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MP3 Sekrett Scilensce (featuring Mary Margaret Park) - Robot-Mind | Robot-Eye (iPod, iPhone, iLife) [Maxi-Single]

Imagine The Human League’s – Don’t You Want Me crossed with New Order’s – Blue Monday & Neil Young’s – Sample & Hold and you’ve got the idea; a duet about iPod’s, iPhone’s, & iLife that mixes Synth-Pop Sounds with Euro-Rock Vocals.

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ELECTRONIC: Synthpop, POP: New Wave

In an alternate universe (or in reality?), he sits at his desk, pondering the next great invention for ‘all mankind’. He shifts, leaning forward, eyes intense, “I’m proposing an amusement park, chocked full of computer toys and I’ve got just the place for it, a little known island, we’ll call it iLand.”
Sanja nods his head, his rich black curls bobbing along with him.
“Have we procured the land?”
His boss shakes his head, as if saying ‘you should know better than to ask’.
“I’m way ahead of you.”

Kirsten’s a 16-year-old who loves all things computer related, especially gadgets. She’s got an iPod, iPhone, and will be the first of her friends to get the latest “iPot” -- a portable-pot made for emergencies. She worships Steve Jobs; she doesn’t just want to be like him, she wants to be him, and has been known to show up at parties wearing the latest formal wear for men, the “iCollection”. She has a little tea cup yorkie named “T-Rex” that she carries around in her purse. He doesn’t know if he’s a dog or an accessory. She changed his name to “iRex” and now he’s having an identity crisis. Whenever he hears someone mention an iPod or iPhone, he comes running.

A couple of weeks ago, Kirsten went to a tattoo parlor and got a blue apple tattoo’d onto her right butt cheek along with the words, “byte this”. When her Mother found out she said, “Oh my, are you sure you aren’t breaking some sort of copyright or branding law with that?”
The following week, her mom got an apple tattoo and is considering getting another.

Kirsten has an internet-profile-page (owned by a huge news network) where pictures of her ‘gorgeous self’ are plastered. She changes out the pictures weekly to keep her friends up on the ‘latest’. Her favorite picture this week is one of her and iRex; they’re both dressed in pink from head to toe. She looks smashing in her pink dress, pink shoes, and pink hat, according to one of her commenter’s.
She often boasts that pink is her signature color, but is considering an alternative. She’s on a mission to find out what Steve Jobs favorite color is and once verified; she plans to convert.

Today, Kirsten and her friend Stacey are hanging out at the pool. She’s wearing her signature pink bikini. Stacey’s wearing orange.
“Oh God, we clash, why didn’t you wear your purple swim suit?” Kirsten huffs.
“I got tired of purple; needed a change, so what?” Stacey shrugs.
“You are so yesterday.”
“So what’s the latest on Steve?” Stacey asks.
Kirsten grabs a compact from her bag, studying her face, “I still don’t know his favorite color; I’m starting to think it’s a conspiracy.”
She flips the compact closed and turns to her friend, eyes over bright, “Look, I should just ask him.”
Stacey stares incredulous, “Yeah right, just give him a call, sure.”
“I’m serious; we’ve got to find a way to meet him in person,”
Kirsten pauses thoughtfully, “Rumor has it that he’s going to be a keynote speaker at the big computer convention in Chicago next weekend, be there or be square. We should go; I figure we can meet him after he’s done speaking.”
Stacey shakes her head, narrowing her eyes for emphasis, “I don’t think it’s going to be that easy, he’s like the God of the computer world with presidential status; he’s probably got security out the yin-yang. Besides, the place will be swarming with computer geeks, we might get trampled.”
Kirsten starts placing her things in her bag.
“Where are you going?” Stacey asks.
Kirsten flips her blond hair back, pausing to text a message from her iPhone.
“I’ve got to find out for sure. I’m going home to put out feelers on my profile; I’ll let you know what I find out, okay?”
Stacey grabs her stuff.
“I’m coming with you.”

The convention is alive, more like music concerts of yore than a tech-conference; Stacey tip-toes to get a better view of the stage; Kirsten’s fired up but nervous.
“Stacey, can you see him?”
The lights fall dim as the exiting applaud of the opening speaker fades. The event’s host comes back on stage. For a moment, all is silent; he looks down then reprises his view on the audience.
“Ladies, gentlemen, geeks and geekettes…I’m honored and proud to deliver our first ever, entertainment segment to our technology convention.”
Kirsten crosses her arms as the host continues.
“We’ve invited a very special someone…a person who riles both respectfully yet unapologetically.”
Stacey blinks, turning to Kirsten, “Did you know about a special guest?”
Kirsten glances down at the program guide, noticing there is no listing then trains her eyes on the stage.
“A man of diversity…..controversy…..and uninhibited intensity…..”
The girls’ stare with confusion and anticipation; a low rumble ensues as the host begins wrapping up his introduction.
“The broadband world is always on; we’re easily connected to our vices…devices; we meander, or rather exist, always on, connected. Our next performer’s question resides not, in how we exist or why we choose…but instead…..in where we’ll be if we don’t harness our un-virtual blood back into our veins.”

An arpeggiation crescendos behind his words; smoke filters behind him; a few men at the front turn and head outside, bearing incredulous expressions -- everything becomes hushed with only a very distant sounding rumble remaining.
“Performing “Robot-Mind | Robot-Eye”, I present to you, the one and only, Sekrett Scilensce.”

The sound of applause swells, the few disgruntled boo’s carried away in the rush of excitement. The Artist takes the stage, approaching the frontline with his red strap-on synthesizer, sighting his eye-lasers beacon upon the front rows. His voice comes in robotic intimidation as he speaks the words, “Tune your iPod to my beat” through his headset. Kirsten and Stacey are astonished. Back behind the curtains, Steve boasts both a smile and thoughtful intrigue as he strokes his chin. A red-headed, green-eyed woman takes the stage alongside Sekrett Scilensce.

The lights wind up, revealing a full-band behind the duo; the drum beat begins and from then on, the rock can’t be stopped.

Later that night, Kirsten and Stacey are well asleep in their hotel room. Kirsten’s dreams are a collage of iPods and iPhones; there’s a faceless man who keeps calling out to her.
“You sold out, sold your soul.”
She can’t make out the rest. She’s fenced in, caught like “Alice in Wonderland”; iPods and iPhones dance and sway around her, then finally chase her into the maw of a giant computer. She awakens with a start, disturbed.

After breakfast, the girls head out to the pool. Kirsten pulls her hair back into a pony tail then slathers her arms and legs with sun-tan lotion.
“Do you think that Ss character has a point? I mean, I can’t imagine living without my iPhone; how would I check my profile page and stay connected?”
Stacey shrugs, “I guess that’s the point; there are other ways to stay connected and meet people……….hey….I’m getting in; the water looks good.”
Kirsten sighs, grabbing her iPhone, “I’m going to check my messages. I’ll just put my feet in.”

Soft classical piano music surrounds the room. In an alternate universe (or in reality?), he sits at his desk, pondering the next great invention for ‘all mankind’. He shifts, leaning forward, eyes intense, thinking about the controversy surrounding last night’s musical act.
He picks up his telephones handset then pauses thoughtfully, placing it calmly back onto its receiver. He smiles slyly, shaking his head in disbelief.
“They make their music with Macintosh.”

To be continued?

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