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MP3 Caiseal Mr - Divine Passion- Rain Water

Music for meditation, creative trance and lucid dreaming.

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NEW AGE: Meditation, NEW AGE: Ambient

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This meditation album is unlike any others you may have encountered in the past. This music has been created to open doorways to the Otherworld of your imagination- which I call the Far Country. Nomad and Rain Water may be listened to as passive background music while you meditate or go about your daily tasks. But, if you allow it, these tracks can also take your imagination on a magical journey.
I call this journey of the imagination a Creative Trance. It’s the state I enter when I’m writing a novel or composing a piece of music- or when I’m lucidly dreaming. Our culture values the passive acceptance of controlled images, music and stories. We’ve all experienced Passive Trance while watching television for example. I consider Passive Trance to be the antithesis of Creative Trance. While Passive Trance may be pleasant and entertaining, it generally requires little or no involvement on the part of the audience. In my view habitual indulgence in Passive Trance leads to a dulling down of the senses, narrowed perception, dependence and helplessness. These are the same words used to describe any addictive substance.
Our species is still roaming the Earth because we have been able to adapt to new situations. When you think of that way, the imagination isn’t just the background noise in our brains- as scientists would have us believe. It’s a powerful and potent survival tool that has come up with some amazing solutions to the problems of existence. Our ancestors didn’t learn to cultivate crops. They imagined a way to solve the problem of food shortages during a period of extreme climate change. Humans didn’t die out during the last four ice ages- they adapted to the changes.
Today, in traditional societies where the people live close to forest, river and sky there are elders who have the responsibility for dreaming and imagining solutions to problems. They are musicians, artists, healers and spirit-people. They are greatly respected because they cultivate the gift of the imagination. I believe that what our culture desperately needs right now is a lot more imagination.

To fully appreciate Nomad and Rain Water and allow your imagination to roam free you’ll need to do some preparation. It’s best if you arrange a place and time where you will not be disturbed. In a darkened room there won’t be any visual distractions. The whole point of this meditation is to exercise the Inner Eye of the imagination. The Outer Eyes will interfere with this. I burn incense while I’m in Creative Trance because I’m hyper-sensitive and find that incense or essential oils block out other distracting scents in the same way a blindfold covers the eyes. I suggest Sage or Olibanum ( Frankincense ) essential oils. If you allow your body temperature to fall or rise too sharply during the trance you’ll be distracted. These are long meditations during which your body will need to be safe and comfortable. You don’t want to be distracted by cramps. For beginners, I suggest you begin with Nomad.

Nomad first presented itself to me in a dream. I put it down the next day and started recording the various parts soon after. To me it is, and always will be, pure dream-music that offers a glimpse of the Otherworld. I’ve played it for my trance-drumming students and been surprised at how deeply it affects them- taking them to places in their imaginations that are at once personal and, at the same time, very familiar. Nomad is fifteen minutes long. You shouldn’t experience too much body distraction during that time and you’ll get used to letting the imagination take you.
Rain Water was born from Nomad. However, Rain Water is a much longer and deeper journey. This track may appear at first to be playing at a much lower volume than Nomad. But there are many subtle levels to it. Be patient and let it unfold. A common comment I get about Rain Water is that there seems to be too much happening. If you find this, then you’re listening too hard. This is not television. It’s not pop-music. Let the music lift your imagination up. Relax. Stop trying to work out what’s going on. Enjoy the journey. Every time you enter the world of Rain Water it will probably be a different experience because you’ll notice new aspects and details on each journey. You may feel inspired to sing along with it, tap your foot, dance or compose spontaneous poetry. There are no rules of behaviour in the Far Country.
Some Sufi mystics seek to know God by dancing in an ecstatic trance; sometimes for hours at a time. Rain Water lasts 45 minutes. So beware of your body. There’s nothing worse than returning from a journey to the Far Country to find your legs are numb and you can hardly move.
For more information about me and my work please visit my website at; https://www.tradebit.com

Caiseal Mór
1st of November 2007.
Caiseal’s music has been described as epic, cinematic and spiritually uplifting. He challenges conventions and blends influences with confidence. Caiseal considers himself a musical heretic.

Female vocalist- Swa Ashar

Drums, flute, dulcimer, bells, vocals, composition, programming, mixing and mastering by Caiseal Mór. These tracks were put together on an Apple computer. Samples were created and manipulated using LogicPro 7. The drums played on this album were hand made by Caiseal specifically for these compositions.

© 2007 Caiseal Mór
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