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Tricks and Secrets For Training Your Cat the Way the Pros Do

Stop Letting Your Cat Dominate Your Life and Discover How Spending Mere Minutes of Each Day Implementing the Secrets Iím MOMENTS Away From Revealing to You!

Secrets For Training Your Cat the Way the Pros Do!

*Get a Good Look at The Never-Before-Seen Methods and Training Techniques EXPLAINED in *Tricks and Secrets For Training Your Cat the Way the Pros Do!* Sought After By Professional Trainers in All Regions of the World that Can Refine YOUR Cat Into the Poised and íPuuurfectí Feline!*

If youíre not training your cat for at least ONE of the 3 reasons divulged on page 5, you may be attempting to force your cat into a totally unnatural role that could DIMINISH his health and set YOU up for total failure!

Before you expose your cat to the very first training method, make sure youíve checked-off on the 11 *Pre-Training Tips* laid-out on page 7 Ö or else you may make one simple mistake at the very beginning that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to advance to even the most basic training!

Youíve probably realized by now that cats are totally different social creatures than dogs, so discover the *Feline-Approvedí socialization methods revealed on page 13 that discuss how these 2 simple yet distinct traits make socializing your furry friend as tricky as a game of chess!

The very second your innocent, bright-eyed kitten is introduced to your family and home, follow these golden nuggets of advice that you can dig-up on page 16 to socialize your cat around ANY human being - even those heís never even met!

If itís a *Grumpy Grown-Up* that is due for some much-needed socializing lessons, then follow the 5 fundamental tips on page 17 for rehabbing even the most curmudgeonly adult house cat into a well-mannered *Feline Finesse!*

Print page 18 and pin it up somewhere convenient so that you can extinguish the inevitable territorial aggression that EVERY cat will exhibit at the very first signs!

Donít even THINK about attempting to socialize your cat with your other house pets until youíve become familiar with the *Rules of the Game* as divulged on page 20 that are absolutely critical to creating a safe and peaceful bond between your cat and other animals Ö even the catís infamous *Worst Enemy!*

When the time comes to expand your furry family to include a second or even third cat, adhere to the *10 Commandments* of cat-to-cat socialization that are passed down on pages 23-25 or else risk sparking a domestic meltdown that could drive BOTH cats away for good!

Cats are like babies: when they want something, they VOCALIZE it! And by spending mere minutes browsing over page 27, youíll learn the simple secret to developing an *Expert Ear* for recognizing the sounds of the 3 most common *meeeows!*

I used to let my catís rambunctious, off-the-wall antics stress me out and destroy my home Ö and then I learned the 5 special considerations exposed on page 31 that you undoubtedly must pay dire attention to - unless you want the inside of your home to look the Amazon rainforest!

The vast majority of cat owners have the totally wrong idea in mind about how to play with their cat, so donít get caught dead in this unpopular majority and flip to page 32 to learn the real trick to engaging your cat in healthy, happy play the *Proper Way!*

Nip destructive scratching in the bud before your kitten even learns to use his claws by constructing this super-simple device that will become his only object of *Scratching Affection* and can be put together using random scraps that you probably have in your house right now! (p. 33)

On page 35, I finally expose the truth behind why your cat - whether old or young - just wonít use the litter-box and the quick, simple steps that you MUST take to overcome these evolutionary instincts and have your cat *crappiní anywhere* with special-ops precision!

If youíve been forgetting to do the 5 seemingly trivial but oh-so-essential things revealed on page 36, your cat might be relieving himself on the floor, on the bookcase, on the dinner table Ö or ANYWHERE but the litter-box!

The 5 *Problem Behaviors* tackled on page 40 are infamous for their ability to sever the cat-owner bond with no hope of mending, so turn there NOW and arm yourself with these *Expert Approved* methods for detecting and reversing these problem behaviors before they begin to tarnish the relationship youíve nurtured for so long!

Every single plant exposed on page 40ís jaw-dropping list of more than 50 plants can be deadly poisonous to your cat Ö and most felines canít resist taking a bite even when theyíre not hungry! Plant-proof your home and yard NOW or risk finding out the hard way with potentially lethal results!

Do this activity twice a day with your cat to *cure* him of jumping and knocking down precious items, once and for all! (p. 43)

Determine whether your furballís pesky biting is actually a form of nipping or biting by comparing your catís individual behavior to the specialized criteria divulged on page 45 and devising a plan of attack that works for your catís personality!

If you think your cat is trying to run away from you every other minute and he exhibits the behavior I describe on page 46, he just wants to playÖ

ÖBut if he does it like this, then you may be dealing with the early stages of a serious interaction issue that will only become more severe with every new tick of the clock hands! (p. 47)

I finally decided to put up with rampant, disgusting spraying for the last time when I asked myself the questions that Iíve included for you to ask yourself on page 48 and discovered exactly why my best buddy was spraying urine on furniture, the floor, even me without a care!

The very best pet owners give their cats extra special care in the 6 areas described on page 49 - are YOU lagging behind in even just ONE of them?

Just like humans, cats need to follow a healthy eating plan to maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle, and if you trust the quick and easy tips unveiled on page 51, your loveable cat will always be around to be a part of your most cherished experiences!

The first time you experience the pain of your own catís sharp claws digging into your flesh, youíll wish you had followed the 7 *Veterinarian Approved* tips on page 54 for clipping your catís nails the safe, healthy, and easy way!

The 4 most common problems encountered by pet owners sick of finagling with their cats to walk on the leash can be eliminated with certainty by implementing the simple tricks divulged on page 59!
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