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CPA for Newbies Video Tutorial

What Makes CPA Different?

CPA may work a bit
differently than what youre used to. Typically with
affiliate marketing, you put an offer on your
website. The reader then clicks on your ad and buys
something, and you get a commission. The point
is, you dont make any money unless the reader
actually buys something.

The difference with CPA marketing is that
you dont even have to sell anything at all.
Let me repeat. The customer does not have to buy
anything, but they all have to take a specified
action for you to earn a commission.

This means you can make money if all they do is
something as simple as filling in their zip
code, or their email address,or filling out a simple form!

This makes CPA a really great way to make money online
because you dont have to persuade them to spend a
bunch of money. If you can get them to do a
simple action (thats where the Cost Per
Action comes from), you make your money.

After that, someone else takes it from there and does the
heavy lifting Of trying to sell the product to the
reader. But thats another burden off your
shouldersand you dont need to worry about it.

What could be easier than this?
A Word of Warning

Although CPA Marketing is a quick and easy way to make a
TON ofmoney in a short period of time, you dont want to
rush in without being prepared. CPA networks can
spot a newbie a mile away, and some of them will
refuse your application if you dont already
have a solid track record.

Thats why Newbie CPA Profits is essential to
your CPA success. You need to know
whats going on with the application process, how to
increase your chances of being accepted, and most
importantly, what NOTto do in order that you
dont torpedo your chances. After all, it would be
silly to blow such an easy opportunity away by not
doing a little simple and easy preparation.

Why CPA?

Cost Per Action
marketing is red-hot and growing fast because

You dont have to sell anything

You dont need a product

You dont need a landing page

You dont need a list

You dont need to know
anything about PPC, Article Marketing or even SEO

Advertisers are happy to pay you anywhere from $0.50
to $15, $20, $30 or
even more when your traffic takes a specific
action such as filling in a First Name
and Email Address into an opt-in box,
which is totally FREE to do so.

Intrigued and want to know more?



In the Newbie CPA Profits video series,you will discover

-7 content packed videos that will show you step by step
how to make money with CPA Marketing.

Learn CPA Marketing Step By Step

Learning CPA is an
easy task but it has a few tedious
processes when you start it.

Once you get into it,
youll find that its pretty straight forward and
very rewarding.

Now maybe youve
heard some not-so-nice things about CPA
marketing the term Black Hat is often applied
in this area.

Its true that there
are some scammy, devious people who try to scam the
CPA networks with their underhanded tricks. They may
flood a website with hundreds or even thousands of
pages stuffed with keywords typed over and over in
an attempt to fool Google into thinking theres more
content and to rank the page higher.

Or they might use
crappy software to spin a single article into a
dozen variations and submit them to article
directories, or just fill more web pages, basically
spamming the entire Internet with useless content
that makes no sense.

The thing is,
black hat marketers KNOW that they will get caught
eventually they always do. But for some
reason they just dont care. The CPA networks ban
them, and they slink away and pop up somewhere else.

Thats not how
were going to do business.

Newbie CPA Profits
shows you how to build a

long-term sustainable business that will bring
you a good income for years to come -
without the constant worry that youre going to be
banned and lose your entire business.

The CPA networks are actually on your side

they want you to make money, because when you
make money, they make money!

By now youre
probably curious to know exactly what
youll discover and learn in this amazing and
brilliant step by step video course

**Video 1**
- Introduction to CPA Marketing

Learn what CPA is and how it works

Who the players in the CPA game are

How much a typical commission is and what you have to do to get

Different types of CPA offers and how to choose the
right one

How the CPA Networks Work

Why CPA is Win-Win for everybody

Why CPA is easier (and more lucrative) than other types of online
singledisc s CPA For Newbies

**Video 2**
- Introduction to the Best-Known CPA Networks
dvd s CPA For Newbies

There are tons of CPA Networks out there heres how to choose
the good ones and avoid the bad ones

How to choose the CPA Network that best fits you

Some of the best newbie friendly CPA Networks

Getting your application to CPA Networks ready
how to increase your chances of acceptance

Which networks you should join first

**Video 3**
- Increasing Your Application Approval Rate

Step by step tips to ace the CPA network application process

How to get all your ducks in a row before you apply

Selecting and registering a domain name to use for your CPA campaigns

Setting up a professional looking website with little or no money

A look at an actual CPA network application and step-by-step
instructions how to fill it out

How NOT to get banned from a CPA network 8 things you must watch out
for and avoid doing

What the CPA networks are looking for and how they screen the

singledisc s CPA For Newbies

**Video 4**
- CPA Offers dvd s CPA For Newbies

Different types of CPA Offers and how to pick the best ones

Sneaky Black Hat methods that you need to avoid like the plague
if you dont want to land in hot water and get banned from all
the CPA networks

How to promote your CPA offers

Using Social Marketing sites, email, pay-per-click (PPC)
and other common methods of CPA promotion

Tips and Tactics to maximize conversions for your offers to make the most

**Video 5**-
Choosing A Niche and Doing Keyword Research

How to find and choose the easiest and most profitable niches

Decoding some of the secret methods the search engines use

How to test to see if a campaign is profitable before you spend too
much money on AdWords/Pay Per Click

Spying on your competition to see where they are making money
and how to steal their thunder

How to stay away from high searched/low converting keywords

The best keyword research tools and how to effectively use them for big profits
singledisc s CPA For Newbies

**Video 6**
- Getting Your First Website Online Quick and Easy

dvd s CPA For Newbies

Finding and purchasing the
right domain name start to finish

What to do if the domain you want isnt available

A tour of the best places to host your website

Building a clean, professional website even if you have
no graphic design talent or experience

Examples of squeeze pages with the best conversion

Tips and Tactics for more profit

**Video 7**
- Cashing CPA Offers via Ultimate Promotion

How to set up effective CPA promotions

PPC Method X: The right way to harness PPC

The _____ method for boosting returns

Cashing in on offers at minimum expense
singledisc s CPA For Newbies

Each of these videos builds on the previous one giving you
a solid foundation, step by step, so you can
pass the CPA Network application process with flying
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