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Ultimate Pack of Versatile and EASY Scripts + with BONUSES!


Get 10 Hot Scripts - Complete With *Source Code*!

Grab This Collection Of 10 GREAT Internet Marketing Scripts - For Pennies On The Dollar!

Here are the scripts you will get in this package (NOTE: EACH script comes with source code):

1. Easy Website GENERATOR Script: The Easy Website Generator is more than your average HTML editor. It is a FAST and EFFICIENT website creator that is built to generate web pages easily and expediently.

Take a look at the truly outstanding features of the Easy Website Generator:

* Create templates easily through a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) environment.

* Use existing templates that come with the Easy Website Generator to make things even easier!

* Create blocks of text for each page conveniently.

* Create any number of pages using the templates you have prepared, or new pages from scratch to make them different from the rest.

* Create pages FAST using the intelligent system that refreshes the text area for every new entry, without erasing the code of the template that has been selected. All you have to do is add content and the Easy Website Generator will take care of the rest!

* EXCLUSIVE: Include and manage #tags# in the source code. This is done in an automated manner. You won't have to locate specific blocks of codes just to insert your #tags#. The Easy Website Generator comes with a feature that allows you to specify the #tags#, and the system will automatically sort them out by itself.

* Name the pages anyway you wish. This is excellent for SEO practices where the page title (containing the page's focused keyword or key phrase) plays a significant role in attracting the attention of the search engine spiders. This is also excellent for webmasters who wish to create web pages that are easier to remember. No need to settle for web pages labeled as https://www.tradebit.com You can choose a title like https://www.tradebit.com

* EXCLUSIVE: You can choose to use a reverse method in creating a website. Create the web pages first, and then compile them under one website! Everything, again, will be automated. Just point to the web pages you want to compile and the Easy Website Generator will take care of the rest!

* Add and exclude pages from a website project with ease. Just point and click.


2. Easy URL Shrinker Script: How Would You Like To Have Your Own URL Shortening And Redirection Service?

But remember, this is not merely something that you can use to shorten your URLs, though you can do that if you so please, of course.

This is a system - a COMPLETE system - that will allow you to offer a URL shortening and redirection service for other people.

Yes, the Easy URL Shrinker is more than just a program that will answer some needs. It is a COMPLETE system that will allow you to answer other people's needs! For instance, you can:

* Use it to offer a service that a lot of people need. Offer this for free, or for a fee.

* Use it to win new subscribers for your mailing list. As https://www.tradebit.com demonstrated, you can choose to have people submit and verify their contact details before using the service.

* Choose the people who can have access to the service. You can generate a code which you can distribute to your chosen users. They can enter this code to use the URL shortening and redirection system.

Unlike most other URL shorteners, the Easy URL Shrinker gives your users the opportunity to CHOOSE their own prefix. The Easy URL Shrinker can randomly generate a prefix, of course, just like the other URL shorteners out there, but it also gives the user an option to select the word or words he wants to include.

If his website is about dog grooming for example, he can choose the prefix "doggrooming," which is more relevant to the site he is promoting.

This feature is terribly lacking in most of the URL shorteners existing today. And since the Easy URL Shrinker will allow your users such liberty, they will love you for it!

In addition, the Easy URL Shrinker grants the admin - YOU - total control over the conduct of your service. You can view your members, view URLS, and edit and delete records. You are the master. You will always be in command!


3. Easy Tips Manager Script: Easy Tips Manager is so named because it began as such: a program that will manage tips for a website.

Suppose you load 20 tips.

Easy Tips Manager presents for EACH VISITOR a new tip, depending on how many tips have been displayed so far to THAT visitor!

But, WAIT!

Easy Tips Manager can be so much more than an automated tips display mechanism! Just take a look at what else Easy Tips Manager can do for your online business:

* Easy Tips Manager can automatically display a new tip when ever visitor comes back to your site, as we have mentioned above.

* Easy Tips Manager can automatically display a new affiliate link for every visit, giving your visitors a variety of choice, exposing them to new products which they may want to buy!

* Easy Tips Manager can automatically promote a new web page for every visit. This can be a novel way of selling ad space! Or it can be a fantastic new way of leading people to other websites you also own!

* Easy Tips Manager can automatically display a new trivia tidbit for every visit. Imagine how excited your visitors will be to revisit your website just to see new fanciful information that will greet them!

* Easy Tips Manager can automatically advertise a JV partner's website for every visit! This is a great way to charge up those JV campaigns to maximize profit!

* Easy Tips Manager can automatically deliver a sequential novel. Give your visitors the chapters they can read when they visit your website!

* Easy Tips Manager can automatically advertise a new signup form - either one of your many mailing lists, or one of your JV partners' mailing lists!

* Easy Tips Manager can automatically display a new product you or a partner of yours is selling for every visit.

* Easy Tips Manager can automatically display sequential offerings, whether they are one-time offers, special offers, or fire sales!

There is no limit as to how Easy Tips Manager can serve your business!

Easy Tips Manager is also very easy to use. You can start displaying new tips, info, advertisements, etc. in 3 simple steps!

1. Load up the content you want to sequentially display.

2. Set the header and footer you wish to use, or you can even add a banner!

3. Generate the code which you can use to display your sequential content!


4. Easy Task Manager Script: Think of the Easy Task Manager as a direct link that connects the team leader (YOU,) the team's Managers and the team's Developers.

Take a look at the amazing things that the Easy Task Manager can do:

* The Easy Task Manager allows you to assign, supervise, and change allocated tasks in REAL TIME. You don't have to wait for cumbersome emails to reach your team members' inboxes. By being able to create, allot, and modify assignments on the fly, you can rest assured that they will see the details as soon as possible!

* The Easy Task Manager allows the team members to estimate the working hours for a task to be done and you will be notified of it, accept the estimation and give them the order to proceed with the plan, or just ask for a different estimation for a specific task.

* The Easy Task Manager allows the team members to report a task that has been completed and you will be notified of it.

* The Easy Task Manager allows you to properly deal with unlimited projects and unlimited team members. You will be the SUPERVISOR, you can assign MANAGERS who in turn will attend the DEVELOPERS.

* The Easy Task Manager allows developers (aka. members of your team) to record how much time they spent accomplishing a particular task.

* The Easy Task Manager gives the team leader (SUPERVISOR) and also the MANAGERS of the separate projects total control over each project. If you're not satisfied with the deliverables, for example, you can choose not to mark the project as completed, and instead open it up again for other team members to pick up.

* There is no limit as to the number of projects, Managers and Developers that the Easy Task Manager can supervise. These projects can even be processed simultaneously!

And yes, this is the same product that has allowed me to manage the work needed to be done for the creation of more than 100 products!

The Easy Task Manager is very easy to use.

As the team leader, you are regarded as the SUPERVISOR. And as the Admin, you can do the following:

1. Define Managers (your team members);

2. Define Developers (your freelancers, or part/full time people);

3. Create TASKS;

4. Assign TASKS, etc.

Once these are done, the users - the team members - will be able to do the following:

1. Log in and view the TASKS assigned to them;

2. Update the TASK STATUS based on the progress of the assigned TASK.

Note: Easy Task Manager is a PERL (cgi) script. Nearly ANY server can run PERL (cgi) scripts, but it is advisable first to ask your host and then order this amazing solution. Installation is a BREEZE (it takes less than 5 minutes and 1 click - installation instructions with screen shots are also offered.)


5. Easy Snippets Manager Script: If programs like Joomla and Blogger and WordPress are labeled as content management systems because of their ability to administer the publication of content, the Easy Snippets Manager can lay claim to the title of Information Management System, because what content management systems can do for content, the Easy Snippets Manager can do for information.

You can simply create information "groups."

For example:

If you're running a freelance resource center, you can create a database for the names of your freelancers, a database for their email addresses, and even a database for possible areas of expertise.

If you're running a comic book website, you can create a database for the names of writers, a database for the names of artists, and a database for the titles of comic books. You can even create a database for contact information, if you so desire.

If you're running a wedding website, you can create a database for expected wedding needs, and a database for suppliers, and even a database for their contact details.

Here's what the Easy Snippets Manager will do.

* It will allow you to associate entries from one database with entries from another. Simply connect the entries you want to conjoin.

* Thereafter, you can generate an i-frame code that you can easily copy and paste to your website to display the intelligent grid that contains the new information you want to share.

* No more need to build new databases from scratch every time you want to publish something new.

* The Easy Snippets Manager makes things fast and easy!

The process is indeed very convenient

* Create a project.

* Add entries to database 1.

* Add entries to database 2.

* Associate entries from database 1 with entries from database 2.

* Add a note for the association, if you so wish. This is an excellent feature that will allow you to include explanations whenever necessary.

* Generate the code for your iframe and copy-paste it to your website.

The number of possible applications for this program is staggering!

Aside from the examples we have cited above, you can use the Easy Snippets Manager to create your own resource center for local or international restaurants, tourist destinations, suggested medications, symptoms and repercussions, book catalogue, and so much more!

Again, the Easy Snippets Manager doesn't require separate databases for each entry. Instead, you just need a database for specific groups, and the Easy Snippets Manager will allow you to mix and match entries between the databases.


6. Easy Newsletter Manager Script: With this amazing solution, you'll be able to publish your own online newsletters WITHIN MINUTES, in 3 easy steps:

-Find or prepare the content you want to share. You may write your own articles. Or you can use existing articles in article directories like https://www.tradebit.com, https://www.tradebit.com and https://www.tradebit.com (just make sure to include their resource boxes.)

-Copy the articles and paste them into the specified field in the program.

- Click to publish.

The Easy Newsletter Manager is a revolutionary program that generates two web pages:

* The index page where the newest issue of your newsletter will be displayed; and

* The archives page, where the previous issues of your newsletter will be stored.

The problem with email-only eZines is that your subscribers will have a hard time sifting through their inbox to find previous issues that they might want to read again. The Easy Newsletter Manager solves this problem by providing an online edition for your newsletter.

Simply provide the link in your email messages and your subscribers will be able to visit your published newsletter.

This is great against the spam filters as well. If you just provide the link to the newsletter, your email message will have less chance of being filtered out as spam.

Better yet, previous issues won't have to be wasted. They will be stored on a separate page. They can be picked up by search engine spiders, which will be excellent in winning new subscribers - and new prospects! And your current subscribers will be able to find them ever so easily!


7. Easy Daily Downloader Script: Are You Having Trouble Converting Your Prospects to Customers?

SOLUTION: Offer Gifts To Your Prospects To Warm Them Up!

The Easy Daily Downloader is a unique solution that is designed to eliminate the problem of an otherwise burdensome scheduling of daily offerings.

Instead of sending emails containing a different download link for a different product for every single day, the Easy Daily Downloader will allow you to send them to just one page. That's right, one page, with one URL.

What the Easy Daily Downloader does is this: it schedules the offers you want to run and displays them on that page AUTOMATICALLY based on when you program them to appear.

Just follow the 3 simple steps below:

1. Upload the products onto your web server.
2. Run the Easy Daily Downloader.
3. Set up the products with their download links, and set up the days you want them to appear.

That's it!

But Wait! The Easy Daily Downloader has more applications than just an automated gift-delivering system.

Depending on your business model, you may discover that the Easy Daily Downloader can be the best partner for your enterprise. Picture these:

* Do you offer different packages every week? There is no need to change the source code of your landing page every 7 days. With the Easy Daily Downloader, you can schedule the roster of packages you wish to unveil for the entire month, if not the entire year!

* Are you running a membership site? One which promises different products/packages every week or month? Don't send your members a different download link every time a product/package is uploaded. Give them one URL. Have them bookmark it. And schedule everything in advance via the Easy Daily Downloader!

* Are you employing telecommuters? Automate the assignation of their work by using the scheduling system of the Easy Daily Downloader as well!

* Are you running an affiliate system? Distribute promotional materials for your affiliates automatically using the unique features of the Easy Daily Downloader.

* Running a non-email based eZine, like a downloadable PDF-style format? Automate the delivery of an entire month, or an entire year's worth of issues with the Easy Daily Downloader!


8. Easy Contest Creator Script: There Is One Word That Can Spell The Difference Between Success And Failure For Your Online Business -


How Can You Guarantee Excitement?

Conducting Contests Is The Ultimate Excitement-Producing Strategy!

The Easy Contest Creator is a powerful solution that will help you create contests, integrate them into your web pages, and manage the entire procedure through a central admin panel.

Take a look at how the Easy Contest Creator works:

1. Log in to your account as the Admin.

2. Create as many contests as you wish. Include descriptions, dates, mechanics, and other details if you want.

3. Ask your visitors to register. A special code will be sent to their email. They will use this special code to formalize their registration. This will help you capture their contact details! Admin can approve/reject registrations.

4. Registered users can view the details of each contest.

5. Registered users can submit entries, if Admin gives them that permission. Admin can approve/reject submitted entries.

6. Registered users can vote for/against submitted entries, if Admin gives them that permission. Admin can approve/reject submitted votes.

7. Admin can set permissions for non-registered visitors. They'll be able to see what the Admin wants them to see.

It's that simple!

You can have multiple contests running at the same time and you can monitor all of them from one central area!

But Wait, There's More!

Close your eyes and imagine -

* The Easy Contest Creator receiving resumes and CVs from people you are considering hiring. Better yet, if you have a website that hunts job applicants for established companies, the Easy Contest Creator can serve as the heart and soul of your business!

* The Easy Contest Creator receiving project proposals, suggestions, and even simple comments from your prospects, as well as from your existing customers.

* The Easy Contest Creator accepting jokes and anecdotes from contributing members.

* This is my favorite - the Easy Contest Creator serving as the engine of your very own freelancing website! Instead of posting contests, post job descriptions. Instead of accepting entries, accept bids and proposals, and even the actual work if it involves written materials!

* The Easy Contest Creator supplementing any affiliate marketing system. Use it as a calendar for your affiliates. Use it to distribute marketing paraphernalia for them. Use it to accept comments and suggestions from affiliates who are too shy to talk to you in person.

And so much more!


9. Easy Content Delivery Script: The Easy Content Delivery is the only answer to the problem of automating the distribution of your products. With this unique software, you can pre-program how and when your content will be delivered to your subscribers.

Are you running - or are you planning to run - a PLR article membership site? You'd be guaranteeing some hundreds of articles per month then. The Easy Content Delivery will allow you to create an HTML file that can contain the contents themselves or create an HTML file that will contain the URL from where the contents can be downloaded. Thereafter, you can pre-program the Easy Content Delivery to deliver the HTML file after a certain number of days. Want to deliver content twice a month? Set the number of days to "15." Want to deliver content once a month? Set the number of days to "30."

Heck! If you want your members to receive the products every day, you can even set the number of days to "1!"

The same is true if you're running - or if you're planning to run - other kinds of membership sites that will distribute digital products.

The Easy Content Delivery does its job in 3 very easy steps:

1. Log in to the admin panel and create a project.

2. Add content through HTML files and get the URL that is generated.

3. Set the interval between deliveries.

That's it!

You can pre-set the entire year's worth of deliveries, if you so please! It's that simple and convenient!

There is no limit as to how many projects you can create with the Easy Content Delivery.
But wait! There's MORE!

Take a look at the other things that you can do with the Easy Content Delivery:

* The Easy Content Delivery can serve as a self-rotating freebie distributor. Want to please your prospects? Offer them a free product every now and then. How often "every now and then" is will depend on you, but the Easy Content Delivery will guarantee that you can deliver them automatically and conveniently!

* The Easy Content Delivery can serve as an electronic newsboy that will deliver your eZines whenever they are due for release!

* The Easy Content Delivery can serve as a coupon site manager. Want to encourage people to take a look at your different products? Offer them discount coupons on a regular basis, with each coupon corresponding to a particular product you are selling. The Easy Content Delivery, again, can automate the entire process for you. Your prospects can receive a specific coupon today, an entirely different one tomorrow, and another one the day after that.

* The Easy Content Delivery can serve as a self-publishing news site. Want to publish fresh content automatically? Upload all of your entries and set the interval as to when each of them will be published. You'll have an automated publishing website that will require minimal supervision on your part!

* The Easy Content Delivery can serve as a self-publishing reviews/comments site. Post reviews/comments about your products. Not only will the fresh content win the favor of search engine spiders, but it will also give your prospects something new to read. Again, you can publish such in an automated manner with the Easy Content Delivery's pragmatic technology.

* Plus more! We haven't even scratched the surface of how the Easy Content Delivery can serve your online business! It's all up to you. Basically, every endeavor that needs to deliver digital products or messages at stated periods can be served by the Easy Content Delivery!


10. Easy AtoZ Script: Did You Know That You're Losing 71 Of Your Visitors Because Your Web Pages Don't Guide Them Properly?

SOLUTION: Provide An Easy-To-Use Indexing System For Your Website And Your Visitors Will Stay Longer On Your Pages!

"Easy AtoZ" is a fantastic tool that will help you generate an index table linked to a solid database.

With this amazing program, you can create an index in 3 simple steps:

1. Create a project.

2. Define relationships; i.e. name/description, word/definition or, as is the case for recipes, title/instructions.

3. Generate index page and connecting pages.

Indeed, in just 3 easy steps, you'll have an index page (or HTML code you can embed on your existing website if one already exists) ready to be published.

But that's not all.

The Easy AtoZ automatically arranges the entries alphabetically, and categorizes them under their corresponding letter.

If you defined the title '"Anchovy pizza,'" it will be placed under the letter '"A'" as a clickable link. When the user clicks on it, he will be directed to a page where the instructions for such a recipe can be found.

Yes, the Easy AtoZ doesn't only generate the index page - it generates all the pages that the entries connect to as well!

The Easy AtoZ streamlines the process of creating organized databases. You can:

* Use it to create your very own online dictionary!

* Use it to create an encyclopedia specific to the niche you're tackling.

* Use it as a reference table for just about anything, ranging from pharmaceutical guides, to comic book databases, to antique checklists, to any other listing you can think of!

* Use it as a comprehensive address book for your personal or professional usage.

* Use it as a repository of secrets that your visitors can unlock... this can be so much fun for them!

* Use it as an inventory for the items you have in stock.

* Use it a FAQ system!

There are so many other uses for the Easy AtoZ. Basically, any database that requires 2 interlinked categories will find the Easy AtoZ as a heaven sent.


Here is A Summary Of Everything You will Get In This Package:

Script #1: Easy Website GENERATOR Script

Script #2: Easy URL Shrinker Script

Script #3: Easy Tips Manager Script

Script #4: Easy Task Manager Script

Script #5: Easy Snippets Manager Script

Script #6: Easy Newsletter Manager Script

Script #7: Easy Daily Downloader Script

Script #8: Easy Contest Creator Script

Script #9: Easy Content Delivery Script

Script #10: Easy AtoZ Script

All the scripts come with FULL Source Code! Meaning that, you can change or modify them for your own use!

To make the deal even sweeter for you, we are even including two unannounced bonuses with it! Only those who purchase this product from us would be able to get the bonuses at NO cost!

So what are you waiting for? Order today.

30-day money back guarantee!

In case you are not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund every penny! No questions asked!
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