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MP3 Henry P. Middlebrook - The Team Captain Meet "The International 2008 UFO conference". 2 Part Two

I am, The Team Captain, Supreme Ambassador to the Federation of Planets and The Negotiator for the Planet Earth.

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SPOKEN WORD: Audiobook, SPOKEN WORD: Storytelling

Hello: Rob Simone.

Rob Simone is an award-winning media personality and accomplished TV and radio producer. In addition, Rob has authored 2 books and is a featured writer for a national magazine. Rob has traveled through 27 countries exploring mysterious places and the un-explained phenomenon that surrounds them.

In a live one on one interview, Rob Simone talks with whistle-blower Dr. Dan Burisch, the area 51 scientist who was part of a secret military program that experimented on, and communicated with a live extra-terrestrial being! For more information visit https://www.tradebit.com .

Hello: Rob Simone Good Interview.

DR Dan was precise to the Point on your questions asked. Most people just sat there in there amazement.

We were all Witness to the answer to One of Man Kind Greatest Mystery, to our Known world, Your question! Are we along? His answer, No! We Are not along! That answer was told with great details.

History was made, settle, and stamped with a date forever with your interview questions and DR Dan''s answer All attending the International 2008 UFO Conference, We Obviously became a Part of World History for ever!

Dan Then Toped it off with the keys to understanding how to change our world for the better. Spreading Love and Kindness, and Random act''s of Kindness and Love, sound simple right? Then We Tell the world!

We then have to ask the question, What is a Real Government Disclosure of the Alien Present on Planet Earth, to the world?

We all just heard it live and in person, I am sure it just has to move from the Head, to the heart next? The heart can stand that new "Epiphany."

We went to an abductee''s private meeting to tell our UFO Story, People in there had some real fascinating stories. After hearing some of the stories they spoke about I am betting most stories told were all true.

When it came my Time to speak, I said, I am, the team Captain, Ambassador to the Federation of Planet and the Negotiator for the Planet Earth.

I also them told them about the Negotiation with the T2 Terminator for the Planet Earth, But they were all polite. These are some of the coolest people in the world but I am sure some were still thinking, "That was different." They heard me say that, But did they really hear Me?

By now most have the Team Captain Alien T9 Treaty 29-22 Promo questions to the world. A free will choice being offered, either way it goes with Good reasons for release of the Information.

They took down my Negotiation conversation on the God Like Form, but I copied it, https://www.tradebit.com . Will send! Notice the reasons for the Negotiations from the choices presented, Then My answers! Truth?

As they said no one would believe me even if I had Information that could not be debunked, I said sure they would, So they supplied the evidence that could not be debunked, The Space War Video! Shown at the International UFO 2008 Conference.

What makes the Negotiation questions and Video so interesting, as said before, If the Video is real, Then becomes the real Possibility. I am who I said I am?
Meaning we all have our own personal free will choice to make! That''s All Six billion people on Planet earth!

First Question? Our Space War Video https://www.tradebit.com Is it a Real Space War Video? And Does it Match up with what DR Greers said in When Disclosure Serves Secrecy?

Consider Rob, unless the Alphabet Soup Boys and Girls have shut down all there spy ware, then they are here listening along with the Aliens and the T 2 Terminator. The T2 resume is here own Our CD listing page, https://www.tradebit.com .

Knowing that, of course there is nothing to really hide is there? Not the truth! You said, I ask a good question when DR Dan was speaking, I hope I am asking more good need to know questions now!

Rob I negotiated so we could all speak freely, knowing the above what say you to The Team captain Alien T 9 Treaty 29-22 promo questions to the world?

See The Attachment.

Rob Please also Consider the comments below.

2/11/2004 J
"...Dr. Burisch will not be harmed, nor will anyone else involved with your participantĀ“s investigation of him. I know that some of you have had concerns in that area. Put them to rest, please. The disclosure of information concerning Dr. Burisch may be categorized by each as you may. The information itself has done its job and its impact has assisted in affirming a particular road. What is that, you may ask? The road to peace.... J"
https://www.tradebit.com .

Of course You are welcome to come and share Knowledge at, Eagles Disobey Website Net And The Web Sight. Eagles Disobey - Home Form Board.

I did tell the Majestic 12, That I would give out to friends and People I meet, The last Majestic 12 orders. Rob I am also considering you As My friend. So the Last Majestic 12 orders are below.

About Our Team Member Steve Willner soundlessdawn.

Everything in the universe vibrates and oscillates. Therefore the connecting link between all forms of energy is vibration, sympathetic harmony, and resonance. Dr. Dan Burisch, David Wilcock, and others have discovered that a simply quartz crystal, electricity, and water are all the ingredients needed to create a medium for spontaneous DNA to appear in the vacuum..

Every mind effects the other. And our unification creates this reality around us. However, we are not the only intelligent consciousness in this universe. Our planet Earth, the sun, and all of it''s sister stars are very much alive and conscious.. And they evolve on a macro scale just like the ameba evolve on a micro scale. 2012 marks the evolution of our world.

Education Can Change the World As always, and I do recommend learning as much as possible, for and/or against, From many sources. https://www.tradebit.com To minimize the second stage! When you discover epiphanies like those, the "throught" kind of sits you down don''t it? But When you think about it, is there Any way around it?
That is called an, "Epiphany." For some, for sure!

The spectral rapture in which our DNA will unravel and unify human beings who are bound by an ancient cosmic prophecy.

https://www.tradebit.com ..

I will say it again, That All truth will pass through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; and Third, it is accepted as self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) Often Quoted By Charlene J. W.E.B DuBois.

Create you own Team Captain Holiday Greeting Card from the Spontaneous DNA, The Rapture, and The Rise to Fourth Density by soundlessdawn right here. https://www.tradebit.com .

Rob being one of the best, I am sure you did expect some good questions to ponder on!

But then again, like I always say, Decisions, Decisions, Decisions, those free will personal decisions!

But Remember this......

There are moments in time which mark your life, moments, when you will realize that nothing will ever be the same, and that time is divided into two Parts, Before this, and after this!

Answer the questions at the Risk of, Abandoning unbelief Here!

More? Of Course there Is more! Eagles Disobey Website Net and the Eagles Disobey - Home Form Board.

I am, The Team Captain The Supreme Ambassador to the Federation of Planets and The Negotiator for the Planet Earth.

I am, The Team Captain.

"I am One." "I am the Other."
Two Sheep Ministries.
In The Service of our King. "Jesus Christ." "Our Lord."
Authors Henry & Rose Middlebrook Ā©1996.

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