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MP3 Silvio Amato - Snow White

A modern day, pop-informed take on this old tale.

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EASY LISTENING: Musicals/Broadway, CLASSICAL: Ballet

Silvio Amato

Born in Catania, on the 10th April, 1961, Amato began working as a composer towards the end of the 1980’s. It was in Milan that his musical activity began in earnest, particularly in the composing and arranging of pop(ular) music. These years saw a wide range of important collaborations with Italian artistes, culminating in the resounding success of the song ‘Ti Penso’, performed by Massimo Ranieri at the 42nd edition of the San Remo song festival. Latterly his work has been more focused on television production, particularly with the Mediaset network. Original work includes music for numerous children’s shows, signature tunes for primetime shows, sit-coms, soap operas, news and TV films. The abundant presence of Amato’s compositions, across a broad spectrum of TV stations, testify to ten years of fruitful collaboration with the Mediaset, and with the principal Italian and international TV networks (Rai, Tmc/La7, Sky).
In recent years Amato has devoted his energies to composing music for cinema and socially committed films, as well as for more overtly commercial productions,

Snow White

A Ballet in 2 Acts

Music by Silvio Amato

Liberally adapted from the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm

Text adapted by Giuseppe Arena and Fabio Gregorio

Snow White


Snow White Daughter of King Mirabile

King Mirabile (Venerable) Sovereign of the land without Time

Queen Aurora Snow White’s mother, King Mirabile’s consort

Altea the Witch Diabolical sorceress, second wife of King Mirabile

Wizard Orion Wizard at the court of King Mirabile

Igor Hunter

Gras and Fuà The Gees of the harmonious pool

Benjamins Small woodland creatures, inhabitants of the Placid Forest

Fuliggine (Blacky/ Sooty) Crow, servant to Altea the Witch

Prince Eliseo Noble from the Happy County, Snow White’s bridegroom

Courtiers, Knights, Ambassadors from the East

The action takes places in a time that once was; in the land without time

Act 1

The castle of Altea the Witch

A quadrangular hall in Renaissance style. Through smoke and luminescence emerges the sinister form of Altea, wicked, dominion-craving witch, envious of others’ fortunes. She is sinisterly attractive, despite her obvious wickedness. Sharp features, long eyelashes, finely painted lips, induce in the spectator an ambiguous mix of fear and admiration. Altea is intent on perfecting her alchemical art, in the service of her criminal designs. A blinding light and dense smoke make the scene disappear.

Quick change of scene: King Mirabile’s Palace

An immense circular hall . The magnificent King Mirabile observes, with bored indifference, the antics of a troop of acrobats and jugglers, who attempt, in vain, to entertain him. The king’s life is an unceasing succession of society events: feasts, shooting parties, chivalric tournaments. The tedious social grind finds its maximum expression in the Palace party .

The wise wizard Orion observes the disconsolate King and exhorts him to transform his lifestyle, encouraging him to get married (Pas de deux). A grand ball is held, attended by the evil Altea . The wizard Orion quickly notices the witch’s wickedness and warns the king to make the right choice for his forthcoming wedding. In the end, with the benefit of this wise advice, King Mirabile takes the decision to marry the beautiful Aurora, and thus make her Queen

Change of scene: Inside King Mirabile’s Palace

Great agitation at court. A new creature animates the life of the palace: Snow White, daughter of King Mirabile and Queen Aurora. Sadly Queen Aurora dies soon after the birth, throwing the king and his court into a state of depression.

Change of scene: The Gardens of King Mirabile’s Palace; a few years later

Snow White grows up happy and carefree, enjoying unforgettable days with her friends in the Palace gardens . The wise wizard Orion exhorts the king to get married again .

Change of scene: The Castle of Altea the Witch

Shrouded in sinister smoke, the malevolent Altea practices her alchemical arts

Change of scene: Inside King Mirabile’s Palace. The Banqueting Hall (Split Scene)

The king has organised a grand ball to find a new wife. The dance is attended by the evil Altea. The king decides that Altea will be his new wife (Pas de deux). He introduces the witch to his daughter Snow White.

Behind the wall of the Banqueting Hall (Split Scene)

Altea asks the mirror on the wall: who is the fairest of them all? (Altea solo). The witch learns that she is no longer the fairest in the land but that Snow White is the new star. The hot-tempered Altea decides to kill Snow White and requests the help of Igor the hunter. Igor must kidnap Snow White and kill her in the Placid Forest.

Change of scene: Placid Forest. Lake Harmony. Backdrop, the Benjamins’ cottage.

Moved by pity, Igor decides to save Snow White by sacrificing a large pig. The heart of the animal will be consigned to Altea, as proof of Snow White’s murder . A frightened Snow White roams the Placid Forest, until, exhausted, she falls into a deep sleep on the shores of Lake Harmony. In the lake, two royal geese, Gras and Fuà, are swimming and playing happily. Amidst leaps and somersaults, they suddenly see Snow White, asleep on the lake shore, and with great caution, move towards the young girl. Awakening, Snow White meets the geese and together they proceed through the forest; until finally they reach the Benjamins’ cottage.

Change of scene: Inside the Benjamins’ cottage

Snow White is inside the Benjamins’ cottage. Dishes, clothes, household furnishings covered in a thick layer of dust, lie chaotically about the house. The girl decides to tidy up the little dwelling before falling, exhausted on the bed. Later that evening the curious Benjamins of Lake Placid return home. Entering the cottage they note, with surprise, the radical changes .

Change of scene: The Castle of Altea the Witch

The sorceress interrogates her mirror on the wall in the time-honoured fashion; the answer is always the same. Snow White is the most beautiful woman in the land

End of Act 1

Act 2

Inside the Benjamins’ cottage

Snow White prepares a sumptuous feast. The clumsy, scruffy Benjamins are instructed by Snow White to attire themselves in a manner suitable to respectable cohabitation

Change of scene: The Castle of Altea the Witch

Hearing the mirror repeats the painful truth, Altea becomes ever more furious. She decides to send the awkward crow Fuliggine (Blacky) to find the hated Snow White.

Change of scene: Placid Forest. Lake Harmony.

Fuliggine (Blacky) flies about the forest, until he discovers the beautiful Snow White. The girl and the crow see each other, and, like satellites, stage a swirling dance ( Pas de deux).

Change of scene: The Castle of Altea the Witch

Fuliggine (Blacky) returns to the castle and reports to the witch all that he has seen. Altea endeavours to prepare a terrible magic potion .

Change of scene: Placid Forest. Lake Harmony. Backdrop, the Benjamins’ cottage.

Altea the witch, disguised as a genial peddlar, visits the house of the Benjamins. Seeing Snow White she invites the girl to buy some laces for her corset. The unknowing Snow White accepts the laces, and, while the witch helps her into her corset, the two friendly geese Gras and Fuà, perceiving the imminent danger, flatten the evil sorceress

Change of scene: The Castle of Altea the Witch. Benjamins’ cottage. (Split Scene)

While Snow White gets on with her domestic chores, the evil witch in her castle interrogates the mirror on the wall. Once more the mirror repeats the painful truth. Outraged, the witch, having reprimanded Fuliggine (Blacky) for his ineptitude, exhorts him succeed in his forthcoming mission. He must return to Snow White and deliver a poisoned comb

Change of scene: Placid Forest. Lake Harmony. Backdrop, the Benjamins’ cottage.

The careless crow arrives at his destination, but fails in his mission, on account of the readiness of the quick-witted geese, Gras and Fuà. Fuliggine (Blacky) beats a mournful retreat

Change of scene: The Castle of Altea the Witch

Fuliggine (Blacky) reports back to Altea, who reacts furiously to the tale of the crow (Pas de deux). The sorceress decides on yet another evil plan. She asks Fuliggine (Blacky) to deliver a bewitched apple to Snow White, but the crow refuses and flies away

Change of scene: Another part of the Castle of Altea the Witch

The diabolical sorceress disguises herself as a gypsy, in order to carry out the new plan

Change of scene: Placid Forest. Lake Harmony. Backdrop, the Benjamins’ cottage.

Clad in her gypsy apparel the necromancer tries to gain the trust of the ingenuous girl. The girl’s appearance suddenly changes and she falls lifeless to the floor. All attempts, by the geese and the Benjmins, to reanimate the girl, are futile. In stupefied sadness, they decide at last to lay her in a glass case. The creatures of the Placid Forest pay homage to Snow White . In the meantime, a procession of knights arrives from the Happy County, vassals of Prince Eliseo riding their fine steeds through the forest. They happen upon the scene described above and enthusiastically admire Snow White, lying in her glassy coffin. With great swiftness the knights gallop back to the Palace to relate to the Prince all that they had seen .

Change of scene: Prince Eliseo’s Palace

A grand oval hall, finely decorated with porcelain and stucco. In the centre, on his majestic throne, sits Prince Eliseo. Absorbed by the beauty around him, in an almost hypnotic state, he throws himself into a solitary dance. The royal days are boring in the extreme, punctuated by society events. These endless parties accompany Eliseo’s existence, and this evening’s is no exception . People rush from the Far East, bringing gifts and servants .
The party proceeds, with dances and games, when suddenly the prince’s vassals arrive and tell the Prince about they have seen in the Placid Forest. Hastily, Eliseo leaves the party. Finally a break from the endless tedium

Change of scene: Placid Forest. Lake Harmony. Backdrop, the Benjamins’ cottage.

The royal procession wonders the forest in search of Snow White . Finally they see the young girl’s coffin. Eliseo, moved, observes her beauty, and orders his knights to take the coffin to the palace . The Benjamins attempt to stop the procession, starting a comical fight, which results in the uncovering of the coffin. Snow White rolls on to the ground, and the shock frees the piece of apple, blocked in her windpipe, and bringing an end to the witchcraft. Snow White reawakens . Eliseo and Snow White are consumed by the most powerful magic potion of all: Love (Pas de deux. )

Change of scene: Inside King Mirabile’s Palace. The Banqueting Hall (Split Scene)

Grand Ball at the Palace in honour of Eliseo and Snow White . Their imminent marriage is announced. The dance is attended by the evil Altea, unmasked at last, and constrained to dance. A strange magic prevents Altea from stopping her dance, which becomes ever more vertiginous. The sorceress falls lifeless to the floor; Snow White’s nightmare truly over . The dances can begin again for all, without fear of anything

King Mirabile’s Palace: the Grand Hall

The marriage of Eliseo and Snow White is celebrated . Happiness pervades the streets of the Land without Time. The two young lovers kiss with passion. A cloud of blue smoke envelopes the entire scene, and the sumptuous palace and the two newlyweds disappear from public view.

The End

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