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MP3 Pheo Rose - Soul Yoga

Use this third in a series of using music and program notes to lead you into self, body/mind/soul integration and a sense of Blissful Peace; or just enjoy the ever deepening music.

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NEW AGE: Yoga, NEW AGE: Spiritual

Pheo Rose Bio

 Sometime between ages 10 and 11, and somewhere in the swirl of bologna and liverwurst that was brought into our house of poverty, came an upright piano. Once here, the old and cracked veneer was stripped off, but nothing ever replaced it. That was “home” then, people and things stripped of what they had, and not much could be given to produce new luster.
I buried my fingers into the piano keys as I unburied emotions through playing. Eight months of lessons almost completely undid any love for the piano. I announced that the only way I would keep with the instrument was “my way,” Without intention, the piano became my “sounding board” for life’s confusion, as well as my confessor receiving all the pain and hurt and troubling thoughts. In so many ways time at the piano was my single intimate companion to whom I could reach out with the most vulnerable of feelings.
My childhood was a life of great scarcity of everything nurturing, and my twenties bore the child of this – personal agony. My intimate companion was there for me; always taking the depth of feeling, and helping me express it musically. I added flute for those times in Nature’s Sanctuary. People who heard my music sat quietly and always seemed to comment, “Don’t Stop.” I realized then that the depth that I reached for connected with others as well. So I started paying more attention and remembering more of the “original” pieces that poured out of me.

 Since 1973 solo piano, flute, and Celtic harp music has been performed where its depth of feeling could most help others – weddings, church services, retreats, prayer circles, earth day events, etc.
 Since 1989 composed music that would express and support others in the exquisite inner journey to their soul and full self integration. The first three of these cds will be released in 2007, with two more to be released by 2008.
 Decades of Studying and Journeying the “Way” of the mystics has merged with my music to offer the spiritual journey to full self integration using music as a primary tool.

ABOUT THIS STYLE OF MUSIC with its CL (Contemplative Listening) MODE:

Stereo recorded music has been around for decades. The CL mode purposely makes use of the stereo by providing instrumental tracks at various points in the 180 degrees of right to left channels. The result is that the instrumental “voices” can be heard more distinctly. Listening and holding as many of the instrumental voices as possible while integrating them simultaneously into a oneness may help the listener to focus more deeply into the music.
Also, this listening skill can help discipline and focus the mind, as well as lead to hearing the deeper parts of the mind and soul. At almost any given conscious moment we have streams of sensory stimuli, and any related associations, as well as inner thoughts and desires that compete for our full attention. Learning to distinguish and integrate all the stimuli, thoughts, and desires is a skill that wisdom literature begs humanity to learn. “Chariots without drivers,” “Scattered and fragmenting egos”, and “ships without rudders” are just some of the images used for describing human minds without such skill. Using the CL mode while listening to the music can begin to teach the listener how to hold together all the separate “voices” of stimuli, thoughts, and desires simultaneously, and quiet them. Once consciousness is “reined in,” there is access to the deeper levels of mind, and the soft, eternal, voice of the soul.
With these experiences comes greater opportunity for the fullness of self integration.


Yoga derives from the word yoke: to join into union, meld into one.

This album was created to provide musical yoga:

 First, yoke your scattered awareness into an integrated focus with the help of musical “voices.”
 Next, yoke your mind and body by focusing on your breathing cycle while still focusing on the music.
 Then, yoke your energy centers—chakras—with your integrated awareness of the music and your breathing.

Look inside for more information about this album, and visit https://www.tradebit.com for more information about the journey to self integration and the other albums designed to take you on that journey.


This is the third album in the musical journey to self integration; it adds even more focus on breathing and introduces chakras.

Chiki (3:28) Draw on the energy of this piece for the work of yoking.

Dojo’s Way—Expanded (12:01) Practice focusing as the three strolling musicians invite you to follow their solos, duets, trios, and rounds.

Slow Breathing (11:24) Now imagine the cyclical path of your breath that begins with your inhale and ends with your exhale. Your challenge is to focus on this path as well as on the music.

Kuma Chakras (9:27) Learn to focus on your inner energy “crossroads,” or chakras, opening and freeing them from constriction.

Maku Chakras (9:12) The final challenge—holding all the chakras simultaneously with the breathing cycle and musical voices.

Waves of Bliss (23:01) Enter the bliss of oneness brought by the integrated focusing on the music, your breathing cycle, and the chakras.

More About Each Piece:

CHIKI: Yoking takes energy. This lively piece gives you the opportunity to feel the energy you will need. Focus on the musical “voices” as you draw together your energy.

DOJO’S WAY: You rejoin the three strolling musicians you met in Soul Bridge. One musician begins with a single melody, followed by the second musician playing a different melody. Then the two play a duet—can you hear both melodies at the same time? The third musician plays a third melody, then plays a duet with each of the other two in turn. When they join together as a trio, can you hear all three melodies distinctly at the same time? Next the musicians impishly challenge you to follow each melody as a round is played. You get a few chances. After a last trio, they each send you on your way with solos.

SLOW BREATHING: This is a familiar piece from Soul Bridge and Soul Pulses. You have used it to practice following your breathing. Now, when you inhale, visualize all that oxygen being drawn down to the base of your spine. Exhaling, imagine the breath looping around to rise up the spine, around the back of the head, forward, down, and out the nose. Just follow your breathing and visualize the circular flow of breath and energy. Can you hold the focus on your breathing cycle as well as on the music? You are now yoking the within yourself with the outside yourself.

KUMA CHAKRAS: While staying aware of your breathing cycle and following the musical voices, attune to the musical reverberations. With the high notes, focus upon freeing the tension and constrictions in your head. As the music drops in pitch, move your focus downward to each chakra in turn, opening and releasing each from tension. Near the end, the music sweeps you up and down through all of your chakras.

MAKU CHAKRAS: The final challenge—holding all the chakras together simultaneously with the breathing cycle and musical voices. You begin with the two deepest chakras: the base of the spine and sacrum. Then you hear the solar plexus melody. Strings lead you into the heart chakra. Moving up, add the thyroid chakra. The brain/pituitary chakra is next, but its melody is soon merged with the heart chakra melody, for love melded with intelligence gives wisdom. Finally, the crown chakra music is added. With the deepest to highest chakras now held, can you feel a vastness yet an intimacy of being? Serenely hold both. The ego''s "either or" must give way to the oneness that can hold paradox.

WAVES OF BLISS: Now enter the bliss of such oneness, beginning with the music cycle that complements your breathing cycle. All is one, and you are floating. through the vastness of self with lightness and transparency. Become one with what seems infinite and yet is so intimate. There in that oneness, you are within your soul.

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