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MP3 Native Mind - Modern Horse Revised II

Country rock that stirs the soul.

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Biography of Gil Peter-Paul
Founder of Native Mind

I am a Mic Mac First Nation Native, raised in Pabineau First Nation. Location, approximately six miles (9.8 km) south of Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada City limits. This is still my home, but I spend a lot of time in New Jersey, USA.

First I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for having me - the last of twenty children. I was born on 3 July, 1950. My Dad died in March of 1971, and my Mom died in November of 1987. May God rest their souls! I always pray for them and my thoughts are with them daily. Including myself, there are three brothers and three sisters surviving.

As for my own immediate family, I have three sons and two daughters. Their ages range from twenty-four through thirty-five years young. I am also a Grandpa with one Grandson and a Granddaughter. Girls! I am also “Single.”

I would like to tell you how I got interested in Music Industry, and how I managed to get all the players together to bring Native Mind to life, so let’s go “Back to the Future” and I will tell you how it all started.

“Oh Well” back in 1962, my sister, Theresa Peter-Paul Halka, gave me my first Guitar. I remember driving everyone crazy, strumming on that Guitar! It was out of tune and I didn’t know any Chords or Notes. It was insane!

My school buddy, Benson Good, taught me a few Chords, like D-A7-G.

He also taught me to tune the Guitar by ear to 440. I was impressed and so was everyone else who was forced to hear my Guitar playing from the beginning.

I teamed up with my other school buddy, Edmond David, who played the Guitar better than me. He taught me a few more chords, like C-F-G7, and we were able to play songs together. I thought that we were just the greatest since baked bread! We never played as an organized band - just jam sessions.

My Guitar playing improved a lot as time moved on. Then the Beatles arrived. I bought every 45 RPM record and chord book in sight and I learned their songs. I would play in sequence to their music over and over again. I guess they were my greatest inspiration.

Somewhere around that time, in the Sixties, I changed schools and met a new friend, Richard Christie. He was into playing the Drums. We didn’t have enough money between both of us to buy a Drum Set. Therefore, I got this big box and put a book on the top, a few Pots and Pans for Cymbals and Wall-ah! We were in business!

He would visit me on the Summer Weekends and we would play songs from the Ventures, “Walk Don’t Run,” “Apache,” and mostly The Beatle tunes.

We both couldn’t sing a note and besides, we were too shy to sing anyway.

We enjoyed just playing music together and it was a big deal to us

I remember Richard called me on the telephone and was so excited about a dream he had.

He told me we were playing the big time. He wouldn’t tell me the name of our band on the telephone. He made me wait until he peddled his bike six miles to my house. Now he had me trying to guess what the group name was.

After twenty minutes or so he said, “The Rolling Clouds.” I liked the name, but I knew that it wouldn’t happen.

I was offered a seasonal job in the USA five months a year. I accepted the job and I worked spring and fall.

I got to work in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. I enjoyed my job in the Nursery Trade (Trees/Shrubs) and I was good at it.

Well that almost ended my musical career. The 60’s and 70’s came and went, and so did my first wife.

In the eighties I promoted a Rock Band on a Canadian Maritime Tour. It was a total disaster. I will not name the Band! However, the lead singer went on to win an Oscar in the late eighties. I guess the timing wasn’t right. This Failed Rock Tour Event will inspire me too write my first book, and it will be about the little guy trying to make it to the big time.

Alcohol almost got the best of me in the eighties. I eventually won in the long run.

Throughout my bar and nightclub days I managed to meet and become friends with “Shadow.” She worked in a bar and we would pal around. I never respected a woman so highly, and I was so overwhelmed with her singing talent, I became her groupie.

“Shadow” introduced me to Glen Burtnik, whom she grew up with. I would always try to catch his act in the New Jersey local clubs whenever I could.

Burtnik, got to play “Paul McCartney” in the west coast version of Beatlemania for many years. After that, he joined the band “STYX.”

In the late eighties, I sponsored a few beauty pageants and was very successful with three winners. I must say, it was a good experience for me.

The eighties were nearly to an end, and so was my second marriage. I couldn’t wait to see what was in store for me in the Nineties and the turn of the Century.

Although the seventies and eighties were disappointments to me, the nineties started out on a good note. I met “Lucy.”

“Lucy” was the apple of my eye. I thought that I would spend the rest of my life with her. Somewhere, somehow, our love for each other was lost. We still remain friends today, and I always respect her and her opinions.

In the early nineties, I sponsored Miss New Jersey USA, and she won. I was very proud, even though she didn’t win the Nationals. Until this day, I reflect back to that era and I still feel good about my achievements as a sponsor.

In the spring of 1995, I became ill. My blood pressure was 240/160. I thought it was the end. I couldn’t work as hard as I once did and had to cut down – drastically! I worked from a telephone and kept my pace moving along.

I had a lot of time on my hands. I picked up the Guitar again and started to write songs.

I wrote a verse or two in the past, but at that time I never considered myself to be a songwriter, or a good Guitar player.

I remember having a falling out with “Lucy,” and when I got home, picked up my Guitar, and wrote the song, “You and Me.” I just had to express what I was going through. At times I was short on words, but remembering what she told me over the telephone, and what the waitress told me in the diner, I pieced all the words together - and I must say, “Great Song.”

My Song Writing and Guitar Skills started to improve, and I guess that made me have confidence in myself as a Songwriter / Musician.

Later on in the spring of 1995, I got a call from “Shadow” right when I thought the walls were crumbling down around me. She perked me right up and I probably had a few tears in my eyes. We talked for a while and she asked what I was doing. I told her I wrote a few songs and I asked her if she would record them for me. She was more than delighted - She was excited!

“Shadow” introduced me to Plinky Giglio, a Record Producer. After he heard the songs, he agreed to produce them. His work inspired me to write more.

Throughout my life, I’ve enjoyed music. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that I would write and play on my own CD! What started out to be a six song demo, ended up a thirteen song CD! Wherever it decides to go, I am in it for the long run.

I wrote lyrics to all the old melodies that were in my mind. They were written about how I saw things, or how things appeared to be in my past.

I wrote about places I’ve been to, love, betrayal, relationships, happiness, sadness, mischievous friends, and beauty.

Plinky is Glen Burtnik’s brother-in-law, and I was delighted when he asked if Glen could play on some of the tracks. Burtnik was all for it. He either played Guitar, Harmonica, or Backing Vocals on seven tracks.

We started this project in August of 1995, and in the summer of 1996, we were almost finished mixing the final tracks.

On a trip back home to the Maritime Provinces, a thought occurred to me,

“I need a Canadian Singer, and where am I going to find one?”

When I arrived home in Bathurst, I went to see my sister, Theresa Peter-Paul Halka.

I told her about my CD project, as I always respected her opinions, especially when it came to music, because in her younger years, she used to be a singer in a country band. She listened to the music and liked what she heard.

I asked Theresa if she knew anyone that would want to be a lead singer in my Project.

She told me that her daughter Kristie, has a school friend, Sue Roy, and is a great singer. I made contact with Sue Roy through Kristie, whom I gave a copy of the words and music of the tunes we would be recording. She was to give this to Sue Roy. Sue was interested in the project.

A week later, I got to meet Sue Roy and she sang for me in person. I was speechless for a moment. I made an appointment at Take Two Studios in Bathurst, to record a demo with Sue Roy. After recording the demo, I couldn’t believe my ears. I let my producer, Plinky, hear the demo and he agreed that we should record all the tunes with her.

Sue Roy laid down eight tracks at Gary Morris Studios in Sussex, New Brunswick.

Plinky arranged for a drummer, Alan Dunn, to play on the first seven tracks and I arranged for Dino Guadagno to play on the last six tracks.

I met Dino through “Lucy.” He was married to Lucy’s daughter, Michele, who has turned out to be a great wife and a mother. Dino better count his blessings!

Plink arranged for a Bass Player to do one song, “You and Me,” and he played Bass on the twelve remaining tunes. He also played Hammond Organ, Lead Guitar, and Piano on some of the tracks.

I played Rhythm on all the tracks, and Electric, Lead Guitar on some tracks. My influence was on all the arrangements for this CD, and also, I was the Executive Producer.

When I needed to choose a name for my newly formed Record Label, it came to me rather easily.

I try not to speak of my late friend, Richard Christie, who died in an automobile accident in the seventies. He will be dearly missed! In memory of him and our never forgotten friendship, I used the name, “Rolling Cloud Records Inc.”

Well, some people say that all good things will come to an end. That was so in this part of the journey. Sue Roy quit the project for unknown reasons.

We were now in the Twenty-First Century and I looked at this as a new revised venture, and thought to myself, “The Show Must Go On.”

I searched the clubs in New Jersey and I finally met a male singer, Dan Marrow, whom I recorded a few tunes with. He turned me on to Magic! He introduced me to, believe it or not, Sue Bailey. Not only was her name close, her voice was magic to me.

Bailey is now the lead singer for “Native Mind.” We just finished a twelve-song CD called, “Modern Horse Revised.”

We had great success in 2003 and 2004 with our first single, “Give Me Some Love,” from the CD, “Modern Horse Revised.” We were nominated for a New Music Weekly Award in the category, Country Group/Duo. We won! The Ceremonies were held at the Key Club, Subset Strip Hollywood, California.

In conclusion of my Biography, I would like to mention a few more things of interest:

¯ The name of the Band, Native Mind, was chosen early in the project. My mind was 100% focused in this project, and being of First Nation Native Status with a 100% Blood Line. The Name came easy.

¯ The name of the CD, Modern Horse, came about because of my middle-aged crisis, which occurred when I was forty-five years young. I had to own a Harley Davidson! Also, looking back at my ancestors, when they rode horses in comparison to today’s modern times of my riding a Harley Davidson - My “Modern Horse!”

¯ The name of this new CD, Modern Horse Revised, is because we re-recorded the Modern Horse CD with our new singer, Sue Bailey. We cut some tunes from the original CD and added a few new ones.

I wrote most of the songs with the exception of 3 tunes, that Chuck Kelly helps me write. Selection # 15 was written by; Linda Maillett, and additional lyrics by; Gil Peter-Paul & Chuck Kelly. I co-produced and co-mixed all the tracks with Plinky on the “Modern Horse Revised II” CD, as well as all the Art Work and Inserts.

Native Mind plans to continue making new music in the future as long as you Fans are

“Willing to Listen!” If I caught your interest at least on one of the tunes, I will feel that this CD is a success. There is no better feeling than touching someone’s Heart. Nevertheless, hearing my songs for the first time on the Radio is a wonderful feeling to me.

You can log on to our Website at https://www.tradebit.com or https://www.tradebit.com, or we have a link from the Website at https://www.tradebit.com. After you get on the Rolling Cloud Website, click on Native Mind and you will have access to samples of our Music and a Free Down Load of our song about the Horrible Events that happened on 911, 2001, in New York City. The song title is: “Proud Americans / Hero’s of 9 E-L-E-V-E-N.”

I am not a religious person, however, I do believe in God. He saved me plenty of times. I will pray to God forever.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and the CD is worth listening to. I hope someday that we all meet on the road. Thanks again… And may God Bless!

Yours truly,

Gil Peter-Paul

(AKA; Joseph Gil Peter-Paul)

Email Gilpeterpaul@https://www.tradebit.com
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