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Kids Raising Nich - Quality Content + MRR - Package 2

# Article Pack 1 - 10 Teaching Kids Respect Articles
The Problems Caused by Comparing Children to One Another & Tips for Resolving Sibling Rivalry in a Positive Manner
In any family, there are strengths and weaknesses. Each family has their own combination of personalities among those who live there, which always makes for an interesting time.
This product will provide you articles from the following problems:
- Beyond the Obvious - Tips for Helping a Child Find the Uniqueness of a Special Needs Sibling
- Helping Your Oldest Child Respect Differences between Siblings
- Helping Your Twins Recognize Individuality in Themselves and Their Twin
- Helping Your Middle Child Respect Differences between Siblings
- Helping Your Youngest Child Respect Differences between Siblings
- The Importance of Sibling Bonding and Activities That Strengthen It
- The Problems Caused by Comparing Children to One Another
- Teaching Your Children to Respect Siblings of the Opposite Sex
- Tips for Resolving Sibling Rivalry in a Positive Manner
- Why Do Siblings Have Such Different Personalities

# Article Pack 2 - The New Parenting Article Package
Teen years are some of the most turbulent between a parent and a child. Often, you want to impart wisdom to them, but they dont want to hear what you have to say. After all, you dont know what its like to be a kid today. Wouldnt you love to have a book that could help bridge the communication gap?
Bill OReilly, anchor of Foxs The OReilly Factor, has co-authored a book, The OReilly Factor for Kids, that does just that.
Subtitled A Survival Guide for Americas Families, the book is written to teenagers addressing a variety of topics.
The first section addresses people in your life including friends, or so called friends, as the case may be, who should be there when you need them and let you be yourself. Theres getting along with your siblings and the benefits of helping each other out. And, finding out how to disagree with your parents in a responsible way.

# Article Pack 3 - Home Schooling
Homeschooling PLR Article Package
National Studies show that 49 percent of schools report some type of crime involving theft, vandalism or physical threats. There are 100 times more guns in the hands of American schoolchildren than is reported.
Students age 12 to 18 were victims of 2.7 million total crimes while at school. Over 3,000 students were expelled from school in the year 2000 for bringing a firearm to school.
What are equally as disturbing are the test scores that our children are getting on standardized tests. No Child Left Behind provided for testing all children to determine their academic performance and insure that all were getting a quality education.
The results have been disappointing. In math, our students are performing at just 3 of the world average for the same age students. In English, that percentage jumps a little, but only to 7. Children in other countries are getting better educations than our own kids, and that will eventually hurt us globally.
Below are more information that you are about to get inside:
- Hands On Homeschooling
- Homeschool Connection
- Homeschool Motivation
- Homeschool On The Net
- Homeschool Options
- Homeschool Success
- Homeschooling Advantages For The Disabled
- Homeschooling And The Law
- Homeschooling Can Be Expensive
- Homeschooling Downsides
And so much more...

# Article Pack 4 - Birthday Party Ideas Articles Bundle
Ideas for a Birthday Party Your Child Will Never Forget (On a Budget)
Children always look forward to their birthdays as a time of fun and games with their friends, neighbours and family members. The anticipation for kids can start weeks ahead of time, with frequent reminders to parents as to the date of the big day as if Mom and Dad could forget!
Kids are always full of ideas as to what they want their party to be like. They will come up with suggestions such as pony rides, magic shows, and puppet theatres, while you may be thinking wistfully about hiring a caterer or a party planners to do all the birthday party work for you.
Your imagination stops short as you realize that the planning and organizing of this birthday party is going to be totally up to you due to budget constraints. You also know that this party is very important to your precious child, so you want to make sure that this event is the type of party your child wants.
You may be wondering how you are supposed to pull this off and stick to a budget as well. An age appropriate birthday party for your child requires both planning and preparation, and it is this behind the scenes work that is going to either make or break the party. Prior planning is also the key to holding the perfect birthday party while sticking to your budget.
Below are more information that you are about to get inside:
- A Birthday Party at the Scene of the Crime
- A Casino Night to Remember Birthday Party
- A Circus Birthday Bash Worthy of the Big Top
- An Egyptian Themed Birthday Party
- A Night at the Drive In Birthday Party
- A Pirate of a Birthday Party
- A Tie Dyed Birthday Bash
- Bring the Barbecue to the Birthday Party
- Camping Birthday Party Ideas
- Classic Movie Birthday Party Theme
And so much more inside...

#E-book 5 - Kids Party - The best easter surprise for your kids
Plan A Fun-filled Party For Kids this Easter! Discover New Ways To Make Your Child Happy!
Surprise Your Kid - Arrange Easter Kids Party At Your Place!
The e-book has been specially designed to include everything required to organize an Easter party - starting with the sending out of the invitation cards to the dinner and gifts giving. The wide range of food, gifts and games suggestions are sure to make your party a success with the kids. Here is a glimpse of what you can expect to get:
Contents Included:
- Planning A Perfect Easter Kids Party
- Send Attractive Kids Party Invitations
- Best Ideas For Easter Kids Party Decorations
- Organize Funny & pleasant Games For Kids
* Kids Egg Hunt Game
* Egg Head Game
* Reverse Egg Hunt Game
* Easter Guessing Game
* Easter Memory Game
- Know The Different Easter Recipes
- Organizing The Special Easter Dinner
- Learn How To Make Easter Crafts For Kids
* Bunny Mask
* Egg Doll
* Easter Eggs
- Perfect Easter Gift Ideas For Kids
- Conclusion
You can use this e-book as a handy guide to help you plan and organize a fun Easter party for your kid. The kids will just love you for your wonderful ideas and you will be filled with all the praises so don't loose the chance.

# Ebook 6: Games For Travelling
The Classic Car Bingo Travel Game - Bingo is a classic game that many people love. Its surprisingly challenging and addictive. Kids love bingo and it helps to teach them patience, as well as numbers, letters, or whatever is on the cards that they have to cover. Bingo can easily be adapted to play on the go, and kids of all ages will love playing. Be prepared with a small bag full of goodies to hand out as prizes to the winners. You may be able to play several games with your children as long as you can hold their attention. If one of your kids doesnt win anything, make sure they get a prize for being a good sport; this will help teach them good sportsmanship and keep them from feeling bad about themselves.
Many stores offer bingo games to play in the car. These games come with several brightly colored boards that have pictures of road signs, trees, cows, and other things you might see while on the road. Whenever your kid comes across something that is on their board all they have to do is slide a little red tab to cover it up. The first one to get bingo wins a prize! The advantage of this version of bingo is that everything is on the board so you don't have to worry about little pieces disappearing forever into your floorboards. This version is also very affordable.
The classic bingo game that uses numbers is also available in a travel version. All of the numbers are in windows that slide shut when the number is called. This version is affordable and comes with several game cards and a deck of cards to call the numbers. This is a good version for older kids, but younger ones who dont know their numbers would probably need a picture version.
You can also make your own bingo cards if you want to. Just make a grid and fill it in with words and pictures of things youll see during your trip. You can get as fancy or as simple as you would like; your kids wont mind if its not perfect so long as youre playing with them! If you dont want to make the bingo boards yourself but cant find them to buy, you can go online and print out boards that are ready made. If you use little pieces to cover the pictures on the board, you run into the risk of the pieces vanishing or falling off if you make a turn or sudden stop.
A crayon is a great way to mark these bingo cards if you dont mind them being used only once; it avoids the issue of small pieces and you can always print as many as you think you might need during your trip. Once the game is over, your kids can finish coloring in all the blocks and stay busy for a few minutes longer.

#Ebook 7: 10 Best Board Games For Family Fun And Happiness
Learning About 10 Best Board Games For Family Fun And Happiness Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life!
Discover Tips For Memorable Times With Families And Friends!
The aim of a family fun night is to have 'fun'! So, do not pick a board game that's too hard for your kid's age, or one that you detest playing. Selecting a game for family game night may be a little tricky if you have kids at different developmental stages. Begin by playing one that your youngest child definitely may play.
Many people have never heard of this and have no idea how to go about figuring out how to have some good fun with the family.
Is this true for you? Then please continue on as you need to discover the secrets behind family fun!
The truth is:
If You Want To Improve Your Overall Life...You Need To Have A Look At 10 Best Board Games For Family Fun And Happiness!
You know why most people have a tendency to not achieve the happiness they desire in their family life? It's because they don't know that family game nights are easy to put together and can bring hours of joy and produce family closeness.
Which brings us to a very important aspect I must talk about here:
You Can Have More Happiness In Life If You Discover 10 Best Board Games For Family Fun And Happiness!
People who struggle with using board games will find these things in common:
* They don't know about Scrabble.
* They have no idea about Clue.
* They are struggling how to play Sorry.
* They also don't understand Chinese Checkers!
Many more problems untold...
Well don't worry...
With the strategies that Im about to let you in on , you will have no problems when it comes having some great family board night fun!
Introducing... 10 Best Board Games For Family Fun And Happiness!
Tips For Memorable Times With Families And Friends!
In this book, you will learn all about:
* Scrabble
* Clue
* Sorry
* Chinese Checkers
* Chutes and Ladders
* Game of Life
Much MORE!
Make Full Use Of This Knowledge And Get A Real Look At 10 Best Board Games For Family Fun And Happiness!
Lets face itBoard game nights are amusing to plan and anticipate; however, it's simple to pull out a game if you're family seems bored, or you want to switch off the television monster for a while. Keep a hoard of great board games for these occasions, and you're sure to discover a taker when you inquire, "Does anybody want to play a game?.
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