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Phoenix Piracy Shield - Digital Piracy Eraser

From: Justin Richards
Date: 05-7-2006
Re: Own Complete Private Label Master Resell Rights and full source code to the Phoenix Piracy Shield System.

Dear Friend, Hi my name is Justin Richards. I know that you are busy individual but I would like to thank you for taking your time to review this offer. Trust me, it is a fascinating offer you will find irresistible, because it is not a "Fear Factor" dish I will be putting on the table, but just a darn, HARD TO BELIEVE good bargain.

You and I know that one of the ways to succeed in your Online Business is to have your own products to sell. Yes that is true but what if you also were providing a service to allow not only yourself but others to protect their e-products from being illegally distributed or stolen? Wouldn't creating a monthly residual income be nice? Let me tell you a little bit about the Phoenix Piracy Shield system below:

Attention: Only 100 Copies Remaining! Current Price Is $197.00


Due to the huge value of this system we are putting a cap to only sell 100 copies.

This keeps the value of this product high in demand.

Something you all need to know considering the EXTREME VALUE in this package

the price will be increasing every so many sells

as the numbers in quantity become less the more valuable this system will become.

The price scheme is shown below

The First Orders 1-25 will be only $197.00

26-50 Will be $247.00

51-100 will be $397.00


Finally... You Can Easily Protect All Of Your E-book's and software products even pdf's with Phoenix Piracy Shield. Not only can you use this wonderful tool yourself but you can set up a full READY TO RUN BUSINESS by using this set of software tools. Everything is run on your own server and you can sell memberships to allow others to protect their products so not only are you benefiting from protecting your e-products from pirates and from being illegally distributed you are also making money off this system at the same time. YOU WILL HAVE FULL UNRESTRICTED private label RIGHTS TO THIS SOFTWARE PROTECTION SYSTEM


You Can Even Resell The Private Label Rights, Lease Licenses for others to use the Phoenix Piracy Shield system and or you host it for them, sell non private label rights to this software protection system - The Possibilities Are Virtually Unlimited!

You also get 2 already integrated templates to choose from

Click Here To See A Demo Of This System That is using Template 1

Click Here To See A Demo Of This System That Is Using Template 2


Phoenix Piracy Shield lets you track every single license for your digital products and terminate any one you choose with a single click, all from a simple web-based interface!

You have a product that you sell on the Internet. Perhaps it's an e-book, or maybe its a piece of software. As long as it's downloadable, people can give it away.

To tell you the honest truth (sorry to burst your bubble), it really doesn't matter how well you protect your "download page!" The real theft starts occurring when people start downloading your product legitimately, and then giving it away to their friends and family.

Let's cut right to the chase. You need a solution that lets you do ALL of the following (integrating seamlessly with your existing setup, of course)...

Monitor everything that's going on with your product's usage - You deserve to know exactly how many different people have used your product today. And more importantly, you deserve to know how many of them actually paid, and if they didn't pay, where they got the copy from. Using advanced IP-tracking technology, this is now possible.

Suspend licenses that spread - Suppose you discover that someone did give your product out to several people illegally. Now what? You need to be able to log in and deactivate specifically those people's versions of your product, and ask them to pay before they can use it again.

Revoke the privilege to run your program when someone asks for a refund - One of the biggest problems with digital product delivery is that if someone asks for a refund, they still have access to your product. NOT ANY MORE! With Phoenix Piracy Shield, you can instantly disable someone's access to your product if they ask for a refund.

Charge a monthly fee for your product - Would you like to charge a monthly fee for your product? You can set your licenses to expire after a certain number of days, and require payment to renew them. If the payment isn't made, your product will simply stop running!

Integrates seamlessly in minutes with your web page Phoenix Piracy Shield will take no more than 10 minutes to integrate with your web page. It requires NO scripting, NO programming experience, and NO learning curve. I've set up the tools so you just click and go.

Automatically collects identification info - Immediately after a sale, the purchaser's name and email is recorded and matched with a license number, so that you can contact them if there is any need to suspend the license! License codes are also automatically generated and emailed to your customers!

Can lock ANY software or e-book - Simply download our one-click locking tool and you'll be able to add our tracking and locking system to ANY already-existing file (EXE, PDF, etc). You won't have to worry about any programming. Instantly, you'll be able to track the usage of that file, require a valid license code before it can be run, and disable specific copies if you discover they're pirated!

Industrial strength security Phoenix Piracy Shield doesn't fall prey to the most common methods of hacking digital product security. Among others, it does not save a temporary copy of your product unprotected in the TEMP folder.

Is INCREDIBLY easy to use - Just click a few buttons and you're in business. And just to make double-sure that you get everything up and running properly, we give you a detailed step-by-step walkthrough the second you sign up. We'll also offer you email support at any time that you need it.

So, how exactly does Phoenix Piracy Shield work?
I know you're curious as to exactly how the Phoenix Piracy Shield system works.

You will be given a program that will modify ANY existing file (software or e-books, EXE, PDF, etc.) to require a valid Phoenix Piracy Shield license before running. You will then distribute the locked version.

Next, you will configure your web site to redirect successful purchasers to a special coded URL on Phoenix Piracy Shield that we give you.

Immediately after purchase, customers will be asked for their name and email address and then automatically provided with a "license code" that they can use to unlock their product.

Customers who purchase and download your program will be required to enter a valid license code before accessing the software or e-book (you locked the file earlier). They will only have to enter this once.

You can log in and check the usage statistics for all of your products' licenses (you can have unlimited products and licenses with one account).

If at any time you notice too many unique IPs for one license or a customer asks for a refund, you can immediately de-activate that copy of the program from remote with a single click!

You'll have everything set up within 10 minutes...GUARANTEED! Free setup is included for all members if you need help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it really work? How can I de-activate copies of my software and e-books from remote?

A: Yes! It really works! You'll run a special "locking" program on your software and e-books that will ensure that they can't be opened without first validating their license code with our server. As soon as you de-activate a license through our panel, the product will stop running.

So, someone buys my product, gets an unlock code, and unlocks it. Then they give the software and the code to their friend. How does Phoenix Piracy Shield prevent this?

A: Simple. Phoenix Piracy Shield does not actually prevent other people from unlocking the product. Instead, it simply lets you log in and check the statistics. If too many people (measured by unique IPs) are using the product, then you can terminate that code (therefore everyone using the "pirated" code will no longer have access). This allows you to have full control, and terminate licenses that YOU believe are violating your terms.

Q: What if the user is offline or cannot access the license servers? Does that mean the program won't run?

A: The program will need to validate with the license servers the first time it is run. After that, if the user is offline or can't access the Phoenix Piracy Shield servers, the product will still run. If you de-activate the product for that user, the next time the user is online and runs the program it will be de-activated. Once the program has been de-activated, even if the user is offline or can't access the servers, the product is still not accessible.

Q: I can see that I'll be able to set things up pretty easily, but how about my customers? How easy will it be for them to install and run my program once it's locked?

A: It will be extremely easy. Customers will simply see one small box requesting a license code before your program runs . Once the number is entered once, it will be saved and will never have to be entered again (unless, of course, you de-activate it, in which case a new number would be requested).

Q: How many products can I lock with one Phoenix Piracy Shield account?

A: You can lock as many as you want (unlimited) with just one account!

Q: What platforms/operating systems does Phoenix Piracy Shield work on?

A: Currently, Phoenix Piracy Shield only works on PC's running Microsoft Windows.

(Tested on win XP, win 2000, win 98.)

Is This "Easier Said Than Done".

No, Phoenix Piracy Shield Comes with a full install script and a full set of instructions (with pictures) that will help have your site up and running within 15-20 minutes after you purchase and unzip the files and upload them to your webserver. Everything is done by the install script.

This script is written in PHP/MYSQL

The PhoenixPiracyShield.exe (which is the locking application that interacts with your webserver) is also created during setup RIGHT IN REAL TIME on your server so no manually editing codes.

Still not enough??? Well, I have something else to throw into the offer if you take advantage of it RIGHT NOW.

Special Bonus:
Claim 5 Products of your Choice and have them Rebranded To Your Company Name from https://www.tradebit.com


Nooo, it's *strictly* not some crappy bonus https://www.tradebit.com provides only Commercial top quality software products.

instead of me picking out 5 random products for you from https://www.tradebit.com, to make this offer soooo much more valuable I'm letting you have the liberty to pick and choose any combination of of 5 software products and have them Private Labeled For you FREE OF CHARGE from https://www.tradebit.com

With these bonus incentives, you can complement your Private Label Rights investment, improve your existing business, or do anyhow you like!

Check out the https://www.tradebit.com's Massive Software Catalog by Clicking Here to see what I mean by this being such a valuable offer. (Clicking on this link will open in a new window)

In a nutshell, I can confidently say that my Private Label Rights offer is one of the **BEST** there is in the Internet marketplace.

Okay, Justin, I'm Sold! So, How Much Is It?

Let me fetch my calculator and show you how much you are actually getting in value from my entire offer:

Professionally Written, Persuasive Sales Letter already integrated into a smart template system for easy editing.



2 different templates to choose from.


Full Unencrypted Source code to the Phoenix Piracy Shield system (PHP/MYSQL)



Gosh... a $4,000.00 value offer! and a TRUE unique online business On the other hand, I would also like to think that THIS is the amount of money you would have definitely saved if not more from having to engage a team of professionals to produce this same kind of quality system.

Now in case you haven't guessed it yet, Noo... this offer is not priced at $4,000.00 though it IS valued at that price after a series of mental turmoil, struggle between keeping all this powerful system to myself and releasing the offer to you all to subscribe to a monthly membership just to use the service, I have finally decided to release the full unencrypted source code and private label rights to Phoenix Piracy Shield...

Yep, you can now easily take advantage of this offer for only

the current price of $197.00

Professional Pre-written sales copy,

Professionally-done templates (2 already integrated templates to choose from)

Professional Customizable graphics and the 2 templates in Photoshop format

Not to mention, im going to throw in some Bonus Incentives from https://www.tradebit.com which you can easily pick and choose from any 5 products they have to offer from the software catalog https://www.tradebit.com (keep in mind you will get all 5 titles you choose custom branded with your company name and links no where will https://www.tradebit.com appear so it will look like you actually are the creator of the software's.)

The important thing, though, is that you can finally acquire a string of Online Businesses and products which you can call your own without having to spend weeks, months, and thousands. And you can get all these even though you are on a "shoe-string" budget.

You've read up this far, and I reckon you are enthusiastic about this offer (you should, it's not just a done-over-the-night offer). But here's an incentive for you to take advantage of my offer, right here, right now, because:

*Important!* Only 100 Copies Will Be Sold!

Because I am giving out a "crazy, out-of-my-mind" offer here at a "crazy, out-of-my-mind" low price, I am still sane enough to release this offer only to the first 100 customers who purchase this offer from me a "First Come, First Serve" basis.

I would want very much of these first 100 people who grab my offer to enjoy the rewards of acting fast and filling the niche.

Are you going to be one of them?

"Attention: Only 100 Copies Remaining! Current Price Is $197.00"

If you are truly serious about taking advantage of this offer, given that you can now skip weeks and months of product creation chores and save thousands of dollars in the process, I urge that you scroll down to the Order Form right below, while this offer is still made available to you.

It doesn't matter what time it is on your side, because the delivery process is automated - you can get your entire Phoenix Piracy Shield package one page away from here as soon as you make your payment via the Credit Card Secure Server.

So make your order now, before the copies get sold out!

Attention: Only 100 Copies Remaining! Current Price Is $197.00

Yes, Justin! I want to take advantage of your Private Label Rights Full Source Code offer to the Phoenix Piracy Shield system

Warm Regards,

Justin Richards

P.S. I urge you not to procrastinate for too long, because as you delay, thousands of my other potential customers are reading this letter, just as you are reading this right now. Get your hands on this totally awesome offer right now before the 100th package gets sold out. Only God knows when is the next time you get to save yourself lots of time, effort, money, and pain if you ever miss this one!

P.P.P.P.S. Why are you still reading? I would love to tell you more on what good an offer you are looking at right but trust me, you will love it better when your order right now.
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