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MP3 Venter - Synthetic America

The story of Robots in their own language (music) with a freshly experimental electronic style that draws on Video Game music, 80s Cartoon Themes, Soundtrack, Jazz, Rock, and more.

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ELECTRONIC: Experimental, CLASSICAL: Film Music

a tale of the future

Sometime in the moderately distant future a man will live by the name of Diode. He will be a doctor. Thusly he will be called Doctor Diode. One day, in his basement laboratory, Doctor Diode will accidentally create sentience in an attempt to make a revolutionary new computer. He will call his invention the Hexagon Brain and out of compassion he will build it a small robotic body. In a moment of brilliant creativity, he will name this first robot Alpha.

This Compact Disc is a recording of sounds that came from a small machine found buried in a reverse time capsule. It is the story of the robots in their own language.


1. ALPHA – Alpha is the first robot created by Doctor Diode. He is a small red fireplug of a machine and is an excellent housekeeper. His turkey dinners are legendary.

2. SUPER PILOT 1 – When the robots first became popular, the immediate reaction was to make a robot to fly military planes. Doctor Diode was commissioned to make Pilot 1 and not allowed to name him due to strict military non-creativity laws. He is the best pilot in the world.

3. MADE IN AMERICA – All robots proudly bore this label.

4. GIGAWATT THE GIGOLO ROBOT – Gigawatt is a pleasure model. He looks and copulates very much like a human. He likes to talk on his cell phone very loudly and in public.

5. JAY GATSBY (ROBOT OF DOOM) – When the robots became a pop icon, various TV shows cropped up. This is the theme song to a Saturday morning cartoon based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, the Great Gatsby. It’s plots largely consist of giant robot Gatsby fighting giant robot Tom over puny human Daisy. West Egg will never be the same.

6. CHILDREN MADE OF COGS – The market for robot children grew shortly after the release of Pilot 1. Many barren or homosexual couples longed for the chance to have children and now, finally, their parenting skills could not come into question because robots weren’t real people anyway.

7. ROBOT KINGPIN – In the dark alleys of Oasis there lurked an evil construction robot gone wrong. After a work related injury he was rejected for workman’s compensation and became disgruntled. He challenged the robotic religion of human worship and insisted that his race of metal men, Synthetic Americans, were superior. He hatched a plan to end human control over robots.
8. LEVELER – Leveler was a giant robot with chainsaw arms built to level the town of Oasis. He went on a rampage and killed many humans under the orders of the Robot Kingpin.

9. THE JUDICATOR ADJUNCT NODE – TJAN was built as an impartial logical judge. It is constantly under the stress of deciding several court cases at once and information flows through it like water. This has led it to become somewhat depressed and neurotic. It has a self-deprecating sense of humor.

10. GREASE MONKEY – This is a mechanic robot that has taken a liking to 1950s music. It is constantly trying to impress other robots with female logic ports.

11. THE QUEEN OF ARCADES – When robots became popular in the community of Oasis’ children, video arcades began expressing interest in a model that would interact with their young clientele. The Queen of Arcades was born as a mascot and robotic dancing partner to socially awkward adolescents and occasionally socially awkward adults. This was the height of the period of robot happiness.


12. ANDROIDS NEVER FALL IN LOVE – Eventually Doctor Diode progressed to the point where he could create nearly flawless replicas of humanity, complete with dreams of electric sheep. However, he never was able to teach the Hexagon Brain to let those creatures love. This helped contribute to the discontent of the Synthetic Americans and fueled the cause of the Robot Kingpin.

13. HEXAGON TOASTER/THEY MUST GO/PITCHFORKS AND TORCHLIGHT/THE ROAD TO THE COMPACTOR – When the Leveler was unleashed upon Oasis, all of robotkind was in an uproar. The innocent robots who sided with humans over the Kingpin banded together to help stop the destruction. Pilot 1 volunteered to deploy a deadly bomb called the Hexagon Toaster, which would fry the Hexagon Brain of Leveler. It succeeded in stopping Leveler but the blast also destroyed Pilot 1 himself. Regardless of this selfless act mobs gathered and demanded the death of the robots. They were a menace and they had to go. The citizens of Oasis grabbed up their farm tools and 19th century torches and rounded up the robots. They then marched them one by one into the giant trash compactor at the city dump.

14. THE AUTOMOTAUN AT THE PIANO – One brave musician robot played his synthetic piano until the very end. Even as he was lowered into the compactor he still played and sang. To robots, the piano was the most human of sounds. To this brave robot the piano was a last plea for peace.

15. THE PILE OF CUBES OF METAL – When all the robots had been compacted, the townspeople gathered all their cubed bodies and constructed a giant pyramid in the center of town as a reminder and a warning of what happened to the Synthetic Americans.

16. OMEGA – Doctor Diode was crushed by the violence perpetrated against his creations. Despite a court order against his doing so, the good Doctor created one last robot. In a rare moment of genius he called it Omega. Omega was a robot made to tell the story of robots in their own language. Doctor Diode placed this small robot into one of his other inventions, the reverse time capsule, and buried it under the ground. Time passed backwards in the capsule and Omega eventually traveled to our time.

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