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"I'm stunned!.. This ebook is an aggregation of some
of the most powerful marketing techniques being
used on the Internet today not just by myself but
other Internet Marketing Experts as well! Everything
contained in this manual is enough to help anyone
earn thousands per month on the internet. It's just
up to you to do it. Highly recommended!"
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Achieving Lift Off!!
"Discover The Fast Road To Starting and
Succeeding With An Online Business... The

Yours for only $27 - Plus you get the complete
rights to sell this great product and keep 100% of
the profits... along with 19 other bonus downloads
that also come with full resale and give way

Hi Allan, First of all, I'd like to say Congratulations on
your remarkable eBook "Achieving Lift Off!"

Seldom have I been so impressed with a product.
This is definitely "top shelf" material. The content,
the easy navigation and the way you present it is
truly the best that I have seen. The practical
information can be put to use even by a complete

The innovative idea of having the bonus ebooks
downloadable from the ebook itself elimates the
tedious time consuming task of uploading them
individually. I have no doubts that your ebook will
sell like wildfire. I would highly recommend this
product to anyone who is truly serious about
building a profitable business on the Internet. Good
Carla Lacchese - https://www.tradebit.com

We cover such topics as:

How To Make Your Own Ebooks
Take The Short-Cut To Success With Reprint Rights
Maximise Your Profits From Affiliate Programs
How To Create Your Own Website
Two Horror Stories About Webhosting and How
You Can Avoid Them
Discover How Easy It Is To Have A Third Party
Merchant Account
You Must Use Pay Per Click Search Engines
You Must Build An Email List and Follow Up Your
You Must Have Good Customer Service
Free Traffic Generators To Get You Started
How To Learn More About Internet Marketing
Action Plan If You Are Completely New
Action Plan For The More Experienced
We Present a Summary of All The Expert Advice
We Reveal the Best Multi Level Marketing Programs
We discuss the main problems faced by business
owners today...
I'm Not Getting Enough Traffic
I Don't Have My Own Product
I Don't Have Enough Time
I'm Suffering From Information Overload
How Do I Determine The Right Pricing Strategies?
I Need Funding
How Do I Find A Solid Income Producer?
Where Can I Get Best Value For My Marketing
I Lack Marketing Ability

I just finished reviewing your ebook and I have to
say that I was highly impressed. Your ebook is
loaded with valuable information that will assist
anyone interested in developing their own Internet
business. Your writing is crisp and clear and
written in an everyday language that everyone can
understand. Congratulations on a job well done!
Shelley Lowery - Ebook Starter

Plus Discover How Some Of The Biggest Names
On The Internet Got Started and Sit Up And Take
Notice Of The Advice They Give For Those Who
Are Now Starting An Online Business...
Such names as:

Declan Dunn
Milana Nastetskaya
Brian Garvin
Shelley Lowry
Allan Wilson
Can you imagine jumping on the phone and asking
just one of these expert marketers for their much
valued advice?

Wouldn't you be thrilled to receive their answers?

Well I have asked them for you and have recorded
their enlightening insite for your benefit. You can be
inspired by how others have done it and you can
be encouraged to take the most important step to
online success - getting started!

The advice you will receive from these people
is worth 10 times the price of this book.

Here are just some of the quotes you will find in the
book. Of course you will have to buy the book to
discover the missing vital ingredients.

Your MAIN and ONLY objective should be to _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ soon as possible.
Brian Garvin

You can advertise until you're blue in the face, but
the real, long-term income will come from _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _
Brian Garvin

Remember that any good business depends on _ _
_ _ _ _
Declan Dunn

If you have a product, make sure you have _ _ _ _
_ _ that helps you really profit.
Declan Dunn

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ my sales took off immediately after I
Milana Nastetskaya

The true secret to creating a successful Internet
business, is _ _ _ _ _ _
Shelley Lowry

Wow! The valuable information you will receive
from the above successful entrepreneur's is just
pure magic!

And speaking of magic, in this section of our ebook
you will be able to download the following ebook
absolutely free...

Free Bonus Download #1. GURU MAGIC! Super
Tips From the World's Top Internet Marketing
Experts V1.0

35 of the Internet's top Internet Marketing experts
share their success secrets!

Experts include:
Dale Armin Miller
Dan Janal
Darren Roberts
Declan Dunn
Derek Gehl
Jay Conrad Levinson
Jeffrey Lant
Jim Daniels
Jimmy D Brown
Joe Robson
Jonathan Mizel
Kevin Donlin
Kunle Olomofe
Lee Benson
Marc & Terry Goldman
Marty Foley
Michael Campbell
Ralph Wilson
Rick Beneteau
Wes Blaylock
Brent Winters
David Garfinkel
Eva Almeida
J.F. (Jim) Straw
Joe Vitale
Robin Nobles
Scott Covert
Shelley Lowery
William Bontrager
Lesley Fountain
Rob Frankel
Ruth Townsend
Sunil Tanna
Sydney Johnston
Wayne Yeager

Plus Throughout Our Training Course You Will Find
Links To Over $258.58 Worth Of Free Bonus
Downloads With Full Resale Rights!

In our very first chapter you will find downloads to
the following ebooks:

Free Bonus Download #2. How to use Activ Ebook

We do more then just tell you how to make an
ebook we have included this step by step easy to
follow picture guide which shows you exactly how
to make your own ebook using Activ Ebook
Compiler. You can download the software for a
free trial and strat creating ebooks immediately.

Free Bonus Download #3. Professional Ebook
Cover Creation Tutorial

Tom Dahne's ebook cover creation tutorial
software is excellent. He basically takes you by the
hand and guides you step by step through every
stage of creating your very own professional
ebook covers. Most professional ebook cover
creator's are charging upwards of $99.00 per
ebook cover. Now you can make thousands of
ebook covers if you want to for less then a third of
the price people are paying for one.

Free Bonus Download #4. Ebook Cover Templates

More than 120 eBook cover and Software box
templates ready for you to add wording and
graphics. Now you can create images for your
information products in just minutes. Use the
images for your self or sell them to the others, even
just to sell the Templates. Whatever you choose to
do. You keep every cent you make.

Free Bonus Download #5. Internet Profits The

"You too can create your own unique product in no
time flat and then sell it like crazy from a simple
single page web site"...It's time to discover the
secret to building a profitable online business The
Quick Way

Free Bonus Download #6. Self Publish At The
Speed Of Thought

Learn how to self-publish your thoughts and your
eBooks with the best selling eBook author and self-
publisher. This eBook will walk you step by step
through writing your first eBook and then present
free resources and marketing plans that will allow
you to market your eBooks using the same free
resources that helped the author publish 3 eBook
bestsellers and two print on demand best selling
title at https://www.tradebit.com

Free Bonus Download #7. A Cheap & Easy Guide
To Self Publishing Ebooks

This eBook is a complete guide that teaches step
by step instruction on how to publish your eBooks.
It includes where to find the most up-to date
marketing information, how to sell eBooks
without "talking and selling" anyone. This eBook
includes many marketing techniques that require no
marketing budget. It also teaches you how to
negotiate eBook publishing contracts from your
computer at home.

Free Bonus Download #8. Your Ebook Daily
Marketing Plan

This is a detailed daily eBook Marketing Plan
designed for a period of four weeks to help you to
market your eBooks on-line. Perform just 3
marketing activities per day and you will begin to
see the best possible results within 60 days or

Free Bonus Download #9. Millenium Info

Millennium Info Reports software eBooks have
hundreds of reprintable in-depth reports! Many
subjects are covered in 4 different eBooks!Over
8MB packed full of content you can use for new
eBooks, websites, newsletters, and more! Cut &

Free Bonus Download #10. Create And Publish

You can make gobs of money from home or work
creating and publishing your own info products.
How to create your own product within 24 hours
and profit from it for life. Automate your entire info
business while you hang out at the beach. Have
more time with family. Make more money in one day
than most people make working all week long.

Free Bonus Download #11. Dynamic Ebook Design

Ebook design is an important issue that is often
over looked. You know how to write it, you know
how to promote it. Do you know how to design it?

Free Bonus Download #12. Creative Product

If you have been on the Internet for very long- you
have probably figured out that you need to create
your own product to sell. If you wish to succeed
on the Internet you must be the prime source of the
products you sell!

Free Bonus Download #13. Forty Two Ready to
Compile eBooks

Your reprint license provides phenomenal potential.
Here are just some of the topics you can build
upon...What websites will pay you good money for
recommending customers. Get Paid To Watch
https://www.tradebit.comrt a business with your computer. Start to
turn your 'spare time' into cash! Make your fortune
by self-publishing your own books, manuals,
reports, or newsletters. Make Millions from Mail
Order. .Direct marketing can make you money. .Find
out more quick and easy ways to make money from
home? Unusual and effective ideas. And lots

Free Bonus Download #14. Fifty Five Ebook
Marketing Ideas

Written by Monique Harris who is a leader in the
ebook publishing industry. She has compiled a list
of marketing resources that you can start using
IMMEDIATELY to increase your e-book sales.

Free Bonus Download #15. Ebook Submitter

A wonderful resource for all ebook author's, in this
book you will find all of the major ebook stores and
publishers who will accept submissions for your

All of these bonus downloads are found just in the
first chapter of out Fast Road To Starting Your
Online Business Training Course!

I sell the above books as a stand alone package for
$34.95 (more then the price of this book) - yet you
get them completely free when you purchase the
Achieving Lift Off!! ebook. Not only that but you will
also get a copy of the same web page complete
with ebook cover graphics and discriptions so that
you can start reselling them immediately...

But wait it get's better...

In our "How To Create A Website" chapter not only
do we show you a brilliant free resource for
learning HTML we have also included the following
bonus download...

Free Bonus Download #16. The Complete Guide to
Building Your Own Website

A Fully Interactive Training Workshop for any one
who wants to build a web site. It is not just a book
to read. We have used the great qualities of the
Internet to allow you to partake in practical
exercises. This means that you will be learning
many of the skills and terminology necessary to get
your site built and loaded ready for the world to
view. We teach you the different aspects of the
web page design, such as backgrounds, formats,
graphics, tables and much more.

And in our "Discover How Easy It Is To Have A
Third Party Merchant Account" Chapter you get
another free bonus download...

Free Bonus Download #17. Working with ClickBank

This eBook is written by one of the Top Sellers at
ClickBank, Tom Hua. You will find foolproof step-by-
step instructions on how to set up everything you
need to work with ClickBank.

It is very helpful for anyone who wants to use
ClickBank to accept credit payments on line. This
can be you, your customers or your web site

And as unbelievable as it may seem we have yet
another free bonus ebook download from our "You
Must Build An Email List and Follow Up Your
Contacts" Chapter...

Free Bonus Download #18. How To Use

A question I am constantly asked is How do you
set up and use an Autoresponder? Well this book
does more then answer that question it takes you
on a step by step guided tour of how to use in my
opinion the best online Autoresponder service
currently available - namely BambooBizOnline.

And last but certainly not least in our "You Must
Use Pay Per Click Search Engines" Chapter you will

Free Bonus Download #19. Pay Per Click

Discover how to turn a $100 Bill into over TEN
THOUSAND Visitors to my Site, and How You Can
Too ... Guaranteed! Comes with complete set of
marketing tools, including web page and banners.

WOW! It just doesn't come any better then that...

You see the hardest part about space travel is
getting the rocket off the ground and out of the
earth's gravitational pull. So it is with your Internet
business. The hardest part is getting started!

Well no more excuses folks...

Surely when you are equipped with all of the
above information and products that you can resell
you can accomplish the hardest part of an Internet
business. Achieving Lift Off!!

But wait...

I Have Provided TWO Ways You
Can Make Money From Just This One Ebook

Unique Money Making Twist #1...

Reprint Rights To This Ebook

Reprint rights, resale rights, resell rights - whatever
you like to call it, when you purchase this ebook
you get complete royalty free resale rights.

So not only will you be able to reap the rewards
from all of the knowledge you will gain from the
Achieving Lift Off!! ebook you also get to resell this
exact same ebook package and keep 100% of the

Unique Money Making Twist #2...

Over $258.58 Worth of Bonus Ebook Downloads
That Also Have Complete Resell Rights

Think about this - Not only will you have access to
our ebook and reprint rights to it as well. You will
also have complete resell or give away rights to 19
other ebooks.

This gives you the opportunity to sell this ebook and
package as they are PLUS sell the other bonus
ebook downloads as a separate package as well.

So you can by-pass all the hassle of researching,
writing and creating your own product and within
minutes you can have this exact same ebook
package to sell and keep 100% of the profits...

100% Money back Guarantee

We only want happy customers. I am extremely
confident that this book and the associated
products will more then meet your needs.
However, I know we all have different tastes, so if
for any reason you are not satisfied with this
product we offer a full No Questions Asked 12
month money back guarantee.

Click Here to Order Now

For Just $27

Royalty Free Reprint Rights Included

PS. The advice you will receive in this book from
the above Internet experts is worth far more than
any monetary value however on top of that you
receive The Fast Road To Starting An Online
Business Training Course and over $258.58 worth
of ebooks with full resell rights.

Email: your-email-address

Copyright Allan Wilson 2001. All Rights Reserved.

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