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MP3 Laughing Bird - Here Like a River

Husband and wife duo featuring soaring harmony vocals, strong songwriting with mature themes, and professional arrangements in the folk-rock, new-country, acoustic-rock vein.

17 MP3 Songs
ROCK: Acoustic, FOLK: Folk-Rock

Laughing Bird''s "Here Like a River" is a collection of 17 original songs. Love, travel and adventure songs. Music to give you a lift! The following info will give you an idea of the depth and variety of music on this inspiring CD:

1. "The Road" written by Tupelo and Janey Kenyon - 3:34

Style: Folk Rock

Description: Even the closest of friends often find themselves on totally opposite life paths, but that''s O.K. Regardless of the outer experience, the inner connection between special friends remains strong through the years. This song is a tribute to that special bond.

Lyric Excerpt:

How long has it been, my old friend
I came in through the back door, just like I did back when
Still, it feels like home , , , how''ve you been
Tell me ''bout your life at home, I''ll sing about the road . . . ah, the road

2. "Moon to Moon" written by Tupelo Kenyon - 5:35

Style: Soft Rock / Island Feel

Description: Balance is an important but sometimes difficult quality to achieve in our modern lives. But the more hectic and stressful life becomes, the more important it is to find moments to reunite with nature to remind ourselves that all living things share the same breath. The farther away we live from the beautiful scenes of Mother Nature, the easier it is to forget her laws . . . and the fact that they still pertain to us too. This song commemorates a special time in our lives when we were able to break free of the grid and live our lives not from paycheck to paycheck, and not from hand to mouth. We felt refreshed and recharged by reimmersing in nature.. We highly recommend the new perspective gained by occasionally slipping away into the wilderness, and living from moon to moon.

Lyric Excerpt:

Another day in paradise, another jewel of time,
A rare and special treasure that''s shrinking all the time,
While the whole wide world just spins away, and way too soon,
The rhythms of the wilderness roll on . . . from moon to moon

3. "Angels Around Us" written by Tupelo Kenyon - 3:53

Style: Contemporary Folk Rock

Description: Have you ever felt utterly and completely alone, and then dug a little deeper to discover that maybe you are not alone after all? Is it your higher self, or your guardian angel, or perhaps an over-active imagination? How can you tell the difference, and how can you ever really know for sure? If the first step to finding the answers is asking questions, this song may help because it''s full of sincere questions that have been asked by millions for as long as people have had the capacity to wonder.

Lyric Excerpt:

All shapes and sizes, just like you thought and clever disguises
Young and old, bold guardians . . . sages of the ages
Wave it away, say believe it when I see it, out of my mind, can''t even conceive it
But maybe, before you can see it, you''ve gotta believe it . . . better believe it

There are angels around us . . . there are angels around us . . . there are angels around us
I can hear them smile

4. "Soul in the Stars" written by Tupelo Kenyon - 5:04

Style: Folk Rock

Description: It feels good to try to see the bigger picture once in awhile, especially when we begin to get swallowed up by life''s daily little emergencies that are so effective at stealing away our attention and energy. It doesn''t take much to readjust our viewpoint, if we just take the time to do it . . . a walk in the woods, listening to a mountain stream, or laying on your back in the grass and getting lost in the stars. Before long, it''s easier to focus on gratitude for what we have, rather than the frustration of what we are lacking.

Lyric Excerpt:

I wish I could remember to count my lucky stars
There''s just so many, reaching so far
Reaching so far
And for all I see, I know there''s at least that many more

I''m not exactly grounded, but I''m not entirely free
I''m not exactly ready to go, but this never felt like home to me
So I''m eager for that next step, even though I''ve come so far
With my seat right here in the saddle, and soul . . . soul in the stars

5. "Urge to Submerge" written by Tupelo Kenyon - 3:58

Style: Feel-good blues (Yes, it''s an oxymoron.)

Description: Born at Coco View Scuba Diving Resort in Roatan Honduras, this song is a sassy celebration of enjoying the wonders of the sea. People have mentioned they get an entirely different meaning from this down and dirty blues grind, but I''m sure I have no idea what they mean by that. It''s about scuba diving . . . honest!

Lyric Excerpt:

Got the urge to submerge in the water
Down, deep down, deep in the blue
And I got a buddy, (me and my buddy), ''n we intend to descend
And she likes it too, (Yeah I like it too) . . . Yes, she do

Got the urge to submerge in the water
And I''m on my way, I''m right on the verge
Yeah, I''m really ready, so hot, so why not
Got the urge to submerge

6. "Blue Water" written by Tupelo and Janey Kenyon - 4:43

Style: Soft Folk Rock

Description: Inspired by our first deep dive, this song hints at the peace we felt immersed in the deep blue sea. Water and the sea are such a perfect metaphors for the larger reality we are all immersed in.

Lyric Excerpt:

Lost in the freedom of the sea
Found the peace of the sea
Down in the depths I can see
The stillness rising in me

I''m floating in blue water, blue water
I''m floating in blue water . . .

7. "Time of Our Lives" written by Tupelo Kenyon - 3:01

Style: Folk rock

Description: Life goes by so fast! We look up and suddenly decades have past. Time is so fleeting, so elusive, it''s good to remember the importance and power of living right now - and getting the most out of this very moment.

Lyric excerpt:

It''s not over there and it''s not back then
It''s here and now in this moment we''re in
The future is changin'', the past is fadin''
You must be present to win

Now''s the time, it''s yours and mine
We have chosen to be here together, love will survive
All the way, seize the day
So we can always say we lived the time of our lives

8. "Story Belt" written by Tupelo Kenyon and Spirit Walker - 4:56

Style: Contemporary folk

Description: Inspired by meeting Spirit Walker Standing, shaman from the Creek tribe, this song celebrates the importance of keeping things in perspective while being a part of the bigger picture.

Lyric Excerpt:

A reed in the river for water to flow through
A hallow reed
It''s just as it has always been
And I am only a reed, a reed in the river
A reed in the river of life am I

9. "A Million Miles Away" written by Tupelo Kenyon - 3:53

Style: Contemporary folk

Description: Janey and I met in Kodiak Alaska and called Alaska our home for 15 years. We lived in Kodiak, Spruce Island, Homer, Fairbanks, Anchorage, and traveled all over Alaska with our music. After being away from Alaska for a few years and then returning for a visit, we got homesick for the peace of the wilderness in the last frontier. This song was written in Denali National Park while basking in the beauty of Mt. McKinley.

Lyric Excerpt:

A million miles away from modern day frustrations
Where it''s peaceful in the mountains and the trees
A million miles away from petty complications
Where quiet is best in the wilderness, and freedom''s on the breeze

10. "What Would Love Do Now" written by Tupelo Kenyon - 3:23

Style: Folk rock

Description: Written in Lancetilla Arboretum and Botanical Garden in Honduras. After driving through the rather rough and lawless countryside and cities of Honduras, this peaceful spot was the perfect place to try to put it all into perspective. The idea was inspired by the book series, "Conversations with God".

Lyric Excerpt:

Maybe it''s not either / or . . . maybe both sides are right
Maybe it''s not black or white . . . but love makes them both all right

What would love do now
Whenever you don''t know what to do . . . and don''t know how
What would love do . . .what would love do . . . what would love do now

11. "Take the Plunge" written by Tupelo Kenyon - 4:25

Style: Folk rock

Description: Have you ever had a well-meaning friend or relative try to talk some "sense" into you about an experience or adventure you are passionate about? From their perspective, their advice is "for your own good", but the last thing you need to hear is their worst-case scenario.

Lyric Excerpt:

I''m tired of hearing all that bad news, from the profits of doom
I''ve noticed that thier lives are not exactly in full bloom

I''m taking the plunge, ready to lunge off the deep end
Here I go, caution to the wind
Cruisin'' on enthusiasm, taking what life gives
Instead of dying before I ever live

12. "Handyman Hell" written by Tupelo Kenyon - 3:37

Style: Novelty, Humorous Talking Blues

Description: It''s just a simple little project, right? Shouldn''t take more than a few minutes. Yeah, right! Several days later when things have gone from bad to worse over and over again, you find yourself begin to descend into handyman hell.

Lyric Excerpt:

Well, I was minding my own business, about to do something important, I think
When my wife said, "Honey-Do you think you could fix that dripping sink?"

"Sure", I said, "No problem," and I took apart the faucet
But it dripped and it dripped and it dripped some more, so I ripped it out to toss it

But as I did, I noticed that the sink was also trashed
How hard could it be to fix it myself and save a little cash

And that''s how it all started, you know I meant well
But one step up meant two steps down . . . into handyman hell

13. "Where Only Freedom Flies" written by Tupelo Kenyon - 4:53

Style: New Country/Folk

Description: A love song inspired by Kahlil Gibran''s book, "The Prophet". This song was written in the mid seventies and finally recorded over a quarter century later. Janey likes to say I wrote it for her, even though we had not even met yet. She''s probably right.

Lyric Excerpt:

Do you wanna be . . . free with me
Cause that''s the only way . . . I can see
Being together . . . Forever . . . Free

I wish I woulda told you . . . that I don''t wanna hold you
But here in my heart . . . and in my arms
No, I''ll never hold you down . . . I''ll hold you tenderly while we''re flying free

14. "No, yes!" written by Tupelo Kenyon - 1:09

Style: Talking blues (a la New Age)

Description: Inspired by the teachings of Abraham, modern day teacher of the science of deliberate creation and the art of allowing, this song examines the folly of continually "shooting yourself in the foot" by holding conflicting thoughts at the same time. Yes I can. No I can''t. I want that. But do I really deserve it? Around and around it goes.

Lyric Excerpt:

I wanted to ask of the universe
What about "no" do you not understand
With "yes" on the tip of my tongue
But "no" still clutched in my hands

15. "Takin'' My Time" written by Tupelo Kenyon - 4:09

Style: Folk rock

Description: It''s easy to simply give away so much of your time that there''s none left for you. Hopefully, we recognize what''s happening in time to do something about it.

Lyric Excerpt:

And it isn''t the first time I''ve fooled myself
What have I done
It''s only a moment, then another one, and that''s my life
Moment after moment, so I''ll be doing what I love

And where do the moments stray
They''re strung like pearls through time
I used to give my moments away
But now I''m taking my time

16. "Here" written by Tupelo and Janey Kenyon - 4:59

Style: Soft contempory folk waltz

Description: A love song to the beloved and/or to the larger part of ourselves.

Lyric Excerpt:

Here, with your memory so near, I can see it so clear
How much I want you

Here, like the waves on the shore, they want nothing more
Than just to bring you . . .

Here, where I''ve been from the start, with my opening heart
When I''m finally with you

17. "Life is a River" written by Tupelo Kenyon - 5:43

Style: Folk rock

Description: Written on a 10 day canoe trip down the San Juan river in Utah, this song explores the river as a metaphor for life with all it''s coming and goings. It also explores the diversity of water . . . liquid, ice, and steam - all the same stuff but very different - just like non-physical reality manifesting itself into the deversity of physical experience.

Lyric Excerpt:

And like a stream of conciousness, the river flows on through
Go with the flow or get out of the way, it flows on with or without you
And like a great wheel turning, the spirit of the river will be
Forever free, perpetually, from sea to shining sea

Life is a river, sometimes crashing over falls
Seeking it''s own level . . . tearing down walls
Opening new passages, while taking it easy
Life is a river, flowing to the sea

Laughing Bird is:
Tupelo and Janey Wing Kenyon
Janey: Lead and harmony vocals, dulcimer, percussion.
Tupelo: Lead and harmony vocals, 6 and 12-string Taylor acoustic guitars, mandolin,electric guitar, bass, keyboard, harmonica, drums, percussion.

Friends Sittin’ In:
Jeannie Robertson: Harmony vocals on 2, 3 & 9
David Ruthstrom: Harmony vocals on 2 & 9
Ann Tolstedt: Harmony vocals on 6 & 17
Dave Matheson: Drums on 1, 16 & 17
Tom Lulias: Steel guitar on 9 & 17
Jake Bryant: Didgeridoo on 8
Keebler Gillett: Bass on 16
Kim Soltero: Flute on 6

All songs written by Tupelo Kenyon. Songs 1,6, and 17
co-written with Janey Wing Kenyon. Song 8 co-written
with SpiritWalker Standing. ©PMMII Tupelo & Janey Wing Kenyon. Arctic Wingsong Publ. BMI. All rights reserved.
Photo and graphic design by Tupelo and Janey.

Recorded, mixed, mastered and manufactured by Tupelo Kenyon at Riversong Studio in Story, Wyoming.

This is Laughing Bird’s 8th album. There are several others available here through CDbaby. Search for Laughing Bird, and also search for Tupelo Kenyon. Thanks for listening and thank you for buying our music. Yours for a song, Tupelo and Janey Kenyon – Laughing Bird.

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