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100+ Credit Cards And Credit Card Debt PLR Articles + BONUS

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Key Features

- Premium quality and informative content.
- Each article is professionally written.
- Every article has 244-979 words, and total words for the articles are 52,878.
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This article pack contains 105 Credit Cards And Credit Card Debt PLR Articles.

Please find the Credit-Cards-And-Credit-Card-Debt-PLR-Articles.zip file. After unzipping it, you will see the following articles with the topics:

001 - A Bad Credit Credit Card.txt (451 words)
002 - A Problem Called Credit Card Debt.txt (422 words)
003 - Advantages of a credit card.txt (255 words)
004 - After You Pay Off Credit Card Debt.txt (466 words)
005 - Agency Card Credit Debt Settlement.txt (431 words)
006 - All About College Credit Cards.txt (473 words)
007 - All About Credit Card Rate.txt (445 words)
008 - American Express Credit Cards.txt (580 words)
009 - Apply Online For Credit Card.txt (502 words)
010 - Avoiding Credit Card Debt Relief Scams.txt (634 words)
011 - Bad Debt Credit Card What Is That.txt (422 words)
012 - Bank Secured Credit Cards.txt (463 words)
013 - Before You Go For Credit Card Debt Help.txt (418 words)
014 - Card Com Credit Debt En Language Site.txt (472 words)
015 - Chase Credit Card.txt (457 words)
016 - Chasecom Credit Card Offers.txt (552 words)
017 - Chasing a Chase Credit Card.txt (707 words)
018 - Choosing Your Credit Card.txt (578 words)
019 - Choosing Your Reward Card.txt (462 words)
020 - College Student Credit Card Debt.txt (443 words)
021 - Common Credit Card Debt Settlement Mistakes.txt (630 words)
022 - Comparing Credit Cards.txt (597 words)
023 - Consolidate Credit Card Debt - 1.txt (438 words)
024 - Consolidate Credit Card Debt - 2.txt (470 words)
025 - Consolidate Your Credit Card Debt.txt (577 words)
026 - Credit card anyone.txt (979 words)
027 - Credit card application for starters.txt (617 words)
028 - Credit Card Debt - 1.txt (457 words)
029 - Credit Card Debt - 2.txt (476 words)
030 - Credit Card Debt as a silent financial killer.txt (759 words)
031 - Credit Card Debt Consolidation - 1.txt (488 words)
032 - Credit Card Debt Consolidation - 2.txt (460 words)
033 - Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan.txt (429 words)
034 - Credit card debt consolidation.txt (460 words)
035 - Credit Card Debt Counseling - 1.txt (632 words)
036 - Credit Card Debt Counseling - 2.txt (434 words)
037 - Credit Card Debt Management.txt (425 words)
038 - Credit Card Debt Negotiation For Easier Debt Relief.txt (616 words)
039 - Credit Card Debt Negotiation.txt (456 words)
040 - Credit Card Debt Reduction.txt (449 words)
041 - Credit Card Debt Relief.txt (462 words)
042 - Credit Card Debt Settlement.txt (424 words)
043 - Credit Card Fraud.txt (451 words)
044 - Credit Card Processing.txt (408 words)
045 - Credit Card Reward Cards.txt (583 words)
046 - Credit Card Services.txt (475 words)
047 - Credit Cards And Credit Reports.txt (472 words)
048 - Credit Cards Be warned.txt (256 words)
049 - Credit Cards Dos and Donts.txt (257 words)
050 - Credit Cards For High School Students.txt (456 words)
051 - Credit Cards With Cash Rebate.txt (474 words)
052 - Credit Cards Without A Bank Account.txt (452 words)
053 - Credit cards, a necessary evil.txt (256 words)
054 - Eliminate Credit Card Debt - 1.txt (536 words)
055 - Eliminate Credit Card Debt - 2.txt (427 words)
056 - Excessive Credit Card Debt.txt (498 words)
057 - Get Out Of Credit Card Debt.txt (463 words)
058 - Getting A Higher Limit On Your Credit Card.txt (462 words)
059 - Getting Approved Instantly Online.txt (590 words)
060 - Getting Your Credit Card Online.txt (592 words)
061 - Guide to Acquiring UK Credit Cards.txt (824 words)
062 - How does the credit card work.txt (264 words)
063 - How fast is your credit card processing.txt (573 words)
064 - How To Avoid Late Fees.txt (601 words)
065 - How to choose a credit card.txt (267 words)
066 - How to deal with credit card offer.txt (713 words)
067 - How To Eliminate Credit Card Debt.txt (574 words)
068 - Ideal Offers For Credit Cards.txt (461 words)
069 - Is Business Credit Card Helpful.txt (460 words)
070 - Is Consolidating Credit Card Debt A Good Option.txt (419 words)
071 - Looking For A Solution To Your Credit Card Debt Problem.txt (432 words)
072 - Low Interest Credit Cards.txt (480 words)
073 - Maximizing the potentials of a low APR credit card.txt (689 words)
074 - Move on, Credit Cards.txt (251 words)
075 - Online Credit Card Usage.txt (463 words)
076 - Options For Good Credit Cards.txt (460 words)
077 - Personal Steps Toward Reduced Credit Card Debt.txt (645 words)
078 - Practical Credit Card Debt Solutions.txt (618 words)
079 - Professional Credit Card Debt Management.txt (575 words)
080 - Protecting Your Personal Information.txt (594 words)
081 - Reduce Credit Card Debt.txt (422 words)
082 - Rejection Of Credit Card Application.txt (504 words)
083 - Should I Apply For A Credit Card And How.txt (554 words)
084 - Small Business Credit Cards.txt (588 words)
085 - So Many Credit Card Offers, What To Do.txt (471 words)
086 - Southwest Airline Credit Card.txt (449 words)
087 - Student Credit Cards - 1.txt (581 words)
088 - Student Credit Cards - 2.txt (435 words)
089 - Taking A Step Towards Credit Card Debt Elimination.txt (508 words)
090 - Teen Credit Card Debt Statistics.txt (444 words)
091 - The Air Mile Credit Card.txt (460 words)
092 - The Benefits From Credit Card Debt Consolodation.txt (478 words)
093 - The Cost Of Credit Cards.txt (466 words)
094 - The history of credit cards.txt (276 words)
095 - The Ugly Truth Behind Credit Card Debt.txt (588 words)
096 - The worth of a business credit card.txt (722 words)
097 - Types Of Credit cards.txt (244 words)
098 - Uk Credit Cards And Balance Transfers.txt (547 words)
099 - Vacation And Credit Cards.txt (605 words)
100 - We Accept Credit Cards.txt (428 words)
101 - What Are Credit Card Debt Relief Programs.txt (564 words)
102 - What Do You Mean By A Secured Credit Card.txt (469 words)
103 - What Is A Credit Card.txt (483 words)
104 - What Is A Good Credit Card Deal.txt (442 words)
105 - What You Need To Know to Apply for a Credit Card.txt (667 words)
The Credit Repair Guide.pdf (Bonus)

PLR License

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Special Bonus --- The Credit Repair Guide (Ebook)

The average American has a better understanding of General Motors than he or she does about their credit rating. Credit is used every day by millions of Americans, yet most do not have the faintest idea how our credit system really works. Most people only know that they can pull
out a plastic credit card and buy something that they dont have the cash to pay for.

The dictionary defines credit as financial trustworthiness. Time given for payment for goods SOLD ON TRUST!

Actually, the credit system we now use is as old as the business world itself. The trend of today that we see advertised everywhere is: BUY NOW AND PAY LATER. It is this philosophy that has caused millions of Americans to live from payday to payday, or from payment to payment!

What do you think would happen to the grocery store customer if when payday came around he DID NOT pay his bill as promised?Well, the grocer might give him more time, but chances are the grocer would no longer extend credit to such a customer. He would no longer be allowed to purchase his groceries ON CREDIT!

The same situation is true for the executive if he fails to pay his obligation for the $5,000 cash advance. His credit rating would be damaged, and that would make it very difficult for him to obtain a new credit card from American Express ™ if he did not first clear up the debt that he owed.

With these examples in mind, if the grocer were stuck with a large unpaid bill, he would go around the neighborhood and tell all the other merchants that Mr. X burned him, and is NOT good credit risk. From that point on, none of the other merchants in town will give Mr. X any credit!

American Express™ would be faced with the very same problem. How would they inform other corporations that Mr. Executive is a poor credit risk? And how would American Express™ be able to obtain information on other clients who are applying for them for the credit for the first time?

The following pages will explain in more detail how credit is established and how you can investigate and improve your PERSONAL CREDIT REPORT. Be sure to read each sentence CAREFULLY, as your credit is your FUTURE BUYING POWER. More important, your credit is your name!

Before you go on reading this report ask yourself one good question. How much is it worth to you to have GOOD CREDIT? The answer is simple. Good credit in our society is virtually “PRICELESS!” If your credit is not good, you will be severely handicapped in almost any financial endeavor you wish to accomplish.

Throughout this handbook we will show you a simple and legal way to develop a AAA credit reputation no matter what your past credit shows this very moment. Regardless of your present credit rating, whether it reflects no credit, slow credit, or simply bad credit, or EVEN if you filed bankruptcy... YOU CAN START AGAIN! You can be one of the more fortunate individuals in the United States who holds GOOD CREDIT! You need it! You deserve it! And NOW you can have it!


In this book, you will learn all about:

− Credit Overview

− Understanding And Improving Your Credit Rating

− How To Stop Your Creditors Cold!

− Wipe Out Debts Without Bankruptcy

− The Secret Of Getting Credit And Credit Cards

− How To Get A Visa/MasterCard With No Credit Check

− Dont Fall For The Free MasterCard And Visa Rip−Off!

- Credit Bureau Information

- Credit Repair Letters

- Frequently Asked Questions
--- Q I have been refused credit Can I do something about it?
--- Q Are credit bureaus a part of government?
--- Q Is it illegal or immoral to have your credit profile cleared?
--- Q How does the credit reporting system work?
--- Q How does information about me get into my credit report?
--- Q How do the credit companies work?
--- Q Why should I care what is in my credit file?
--- Q Why do the credit bureaus have separate reports for husband and wife?
--- Q Who can request information about my credit file?
--- Q How often are mistakes entered into my credit file?
--- Q Who will remove items from my credit report?
--- Q How can I add positive data to my credit report?
--- Q How long does the restoration process take?
--- Q Are credit reports all the same?
--- Q Do the credit reporting companies own the information on your credit report?
--- Q Does paying a past due debt remove the debt from your credit report?
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