' and the band’s modus operandi finally emerges: get Andy to coo in the ears of all the female listeners while the rest of the boys stay out of his way, perfecting their https://www.tradebit.comntry/emo drone in the background. So Wilco and Jayhawks comparisons are not unwarranted either, particularly with the acoustic folk strum of ''The Tease'' lurking around the corner, which also bears an uncanny resemblance to The Fruit Bats’ ''Slipping Through The Sensors'' from 2003’s ''Mouthfuls.''

''Righteous'' sounds like Beck conducting an Elephant 6 Orchestra consisting of members from Olivia Tremor Control and Neutral Milk Hotel and ''One Step Down'' is a bombastic barnstormer that has a little trouble getitng out of its own way, but it’s rather catchy so I’ll file it away in my subconscious cabinet in my ''songs to be revisited later'' folder. And is that a game attempt at ''Wild Horses'' I hear wandering through the acoustic guitar (with subdued piano accompaniment) solos bookending ''Another Day Another Week,'' which bears the intimate sound of either a demo or solo recording?

Airport Cathedral are difficult to categorize, which can be a disaster for new bands trying to find their niche by tossing every genre in the rock and roll arsenal at you and failing miserably at each. But the Fitts brothers and company demonstrate enough chops at easing into the various styles they tackle here – be it emo, https://www.tradebit.comntry, shoegazer, or quirky, avant pop – that they’re one of the best things to happen to the Seattle music scene in years and ''Jetlag'' is better than most of the disappointing releases spewing forth from their hometown legends over at Sub Pop these days."
Jeff Penczak - https://www.tradebit.com

"Slow need not mean boring..." Whitney Strub - https://www.tradebit.com

"Bashing, throbbing goodness. Lots of distortion and reverb and some nice (male) breathy vocals... These boys make dense pop shrouded in their own fog. Which makes the journey to the center that much more fun." https://www.tradebit.com

"I nearly missed listening to Airport Cathedral’s Jetlag album, but I’m really glad I got the opportunity. Reading the reviews about how lead singer Andy Fitts sounds a lot like David Bazan was enough to pique my interest. So does it sound like Pedro? It sure does, but in a damn good way.

The opening track, ''Cure-Alls,'' struck me as a cross between Pedro the Lion and Idaho’s Jeff Martin. The sometimes drawled but sincere vocals are a great match with the energetic yet enigmatic indie rock that the band plays. Fitts assembled quite a roster of contributing musicians to help him out on his debut, including Subpop’s Rosie Thomas, David Broecker (backing for John Vanderslice) and James Mendenhall (The Prom).

''TKO'' definitely has Pedro The Lion’s phrasing hallmarks stamped all over it, but Fitts also sounds a bit like Earlimart’s Aaron Espinoza on this track and the next one, ''The Tease.''

While pundits (like us) are quick to jump on the Bazan bandwagon when describing the music, Airport Cathedral is no one trick pop pony. There are some seriously well-constructed songs on the album. As you step through the songs one by one with no decrease in quality of craft, that fact becomes even more readily apparent. This musical strength of the later non-''suggested'' tracks is an indicator that this is a band to keep an eye on. I’d put my money on bands that are able to deliver throughout an album, as opposed to massive one-hit wonders any day."
Tyranosaur - https://www.tradebit.com

"Upon popping in Airport Cathedral’s debut album ''Jetlag,'' weariness may possibly begin to take over the body. Listeners might also think the record is, in a word, ''weird'' at first, but all the album needs is a second chance for them to realize that there is more to the music than just plain, slow melodies. Don’t expect to compare Airport Cathedral to any of today’s popular performers. The nine track album, which was recorded and mixed by Andy Fitts, James Mendenhall, and Kory Kruckenburg, is said to be influenced by different styles of music ranging from rock to folk to punk. With a mixture like that, it’s no wonder that the album needs a few run-throughs in the CD player before a person can realize the value of Airport Cathedral’s music. Lead singer Andy Fitts delivers a voice so clear and distinct that when listening to tracks such as ''Cure-Alls'' and ''Daggers,'' one can’t help but notice the rawness in his performance. The calmness in such songs like ''TKO'' may come off as a bit boring at first, but after taking a closer look and listen, anyone can start to appreciate Fitts'' voice. His voice comes off as very strong and controlled, making you wonder if he sounds just as good when singing live. Although Fitts'' voice may be the most promising part of the album, the music behind the lyrics is not that bad either. Closing my eyes and trying to get a feel for the melody was a moment when I started to listen past Fitts'' voice and pay attention to the real music. Described as having a really dark and smoky bar feel, ''Jetlag'' has a sort of mellow sound that makes it a perfect soundtrack for peaceful and intimate situations, like a road-trip. I don’t know how long the road-trip can last though, because ''Jetlag'' feels like one of those albums that can only be listened to for so long. All the songs seem to remain on the same level with one another, never straying too far from the album’s mature theme." Aleesa Camagong - State Hornet

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