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9 Sure Fire Ways To Build An Optin List Fast Posted on by Terry Telford

Building a prospect, subscriber or client list quickly -
is a rewarding experience. Since August, 2001, Ive built
lists that range from a few hundred highly targeted
prospects to lists of over 280,000 subscribers. In this
article, youll discover the secrets Ive used to quickly
build targeted, effective lists. At the end, youll get a
glimpse of an actual case study.

The basic principles of list building are pretty straight

- You need something of value to offer your prospects and
give them a reason to sign up to your list.

- You need to set up a form to capture your prospects
contact details and connect it to your autoresponder

- You need visitors to come to your website (Develop

Basic Principle 1

Starting with the first basic principle, you need something
of value to offer your potential prospects.

You can offer

1. A newsletter

2. A product

3. A service

4. A special offer

Basic Principle 2

The second basic principle is setting up your lead capture
form. This is the box (form) on your website that your
prospects fill in with their contact details. As soon as
they press the send button, your autoresponder adds them to
your database and sends them your message. Presto, youre
starting to build your list.

Most autoresponders give you the HTML code for your form,
so you dont have to worry about any special programming.
All you have to do is cut and paste.

The details you can comfortably collect from a prospect
depends on your offer. If youre offering an online
newsletter, you only need your prospects first name and
email address. If youre sending them a CD by snail mail,
you can collect their postal address even phone and fax

Quick Note:

Youll increase your response rate if you include the sign
up form at the top and bottom of your webpage as well as
use a popup / popunder or slide in box.

Once youve got the ground work done, youre ready to start
driving traffic to your website.

Basic Principle 3

Building your list is like building a city. You want to get
as many people into your city as possible, so you need to
build roads. You need an 8 lane highway and multiple
smaller roads to fill your city with people.

In list building terms, you need to focus on one main
technique to pull prospects into your list. You also want
to use secondary techniques to add to the momentum of your
traffic. The following list gives you the exact methods I
use to develop my lists. Choose one method as your main
focus and use the rest as your secondary traffic sources.

1. Advertise in print

Place advertising wherever your market is. Ask yourself
what you read personally, where do you get information?
Your market most likely does the same as you, so get in
front of them by using classified or display advertising

a. magazines

b. trade journals

c. newspapers

d. direct mail

2. Advertise online

This is the least costly method of advertising. You can
reach a targeted audience through advertising in ezines,
online newsletters or pay per click services like Google
AdWords (TM).

3. Write articles

Writing articles gives you credibility. Write articles on a
regular basis and submit them to online and offline sources.
You should be submitting articles to the same sources youre
advertising with as well as all other publications you can
find in your market. Do a search on Google or your
favourite search engine for the keyword ezine directories
and youll find lists of potential places for your articles
and advertising.

4. Affiliate Program

One of the fastest ways to build your list exponentially is
to set up an affiliate program. Your affiliates will link to
your website, which means plenty of targeted traffic. This
helps your search engine rankings, which brings you more
traffic, which increases the number of affiliates you get
and helps you build your list at break neck speed. Its a
never-ending cycle.

5. Forums

Get involved in forums. When you post or answer a question
in a forum, youre generally allowed to have a signature
file attached to your post. Its just like the signature
file in your email. Your signature file should direct
people to your website where they can sign up for your

6. Email signature file

The same as in forums, every email you send out should have
a signature file directing people to your website.

7. Joint Ventures

If youve got a unique, original product, a joint venture
may be an option for you. Contact some entrepreneurs who
have large lists and see if theyre interested in working
with you.

8. Referrals

This is very powerful. Include a referral or tell a
friend form on your website. This little form can help
build your list exponentially. When someone recommends your
site to a friend, that friend is most likely going to visit
and possibly tell another friend. And the snowball starts
rolling. Add this technique with an affiliate program and
youll soon have a nice fat, targeted list of prospects.

9. buy opt-in subscriptions

If you want to build a big list really fast, you can buy
opt-in subscribers for as low as a penny each from
https://www.tradebit.com. These leads have raised their
hand and said yes Im interested in receiving business
opportunity information. Theyve filled out a form and you
can contact them with your offers.

The upside of this process is you build a big list fast.

The downside is your list will be less responsive than one
you build on your own. It takes some time to cultivate a
relationship with these new subscribers, but if you send
them quality information, you can convert the list into an
asset for your business.

Regardless how you decide to build your list, the important
thing isyou build it. It will be your online companys
biggest asset and the easiest way for you to generate short
and long term sales. Your list is your companys lifeblood.
Start building today.

This mini report has been brought to you by Terry Telford.

Terry Telford helps ordinary people achieve extraordinary results on the internet. Discover how you can make your living online using one of his highly recommended business models. Terry Telford Blog

Posted in Email Marketing, Internet Marketing | Tagged article marketing, autoresponders, databases, email lists, email marketing, forums, internet marketing, joint ventures, online business, opt-in, print advertising, terry telford | Leave a comment How To Make A Living Online With A Membership Website Posted on by Terry Telford How To Make A Living Online With A Membership Website

The internet gives you the ability to determine your own financial future. You can make $100 a day, $1000 a day, or you could make nothing at all. The beautiful thing about the internet is you decide what your financial future is going to look like by the action you take. One of the most lucrative business models online is the membership website.

Membership websites generally charge a monthly fee for users to access the information or products in a secure area. Monthly fees are recurring, which means you sell a membership once and you get paid month after month after month. This business model allows you to build a substantial income very quickly. Take a look at a brief example:

Membership Website Financial Example

Monthly membership fee $25
Month 1 you sell 10 memberships = $250
Month 2 you sell 10 new memberships = $250 + $250 in memberships from month 1 = $500/month
Month 3 you sell 10 new memberships = $250 + $500 in memberships from previous months = $750/month
Month 4 you sell 10 new memberships = $250 + $750 in memberships from previous months = $1000/month
Month 5 you sell 10 new memberships = $250 + $1000 in memberships from previous months = $1250/month
Month 6 you sell 10 new memberships = $250 + $1250 in memberships from previous months = $1500/month

You can continue the calculation as far as you like, but the bottom line is, each month, you increase your income. Even though this example is small, you can multiply it by whatever you like to determine the true income potential.

There are other factors that come into play, like people cancelling their memberships, but overall it gives you a rough idea of how membership websites can increase your income each month. This business model is based on the power of recurring income and has made many people very, very wealthy.

Recurring income is certainly one of the benefits of owning a membership website, but there is a downside too. You are responsible for updated content every single month. Not just any content. Excellent quality content. If you dont provide something that benefits the members every month, people wont stick around. Your income will drop and your website will become a ghost town.

Another tricky part of any business, is the sales and marketing process. If youre not a proficient copywriter and a good marketer, getting your membership website off the ground can take a lot of effort. If you have a good budget, you can hire copywriters and marketers, but if youre starting your membership website on a shoestring budget, you have to invest a lot of time and effort into becoming a good copywriter and marketer. And you have to understand the sales process.

Setting up a sales funnel that collects lots and lots of prospects in one end and delivers sales out the other, is a skill that very few people posses. Large companies pay consultants and high ranking employees very large dollars to put a sales funnel system into place. You can do it too, by modeling successful companies, but it takes a large investment of time to figure it all out.

So, youre left in a bit of a quandary. Membership websites are a very viable way to develop a substantial income from the internet, but they also take a lot of skill and maintenance to keep them running. The solution is actually quite simple. Tap into a system that is already in place. Its up and running and is making sales every single day.

I set up a special blog about it so you can see how it runs. Its at https://www.tradebit.com

Posted in Internet Marketing, Membership Websites | Tagged empower network, membership website, terry telford | Leave a comment Submit Your Article Review Posted on by Terry Telford Submit Your Article Overview

There are plenty of article submission websites that will distribute your articles to article directories, but Submit Your Article also distributes to their distribution network. From what Ive heard, the distribution network includes blogs, minor article directories, and their own email distribution list. But the biggest benefit of using Submit Your Article is their ability to submit to https://www.tradebit.com, the most respected article directory on the web.

Human Review

Because the folks at Submit Your Article take the time to review your articles before they send them out, this service has racked up some high marks in the industry and is possibly the reason they can  submit directly to EzineArticles. They also submit to ArticleAlley, ArticleBase, GoArticles, IdeaMarketers, and SearchWarp. These are the other main players in the article directory market.

Submitting Your Article

Submitting your articles is an easy, seamless process. You enter your login and passwords for the top 6 article directories and then copy and paste your article into the form. You choose the resource box youd like to use and select a schedule for your article to be distributed. Thats the quick overview. Now lets take a closer look at some of the details.

Article Leverage

After you enter your article into the first form, the system gives you the option to spin your article. If youve read my other article reviews, you know Im not a fan of article spinners, but this one is a bit different and I reluctantly give it my approval. The difference with this article spinner is, it allows you to write your own material to be spun. For example, you can rewrite your title and several paragraphs and it develops combinations using the information youve supplied. It doesnt try to use synonyms for specific words that turn your article into an unreadable mush.

After youve submitted some alternate paragraphs and sentences to spin, test the article to double check that it makes sense. Its a good spinner as far as spinners go, but its still a spinner.

Your next step is to set up a distribution schedule. You can submit your article immediately or schedule it to be trickled out over a period of 2 90 days. If you choose a longer distribution time, like 30, 60, or 90 days, it looks more natural to the search engines and helps a little bit in your search engine rankings.


The pricing depends on the number of services youd like to use. The $47 per month version is a great place to start. It gives you a robust system with some extras that make your article submissions a bit easier. Or you can go for the gusto and jump into the $67 a month version which includes more bells and whistles, including Naked Articles. With Naked Articles you can submit articles with links included in the body and no resource box. This is a handy feature when your article is being submitted to blogs. It makes the blog post look like it was written by the blog owner and gives the post more credibility. More credibility means a higher likelihood of your links being clicked on. Whichever price point you choose, you get to try it out for 7 days for just $1; so you can make your decision without laying out a wad of cash.


I like this service. It offers a very simple, yet robust way to distribute your articles. The big plus is its ability to submit directly to EzineArticles, which saves you time. I even like the article spinner, because it allows you to develop spun articles that are essentially still your work. If I had to pick something about the system that could be improved, it would be the number of places that your article is submitted to. Where many submission services distribute to thousands of sites, Submit Your Article only distributes to hundreds of sites. Bottom line, though, it works, and your articles end up ranking highly in the search engines.

Submit Your Article Click To Take A Tour

Posted in Article Marketing, Internet Marketing | Tagged article marketing, article submission, submit your article review, terry telford | Leave a comment Distribute Your Articles Review Posted on by Terry Telford

Distribute Your Articles Overview

Distribute Your Articles is a very intuitive system. It combines simplicity with functionality and allows you to submit articles quickly and efficiently. You can submit your articles to 10,000 websites with a few clicks of your mouse and schedule your submissions over an extended period of time.

For authors who work in several niches, Distribute Your Articles allows you to create multiple profiles. This helps you organize your markets and develop expert status branding within each market.

If you ever run into problems, they have a first class support system and an active forum with members who are happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

Distribute Your Articles Launch Pad

The website is robust, but the Launch Pad is easy enough for an 11 year old to use. Its your command centre where you can see all your statistics. It makes it easy to keep track of your progress at a single glance. You get stats on:

- The number of articles youve submitted
- The number of backlinks to your website
- How many articles are waiting for distribution
- How many articles have been distributed
- How many articles are waiting to be reviewed
- The articles that need corrections or changes before they can be distributed
- Which sites your articles are listed on with direct links to your articles
- Where and when your articles were sent

Submission Scheduling

One of the important features in the system is the scheduling function. If you distribute articles to 10,000 websites in a blast, the search engines take note and are likely to penalize you for it. But if you submit your articles over the course of a week, it helps your website rankings, because the search engines dont look at you as spamming the net. Having said that, no one really knows what the search engines are up to, except the search engine executives. From what I can tell, a slow flow for distributing your articles is more beneficial than a quick blast. Distribute Your Articles allows you to choose which method you prefer, but I recommend the slow flow feature.

Smart Spin

Distribute Your Articles also gives you the option to spin your articles using their Smart Spin technology. Although they recommend it, I dont. If youre not familiar with article spinners, heres the scoop. You enter your article into a spinner. Select words in your article that could be substituted with synonyms and the spinner automatically inserts synonyms for you. The result is generally an article that is barely readable. As an article directory owner, I delete at least 100 spun articles every day.


When it comes to pricing, it is very fair. A one month subscription is $49.99, three months is $99.99 and one year is $299.99. The one year subscription is the best deal. You save $300, which makes it half price, compared to the monthly option. If you consider how much time it would take each month to submit to just 100 article directories, the price almost seams cheap. And with Distribute Your Articles, youre submitting to 10,000 sites, not just 100.


The final piece of the puzzle is the guarantee. Theirs is rock solid. If you decide you dont want the service in the first thirty days, you can cancel it and get a 100 refund. If at any time you decide to cancel, they courteously honour your request. Since the subscription is run through PayPal, you also have the option to cancel your subscription through their system too.


Overall, Distribute Your Articles gets two thumbs up. Their functionality is top notch, the simplicity of their website makes it extremely easy to use and their pricing is good value for money.

Distribute Your Articles Click To Take A Tour

Posted in Article Marketing, Internet Marketing | Leave a comment
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