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Keep reading. I’ll explain the REAL REASON why so many new copywriters blow it, and how you can be the exception that gets more clients than you can handle – starting TODAY.

If you’re a writer that isn’t earning what you deserve, good news.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re probably an above average writer. In fact, you might be damn good! But if you always thought that becoming a skilled writer would bring respect, and the ability to set your own schedule and live on your own terms, then you’ve been shocked by the harsh reality of online business. No matter how skilled your work is, businesses treat you like “just a writer”. A cog in their overall business plan.

You work your fingers to the bone to get bullied by some guy with a double digit IQ, and you take it because he’s got the money and you don’t. And no matter how amazing your work is, it seems like you NEVER do.

So here’s a quick question… are you sick of it? You’ve come to exactly the right place to make some vital changes.

Not next year, not a couple weeks from now – this instant.

(I’m not a “couple of weeks from now” sort of person.)

If you’ll sit and read every word of this letter, I promise that you’ll feel refreshed and that you’ll have a breathtaking new perspective on how to be respected as a writer and spend more time doing what you love.

First. Business doesn’t respect your words – just your numbers. The web is flooded with cut-rate guys who toss together warmed over trash with some keywords attached. Have you ever tried explaining to some offline business owner why you deserve $50 for an article when they’ve “got a guy” doing it for 20% of that?

The “garbage article” guys are bad enough – but the real problems are the “starving by choice” writers. They’re perfectly talented, perfectly friendly when you talk to them… and perfectly willing to spend 18 hours a day cracking out articles for 10 dollars apiece. Maybe they’re all college students. Maybe they think they need to “pay their dudes” for a few years before making any real money. But no matter what their motives are, it’s impacting you.

If you’re a starving writer online, the market isn’t starving you, your clients aren’t starving you, and other writers definitely aren’t starving you.

You’re starving you.

There’s nothing noble about being a “starving artist”. Starving sucks. It’s even worse to starve while doing unfulfilling work – taking a job here and a job there on one dreary topic after the next, building other people’s bank account while barely getting scraps yourself.

What if there was a better way?

I want to give you the chance to use your talents in a much more effective way:

Spending less time researching a million unrelated topics.
Building better relationships with people that can help you reach your own goals
Writing in a less repetitive, stressful and brain killing format
And filling a huge demand for business materials and advertising.
Every business needs this stuff. Copywriting is in massive demand, and if you can learn the skills, you’re good to go. And if you’re already working on building your copywriting business, I’m going to show you how to quickly generate more business than you can possibly handle.

It’s time for you to discover the course that will set you on the path to building a serious copywriting business within a couple of weeks:

See, I don’t claim to be the world’s most innovative copywriter.

I spend a lot more time plugging in proven themes, headlines, and metaphors from other successful advertisements than I spend sitting at a desk an waiting for that “lightning bolt” of inspiration.

I’m a little bit lazy, and a little bit busy building other aspects of my business, so I like to go with what works.

But that’s EXACTLY why I’m the person you should seek out to learn how to write blisteringly powerful copy that gets responses.

Because… there are plenty of courses out there designed to teach you to become a better copywriter. You can rewrite all the great sales letters by hands over and over like a misbehaving kid at detention. You can cold call, you can analyze the greats line for line, but –


If you’re not ALREADY making money hand over fist, you probably don’t just need to become a better writer… you need to become a better marketer.

Yeah… ponder that one for a few minutes. It’s pretty “common sense”, but it’s not very common on the sales pages for overpriced books, courses, and seminars.

And even in this economy, the demand is through the roof – which means marketing yourself is EASY.

Look, if you aren’t interested in sending short 5 minute videos, networking with other professionals, making a really basic sales page explaining who you are and what you do, building a high quality website for yourself, or getting off the computer and pressing a little flesh in person, then this plan isn’t the one for you.

But if you’re willing to do a few of those things… and take advantage of a few “dirty tricks” – then I can flood you with clients willing to pay $500, $700, or even a thousand dollars once they’ve seen what you can do.

In the copywriting world, those are LOW END clients that the big guys ignore, and they’re easy to hook.

I used to think that I couldn’t get paid anything as a copywriter – I would berate myself until I got infected with a nasty case of the I NEEDs.

I’ve got the skills, sure… but:

I need a portfolio
I need a bunch of paying clients who will rave about how great I am
I need some stats showing how much money my copy is making
I need to “build a relationship” with my client before asking them for the big money.
All of these are limiting beliefs that will crush your wallet and leave you unappreciated and broke. Sure, in the offline world, you need to spend 10 years doing some crummy job before you get a little respect and a nice office.

Forget that. Remember this:


And once you have my system… you’re going to POLE VALUT to the “corner office” and command fees that most people can’t imagine.


You’ll set yourself apart from other copywriters, impress people with your portfolio (even if you don’t have one yet), grab your first paying clients, and write amazing material that impresses them – and makes them money.

And the more impact you have on a clients business, the more likely they’ll be to pay you more… refer you to others… and brag about your performance. And heck, if you want to take that money and sink it into airfare and some million dollar seminar, that’s your business.

That’s what I’m going to teach you. And if you’re a professional copywriter, there’s nothing easer than selling your services to a market that has the money, understands the need for great sales material, and desperately, desperately needs what you have to offer.

If you can’t sell YOURSELF to these guys… then you can’t sell anything to anybody.

And maybe you’re worried about that. See, selling yourself to your dream client and getting your first big jobs is a rush. But then, you need to be ready to deliver – not to just write “a good ad”, but to outperform the best of your client’s previous work – AND your competition.

And THAT can make your keyboard look a lot like a minefield.

You don’t have to sweat bullets over your keyboard… and you don’t have to worry about typing the wrong thing and being branded as a hack… and you don’t have to worry about angry clients telling you that “you blew it”…

Not with me looking over your shoulder.

This comprehensive e-class starts from the absolute beginning and leaves no stone unturned.
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