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Building The Perfect Sales Funnel with Master Resell Rights

Is your website losing business?

Newflash - it may NOT be the recession! It may be YOU!

Don\'t let another potential customer escape your clutches ever again!

Fine tune your online business by making your sales funnel as efficient as possible!

Are you losing customers who seem to drop through mysterious loopholes in your sales process that you have never been able to detect ?

Find out the flaws in your system that are leading to the loss of potential customers by reading this groundbreaking and very analytical eBook -

Building the Perfect Sales Funnel

Are You Really Doing All That You Can to Make Money With Your eCommerce enterprise?
Chances are that you are losing customers because you have never heard of a \"sales funnel\" or have built one that does not offer your customer the optimum browing and shopping experience.

Why is nobody buying from you today? Find out right now!

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Dear Fellow Internet Marketer!

Running and owning your own internet business can be a wonderful, liberating thing, especially when you start to see the income from your website rolling in and paying all of the bills. This is an especially great thing to see during the current world wide economic recession!

If you do have a website that churns out money for you like this, then congratulations!

However - if you can\'t see any discernable reason why your website is NOT making money then it might be time to step into your customers\' shoes to experience what happens when they try to buy from you.

In fact, even if your website is already successful you might be very interested in seeing how you can do things more effectively by reading my new eBook - Building the Perfect Sales Funnel.

If your website is not doing as well financially as it used to there might be good reasons for it. It does not mean you are incompetent or that you made mistakes when you set the website up. In fact some of the sleekest and most technically sophisticated websites are in financial trouble just like the smaller operations are online!

It is just that there are so many variables when it comes to setting up an online business in the first place. It also does not help that the internet is a place of continual relentless change! There is always something that needs updating, revamping and improving on even the hottest and most expensive of websites.

Sometimes there really are issues with the browsing and buying process and Building the Perfect Sales Funnel can help you find them.

In Building the Perfect Sales Funnel I help you get some perspective on online business in general including -

An introduction to the ever changing nature of ecommerce and ebusiness and an explanation of why it is crucial to accept changes quickly, get over any personal objections and losses and revamp your website as soon as possible

Why even the most experienced of marketers get stumped when it comes to building a sales funnel sometimes

Why it is dangerous to be overconfident when you are developing new products and trying to put together a marketing plan for them

The single worst mistake you can make when you are developing a new product to sell in this economic climate

How to deal with the fact that almost everyone nowadays suffers from information overload and how that can make your business very difficult to get off the ground

Why it is a mistake to be over focused only on what you are doing and ignore what your competition might be up to --particularly in terms of product development and online efficiency

How to maximize your business profits at every single turn no matter what you are selling or offering as a service!

Whether you are a newbie to e-Commerce or an experienced netreprenuer you are going to benefit from reading Building the Perfect Sales Funnel.

You need to ask yourself the following --

Are there \'flaws\' in your systems that are letting potential customers escape without putting their hand in the pocket to pull out their credit card?

Are You READY to step into your customer\'s shoes and find out from their point of view WHY they are NOT buying from you?

As I mentioned earlier it does not matter one bit what you are selling the key to the door of success when it comes to e-commerce portals is always going to be about the functionality and accessibility of the site.

In Building the Perfect Sales Funnel I discuss the importance of functionality and accessibility.

Still at a loss when it comes to understanding what the \"perfect sales funnel\" actually is?

Simply defined - \"a sales funnel is an efficient sales system.\"

In my new eBook I tell you exactly WHY you need to have an efficient sales system and discuss certain realities of online business including -

The need for every online business to tow in targeted customers rather than just attract window surfers who will not pull out that credit card to buy!

The importance of having a way to send your visitors to your website that does not cost an arm and a leg

How to use paid advertising, such as Google Adwords, to attract targeted visitors to your site

Why using Google Adwords is preferable to using less expensive pay per click programs

How to promote your business for free by publishing keyword focused articles

How to promote your business for free by launching videos on YouTube

How to \"borrow\" traffic by getting into joint ventures with other marketers with similar operations or niches to your own

How to determine what is more important to you when it comes to adverting and promotion- saving money or saving time?

How to determine who are the most \"expensive\" customers for you and avoid wasting your time with them

How to make complete strangers more aware of your website or business and convert them into loyal buyers

How to put an automated system in place in your business so that first time customers are encouraged to return to your site to make a second purchase

Why it is a mistake to think that you cannot afford the time or expense required to put together a system that constantly brings back return customers

How exactly you can design a system that can squeeze every possible cent out of your customer starting with their first visit to your web page

Why it is important for you to understand the basics of the Pareto Principle -- also known as the \"80/20 Rule \"in some marketing circles!

Why you should be applying every tool and resource at your disposal to keep your customers inside your \"sales funnel\" and minimize the possibility that they will escape from your site without buying!

Are You Ready to Learn How to \"Suck In\" More Customers Using Basic Sales Funnel Techniques?

If you know anything about business then you know how important it is to design it with some kind of sales model in mind right from the \"get go\"

In Building the Perfect Sales Funnel I get right down to the brass tacks of how to go about designing the system that is perfect for your purposes without breaking the bank.

I give you ALL of the practical information that you need to know about making the Sales Funnel Business Model work for you including -

A thorough explanation of what the \"funnel\" looks like metaphorically along with easy to understand diagrams of it

Why the widest part of the sales model funnel is one of the most important aspects of this type of business concept and why it symbolizes your future profits

How to determine whether or not a potential customer is \"inside your funnel\" (a next to sure bet) or just outside of the \"lip\" and how to attract them inside and down to the bottom of the tube where they will metaphorically make that purchase!

How to determine the \"commitment\" level of a customer to your business and decide whether or not they will buy

How to \"seed\" the internet with items that might attract potential customers to visit your site

How to get a browser on your website to get to a higher \"level of commitment\" to eventually purchase products from you

How to use a subscriber\'s newsletter to determine or increase a customer\'s commitment to your business

How to prequalify visitors to your site to create a flow of traffic into your sales funnel that can make you very rich

How to get the \"front end\" of your site to attract only those customers who are truly interested in buying and get rid of window surfers who leech the power out of your site\' bandwidth forever

What persuasive copy based tricks and gimmicks to use to push your customers deeper into the sales funnel to increase their likelihood of buying from you

The truth about how many times you will have to send a prospect an email before he or she will come back to your site to buy from you!

How to set a price point that will guarantee that a customer will buy from you or return at a later date to buy from you

How to present a suitably well tailored offer to each individual customer so they will buy

How to catch a customer and convince them to make a purchase from you while he or she is still in \"buying mode\"

How to upsell products to your visitors without annoying them

How to completely automate your opt-in list and the emailing of offers and relieve yourself of a lot of unnecessary effort

Where to find a good autoresponder and how to apply it to your business

Advice on how much money, if any, to spend on an autoresponder

The advantages and disadvantages of sending out email from your own ISP

How to get around firewalls so that your sent information is not interpreted as spam by your customer\'s computer

How to establish how far each person on your mailing list is willing to go when it comes to buying from you

Where to find software that tells you how long a potential customer has spent time browsing on your site and how to make the most of their attention to what you have to offer

How to create well written persuasive landing pages to attract buying customers

How to find out how effective your landing pages are by taking a look at the Google Adwords Quality Score assessment tool

Why it is absolutely crucial for you to have a site map in place

Why it may be a better idea to simply ask potential prospects for their email address rather than try to bribe them to give it to you by offering a free gift or bonus report

The importance of testing your landing pages before you launch your site

How to get free video landing pages from Google to help market test any video customer \"lures\" on your site

How to focus on the twenty percent of people who are willing to spend the most money on your products rather than those who will probably spend the least amount of money

Are You Ready to Have 20% of Your Customers Do 80% of Your Business?

Save time, trouble and money by understanding the 80/20 Rule and applying it to your marketing efforts immediately.

Don\'t think that this book is just about theory!!

Building proper sales funnel is a necessity that can bring you thousands of dollars more a month if you do it right!

You are just seconds away from newfound prosperity and peace of mind!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it risk free today! If you purchase today, your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

If after reading the eBook, you aren\'t on the true path to building the perfect sales funnel, just ask and I\'ll be glad to give you a full refund.

All purchases may be refunded within 30 days of purchase, meaning that if you think your new eBook isn\'t as good as I claim, you\'ll get every cent you paid back.

If the suggestions put forth in this report don\'t help you in building the perfect sales funnel as quickly as YOU want to, I\'ll refund 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked.

Why am I taking all the risk on myself? Because I believe in the methods that I have written about in Building The Perfect Sales Funnel.

I believe they work.

I KNOW they work - I have tried them all.

I believe in the results I\'ve gotten for thousands of businesses, and because of that I believe that this method will work for you.

Yes! I\'m ready to start building the perfect sales funnel!

I understand that by placing my secure order today, I will be getting instant access to this powerful eBook.

I\'ll have immediate access to the same techniques that have been proven effective.

I know that this eBook is 100% legitimate, 100% legal, and 100% what I need to learn right now.

You\'ve made it a very easy decision with your 100% iron-clad money back guarantee and I\'m ready to start right now, so I\'m clicking the secure order button below.

Save Your Pocket, Start Building The Perfect Sales Funnel Now For Only $37!

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