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Start Selling A High Quality Turnkey Membership Business!!

*Right-Click* & Copy My $16,565.92 Quick-Cash System & Start Pulling In $47 & $97 Payments All Year Round... Selling A High Quality Turn-Key Membership!

RE: A highly lucrative opportunity for savvy marketers!

Selling higher-priced items is how you progress from a 5-figure, to a 6-figure online business. It’s also how you make the jump from 6-figures to 7-figures a year online.
No doubt it doesnt take much to convince people to spend $7 here, $10 there. But when you want to charge higher prices, the quality of your product has to match... even surpass your customer’s expectations.
This is why many beginners fail to make the shift from part-time to full-time online. They simply don’t have the resources, time or skill to develop higher quality products. Sure, you can sell a short report, even re-brand some PLR but your prices are limited by the actual offer itself.

Think about it...

What sells better just off the top of your head... a product telling you how to do something, or a product that’s already done for you?
What will stir up more of a reaction... a report on ‘How to setup a membership site’ or ‘Complete membership site done for you?’.

Do you see where I’m going?
If you want to earn the BIG numbers online you have to raise the bar in the quality of your offers. You need to be stepping away from PDF reports, even videos and start thinking in terms of ‘done for you ready-made packages’.
“4-Figure Pay Days Are Easily Achieved When You Sell High Quality Offers!”

Let me tell you the feeling is exhilarating. When you log into your account and see 4-figure daily profit numbers you start to feel like anything is possible. It almost feels like youve broken the rules of the game and play by a new set of rules!

Heres what I think... YOU have the ability to make as much money as you want. There are no limits. There never was and there never will be. Ive done it and laid out the path for you.
Now it’s your turn to make the leap.

You Can Now *Copy* My System For Guaranteed Income!... Even If You No Idea Of What Youre Selling!

I’m offering you is a complete sales system that will allow you to collect $47, even $97 payments again and again and again.

This is an ever-green product that will never die out. The demand for quality systems like this is HUGE even in the crowded internet marketing niche.

It doesnt matter who you are, what you background is, your skill level, or whether or not you even understand the product you’re selling. The site does ALL the selling for you. All that matters is your visitors understand what the deal is and they land on your page and are ready to buy. You keep your end of the deal by making sure youve placed a payment button on the page and redirect them straight to the product. That’s it!

What many don’t realize is that in any niche you’re in, whether it’s internet marketing or not, it’s not about saturation but about uniqueness and quality. There’s ALWAYS room for a new player and the ones that don’t make it simply leave the stage.

You Are Now An Authorized ‘Turn-Key Membership’ Ultimate Reseller!

You’re now able to rise above the cloud of mediocre marketers and sell a high quality product of your own. I’m giving you permission to ‘right-click’ and copy a sales system that’s working for me so you can reap the profit, look back years from now and smile at the decision you made!

This puts you at the top of the hierarchy, at the top of the food chain where you make the most profit! If you want to do well online - become the person that people need to go to in order to sell to the market.
With this elite license you really cant lose. You have two levels of customers for maximum profit. Sell membership licenses to online marketers, or set up the membership for yourself so you can sell to the end user. It’s a win-win for you either way.
...and all of this without having to do any real hard work!

Here’s what you’re getting...

1. High Performing Proven-To-Sell Sales Letter (Conversions As High As 5.48%)

Writing a sales letter is not for everyone. You have to know your product inside out. You have use marketing language that shows people you know what you’re on about. You have to present the problem, sell the idea, lead into the product, remove all objectives and then finally close the sale.
Once you know that the sales letter converts, you’ve got a winner and you leave it up and running for good. Just send the traffic and let the page work its magic and convert them into sales.

2. Professionally Animated 5-Minute Sales Video (Written Script Included)

There was a time when just sales copy was enough to make sales. Then came the graphics. Then came video. If you want thrive online you need a good quality sales video to maintain high conversions.
You’ll receive a high-quality animated 5-minute MP4 video plus the 1,045 word video script to use as a template to create your own! Outsourcing a video is not cheap. We’ve invested $1200+ to have this video created. Now it’s yours to make sales for you.

3. A Ready-Link Download Page With Instructions For Your Customers

Selling online is not just about making the sale but also keeping the sale as well. The best way of reducing your refund rates is by providing complete instructions on how to setup the product youve just sold. No need to go through the page and manually check every single link. Just upload and use.

4. A Content Packed Affiliate Page With Integrated Emails Swipes And Banners

Wouldnt it be great if you could just setup your product once, let a few quality affiliates know about your product and let them do all the selling for you whilst you keep 25-50% of the sale?

5. 742MB Complete Package For Your Customers (100% Organized)

The product youll be selling comes highly organized so your customers will instinctly know what to do as soon as they download the package. The actual is 742MB and is split into the turn-key site for your customers, the membership content, and the Photoshop PSDs. This is a complete and ready-to-go kit that your customers will love! The proof is in the numbers!

6. A 836-Word Personal-Style Review (To Convince Even The Most Skeptical)

Naturally skeptics will Google your product name to see what others think. Youll be provided with a 836-word unbiased review that you can post on your blog, submit to content directories, host as a landing pre-sell page or even give to your affiliates to rebrand and help make more sales for you.

7. Copy & Paste Swipe Emails For Quick Cash! (No Need To Write A Single Word)

Have you ever bought rights to a product before, or launched your own product spent ages getting everything ready and then only realized that you still need to send out a compelling email to pre-sell your readers?...
It can be a nightmare if youre not good at writing. Even if you are, it can still take a good 15-20 minutes to write a lengthy email that convince your readers to buy. And thats assuming you know what youre writing about and understand the product your selling!

This is why youre provided with all my personally written emails that you can send immediately on day 1 and then follow-up on day 2 or 3 without having to write a single word yourself!
A great time saver, a great headache relief and just more profitable for you!

8. Private Label Rights To Personally-Written 31-Page Report (6,685 words)
(Ideal For Pre-Selling Your Prospects)

In this report I give your reseller customers a full step-by-step plan on how to create their fixed-term membership from start to finish. Towards the end of the report I show them where they can get everything already done for them... This is where the link to your offer will go.

Take a look at the contents of this guide and see how detailed it is...

Why Memberships Are The Way Forward... pg 4
See if you can relate with me for a second... pg 4
Are you still with me?... pg 5
Thats $8,977.50 Left On The Table Because You Didnt Charge A Recurring Fee! pg 6
Why FIXED TERM Memberships Are Better Than On-Going Ones... pg 7
Advantages / Disadvantages?... pg 7
The Basic Tools You Need To Put A Membership Together... pg 8
So What Do I REALLY Need?... pg 8
What Kind Of Membership Should I Put Together And Why?... pg 10
Better still, Ill tell you where should start out - in the internet marketing niche... pg 10
Also what better place to build a membership than in a market youre already involved with?.. pg 10
Another reason why you should start in the internet marketing niche?... pg 11
3 Niche Memberships Within The Internet Marketing Sphere You Could Start... pg 12
Idea #1 - Copywriters Weekly... pg 12
Idea #2 - Product Creation Workshop... pg 13
Idea #3 - Resell Rights Monthly... pg 13
16 Steps To Your First Membership... pg 15
Step #1 - Convince Yourself, Convince Your Members - Start With Your Sales Letter... pg 15
Step #2 - Get A Domain Name (Ideally With Keywords In It!)... pg 16
Step #3 - Plan To Deliver New Content Every Week... pg 17
Step #4 - Have Content Created First For The Next 3, 6, Or 12 Months...pg 17
Step #5 - Make Sure Your Content Is Delivered In A Logical Order... pg 17
Step #6 - Create Seperate Download Pages For Each Lesson... pg 18
Step #7 - Upload And Protect Your Content... pg 18
Step #8 - Create Your Confirmation Email... pg 19
Step #9 - Create Auto-Responder Emails For Each Week... pg 19
Step #10 - Create Your Finish Email... pg 20
Step #11 - Create A New Auto-Responder Sequence... pg 23
Step #12 - Create Your Thank You Page So Buyers Can Get On Your List!... pg 23
Step #13 - Create Your Subscription Payment Button... pg 25
Step #14 - Track Your Traffic!... pg 27
Step #15 - Upload And Test Everything!... pg 27
Step #16 - Start Promoting!... pg 28
Simplify Everything For Me!... pg 30
Make It Even MORE Simpler!... (Must Read)... pg 31

This is not another fluff-filled report outsourced from some guy half-way around the world. This is personally written with passion and personality coming from a place of years of real life marketing experience.

You can put your name on the report, sell it individually, give it away, use it as affiliate material, break the content up into an article series, break them up into an auto-responder series, spin each chapter for content submission, post on your blog, convert into YouTube text-article videos plus so much more!

The real beauty of this is that the material is truly timeless. This will never go out of date because the membership business model is a marketing strategy that was around way before the internet. PLR to this report alone could be easily sold as a stand-alone offer but you’ll receive it as a complementary marketing tool!

“Stop And Think For A Minute... How Much Is A $47/$97 Cash Machine That Converts At 5.48% Worth To You?”

Let’s look at this from an investment point of view...

Let’s say your target is to make 1 $47 sale a day. That’s $1,410 per month. If the sales page converts at just over 5% do you think you can get 20 people visiting your site every day to make 1 sale?

• Do you think you could add 1-3 auto-responder messages into your Aweber or GetResponse Account?... Messages that have already been written for you?
• Do you think you could get 20 people signing up to your list every day if you spent 1 to 2 hours every day actively engaged in the forums?
• Do you think you could get 20 people clicking your sidebar banner on your blog if you just added good quality posts once or twice a week?
• Do you think you copy and paste a banner on ALL your product download pages and future product download pages and eventually get 20 people clicking a day?
• Do you think you could generate just 20 visitors a day from affiliate traffic?... Or 40 clicks a day if 50% shared with affiliates?
• Do you think you could even give your affiliates a pre-made landing page with bonuses to boost conversions even further?...

Of course you can!
If anything, 20 clicks a day from good traffic sources will be a walk in the park! If you spent all your time sending traffic to your squeeze page and then to the offer you’ll have easily met your 1 sale per day target ($1,410 per month) and will have built a sizeable list in the process!

Its not just the sales youll gain... imagine the compounding effect of having a larger responsive mailing list that will be ready to buy more offers from you in the future!
This is truly a brilliant system ready to take hold by the wheel... but just to get your creative mind flowing...

Here’s 6 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Money With This Package...

Quick-Cash Idea #1 – Got an existing mailing list? Then whip this offer up quickly in a sub-folder on your main domain, get your payment button on there, copy the pre-written email and let the sales role in... (yes don’t even need to bother getting an individual domain name!)

Quick-Cash Idea #2 – Got an affiliate list? Then copy the pre-written affiliate email and send them to your affiliate page. Tell them where to sign up for their affiliate link, how to get it, and where to get all the resources and watch even more sales role in. You could offer 50% commission, 75% commission, even 100% commission... and make money on the up-sell!

Quick-Cash Idea #3 – No list or too little to notice?... Then add a banner or branded PDF to your blog and hyperlink it to your sales page! If you haven’t got a blog, then start one and use the 100 traffic techniques in the product you’re selling and start applying them. It’s never too late to start and at least you’ll have a decent offer in place that’s not collecting lose change!

Quick-Cash Idea #4 – Selling a low-priced product and want to boost profits? Then place your membership offer as an up-sell! So instead of sending customers directly to a download page, set your payment redirect link to the up-sell page and watch your transactions double!

Quick-Cash Idea #5 – Got a network of sites that are already generating traffic? Then place a banner or text link on your login, logout, confirmation, thank you pages to get an instant surge of exposure. If you’re networking with other marketers, offer to place your banner on their download page with their affiliate link intact. As soon as they see sales from your product, they’ll never want to remove it!

Quick-Cash Idea #6 – Want to speed things up? Then use paid advertising like solo ads, PPC, forum paid ads, Facebook ads and more to send traffic directly to your offer. Be sure to send them to a squeeze page first to capture your leads and then redirect them to the offer. Even if you break even with paid ads and your sales, you’re still building your list for free... effortlessly and fast!

“You Can Make Money Or You Can Make Excuses... But You Can’t Make Both!”

The only thing that’s really standing in your way of online success is your intent + action. That’s it.
You could spend all the time in the world stating ‘what is’ or ‘what has happened’ or you can focus your mind on ‘how you want things to be.’ The question is... which side of the coin is more important to you?
Online wealth is more a mindset than anything else. Henry Ford once said... “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” No words have spoken more true.

What you have in front of you is a proven working system, proven strategies that can be put into action, plus the added luxury of having EVERYTHING setup for you. If you’re not making money with this package then you’re doing something seriously wrong!

Secure Your Top Level Reseller License Now!
*Time Sensitive Offer! Limited Licenses Available*

• This license grants you permission to sell the ‘My Monthly Membership’ turn-key membership package to internet marketers which converts at 5.48%!
• You will receive a ready-to-go affiliate page packed with top notch resources to recruit and help your affiliates make sales!
• You’ll receive all the swipe emails, articles and reviews needed to pre-sell your readers and encourage them to make the click!
• Plus you’ll receive full private label rights to “How To Build A Fixed-Term Recurring Membership Site On A Tight Budget In As Little As 16 Easy Steps!” to build your list, and re-purpose in any way you want.

Grab your copy today and start making money..
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