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MP3 The Kid - Sign Of The Ages

Creativity, expression, thought-provoking, and invigorating lyrics; Combined with a mixture of raw, jazzy, and vintage-style basement beats. His style is innovative, cognizant, and genuine flavor that keeps you craving for more.

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HIP HOP/RAP: Hip Hop, HIP HOP/RAP: East Coast

I go by the name of THE KID, (CEO and Founder of FifthPlane Productions) and I''m an aspiring Rap Artist and producer who has been into Hiphop and music in general since 10 years of age. I was born in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana where my love for music (specifically HipHop) began; and my love for music hasn''t stop since then.
My involvement with music began in third grade when I decided to play the trumpet in my elementary school band. Being from New Orleans, I grew up hearing a lot of Jazz and Brass bands around the French Quarter and Treme Area. These bands gave me an interest and curiosity to learn how to play an instrument also. I feel that was the greatest step I ever took in my life; It gave me a vision and set a goal of What I wanted to do for the rest of my life on this earth: Be a well known performing artist and producer.
During the 80''s era, Well Known New York groups and Rappers such as (RUN DMC, GrandMaster Flash, Fat boys, Curtis Blow, Whodini, Slick Rick etc) totally changed my goals from wanting to be a jazz player and Pianist, to wanting to represent Hiphop. In addition I felt the knowledge of music that I already had obtained, could be incorporated into all of this.
My first baby step into the game began with a group called the "Three Mc''s", which was composed of me two other Cats I grew up with. Growing up in a rough and Poverty stricken City such as New Orleans, Our group could not afford to buy equipment needed to make beats or Technic Turntables to scratch with. So instead we rapped over some of those futuristic Herbie Hancock instrumentals; that pretty much got the job done of us.
The first song our group ever created was called "Who are we". Which we performed around different neighborhoods and our parents also. We also did a couple of talent shows and came in 1st place. The song got good response, but during that time Hiphop was not flourishing much down south. There was no record labels we could pitch our song to or any type of promoters we could contact to get our name out. And at our young age, we definitely could not afford to move to the "BIG APPLE" or Cali.
The "The Three Mc''s" lasted for about 4 years and the Two other Members and I went our separate ways. Although the group didn''t succeed as planned, it was a great experience for all of us. It was something we did for fun and loved doing it. We didn''t really take it to heart. We were all still involved in band. So as long as we were occupied with music, we was all right.

Fifth Plane Productions, an independent hip hop record label, was launched in 1994, but was officially established in 1999. Fifth Plane Productions has produced hip hop music for artists such as Loaded Guns, Shahid, T.H.U.M.S., Southcidal, and Bounty Hunter, and more.

The KID (an acronym for Knowledge Is Defense), founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is one of the first artists on the label and has received grave responses from his listeners.

The KID wrote and produced the "Brain On Rhymes" LP and "Sign of the Ages" LP solely. The KID''s "Sign of the Ages" LP contains head-bobbing tracks that are laid over lyrics that exemplify some deep and meaningful lyrics, skillful word play, organic jazzy rhyme, social and political motivated lyrics, and soulful adoration songs that will have you reminiscing about the growing up in the late eighties and early nineties.

The KID is a very determined, conscientious, young man who has overcame many obstacles to strive for success in the music industry. The KID has demonstrated remarkable persistence, stamina, and commitment to securing a life long goal: creating music from the soul.

Diversified in many talents, The KID continually purses success behind the scene, working as CEO to keep Fifth Plane Productions operating effectively, and the center stage rehearsing for stage performances.

The KID takes his lyrical rhetoric and jazz influenced beats to another level. The KID''s extraordinary character resurrects the old school hip hop and adds the favor that illustrate the skills of his lyrical and production capabilities.

The KID surpasses the adverse perceptions and superficial lifestyles often portrayed by some mainstream artists.

The KID''s style and delivery is original and precise. Without further ado, Fifth Plane Productions presents: The KID.

Southern Hip Hop Artist Erupts The East Coast
Underground Hip Hop Scene.
EVERYBODY LOOK OUT! There''s a new kid in town! The Organic Hip Hop artist known as the kid has hit Philadelphia by storm with his beat mastery and lyrical artistry. the kid, a rap artist/producer originally from New Orleans, LA, is creating an Underground Hip Hop buzz from the Gulf South to the East coast with the release of his new sophomore album "Sign of the Ages."

the kid has received rave reviews from his first album "Brain On Rhymes," which motivated him to continually come with even more hard-hitting tracks that will keep your head bobbing while conveying a message to his listeners.

"Sign of the Ages" is a pivotal work which brings listeners back to what Hip Hop used to represent: creativity, expression, thought-provoking, and invigorating lyrics; Combined with a mixture of raw, jazzy, and vintage-style beats. This CD brings an innovative, cognizant, and genuine flavor that keeps you craving for more. the kid not only wrote and performed all the hits on this album, but also is the executive producer of all the tracks on the album.

Side one of the kid''s "Sign of Ages" CD contains songs such as "Fallacy and Tragedy", "Beliefs", and "Time''s Up" that are politically and socially motivated and magnify controversial issues portrayed through media. On the second half of the "Sign of the Ages" LP, the kid''s hit debut song "Reminisce" looks back into moments of the past, whereas "Hip Hop Love" and "Hip Hop Class" gives homage to the pioneers of Hip Hop.

"There needs to be a balance between Commercial Hip Hop music and Classic Underground Hip Hop music that communicate important messages." explained the kid. He continues, "Every artist deserves a fair chance to be heard."

"the kid has out done himself again," comments a loyal listener. the kid stays true to authentic Hip Hop. The "Sign of Ages" LP is definitely a combination of lyrical flavor with top-notch musical production. There is no doubt that this album is a Hip Hop Classic that will be a groundbreaking success.


review by DI GIORGIO (UE)
Having moved from his home town of New Orleans to Philly, MC and producer The
Kid has now emerged to be what could be an important voice in hiphop.
Occasionally you get given music to review which you hope will make you really
sit up, that emerges from the same old same old of copycat artists lookin to sit
tight with the current mainstream, little of which is memorable 5 minutes after
a first listen.
The Kid, in this respect, is a Godsend. The album Sign of the Ages is split in
two. The first half is dedicated to the reality of Kid''s life on the street, the
second half dedicated to the original soul of hiphop while destroying all that
is wrong with it in 2005. He is also owner of Fifthplane Productions who look to
"preserve and spread the true nature of hiphop music and culture throughout and
abroad to those uneducated about the art form".
This locks into a growing feeling on the underground internationally, but it
takes knowledge and skill to put this across without giving the impression of
carrying a biased grudge which unfortunately leads to true sentiment being
written off. This album is true, from a heart which loves the origins of hiphop
but which is almost broken from the road it has taken. Demonstrating how hiphop
can be used to tell the true story, to decipher local and global events, to
educate, to inspire and offer hope in a real sense and to entertain, Sign of the
Ages packs a punch from the outset.
With his piercing voice which cuts through everything, there are a selection of
tracks in the best tradition of storytellin. TIME''S UP addresses an amending of
values post 9/11, the meltdown of the far right capitalist society and hatred of
other countries by the USA''s current administration, while not addressing the
USA''s population living below the poverty line (currently 10%). BELIEFS
continues on a similar theme from within the USA today, governed by
neo-conservative Christian fundamentalists, looking at the Iraq war when there
was no clear link to Bin Laden, possible conspiracies of lab-generated diseases
and religion, Kid''s belief being that God is an energy within which can be
reached via meditation, and therefore questioning organised religion. It''s a
question of how people reached their beliefs in whatever, through dogma and
propaganda. As he says "You are what you eat, if you swallow a lie you live a
lie". Hiphop itself is then put in the spotlight in terms of how it''s portrayed
FALLACY & TRAGEDY is a positive message how music has helped KID get through the
difficulties in life from a background of poverty, violence and drugs, a theme
continued in SHIT IS REAL. A nice twist to this comes later in CURSE TO A
BLESSTA where he explains how he had felt cursed to be born into this life, but
came to realise that effectively "make happens" for all, and in that sense
shares in the reality with humanity. So rather than turnin beligerent, turns to
music and meditation for contentment, in the knowledge that he hasnt necessarily
been picked upon. A very refreshing view. Earlier his storytelling on the
harrowing TRAGEDY about the murder of a daughter and mother and the seeking of
vengence is high calibre. GETTIN HIGH meanwhile revisits the therapy of the
meditative state as escapism from the hate, and FUCKIN MCs acts as a doorway to
the "Back 9" of this album, destroyin fake pimp MCs, the conveyor belt of very
ordinary corporate copycat artists who are motivated solely by the money.
Into the "celebration of hiphop section", TAKE IT IN STRIVE is light and
summery, flute samples and staccato strings, ribboned analogue, shakers, claps
"Hiphop used to be my girl but now she''s turned into a slut/Doin everythin and
anythin just to make a quick buck". Amen. REMINISCE with its cool trumpet line
and breathy chords calls up the 80s. With a kinda nu jack swing thing goin on
it''s a celebration of past styles, general life at the time before the corporate
meltdown set in, and the sound does trigger off the memories for those who can
remember. HIPHOP LOVE SONG is a track dedicated to hiphop with the sample of
"Memories (of the way we were)" over a classic old skool beat. Specifically to
the days of Sugarhill, graf taggin, breakin, "when hiphop used to be about
peace". MTV and Clear Channels'' current flavours of the month are torn apart
with a barrage of clever observations. MOMS & POPS is an obvious tribute over a
huge slice of sampled soul over slow phat beats and pulls on the heart strings.
After a Buddhist slice of hiphop on MEDITATION BREAK (yeah!), HIPHOP CLASS is an
education on what hiphop originally stood for, hiphop from the heart
incorporating integrity and versatility. "I promise never to be a perpetratin MC
that has no skillz to lend to this industry". This is a crie de coeur for hiphop
to return to what it was supposed to be in its motivation but still allow for an
organic progress and for the artform to evolve.
His production harks back to the day of excellent samples complimenting solid
beats on all the tracks, only sounding dated when deliberately meant to be for
effect on, for example, REMINISCE, but good music never dates. It would be good
next time around if he were to get some quality skratch djs and beatboxers on,
just to let the new generation hear what the hell they are. There are people in
the world who think Crunk is hiphop, the be all and end all. That''s where we''re
at people.....
An important album at just the right time and may whatever God he looks to for
solace, bless him.

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